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  3. Deadly Weapon Latex Armor (WIP)

    Based on the outfit worn in the scene Deadly Weapon from A CBBE bodyslide version will be released with the Skyrim Latex & Rubber Collection.
  4. We have those already. I haven't had a lot of time to do much this week but I found some nice ones to add to the default group. Some of these are duplicates though. As for erotic smiles I found a few that I like. There are more here. If you see some that you like post them and I'll add them.
  5. Yesterday
  6. sims 4

    if you ask me, the profit from games such as Fall Out, Skyrim and The Sim X (put any number you want) should be divided among the creators of the several mods that make those games really fun and worth playing !!!
  7. good !! keep me posted, so should i ever decide to play TS4 i won't need to get crazy looking for all that nice stuff !
  8. Is Sim 4 also that easy to mod?
  9. Good choice.... You'd likely get shot in the knee Yep went there. lol
  10. sims 4

    Kendo should get a share of the profits from these companies since it seems as if people buy or seek out the game because of his mods
  11. I found some decent feet for TS4. Now having some issue getting the bodies tolook right. Found one texture that is pretty close now for the nipple textures and I should be set.
  12. Feet seem to be something that always create problem to EA / Maxis... They never did anything even just acceptable ! LOL ! those you can see in my screenshots are from a modder called BLOOM that made them both for TS2 and TS3, i don't know if he did something for TS4 too... In both the older games the mod was called "Bloom's Sexy Feet"...
  13. alvor's wife's deep cave

    Sigrid lives in Riverwood. She loves grandfather dovakin than her husband. I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 years. I am not interested in sex with her now I sometimes imagine a fantastic sex with a married woman............Her husband is excited to see her having sex with another man. ㅋㅋㅋ In Korea, sex with married women is not illegal.
  14. Smell her squid

    Tania the Hermit I like the smell of squid between her legs
  15. Last week
  16. I like the body mesh/textures. They have nice defined toes and feet. I can't find any in Sims 4 that has such detail
  17. It is also quite easy to mod. Drop the .package into the mod folder found in your Documents folder. It is that simple.
  18. good~~~~
  19. The Sims 3

    Keeping it clean...
  20. The Sims 3

  21. The Sims 3

    Study group...
  22. The Sims 3

    Homework with a classmate...
  23. eheheh !! my boss too, always asks me to lend a hand with his job !
  24. Oooh, really ?? Now i understand why my boss is always asking for foot notes !! he probably is quite disappointed then... none of us girls ever did it that way !! now that i know how to do it appropriately, i think i'll make him happy next time !!
  25. yeah thanks looks very sexy
  26. Well, there are enough mods now to warrant it...when it's on sale that is. Plus there are a lot of player-made patches to disable the EA bullshit.
  27. I'm totally buying a Sims game now.
  28. Bella Goth playing coy...

    Bella came over and was trying to be coy while giving my Sims a hand job.. Dirty little minx
  29. Foot Notes...

    Are your sure this is how you do "Foot Notes"... Really just need to know as I am doing a report... :P
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