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About this blog

I've had this concept at 90% completion about 3 yrs ago and then I dropped it.  What I made then worked well enough for my own game and I never took it past that point.  I never intended to upload it but thanks to happysparkles I've decided to do a reboot and finish the mod.

I have the body mesh and textures completed along with a handful of outfits but nothing much beyond that.  If you want to see what I've done before this point you can check out the images HERE.  I've completed 6 presets so there will be cute and sexy androgyne girls in the mod.


The body mesh I'm using is based on my Type3 Berry A Cup body.  Physically the androgyne girls will have small boobs, a small penis with balls and the vagina beneath.  The boy bits are attached to the Type3 body model and are an actual part of the mesh.  There are new textures too but this mod will work with almost any existing Type3 outfit and all vanilla clothing and armor replacers.  Eventually I might explore the possibility of adding more Type3 body types but for right now it is Type Berry A Cup.

For the face textures I'm using a personal variation made from the Xaxnom Many Faces mods.  I picked the parts I liked and combined them to get 'the look' I want.  I will also include a plain face texture for those who want it.  There are 8 eye color variations.  One thing I won't be including are hair models; the reason being everyone has their own person preferences and there is no way to please everyone.  If people want custom hair they can merge the mods themselves and get the exact results they are looking for.

So stay tuned, there will be more to come!

The mod is now available!  Androgyne Race for Type3 

Entries in this blog

Androgyne Raider Sluts and Slaves uploaded!

The first clothing and armor mod for the Androgyne body is now available!  Check out Raider Sluts and Slaves for Androgyne Type3! I'm going to take a short break from modding but when I return the next project will be more Androgyne race specific clothing (merc outfits, gamblers, prostitutes, etc.).    

Kendo 2

Kendo 2

Sneak Peak for the upcoming Adrogyne 'Raider Sluts and Slaves' mod

The first Androgyne clothing mod will be ready VERY soon (this week).  Right now I have 7 NEW slutty raider outfits done, the Pitt dlc slave rags totally revamped with all sorts of slave gear (including a gimp hood ), several body piercings, 7 nude body suits with different raider pumps and elevators, and new limp version of the base body, and new wasteland undies. Here's a teaser pic and there are two more in the comments. 

Kendo 2

Kendo 2

First Androgyne Clothing Mod in the Works

Short entry and no images today.  Sorry.  Just wanted to let everyone know the first sexy outfit mod is on the way.  To make the first outing a hit I've turned to what I do best for FO3 and New Vegas; skimpy Raider outfits.  So far I have the base body models done for high heeled feet and several vanilla boots and shoes reshaped and refitted, but the main focus is remaking the vanilla Raider outfits into harnesses, bikinis and accessories.  Right now I have three base outfits ready for perfo

Kendo 2

Kendo 2

Androgyne Eurasian Presets

For those who want something a little more ‘exotic’ than what the mod is already offering I’ve made a new Eurasian inspired androgyne race.  Let your hentai dreams run wild.  Check the comments for images of all the race presets. Androgyne Eurasian #1       

Kendo 2

Kendo 2

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