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Zilvra the Succubus

Welcome, my foreign friend. I am Zilvra, a Succubus like Dark Elf. Of course you think at this moment, a Succubus is a evil creature - and maybe you're right. But i am different, i'm not from the Oblivion Planes. I was Born as a normal child in the Realms of Morrowind, but i have the Problem, that i am not a Woman oder a Man, my Body unites both Genders.  But i grown up and lives like a Woman, but unfortunately a lot of  the People in my Homeland seen me as a a product of Daedric creation. The Arcmage of  the Mages Guild cursed me into the look of a Succubus, when i reached the Age of 18 years. He said to me, "of course you have not a evil character, this is the reason why we don't  execute you. Everybody must see, that you are not a normal Person.  Leave our Realms, learn to live your own way and maybe one day you can enter Morrowind again, when you are follow the right Path of justice. Find People who accept your beeing and we will cure you." So i leaved Morrowind and wander about the different Realms, till to the Point where i done a bad mistake. I was catched by the Imperials in Skyrim, as i would sneak passing the Border to Hammerfell. I should have done this at night and i didn't know, why i did this at the morningtime. During my execute, i had  to flee once more again. A Dragon Interrupt the executions and i had the Chance to flee away again. I really didn't know, why so often i having luck, but the Fate have some other Intention with me, once more again. And now i will tell you of my sexual adventures and i will Show you, how i conquer Skyrim as a good Hero , despite of my Succubus looking.   Day 1 - The mysterious Temple. With the help of an imperial Soldier, i escaped the Dragonattack, trough a cavesystem under Helgen. I thanked the Soldier, then we seperated, because i wanted to explore the near environment. After a few minutes i discovered an old mytsrious Temple an entered it. Inside of this temple i saw in the middle of it, a tall figure of a unkown Beauty and all over the Temple were a lot of Chests, with many different clothes, Accesoires and Weapons. Of course i am curious and i put some of the clothes on. Some of these Oufits were very... naughty and i like naughty things, so i picked out some of these Costumes. Some of them were kinky, other were usually, so i choosed some and changed them against the ragged clothes,that i weared.  After dressing, I looked at the figure of the beauty, and I must confess that it aroused something in and at me. 
  I had to make the first remedy and I decided to leave the temple again. This is precisely the case when one does not have its senses under control. It would have been more embarrassing if this had happened to me somewhere else. So I went to Riverwood to meet with the soldier there. Thrid Day, after some unspectacular Adventures Some fun with my Housecarl Lydia, after helping the Jarl against the dragon. Lydia was in the first moment confused, as she looked at me. As her eyes wandered over my Body and stopped at my Crotch, she smiles an asekd me, if they worked both? I said yes and before someting happened i took her by the Hand and we leaved Dragonreach.



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