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Androgyne Cutie 'Mischa' shows off the goods

Kendo 2



Finalized the androgyne race meshes and textures today.  Check the comments for additional images.





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So very nice. She really is the perfect tease. I really need to get Fallout up and running. I think I am gonna try not to wait for this weekend to check out Ana's tips for installing both :D. I really want to use this body and make some stuff for it :D.


PS: Nothing wrong with a small penis, my more recent mods for Suiguts went in that direction.

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The red strap bondage suit on the right would be fitting with this body. i don't think any adjustments would even be needed at the cock, it could hopefully just look like a tight fit.Mischa04.jpg

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hmm.. well i should have checked in game before i spoke xD that outfit is compatible!! great--just not red :o but its still good :3


would be awesome if some % of NPC being androgyne race, and clothing distributed--variables being configurable upon install would be great. if that happens and this becomes BnB compatible it would totally be the best mod ever.

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