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Is she short with a longer upper body and short arms? And programmed to deliberately lie because she wasn't under oath for selling info off of her social media platform to a foreign country? :D

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Well, perhaps not to a foreign country, but she might sell it to the Turians and probably lie about that if that's a "Renegade" playthrough. 😋


I kinda wish pressing and holding *F* did something other than ending the scene...😅

You know what, if she were actually Zuckerberg's sister, she'd probably work for the Reapers! 🤣 Luckily the resemblance is only in that picture...


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I'm curious, do you think she looks odd in any way? (Obviously, when compared to other ME faces)

I sometimes look at characters people create in ME, Skyrim and other similar games and think "well, that character looks absolutely ridiculous!". I always try to create realistic and relatively good looking characters in games, but that's obviously totally subjective. It may look good to me and others may find it ugly or unnatural. How we perceive human faces also differ radically, which is pretty interesting. Someone might say "Oh, this person totally looks like that person" while you don't see any resemblance at all.

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