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  4. Music Lovers Thread

    Not to forget that the Schneider CPC64 was only a rebranded Armstrad CPC64. Having a tape drive my days went like this: Switch on PC, load game, goto school, come back from school and hope the game loaded correctly. if not it failed loading: Load the game again and hope it's done before bed time. But i actually learned basic on it. Going synth now? Wolfsheim was and is one of my fav Synth bands, together with this one:
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  6. Music Lovers Thread

    Schneider CPC... OMG, on school we had a Computer Working Group, that was 1986/87. There were 5 464 and two 664. I learned there the first steps on Basic. Therefore the C64/128D were more popular. I started with a C16/Plus 4, earlier i had an Atari 2600 Console. I had the c64 later, 1989. Defender was a nice game. But back to Topic.^^

    She liked him enough before she met him in person Lucky her that she trusted her instincts and refused to go on a date with him. Also, "bananas" ? Really? That alone was something to be weary of

    I saw that clip in a documentary years ago. After the show was she refused the date and didn't go out with him.
  9. Music Lovers Thread

    NDH is just another made up sub-genre. And you really chose 2 of the weirder songs from him but i loved the video to Tri Tra Trululla back then because i loved the game Defender. Had it for my CPC64, my C64 and my 486 later on. Ahhh... good old times.
  10. Music Lovers Thread

    Rotterdam Techno / Gabber was not my cup of tea, to weird, to hard and to fast. Happy Hardcore was the Border - 180 BPM or later Jumpstyle . Does Joachim Witt not NDH? Neue Deutsche Härte? Like Oomph! But grown up was i with, Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater), Goldener Reiter or Kosmetik. Witt was a bit different of all what was called NDW at that time.
  11. Music Lovers Thread

    The first video is really nice because it reminded me of CJ Catalyzer to a degree. The second is not so mmuch up my alley andmore because i was into to Thunderdome back then. i still have all Thunderdome CD's and tryed listening to them to see what's up with that and came to the conclusion that my younger self was really weird and i'm kinda embaressed about some of the "music" i listened to. But my taste in music changed. From Techno (of any kind) to EBM and Synth. Only my taste in Rock & Metal music never really changed, i only added some Gothic to it. Speaking of Gothic: Does anyone remember what he did before he went completly EBM with Gothic influences? ^^ in case you don't remember, let me remind you (the 2 last videos are the english version so RitualClarity can understand them ^^): What a change, ey? But i still listen to his old and new songs because i just like them.
  12. Sky is nice

    Trying out some sky overhauls, usually prefer base game night sky cause some mods just make nights too bright. This one is good balance for me. Not so sure about my snow textures though.
  13. Frosty weather

    So decided to give Skyrim Se a try now that time has passed for some good mods to be converted over. First time using Wet and Cold and similar mods for Skyrim. People of Skyrim and other mods looked interesting so decided to give them a try. This one is from the path to High Hrothgar. Later right after these steps I had two Wisp Mothers and a Azure Dragon spawn on me lol. Think I found my combat overhaul mods to be a LOT of fun.
  14. SAE: Quick Update

    Lol every time i hear Dibella Blessing kinky thought pop in my mind
  15. Music Lovers Thread

    Nice Track where I can inspire myself too, Liquid D'n'B. There are many Mixes on YT But I also like other genres from the electronic music field. such as here, Hard Bass Techno / Dark Techno
  16. Music Lovers Thread

    My fav song from them is The Tempest. More real instruments and live they are really awesome.

    A serial murder on a game show... The really cringe worthy part of this is it was a dating game show. Extra info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodney_Alcala
  18. leg wraps

    For some reasons, I like my character(s) wearing mask and leg wraps accessories. yeah, I'm not good at creating beautiful faces anyway, because I made them wear mask....
  19. mask and leg wraps

    For some reasons, I like my character(s) wearing mask and leg wraps accessories. yeah, I'm not good at creating beautiful faces anyway, because I made them wear mask....
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  21. Music Lovers Thread

    I remember some old days... Warning... you might not want to listen to the below.... I can't believe that someone played this at work today Just when you thought it was safe to listen to music again. The orignal (I believe) Even the Japanese had to get into this... OH, found one which I think were translated to japanese (fully) and has male singers
  22. Music Lovers Thread

    I remember the good rave days with jungle and dnb. My favorite dnb dj always been Dieselboy.
  23. SAE: Quick Update

    A quick update (although this should probably be a blog post but I'll save that for the pre-release). I'm currently working on Dibella Armor but I'm not ready to show it yet. Dibella Armor will be skimpy or full armor that can be seen through. I'm considering attaching a script to the armor that will increase the defense of a player with the Blessing of Dibella. This isn't set in stone as I'm not sure how to write the script yet. If I do implement this, skimpy armors will have a ton of defense with Dibella's Blessing but have very little without it. And the skimpier the better. The armor in the image above is a variant of the Wayn Chainmail Armor. Why call it Wayn Chainmail? Beacuse Wayn is the name of a blacksmith in Morrowind. Most of the new armors in this mod will be named after blacksmiths from previous Elder Scrolls games because in the lore of this mod they designed them. Other ideas that I may add but may not make it into the initial release: Unique bandit bosses the are equipped with armor that can only be found on them. Clothes and armor patterns that can be learned (consumed like a spell tome) or taken to a blacksmith to be made.
  24. Music Lovers Thread

    A good Music-project. DNB with real instruments - awesome. I Know from them Fasten you Seatbelts and Tarantula
  25. The Electronic Arts thread

    This is awesome. Having to rate their games with loot boxes for audiences of the age of 21+ means less sales. That could only mean they'll take a step back on loot boxes. If this bill passes. Which I have no doubt it will considering the amount of gamers that are against this anti consumer practice alone. Then imagine all them angry moms informed about it who will surely want this bill passed.
  26. NSFWMods is now powered by IPS 4.2

    I added a Merry Christmas reaction for the holiday season. Not sure why didn't I think of this earlier.
  27. Music Lovers Thread

    Back to modding FONV and back to my old modding playlist. Have a taste. ^^
  28. Star Whores - Jenni shot first

    Me was boring a bit.

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