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  3. Redguard/Orc Babe

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  5. Music Lovers Thread

    Mix Culture A Track with a running Time of 7min 35 seconds includes over 40 famous Songs - Mixed by Tolga Balkan 1987 - Joint Mix In the next spiler-tag some Examples to compare
  6. Molina and Joey

    Yes.. ^ this...
  7. Molina and Joey

    That's why I don't commit to making comics or using DAZ renders to do it. I know plenty of guys who started out making image sets and comics as a hobby but then they got trapped by it. Especially the few I know who went 'professional' and had their own websites with online subscribers (this was before Paetron was a thing). They got burned out, disappointed people with the lack of new content and eventually just stopped altogether. If it ain't fun I ain't gonna do it.
  8. A Naughty and Immersive Skyrim

    No worries - I'll do another run through and document the changes.
  9. Trannies exist in TES, or in Skyrim at least...

    So this is lore friendly.
  10. Molina and Joey

    I understand but, why make something if you aren't into it? Just make what you want to make. Kendo made a few pretty quickly awhile back (at least released them close together) and then seemed to take a vacation and now, it looks like he is coming back. I assume he has some new inspiration and based on the example above, I am pretty sure I will be... interested... in what he has to offer when/if he does release a new comic. I am fairly confident that you will be able to make some pretty good comics as well. So what if they are limited or few and far between. We (the reader) just have to take what is offered. Take George R.R. Martin, he creates what he creates when he creates it. It is awesome (even if you aren't interested in that type of story) when he does release it. His fans have learned to accept this fact. (for the most part. ;)) If you have some finished comics from before, feel free to release them (or not) and if you get some more ideas, and desire, great. However, if it isn't in you, then it isn't in you. That is just fine as well.
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  12. Appears one might need a fantasy/fetish thread because what is happening in the Intellectual thread is far from Intellectual.

    1. ritualclarity


      that sounds cool. You can create on in the appropriate subforum. As long as the content doesn't violate our community rules, I don't see a problem with it. Also it would be better if you or another member creates it ;)

  13. Molina and Joey

    That's one of the reasons why I don't do comics. I did them for fun when I wanted to. I don't want to feel pressured doing them, or having to do them consistently when I don't have any ideas.
  14. Elvis

  15. Elvis

  16. Elvis

  17. Music Lovers Thread

    Amazing performance Elvis
  18. Music Lovers Thread

    Amazing performance Michael Jackson Amazing performance Smooth Criminal Amazing performance Bad
  19. Intellectual Corner

    I don't know a lot from Kerrigan, but the few things i've read, she must be an interesting Character - many says, one of the best of all Computer Games. I thought, it's important to have some idols from other Media (Books, Comics, Games) when you create an own Char. I Love the controverse - What, if scenarios. (What would be, if a Succubus be a good Invidual and Angels evil?) ^^
  20. Molina and Joey

    I really like what Kendo does with his comics, might not be along my taste from time to time but I still find them interesting and entertaining. Having a different direction in making comics is great! I am pretty sure there are some here just waiting for what you have to offer. (Also Kendo don't do to much with Skyrim in comics as well) Different is good. You will gain your fan base, just be aware... they will likely be ravenous and desire more and more comics...
  21. A Naughty and Immersive Skyrim

    Good info. I am sure it will help someone trying this tutorial.. Might help her if she starts reworking the tutorial as well. No problems, sorry I can't help more. I basically stopped modding Skyrim (using old setups here and there when I get a urge and then shortly later, stop :P) so I don't know anything about updates or newer versions of mods unless they happen to be due to my needing to update for some reason what I have.
  22. Intellectual Corner

    A comic book gal. Cool. I have quite a few female characters from Fallout 3 that have stories inspired by female protagonists in comic books. One of them is an inspiration from the Queen of Blades from Starcraft 1 and 2. But instead, she's referred to as Queen of the Wasteland. And one of my dark female characters in Skyrim is an inspiration of these 3 ladies.
  23. K2 Comics Bits And Pieces #4 Futa Edition

    Thanks. I like making these more than I do mods. I get to make meshes and textures, build sets and write a story...all without the headaches.
  24. K2 Comics Bits And Pieces #4 Futa Edition

    "Is that real?" Really liked it. Nice to see you haven't lost your touch in the comic department.
  25. Music Lovers Thread

    Amazing performance David Bowie R.I.P.
  26. Music Lovers Thread

    Elvira Gothic Girl Dead Girls Are Easy Perfect Skin
  27. Molina and Joey

    Glad you liked the comic. If you want a suggestion, this is how I write story lines. I make the characters first and give them 'personalities' (nice, mean, sexy, serious, etc.). Then I think of a situation and place them in it. And the story starts to write itself. What the characters say to one another, what they are thinking to themselves, how they react to the situation all just happens on its own.
  28. Music Lovers Thread

    The No. 1 hits of october 20th 1987 US-Billboard 1. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - Lost in Emotion 2. Prince - U got the look 3. Europe - Carrie Germany 1. Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up 2. Bee Gees - You win again 3. Sabrina - Boys UK-Singel-Charts 1. Bee Gees - You win Again 2. Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme 3. Abigal Mead & Nigel Goulding - I wanna be your Drillinstructor
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