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  3. Animations have to be tagged with them and I don't think any animation authors have tagged them properly for this. You may customize your own animations using Animation Customizations though https://colonolnuttymodswiki.com/index.php/Animation_Customization_for_DeviousDesires
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  5. Hello. Where find animations for watersport? I don't see this is category sex.
  6. Word of the day; Vanker i.e. pro-COVID vaccine wanker.
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  8. zilvradrow


    Double action with Talina
  9. Well, I like to play her in her Look. Sometimes with a normal and sometimes with a Horsecock. Gendershifting - because she is still a (ascended) Succubus
  10. zilvradrow


    In last 2 Years i changed to SE. And she is my main character. Hope you like my Succubusangel Zilphia.
  11. zilvradrow


  12. horny Succubusangel-Nun
  13. Who plays Skyrim for killing enemies?^^ In the last 3 Years i logged in for having lewd fun.
  14. In other Vac related news... https://rumble.com/vlvhy5-best-explanation-ive-seen-about-why-the-covid-jabs-are-killer-shots.html Thanks to Pat Gray (The Blaze) for the link. There is this beauty too: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/09/joseph-mercola/shockingly-cdc-now-lists-vaccinated-deaths-as-unvaccinated/ "The problem with this is that over 80% of hospitalizations and deaths appear to be occurring among those who have received the jabs, but this reality is hidden by the way cases are defined and counted. A really clever and common strategy of the CDC during the pandemic has been to change the definitions and goalposts so it supports their nefarious narrative."
  15. You should look at the Wiki, the criteria for the various interactions to appear through normal Click are listed there. DD does not load animations that would not have worked anyways because they were not written properly.
  16. I updated everything like @colonelnutty suggested. For now I have to always shift + click to start DD? Also, when I select climax the animation doesn't end. Am I missing something in settings? I have to manually click the DD stop for it to end. Lastly, when my game loads it shows 6691 out of 6800 animations loaded. Anyone have an idea why it isn't loading all my animations? And thank you for this and your helpful responses.
  17. Those Sexlab stats are impressive! When did you find time to kill enemies?
  18. Saw a Youtube vid sort of along these lines a week or so ago. It was comparing Fallout New Vegas to FO3. In terms of quests. Obsidian had a very limited time and created a whole heaping load of quests in the much smaller FONV setting when compared to FO3. Nothing new really, just more confirmation that Bugthesda is extremely poorly managed. That and they don't give a damn. At this point I'm kind of seeing why. If idiots line up to buy this crap every time, why should they care? Just push out some mostly unfinished crap, get sales, and Todd can get another fleet of maxed out Teslas. Rinse, repeat. That said, I believe there's a mod to fix that.
  19. The Forsworn could have been the third faction of the civil war that the player can side with, but I guess that would be too much work for the lazy asses at Bugthesda.
  20. @endgameaddiction I wonder if it would make any difference it they were Imperial soldiers instead of the Thalmor. There are too many idiotic and annoying things in this game, yours is just one example. For instance, the fact that this bloody courier can easily find you whenever he needs, even when you're supposed to be invisible, in fact, there are many instances in which NPCs can initiate dialogue with you (force greet) when you're invisible. This shit happens because the idiots at Bugthesda forgot to add a condition to check for player invisibility, or they just simply didn't give a fuck. Or for instance, when you keep running into that old orc with his two saber cats in Solstheim, despite the fact that there's not a single saber cat to be found on this damn island. I guess he brings them with him wherever he goes, to show off. I fully expect to see much more of these retarded shit in their future games.
    I don't know if I downloaded this mod properly because its not working for me some reason .....can somebody help me out please and thanks !
  21. Jumped on Skyrim. Here I am on my necromancer Dunmer with my thrall collecting alchemy ingredients and I saw three Thalmor and a Nord prisoner walking towards Helgen. I remembered there is a Stormcloak camp right up ahead so I decided to park near some Stormcloaks that patrol near the road. I was looking forward to seeing the Thalmor and Stormcloaks clash. Bethesda: Why would we do that? That's boring. No. Let them be friendly to one another instead. Because that's more immersive. It completely makes sense. Me: SMFH
  22. Wow... this guy really drank a lot of the SJW KoolAid
  23. Thanks, haven't really evenplayed Skyrim for years much less much of those mods. So not aware of howgood they are. I agree, there needs to be a total rework for the game. It would be great if there was a total rework for all factions and or races... But the chances of that happening is slim, even more now that nexus has lost their fucking mind.
  24. I can't seem to find any actions for assault. All I see under Rough Sex are the options for Consent. Am I missing something?
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