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  2. I'm sure she's really good at photosynthesis!
  3. bjornk

    Bug Alien

    B-But, that's Ant-man, not an alien!
  4. ritualclarity

    Bug Alien

    Don't tell some of the people on the "other site" they will find a way to use this in one of their mods People familiar with what I am talking about will know the reference.

    So I was watching a video about ‘non-destructive modeling’ which is a technique that makes heavy use of Blender’s modifiers (for example ‘subdivision’), the advantage is you can make complex shapes from simple ones which saves times and makes editing very easy.

     I “learned” to model the old and hard way so I’m almost used to the pain :P but I gave it a try anyway:

     One downside is that the result is high-poly BUT because it consist of neat face loops reducing the polycount shouldn’t be a problem (‘decimate’ works pretty fine). And of course it still needs the insoles, feet, uv map, morphs, bones, textures, etc. so I think I will have to use “destructive modeling” to complete this one.


    1. ritualclarity


      Choices are a good thing, correct? At least there are options now.

  6. vancleef

    Bug Alien

    Wow! Best alien yet!
  7. Yesterday
  8. ritualclarity

    Bug Alien

    Gross.. However, you are correct. It works well with your space suit.
  9. My Chimer, Nylaathria. Long story short. She's a priestess of the tribunal temple in Raven Rock. She has a stronger connection with Azura out of the three Daedric Princes. Azura see's her pure heart and strong loyalty that she uplifts her curse returning her to her original Chimer appearance. "Goddess of Dusk and Dawn, though I may not serve you as a temple priestess of the tribunals anymore, my loyalty and gratitude will always remain. My duties as a worshiper always carries on even though you do not provide me with anymore visions. I'm still a humble servant among you, my goddess."
  10. Kendo 2

    Bug Alien

    And it works with my crappy version of the dlc Delta alien space suit.
  11. Kendo 2

    Bug Alien

    Vanilla giant ant head as masks with different antenna and mandible positions. Nothing great but they will be good for background aliens in a crowd or something.
  12. Time to ban high capacity automobiles.
  13. HOORAY! I've finally found my place!
  14. That would make you a misanthropist. Now if you include hate every skin color, ethnicity. Yep, your a GOD DAMN RASSSSSSSIST!!!
  15. Last week
  16. Seriously. It's like people are slitting their own throats just to prove a point. "I want a cleaner planet but I still expect to own a car, have air-conditioning and pay cheap food prices!"
  17. Sounds about right. Humanity is going to hell in a handbasket.
  18. I'm definitely a Racist: I hate the entire Human Race.
  19. Lefty entitlement as always. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtNoSKvunR0 Tried to find the original video, but the snowflake removed it. How do I know it's the same video? The moron spelled "rasist" which is seen in Zed's video and a google search.
  20. It'gonna have to do because I'm not spending any more time on it. I'm just making Shatner's Star Trek style aliens so they don't need to be 'great', just passable enough so there's not weird artifacts or tiling when I put them in cell lighting.
  21. Works for me. I like it. If you don't like her perhaps play with the textures and make her one of those ... Creature from the black lagoon. I forget that monster in Fallout (A female version)
  22. NOT what I was going for. I was thinking more Flash Gordon from the 70s cartoon. Not that it matters since I can't get the green to look right. Pretty sure the game is doing it since I'm using the same color formula I used for the other aliens. 'The game' doesn't like green or yellow, but purple and blue work fine. I did another set of textures and a male version; same shit results.
  23. I think she looks cool. Very fishy and H. P. Lovecraft-ish.
  24. Yeah, me too. Can't go any darker because it gets worse and too much lighter and she comes out looking yellow.
  25. For me, yes. But that's just me. Could make variations.
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