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  2. I was looking into making some procedural textures using nodes, but every tutorial ends in a monstrosity like this one (and the image just shows half of it):


    Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because of the power of making something completely modifiable to the smallest detail. But then I remembered “Blender can also use DIY patterns” and then made this in less than 5 minutes:


    Obviously is doesn’t generate as much detail as a procedural texture, but for the stuff I make you’ll hardly notice any difference.


    TL;DR: sometimes being lazy does pay

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  4. Are there three dots in a row above your post? They moved the edit option into a drop down.
  5. I don't see any edit options for my post anymore.
  6. My grandfather used an hearing aid and he used his hand just like that to test the sound. However, it could have been a sound check from a ear piece I guess. I don't know how those work and don't remember ever seeing him do that in other speeches etc.
  7. Last week
  8. A couple of news quotes... TES6 in 2024? https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/gaming/bethesda-founder-on-microsoft-purchase-what-microsoft-owns-sony-cannot-get/ar-BB19vo42 Also... https://www.dualshockers.com/ea-was-reportedly-interested-in-acquiring-bethesda-and-zenimax-at-one-point/ That would've been one more tombstone in EA's developer graveyard.
  9. No major features were added, just a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements. If you see any errors that might be related to this upgrade post them in this thread.
  10. I've been watihing LPL for a long time and this is the first time I've seen this one. Pretty funny.
  11. LMAO We can drag our asses on the streets like dogs do to wipe their butt or maybe it's a form of scratching their ass. Leave streaks of brown lines everywhere. haha
  12. We can poop in the streets Judgement Free! Am becoming a fan of this guy. I like how he looks like a Liberal Douchebag but couldn't be further from their ethos!
  13. Let all move to California! Communism rules!
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  15. I'll have to just post that stuff in a comment then from now on.
  16. From what I learned that error mean there's too much content in your original post.
  17. Sorry, there is a problem This content can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited. Error code: 2S136/E
  18. So, same ol' Bethesda different owner. Bethesda Will Run Semi-Independently Under Microsoft https://www.ign.com/articles/bethesda-will-run-semi-independently-under-microsoft
  19. Do you remember the error that was shown?
  20. Had to repost these images after multiple times trying to remove an extra image I didn't want up and eventually got an error not allowing me to save my edit.
  21. All I did was try to move the piece of wood out of the way so no one would trip over it and next thing I know. How was I supposed to know not to fall for the bait! Oh divines! Was it always that big?
  22. Perhaps. If they can create an engaging story and quality work on the level of Witcher or other such games... I'd be content not to have modding option. I doubt this will happen but... one can dream.. (and dreaming is very likely all that will happen :P)

    Friendly reminders:

    • Every single piece of CC made under my name is free, forever. Avoid scams
    • I only “exist” in two places: Loverslab and NSFWmods. No twitter, no facebook, no discord, no tumblr, etc
    • No rules, no tou, no nonsense. Like my stuff? Download it. Want to modify it or even port it to other engine? Don’t even ask me, do whatever you want
    1. ritualclarity


      That is what makes you so awesome! 

      One of the reason I click Like to every mod and tutorial/guide support you submit on either site. NSFWmods is lucky to have such a person as you on our site. I am confident that the admin and other moderators will agree.

      Keep up the great work and stay true to yourself.

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