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  2. I just noticed it was the wrong thread! I'm an idiot today!
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  4. Wrong thread bud. But Ronnie everyday, Worry not, someone has the power to shift the Silver Moutain to the proper location.
  5. I'll continue to use Win7 until it is obsolete. Then Find some other OS.
  6. Bustin' out some RJD vocals tonight! Rainbow - Man on the Silver Mountain - YouTube
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  9. Kendo 2

    Space Station

    It reminds me of the valve seat for a sink.
  10. Not dissing on it, but this reminds me what a computer mouse wheel looks like when you take apart a mouse. lol Or one of those things you spin on a table with your fingers. Forget what they're called. XD
  11. "Don't Ask Questions, Just Consume Product and Then Get Excited for Next Products!" They Live!
  12. This is why I strongly believe the industry will never have another crash. There's already too much money involved in it and we're facing with a different mindset of people now vs. back then. Boycotting like standing up for the truth when it comes to politics is so controversial. OMG *rolls eyes* Like stop being so bitter and just accept things the way they are. Times have changed. You're missing out on good games.
  13. It's really baffling how easily people have forgotten all the crap Bethesda has pulled in the past couple of years, I mean, besides their usual. Paid mods controversy, the money grab "special" edition with the same exact bugs of "legendary", Creation Club and Atomic Shop controversies (P2W microtransactions, inflated prices, ripoffs, fake discounts), the great canvas shortage of 2018, those plastic rum bottles, to name a few. Yet, Howard and Hines still have the audacity to show their faces in a public event to promote yet another crappy product of theirs, which will most likely create a simil
  14. Kendo 2

    Space Station

    This thing is DONE. Not worried about the textures since it will only be seen in the distance. I made normal maps, effects shaders and material shadefade nodes. Gudenuff.
  15. der roolz en sutch...only one...there are existing threads for movies, music, trolling, etc. Use those first and IF there's not a slot then link that macrame tutorial you love here.
  16. ‘Starfield,’ Microsoft and the past year at Bethesda Softworks - The Washington Post
  17. "Another star system needs your help!" Besides being buggy and outdated as any other Bugthesda game, I don't know what exactly people are expecting this game to be. It's going to be another one of those save this and that, find this and that kinda game with a lot of retarded quests and you'll have your typical quest giver NPCs telling you that you are the only hope, the only one who can do whatever it is to do while sitting on their asses, munching on the same loaf of bread, "What are you doing here? Go save the galaxy!"... and you're gonna have to pretend you're doing something important
  18. I was listening to ArchCast and they mentioned Bethesda working on their own all-encompassing launcher (like Origin) before Starfield's release.
  19. What a terrible trailer! And no modding!? Yeah, not even wasting my time.
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