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  2. The sex doll robot owner creates a virtual version of his robot in the app and then uses them to simulate the foreplay. He showed a sample of a basic model doll on the stage for purchase. He questioned whether people asked for this service. He said: "Yes, I do have it. Loneliness is a big problem in the UK. I think the most surprising aspect of this industry is that it is really not all." The world's most famous sex doll robot has been upgraded to provide a new "foreplay" feature for its regulars. According to the person in charge of the artificial intelligence doll, these responsible persons are still in progress. These adult dolls are not cheap, the basic sex dolls cost $700, and the custom dolls range in price from $3,000 to $6,000. Sex robots are powered by AI applications running on smartphones or tablets. The audience was shocked by Channel 5's 'disturbing' sex doll documentary. But the app has now been upgraded to "foreplay" mode to inspire interest in robot play. Stanley said: "I have a lot of customers who really come to me. They only want a doll for comfort." "I think this is great. I think in that case, I am finishing my work, in Give comfort to someone when they need it." Sex Doll Robot Upgrades in "Foreplay" Mode - Before the secret real thing, he took off a virtual love doll. “I am providing comfort”: The sex doll manufacturer recreated the life-size doll of the deceased relative. The mother of four children runs a sex doll shop, a company that offers special bereavement services - a comfortable silicone doll that appears in the image of your deceased relatives.
  3. Another flip flop liar. Here's the full of it. I'm guessing like the trial with Cuckerberg, this wasn't under oath...
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  5. He is awesome, highly underrated. The entire premise was nice, new ( to me at least ) and interesting. There was stuff that could be done with that. too bad it was just a quickie (movie wise) and didn't go anywhere. I also don't think it fits anywhere in teh current comic world of movies. Shame such a waste.
  6. Antifa is right. Nazis are everywhere.
  7. What amuses me is they already tried this with Halle Berry. Anyone remember the Jinx spinoff? Anyone? That's right. They knew it was going to be a turd and they aborted it. Suddenly, the fucking idiots think it will work a second time around. What I want to do is wait until this flops, research some of the producers and find out what charities and/or movements they support and ask how they feel now about flushing money down the shitter instead of donating it, ritualclarity wrote: I'm a huge James Bond fan and have read all of the original Ian Fleming novels and even some of the inferior ones published by other authors after his death. Fleming would probably have a stroke. He was a man of his times. There are some cringe-worthy Racist moments in Live and Let Die where he writes some "Black" dialogue in some scenes and if not exactly misogynist likely of the opinion that males are superior. But I don't think he would have been upset because the, ahem, "New Bond" is Black and female. I think he'd hate it because it's just a stupid over-reaction to the current political climate. I mean, when are filmmakers going to realize that a significant portion of their audience is White males? Are they going to keep alienating them? Can they afford to lose money in an age where movies are becoming more expensive to produce but easier for people to access for free? Can they really be that retarded?
  8. Spawn is my first and favorite comic into the image comics series. Funny I liked him not because of his skin color but because of who he was and his backstory. The film is underrated but I'm glad it never went full mainstream like Marvel and DC superheroes did. The film was really good imo.
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  10. Now we need a white lando Calrissian from Star wars.. White or again Yes.. Asian Harlem hammer. Spawn needs to be white for the next film.. State that .. and watch them loose their shit. To be honest.. there isn't any real reason there can't be a black 007. It is a title given to an MI6 agent at least as far as I understand it. However, the entire premise is swagger and maleness that I doubt any female could pull off. They would be changing the formula. Wonder what the creator of 007 thinks of this. That would be interesting to know. They'd have a better chance of creating a new spy that is a female in a mix of Borne Supremacy, bond, Nikita etc etc. Blend them up and create a new super spy that happens to be a female. I believe they would be more successful (if written correctly) than they will be doing this. They failed with the reboot of Ghostbusters.. from doing shit that the consumer doesn't want.
  11. Label me however you will but James Bond is a straight male fantasy figure AND a symbol of (self-perceived) Anglo-Saxon superiority. The fans of these movies are going to avoid this like the plague. It will be not only the worst-grossing Bond film of all time but I bet it breaks some other disaster records as well.
  12. My name is Woke, James Woke... Bond's number is up: black female actor 'is the new 007' https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/jul/15/lashana-lynch-new-007-james-bond-daniel-craig You know, it doesn't take a genius to realize that this pro-SJW agendas will eventually backfire horribly and I will have no sympathy for these people when it does.
  13. Excuse the disorganized mess in my last message, I was about to fall asleep. Not that I'm any different right now, but at least let me try to clarify some of the things I wrote in there. First of all, if you take the real world as a reference in game design, you can never go wrong, even in fantasy/scifi games, I've said this for many years and it's never failed me. So, what would happen if you kill everyone in the world in real life? There would be no one left to interact with, but there would still be documents, books, recordings etc. that can help you learn about things. However, at that point, there wouldn't be much point in doing anything in this world as it's pretty much an empty world, unless of course the game supports some other types of game play (survival etc). You can still roam the world, if it has survival elements (eating, cooking, building, hunting etc.) you can continue doing that, however, there wouldn't be any "quests" that you'd do "for NPCs". This is what you should try to emulate in a game, especially in RPGs. Although, you have to ask yourself why you need to do "quests" in RPGs? To gain XP? To obtain money/equipment? To progress in the story? It's very likely that most RPGs depend on quests on multiple different levels. In short, the problems with today's flawed RPG design actually go much deeper. You don't see it discussed very often, even in RPG specific forums and places. Heck, a lot of people still assume that implementing a P&P RPG rule-set on a computer is the only way to create an RPG, actually I even doubt that even the developers ever think about doing anything else. Anyway, in short, there are certainly much better ways to create more realistic role-playing games, but game developers prefer to stick with known formulas as they are guaranteed to work and cheap to implement. As for the political correctness, virtue signalling, fucked up moral values, widespread hypocrisy, consumer cults etc. in today's world, it's all happening for a reason, but that's not the topic of this thread, but think about some of the examples of these... A: "What do you feel about extreme violence and gore?" B: That's okay, no problems. A: "How about a pair of nipples?" B: NOW I'M OFFENDED! A: *Literally mass murders tens of thousands of animals every single day* B: "What if you were able to kill this virtual human kid in a computer game?" A: B-BUT CHILDREN ARE INNOCENT! HOW DARE YOU! YOU CHILD KILLER! YOU MURDERER! A: *Whines about mistreatment, intolerance due to his religion* "THAT'S <INSERT RELIGION>-PHOBIA!" A: *Mistreats people of other religions, shows no tolerance to other religions or to atheism* "THIS IS A <INSERT RELIGION> LAND!" and many more you hear every single day, may sound funny to some, but they aren't, really.
  14. Review the original versions of Nursery rhymes... That shit is terrifying! They told children that when they were young many decades ago.
  15. Mortal Combat caused serious issues when it was first released. Just to be clear I agree with game companies trying to be too PC. Also thanks for the point out for the different methods for quest being given out. HOwever, I think it would be pretty boring if there wasn't any NPCs giving out quest also might not be as engaging. Some however would be a nice change. cut scenes can be changed I believe after the fact but means more work for the game creators. Also much of what you stated would be more work for them. This cost and takes more time to release. Not stating they shouldn't do it but that likely they wouldn't or don't do it for that reason as well. A mature game shouldn't have any of those restrictions being placed on the game that has been on recent games. It doesn't make sense unless they are trying to keep those that are to young from accessing such content.. being their parent for some reason. some of those over on Nexus seem to be below 18 and I KNOW some are underage at other sites I am apart of. Trying to be a parent.. or good company and not pervert the young? Yes, flimsy excuse. Reaching for straws here. lol. (no real excuse.. actually agreeing with you on that subject :P)
  16. If you design a role-playing game around quests that are given by NPCs via dialogues, then it's natural that you get worried about breaking quests when you let the player kill every NPC. There's a simple solution for that, besides the dialogues, add other methods to receive and complete quests. However, developers like Bioware, CDPR etc. who love to turn everything into cinematic cutscenes would rather not do that. Not to mention it would mean more work for the developers. There's also the fact that these "cutscene loving developers" would want to keep their narrative from falling apart before the end, due to the lack of certain NPCs, otherwise their predesigned cutscenes wouldn't work or wouldn't make much sense. As for unkillable children in video games, it's got nothing to do with marketing the game, as even the indie developers can easily market their own games nowadays. It's just pure hypocrisy, fucked up morals, trying to be PC etc. The fact that games like Mortal Combat exist and no one seems to complain about the goriest game play videos posted on social media, should tell you all about it. It's pretty similar to the attitude of people who don't want others to mock their religion. Censoring, suppressing these kind of things is actually dangerous to human society in the long run, as it will eventually create a population who can't distinguish good from evil. It's also hard to understand why this still happens in games designed to be played by a "mature" audience.
  17. That's the problem. The rest of us have to pay the price for the overwhelming stupid people who lack critical thinking and common sense. You can tell someone a zillion times 'they aren't real people, it's just a game' and their driven emotions trump logic. I was looking at one of the forums Bjornk linked and the fact that someone made a post about the thought of people killing pixelated kids makes them question what type of person they are for wanting to kill children in a video game. Typical left leaning thought process. Everyone who owns a gun is automatically a murderer. If you kill pixelated children, you are a real life child murderer. That's explains everything. This world is filled with mass murderers around the globe. Yet, surprisingly enough the population has remained more or less the same. I wonder how that works. Maybe if I shove my head in the sand like an ostrich it'll all start to make sense.
  18. Probably because many of the gamers will click on shit they know nothing about and then later ask for tech support to fix the shit they broke. Selecting the option to kill important NPCs... and break many if not all the important quest which could lead the game to be stagnant or unable to continue anywhere will likely be a head ache for those companies. Just hang around some tech support threads and FAQ and such threads for a day and you will soon see that the people playing games these days (on the majority) are quite stupid, don't read instructions, and cry and bitch and take it to social networks when something doesn't go their way regardless of it it is in reality their fault. They also cant' take blame for their stupidity. It is everybody else's problem, they are the cause. Safety zones and shit. Too much of a fucking headache. Same reason for the dumb down game quest and giant arrows pointing you to where you need to go etc. etc.
  19. Why can't companies just give you an option to in the menu screen to enable or disable to kill important NPCs and children at the very least. People still being sensitive over killing children. If people can't distinguish the difference then they need to go find something else to occupy their time and stop trying to shove their morality down other peoples throats. These people remind me of bible thumpers in the 90s and what they called satanic music.
  20. Some of the NPCs need to be protected .. even if it is for a limited time otherwise they could be killed by accident before they can complete the needed events for the player. How else can this be done unless there are dozens of NPCs in line to take over the torch? In some cases that might even look or be weird? Some of the quest can just fail, but some are key story arch that are needed for many other quest. Note. I am not arguing with you on this fact. However, I can't see any other solution. Game companies take it too far IMO and protect them (NPCs) well after the need and many just "because" they can or want to, but there are some and in some situations where they need to be functional and not dead.
  21. Honestly, whether or not "the game" suffers is irrelevant when it's "the player" who suffers. Unkillable NPCs are annoying and they totally impair immersion. It's even worse if the player isn't allowed to kill them, yet other NPCs are, even as a plot device or as a consequence, just like in your TW3 example and trying to make you feel responsible for their death, is almost insulting, which is one of the reasons why I don't like the Witcher and similar games. To be honest, I'd avoid any game, especially "role playing" games, if the developer stresses the importance of "the story" and tries to protect certain NPCs in order to force their own narrative. In my opinion, games are tools for the players to create "their own" stories. Think of "any" game, sports games, card games, board games and so on, they only give you a set of rules and a setting to create your own narrative. The more narrative/story gets pushed into a game, the less of a game it becomes and it turns into a more passive experience, like a movie or a tv series. Some people seem to prefer this, I don't. CDPR is already on my list of developers I don't like. Not because they make subpar games, not at all, but because they've taken the haughty, presumptuous attitude of Bioware one step further and I hate them on principle.
  22. Couldn't kill children and plot NPCs in Witcher3 either and the game didn't suffer. In fact there are ways to fuck up quests to the point where children and plot NPCs can die. The children die off screen but they do die...like being eaten by the crones at Crook Back Bog...and the player is responsible. That's the new normal. Wokeness infects everything, from TV shows to comics to movies. That's been my stance all along. Not buying it until I see someone else play it. If it's shit I'll keep my money and ream CDPR wherever I can.
  23. Enjoy the unkillable children and NPCs in CP 2077... or more accurately, enjoy the cancerous PC/SJW developers and games made by and for retarded millennials... https://gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-npc-kill-shoot/ https://www.mmorpg.com/cyberpunk-2077/news/plot-npcs-and-children-cannot-be-killed-in-cyberpunk-2077-1000053108 https://www.gamepressure.com/newsroom/cyberpunk-2077-without-the-ability-to-kill-children/zce16 https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/cyberpunk-2077-attack-npcs/ https://www.pcgamer.com/cyberpunk-2077-will-let-you-fight-most-people-but-not-kids-or-story-npcs/ Good job CDPR, you've been consistently dull and predictable. Guess I'm not even going to be watching LP's of this shitty game.
  24. Well start reading some of this http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:TS4_CC_Basics Of course keep in mind all the work you are doing is for your own personal use. Cant be distributed Unless permitted by Kendo
  25. Since I can't even seem to open a .package file, I'd say it's pretty clear that I don't know what I'm doing so...
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