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  2. Because kids can see it and know it's A-OK...like assless chaps at a gay pride parade or drag queen story time at the public library.
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  4. She does look kinda cute when she's on her knees and looking up to her "master" with those pup eyes. The presence of social media made people show off their fetishes and take it to a more extreme level. BDSM is a thing that is meant to be behind close doors. So should this.
  5. So...let me get this right: Submissive chicks have been doing this for years and it's degrading Pornography. A Woke couple does it and it's...empowering?
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  7. Yeah, when I saw that they lived in TX all I could think was "Gotta be Austin." I live in the south end of the Hill Country and that shit they're doing in public wouldn't fly here.
  8. ^^^ Doing that sort of thing in Skyrim or other games using mods is fine, but doing that in RL is fucked up. Not to mention this "couple" lives in my state, I don't know which is worse, honestly.
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    I...I don't even know what to say... I should take her to Doc Church just to be sure everything is normal. She was fine upon leaving Rivet City. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, this is happening due to this mod outfit. I remember a long long long time ago when wearing this outfit, my characters head turn to the left and upwards and was stuck in that position after wearing this outfit for some time. But it never made my character's head upside down.
  11. Normally I'm not into Asian women but this girl is hot. And she can legit play drums.
  12. Full movie, free for now. The best Star Trek movie ever made.
  13. I was going to write up a quick guide on how to port a mod from FO3 to FNV and vice versa with FOMM and TESsnip once I remembered how to do it, but I found this video and figured it's quick and easy. Just note as the author of this video tutorial mentions, there are some things that porting over will cause complications like FOSE and NVSE scripts, worldspace, etc. From personal experience, I've ported over weapons, armor and even my old race mods from one to the other with no issue in the past. Just note that you don't exactly need the other installed to do this, whether that is FO3 or FNV. Yo
  14. Okay, I never managed to fix it, but for now I can tolerate it. If I find a solution, I'll be sure to post it.
  15. There are some gorgeous women from Azerbaijan.
  16. The mere mention of his name makes my normally reserved 70 yr old sister cuss him like a Boston can driver.
  17. I can't even listen to him for one second.
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