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  2. Movie Lovers Thread

    Weekend at Bernies was pretty funny.
  3. Movie Lovers Thread

    Okay, this makes sense. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_(brand) Maybe they were under National before slapping it with Panasonic logo instead. On topic: I laughed hysterically as a kid to this movie and been wanting to see it as it's been a long long time. Weekend at Bernies
  4. Movie Lovers Thread

    @Karma It's blocked in my country.
  5. Movie Lovers Thread

    Roberto Benigni is an italian actor quite famous. he made mainly comedies but succeeded also in doing some great "serious" movies such as this one (here's the english version, but the italian one is better, sorry )
  6. Movie Lovers Thread

    It's exactly this one right here, except it's not in mint condition as this one in the image. And for some reason instead of saying Panasonic at the bottom left corner, it says National.
  7. Today
  8. Futa-Fun

    Molina lets futa-babe Roxy own her ass.
  9. Movie Lovers Thread

    @endgameaddiction I started out with 45's on a cheap mono player at 11 years old,i couldn't play my music in the house for my parents hated rock,if it wasn't country or gospel music it was devils music and not allowed.I grew up in a bizarre world.Hehe I stayed with 8track for quite a while after cassettes came out mainly because i had so damn many 8tracks but eventually i moved to cassettes for my autos. Hehe,i love to see that karaoke machine.
  10. Movie Lovers Thread

    I grew up to cassettes and VHS. Not sure if the early 80s 8track was still being used. I would assume yes, but for me I used cassette tapes and VHSs in the mid 80s through the 90s until CD became the next device. I happen to have a very very old karaoki machine that has two 8track and 2 cassette inputs with the very old and large input for microphones. I bet the thing still runs. Funny because a friend of mine used to practice with his band in my garage and used it as a substitute for a PA system. He left it and I later used it as a substitute for a guitar amp until I had a real amp. Sounded horrible for an electric guitar since it didn't have a mid, gain (distortion), or bass knob to it.
  11. Movie Lovers Thread

    Up In Smoke Original trailer Dog Day Afternoon Cape Fear The Crow
  12. Music Lovers Thread

    Nice Cover Gandalftw. Hmmm... a Patrick Cowley remix S.O.S. Band
  13. Adagiona

    I got a thing for girls with horns.
  14. Adagiona

    Sometimes it is nice to read a good Book.
  15. Futa-Fun

    My favorite Fallout slut Molina has a new playmate.
  16. UNPB, UUNP Wet-look Fetish Dress

  17. Yesterday
  18. Movie Lovers Thread

    This time a very old Comedy-Movie Series from Italy/France - 1952 til 1965. I watched these old Films very often, more than other Trash-Comedy-Movies from today. Here is the first of 5 Movies. And now an other Movie. It is so weird and silly, but i like this - a lot of crazy, weird and funny Scenes
  19. Movie Lovers Thread

    I had a shitload of 8tracks that i listened to while driving,at home it was all vinyl.By tape i assume you mean reel to reel? When i moved to cassette it was my car stereo i was talking about.When i was younger i spent a lot of time in my car/van/motorcycle. Yeah i had a quadraphonic stereo at home which was pretty amazing.All my albums were like new for i handled them by the edges and kept them clean.I would buy two albums of music that i thought might one day be important.I still have a large box of albums from 60's and 70's in storage that have never been played. Yes i remember the lazer discs,i used to repair the players for people.I would buy up every player i could find,working or not,for parts.I finally sold all my lazer discs and players to a guy for 500 bucks,wish i hadn't now,oh well...
  20. Movie Lovers Thread

    @Gandalftw 8 track was the worst medium ever for music or any sound delivery. Someone had to think the swamping "track" was something great, however, it isn't like changing a tune on your CD. It would jump in the middle of another song. Phonograph, Tape was the best for that time. Phonographs are still better. "pure" sound if you have a good record. That is compared to most songs you get today. (not lossless) Phonograph or record players are "lossless" by default. You can hear greater highs and lows than you can on your typical song you download these days from Apple, Google or Amazon. The sad thing is old Beta max had better video quality but lose to the VHS. Those that really wanted quality would get those record sized Lazer disks. Personally I do like the direction (to a point) where the movies are going. (all digital easily transferable) just wish it was more DRM less than it is these days.
  21. Music Lovers Thread

    Lou Mai - « Bohemian Rhapsody cover» Love her accent.
  22. Movie Lovers Thread

    @Endgameaddiction I have to see Apocalypto,looks interesting. @ritualclarity Moving from 8track music to cassette was very painful,not to mention expensive,i gave up trying to copy them over because the track changes were so annoying.
  23. Movie Lovers Thread

    Here is another that most likely haven't seen either. It is a comedy. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102164/ https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/johnny_stecchino/ another movie from Roberto Benigni Night on Earth (Rome) If you like old time comedy then you might like those. Also more than likely you haven't see these.
  24. Movie Lovers Thread

    Never seen that movie.
  25. Movie Lovers Thread

    I remember this movie... That was a very weird movie.. I haven't seen it for years but I can still remember parts. Scene like this one... lol
  26. Movie Lovers Thread

    Plastic and garages in a scorching hot summer desert like where I live is bad as well. Apocalypto Love this film for the raw brutality.
  27. Movie Lovers Thread

    ^ I haven't see that in a very long time... My dam sister wore out that dam VHS lol DVD stashes are excellent. Many times, they have movies that are no longer available through streaming or have horrible You-Tube uploads... So sad that many excellent movies have gotten lost due to advancements in technology. Really bad coming from VHS to DVD. Tons of movies were lost during that time. I spent over a year searching for a DVD version of some movie (I forget the name but think it was Unico or something like that) for my sister. She loved that during her chiildhood and couldn't find a copy when an old broken VHS tape was found in the attic. (VHS and Attics don't go well together... the heat is very bad for them) IN any case I ended up finding a copy but it was in a totally different region. We bought it used (yea Amazon you can find all sorts of shit on that site lol) I had to rip it just to be able to give her a copy of that rip that she could use in her DVD player. Any movie buff should keep their DVD collections safe. The same rule apply to music lovers and records Except usually most music is transferred over to new mediums pretty well unless you have special versions (Concert, or specialty music ) Those specialty versions, rarely ever get re-stamped (new records) much less transferred to a new medium (8 tracks, CDs, or digital downloads)
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  29. Movie Lovers Thread

    That Darn Cat I'm not much for movies anymore, but I still have my huge stash of DVDs. The internet has taken over most of my entertainment now.
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