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Robert S - Male Body Replacer 1.1

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About This File




This is beta release. Some things may be fixed/changed in future updates.





Robert S Body is evolutional succesor of my older body mod - Robert N.

Robert N Body is a male body replacer, originally ported from Oblivion RM 5.2 mod by Nivea, and drastically improved by me.



Robert S Body Features:


-Realistic human male anatomy and good topology.

-Shoulders, proportions and overall weights are drastically better than any previous Robert ports to NV/F3 had.

-Hands ported by me from Oblivion RM 5.2 and look significally better than old Robert 3 ones.

-Pip-Boy and PimpBoy 3 Billion meshes are fixed and will not clip into arms.
-Realistic high quality textures for all vanilla and DLC male races.

-Fixed NIF sctructure for most of meshes so decals now work properly.

-Countless fixes to screwed vanilla armour meshes.

-Fully working dismemberment with brand new gore meshes.

-Seams between head and body was significally reduced.

-Fully controllable Penis and Anus that can be animated with corresponding bones.

-Bouncing-enabled body weights (can be ignored if you don’t use animations).

-Full armor and clothing refits for all vanilla and DLC armour and clothing.

-Full gloves refits for Robert hands meshes.

-Bodyslide support with 160+ manually made sliders.




-Fallout New Vegas




-Manually or with Mod manager.

-Archive Invalidation must be activated.

-.esp is needed to handle texture sets for armours that got fixed NIF structure so decals will work.

-Included Idle animations are mandatory as mesh itself has erected penis in T-pose so lack of animation for it will lead to permanent boner.

-Build meshes with shape/preset you like if you use Bodyslide. Note that for now only base body is covered.




-Mod use own Skeleton based on NVCS V.12, so should be placed lower in MO priority list so it overrides NVCS (you, actually, can uninstall NVCS if you use RS).

-Idle animation replacers will need to be patched to use bouncing bones for penis and anus, otherwise permanent boner issue may occur.

-Any armor that use vanilla mesh and texture set will need a patch to handle different NIF structure.

-Any armor that have revealing skin parts will need a patch to handle different UV and body mesh.

-Mod is compatible with older Robert body patches/refits, though you can have minor neck seams.

-Old ugly Sexout animations that wasn't designed for animated dick will cause floppy dick during sex if no Bodysuit used (just blacklist them, they are anyway make any sane player cry).



Robert S Conversions:

XV Sharl Power Armor

We Are Legion - Dragbody's Legion Overhaul



Known Issues:





-Why Sexout Bodysuit isn't included?

Because RS base body mesh handles all by itself. You can literally turn bodysuits off as naked male body already has it all to work with Sexout.


-Nevernude version?

Makes no sense as main difference between RS and RN is in nude parts; RS is literally RN with anus and advanced penis animations. But while there was already attempt to make a "patch" (wtf as there is literally same replacer with Underwear option on Mods in Exile), I added Nevernude version to prevent further patching without my permission.


-Is there many skimpy outfits?

None compared to RN refits. Revealing optional meshes will be released later.


-Why Vera's Dress looks like a dress on a man now?

Because it is a dress.




You are NOT allowed to use or edit  any of included models and textures without my express permission. Please ask me via PM before using anything from this mod.




Robert2 - for RM body.

Nivea - for Alpha port that was used as a base and permission to improve and release it as complete mod.

A.J. and friends - for NVCS that used as a base for additional bones this mod includes.

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