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Androgyne Race for Type3

What is it?
Three races of true Androgynes and nine character presets.  The body is based on my Type3 Berry A Cup, but with added ‘boy bits' and an appropriate version of my own custom texture.  The mod is all-inclusive, with body, head and hand meshes, its own textures and 8 eye color variations.  You don’t need anything else but a Type3-compatible game load is suggested.

None, other than Type3 armor and clothing replacers so the body textures in the mod will display correctly.

Drop the download contents into your data folder and play.  The game will do the rest.

dimon99 for Type3, humannature66 for the manicured nails meshes, Xaznom for her fabulous Many Faces textures I used as a base, Lucharie for the base body textures, kiwi82mx for the real hi-rez body and head normal textures, and Kendo 2 for everything else.

The body mesh and body textures are resource materials.  Feel free to make all of the androgyne outfits you want.  I encourage you to do so.  The remainder of the upload contents are not resource material.




  • If you use my meshes or textures in your own mods you must credit dimon99, Lucharie, kiwi82mx, and Kendo 2.  You are not allowed repackage the mod in its entirety and present it as your own work.
  • You are not allowed to convert my content for use with Fallout 4.
  • You are not allowed to upload my content to Bethesda.net (or their third party designess) or Steam Workshop.
  • You are not allowed to use any of my content for the purposes of monetized modding.
  • You have no claim or right to the content other than what is described in the Permissions and Terms of this document.


If you want to follow this mod's development, join in the conversation or get the latest on outfits and other things you can check out the Androgyne Race for Type3 WIP blog.

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2 hours ago, peterpan13 said:

Body models (hard version) need "Update all tamgent spaces" in NifSkope program to fix problems in skins

The semi and hard versions aren't game ready; that's why they'e not in the esp as body suits.  The weights, tangents and dismemberment on those models are probably wrong too.  For now they are junk and not meant to be used.

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39 minutes ago, Dugongofdarkness said:

Does this work with Fallout 3?

Until Kendo chimes in --- Currently I doubt it it is listed as a NV mod. Since there are new materials introduced into the game is the reason I doubt it. I haven't used this but if it comes with an esp it wouldn't work out of the box. Might work well with TTW not sure.

Now if I am correct the next question you might have is ... can this work for Fallout 3 ... pretty please :P.

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