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A wide range of body weight slider variations for one UNP body.
Breast, butt and belly management nodes are included!


There are two body meshes like any other body mod. Femalebody_0 uses the base UNP body shape we are all familiar with. Femalebody_1 uses a heavily modified UNPB-TBBPO body mesh. The vertice counts for both body models are exactly the same and I altered the TBBPO mesh considerably to make it do what I wanted. At the mid range of the weight slider (#50) the body result will be the same as the default UNP Femalebody_1. So from #00 to #50 you will get a body that looks like the default UNP. From #51 to #100 you will start getting increased hip, butt and breast sizes. It only took me a month to get this right and I had over 1GB worth of Blend files by the time I was done. laugh.png
Both body meshes have been reweighted and rerigged to work with a maximum compatibility skeleton (more on this later). The skin partitions and dismemberment instances have also been redone to fit the vanilla standard. No more skin clipping through vanilla boots and gauntlets.


The body has been kept close to the orginal UNP, allowing for the changes and improvements I made:

  • New crotch weights to prevent distortion with some animations.
  • New breast, butt and stomach weights to support the skeleton's functions.

I didn't want to add a modified skeleton no other mods support and I didn't want to change the weights drastically so it would be impossible to mod with. I want the mod to be compatible with what people already have installed.
I also addressed SOME of the issues UNP has with SexLab animations. I'm not an animator and I can only do so much. There are hundreds of animations and I couldn't test for all of them.
NOTE: There is one VERY MINOR glitch where the breast partitions will jump in shape from weightslider #99 to #100. #100 is the default TBBPO body shape I modded and nothing I could do prevents this. It is so minor you might not notice it, but I thought I should mention it anyway.



No matter what skeleton you use, it must have the following bones for this mod to work:

  • NPC L Breast
  • NPC L Breast01
  • NPC L Butt
  • NPC R Breast
  • NPC R Breast01
  • NPC R Butt
  • NPC Belly

I used the XP32 Max Compatibilty Skeleton v1.6 (XPMS RIG 1.6c Full Bone) to make this but I deleted all of the NiNodes in the nifs that are not used.


As stated, I tried to address the known issue of some UNP meshes showing seams or distorting with some SexLab animations. The meshes aren't perfect (what is?), but they are an improvement over what is out there right now.
I tested this mod with Soul Gem Oven 2 and Mana Tanks. The breast scaling works as intended as does the belly for pregnancy mods. One thing I could not fix (don't know how) is the NPC Belly Node increasing in size and making the navel stretch. I admit I didn't put a lot of time into trying to figure it out since I don't use pregnancy mods (I hate babies/children) but this mods works as well as any other UNP mod that supports pregnancy.


As long as you have the right skeleton and UNP installed you shouldn't have any problems. If you already use UNP meshes for jiggle and pregnancy this mod will work right along with them. The ONLY issue you will have is nipple piercings.


Ha!Ha! You can forget it. I HATE mesh work for Skyrim. I'm not making anything unless I make something for myself. If you want your favorite outfit converted, get someone else to do it for you or do what I did and read a few tutorials and learn to mod.


The body meshes themselves (FemaleBody_0 and Femalebody_1) are resources. Feel free to make all of the clothing and armor you want with them. I don't want this uploaded to Nexus but there's nothing I can really do to stop you other than report you to the staff there. My mods aren't hosted there because THEY do not want me or my content contaminating their shit-stain of a site. And I had rather shave my head with a cheese grater than have anything I make hosted there.


dimon99 for UNP
DeMoNhUnTeR1986 for TBBP
phygit for the UNP feet
Eronel55 for the tutorials on building a breast
Kendo 2 for everything else

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  • 1 month later...

hi, sorry for bothering you but, after all that as been said about CBBE and people creating it, i was going to get back to UNP and i like how this version looks like...  yet, since i don't actually know how things work, still have a doubt... :P

the requirements section only talks about the skeleton...  don't i need some textures too ?  the file only contains meshes...  i had a look to other UNP body shape mods, they contain textures too... which textures are better suited for this body ?

thanks :)

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8 hours ago, Karma199696 said:

ok, :)  i'll try that one and see how it looks on my PC...  thanks for answering and for your great work ! :D

You're welcome. ^_^

If you don't like anything you find PM me and I'll send you my personal textures.  I can't them upload publicly because I don't have the necessary permissions.

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spent the week-end removing all the CBBE stuff and looking for equivalent UNP version ;) next week i'll be trying fair skin complexion, then SG textures, in case they do not satisfy me i'll try something else and if you're willing to send me yours too, i'll gladly try them too (you have great taste so i'm sure they're interesting :)

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here i am again...  got a new problem...  looking at my load order found out i wasn't actually using your meshes because they got overwritten by UNP Petite.  so no jiggle but the breasts were OK... (picture 1)

i tried inverting the load order and letting your mod overwrite UNP Petite...  well, as you can see in pictures 2 and 3 there's some problems with breasts now...  :( any idea about the problem ?




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Have you just tried to remove his mod... then install it again last and accepting overwrite all.

Normally when you install a mod last it overwrites all the others. So it should be working when you "inverted" if I assume you mean you reinstalled them again in reverse order.


(are you using MO or NMM)

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42 minutes ago, ritualclarity said:

Have you just tried to remove his mod... then install it again last and accepting overwrite all.

Normally when you install a mod last it overwrites all the others. So it should be working when you "inverted" if I assume you mean you reinstalled them again in reverse order.


(are you using MO or NMM)

i'm using MO, so nothing gets actually overwritten it just "pretends" to

and if i invert the 2 mods again tits get normal again...

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Strange indeed. I never had problems like that before. I used UNP mod I believe it was Kendo's as well. 

What happens if you remove the other mod (other than Kendo's) (unclick it in MO) ? 

Never had this problem but also never really had Physix mods installed either. Do you have those. I hear they can do strange things to breast. Not sure though. 

Might be that Kendo is the Savior of this problem. 

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if i deselect the other mod i have the same problem i have with Kendo2's mod loaded second...  yes, i have HDT physics mods installed, but didn't actually move around to see if it's working or not...  just started the game, noticed the problem, and didn't do anything else...

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