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45 minutes ago, Alkpaz said:


"Restaurant Owner Blockades Health Inspector’s Car After Receiving Citation for Outdoor Dining"

I saw that video yesterday. There's another one of a lady who's fed up of wearing a mask in a Walgreens or something like that.

Here it is.

45 minutes ago, Alkpaz said:

If there isn't more than 190 thousand deaths added to the total in a month, then the survival rate is less than 1%. 

Current deaths stand at: 341,138. Let's see how far the MSM and the powers that be can inflate the numbers and add more gunshot victims/car accidents/cancer patients/etc to the list of "COVID deaths". 

Keep this stat in mind, as well: "In 2017, a total of 2,813,503 resident deaths were registered in the United States—69,255 more deaths than in 2016"


MSM and their fear mongering. And then the people who believe it.

Also, I overheard rumors of people being put into coma and even having their limbs amputated because of COVID-19. Being put into a coma due to overwhelming pain in their body. My roommate told me this because he has a female worker who said her father died because of COVID-19 and not getting out of the coma and the virus taking his life. I don't remember how he  heard of the amputation, but supposedly some woman had 3 fingers cut off because of COVID-19. None of that makes any sense to me. It sounds more like BS to me.




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When I saw this clip: 

It reminded me of the movie Soylent Green (1973), which takes place in 2022, much of what you see in that film (which I re-watched today) is accurate to what is happening now.. rapid inflation, the elites buying property forcing people to share one roof to off-set high rental costs, riots, etc. I do believe we are heading to a point where we will soon be feasting on other human beings in the form of ration cubes (The Snowpiercer). As a news report today also reminded me of "food shortages":

As for the inflation part (from a few days ago): 

Happy 2021?? I highly doubt it. The worst is yet to come. 

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Why the obsession with fake food anyway? You'd think they'd just promote: "Eat a pill for lunch!" That would be an easier sell than "Have this beetle for breakfast!" or... "Printed fake meat! YUM!" 🤣

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Remember to take your child vaccination card to your next interview. Don't have the polio vaccine? No job for you. Wait, this only ONLY applies to COVID-19.... how odd. How about we take it a step forward and require every vaccination for everything to be required to get a job, ride an airplane, get an Uber, apply for a bank account, signing up for insurance, paying for your electric bill, ISP, Water, Gas, etc. If you are illegally in the USA, you are exempt, and can vote, but only vote for 1 party. (you get a special ballot) 

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