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What Mod Is This (Morrowind)

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    • By Doublezero
      Version 0.39 released.
    • By Anatriax
      For this guide it is REQUIRED that you have LEGAL copies of BOTH Oblivion GOTY and Morrowind + All DLC. If you have pirated copies of these games or alter the .exe files in anyway other than how I direct you, I will not assist you in fixing your problems.
      System Requirements for running this guide:
      CPU: Quad-Core Intel or AMD with minimum 3ghz clock speed.
      System RAM: 8gb
      Graphics: nVidia GTX 7xx series with 4gb RAM; or similar ATI card
      Disk Space: Have around 40gb of free space. We're gonna install A LOT of stuff.
      We are going for MAXIMUM options and overhauls with MINIMAL work. 
      (Don't be fooled by this previous statement. This guide IS NOT easy to follow. Even some advanced modders may encounter an issue here or there.)
      This guide will be broken down into phases, like my Skyrim guide. Each phase is crucial to making this guide look, feel, and perform as intended.
      If you are unfamiliar with my guide writing process, all directions and phases are compressed into SPOILERS so that you can more easily navigate the guide while you use it. 
      Do not assume that since you know common modding practices, that you know how installing mods for this guide will work. GENERALLY yes, things will work. However, manythings may not work AS INTENDED if you deviate from my instructions. 
      You NEVER know what useful information might be hidden in them 
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