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Yes, the stupid cow actually said this...

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The most amusing part to this whole charade is that Congress normally takes a break right after Thanksgiving and doesn't return until after the New Year. They can't be bothered to work on "Real Problems". But you saw them working right up to Christmas Eve to preserve their power and privilege.

I think both parties need to be given a pay cut and told to stay late and work weekends...

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8 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

The sissy fainting cop is probably a Millennial.  An entire generation of pussies.

I might give the guy a pass. Look at her. Who knows what infections she could be harboring!

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I like Oscar El Blue because he's a straight up Mexican patriot fighting for his country. I admire that and his journalism. Been following him for about a month now. What's really funny is how citizens from Tapachula, Mexico want a border wall for security and to vet and stop bad people from coming in. They've sent a letter to DJT wanting a wall. LOL

The irony is American liberal activists and the caravan instigating the Mexican National Guards. These American liberal activists are aiding and abiding criminals in Mexico. They are literally committing a crime. And they are also complaining about the food again and saying Mexicans are treating them like slaves while calling Mexicans racist. LOL

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On 1/28/2020 at 8:13 PM, Kendo 2 said:


I would also argue that main reason some Woke Women are drifting away is because they're in their 30s. I think some of them are, to put it bluntly, growing the fuck up. I predicted that this whole Woke thing would only last for a decade. Just like the Hippies in the 60s, as they got older they ditched all the silliness and went Straight.
It's like Lesbianism. I knew dozens of "committed Lesbians" in my 20s. In my 30s I personally banged two of them and now all but a handful of them are in relationships of one sort or another with guys.

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Already the spin is starting.
"Coding error blamed"
"Results delayed, not corrupted"

Also, barely a peep about this on the headlines of my home page. If this was a Republican Party screw up, the headlines would be in bold face type screaming, "Idiots fuck up their own Caucus! Haha!"

And I still have friends that insist the mainstream media is not biased...insult to my intelligence.



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