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Like him or not, he's 100% accurate, so was his previous video titled "videogame discourse", which covered the typical "fanboi" crap we all had to deal with at some point in the past.

I had envisioned this game to look more like this. Similar to the teaser. Instead it looks more like a populated everyday people in New York going about their business. I suppose that works

What realism though? This is a game with bullet sponge enemies that can take numerous shots to their unarmored heads from a high caliber handgun or can be cut ten times with a katana and still manage

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1 hour ago, bjornk said:

Some people refer to Blade Runner as a "cyberpunk" film, which was neither cyber, nor punk. The film was based on a 1968 novel which was written in an era in which the "punk" subculture did not even exist and it deals with androids and artificial intelligence and the plot revolves around what it means to be human. The movie itself doesn't deal with anything "cyber" or "punk" either in any specific or generic way, and its aesthetic style, i.e. the cityscape with neon lights, was simply a thing of the 80's, which anybody can observe in films and series that was made in that decade. People literally cherry pick this film despite not at all part of the cp sub-genre, most likely because it inspired the aesthetic style of some of the "cyberpunk" films. CP 2077 was no exception, it has blatantly copied BR aesthetic since its announcements and it's really no surprise that even William Gibson called it as the "GTA with generic 80's retro-future", which is pretty much what it is.

OK, can you give some proper examples of cyberpunk movies? I am following what many have said.. (like Blade Runner being a Cyberpunk type movie) but have an open mind to consider your statement and alternate examples. I am a casual follower of this type of science fiction.

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You should ask the retards who keep attaching the word "punk" to whatever they found. I guess creating stupid sub-genres makes them feel special somehow. In their small minds this is probably formula:

Cyberpunk =  (A dark dystopian world setting with a city decorated with neon lights) + (Something cyber e.g. cyborgish augmentation or VR/AR) + (Some rebellious punks that look like they're from the 70's)

What these idiots call as cp don't even have a common theme most of the time, as they lack one or more of the things in the formula. I personally don't give a shit about how they categorize books and movies in their stupid heads. To me the only meaningful categorization is "sci-fi". Whenever I hear about "something-punk" I quickly realize that it's some millennial shit and steer clear of it.

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15 minutes ago, bjornk said:

Cyberpunk =  (A dark dystopian world setting with a city decorated with neon lights) + (Something cyber e.g. cyborgish augmentation or VR/AR) + (Some rebellious punks that look like they're from the 70's)

^ this. This is why I made a reference to that image as to what I envisioned with my critique of what it actually looks like.


Cybergoth isn't the point, this was just someone asking what the difference is between both, but what the third post in that link says aligns with what Bjorn is saying. And the fifth post someone also brought up William Gibson. This thread is super old (9 years ago).

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I don't know anything at all about cyberpunk stuff but I did like the atmosphere of Omega in Mass Effect 2. Which supposedly was based on Blade Runner. All they had to do was make a city on that order.

From the screenies Night City just looks like a relatively clean city in California populated by freaks. ... Which is pretty close to reality so I'm not sure that even can work as scifi. 🤣 (California was minus one freak when I left! Plenty left though! 🤣)

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