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The main title of the score for the 1973 movie "Il Sesso Della Strega" (Sex of the Witch).

Yet another gem of a score in an old Italian movie. By the way, remember the "striga" creature in The Witcher? It literally means "witch" in Latin, which is strega in Italian. Haven't checked if the movie itself is on YT, it most likely is.

Full OST

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1 hour ago, bjornk said:

You might have heard this tune before if you're old enough...

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Sometimes I feel as if I am old enough to have been alive when that was produced... lol

Also didn't realize it wasn't something special created for that show.  The title of the music gives even more info into what Hitchcock was thinking... He was really cleaver. Evident by his popularity and the continue referencing of his works years after his death.

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