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If anyone's in the mood for film noir, check out Laura. From 1944! An extra bonus it has a very young Vincent Price with a slight country accent! 🤣


Laura (1944 film poster).jpg

Full film here.

Not sure that link will work in the states though. I can't keep up with who bans whom. 🙃

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Was in another film noir mood and ran into this little gem.



Robert Mitchum (no complaints from me 😍) and another example of a young Vincent Price this time playing comic relief. To top it off Perry Mason as a bad guy! (Yes, I know Perry Mason. My grandmother used to watch endless reruns. 🤦‍♀️🤣)

Full movie here (for Europe sorts at least).

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the new Master's of the Universe...

Holly shit..

or... actually Holly pile of shit. Not to get into spoilers for those that might like such a show. this show was suppose to be in the spirit of the past cartoons.  yea, fuck that.  When did people get killed in the old show?  Not only one but many of them.  the only redeeming factor of the show is Skeltor and his voice acting from Mark Hammel. He does excellent jobs in my opinion. Followed by Evil Lins voice acting but thatis about all that was redeemable.

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