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The Electronic Arts thread

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Looks like this is gaining traction. Good.

On a side note YongYea moved to Commiefornia to peruse a career in voice acting. I hope he doesn't end up homeless.

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    • By ritualclarity
      I downloaded the trial and am playing it. I have played it for a very short time but so far it isn't Mass Effect Andromeda ;).
      So far the graphics are fair to good. Better than MEA. The facial animations have some issues from time to time but way better than MEA was. The game play is responsive and easy enough to figure out for the most part. (playing on very easy)
      I have been playing less than an hour of my 10 hour trial so I havne't been able to do much but the first section and moving into the second one. I will give them points for their introduction. There is a fixed character you have during the campaign trial. Not sure if you bought the game if you would have a different one, however it is a female which is different than many games for hero. (if she is a hero considering you are playing as a solder from the Empire not a rebel)
      I will post some more of my thoughts on this game during my 10 hour trial period. So far I enjoyed it more than MEA... however, that was a very low bar to obtain All jokes aside it is so far a solid functional game without any serious glitches. Haven't played enough to see if the story is interesting enough to engage but the shooting is pretty solid. Reminds me of ME3 shooting a bit. I don't play very many first person shooters like Call of Duty and the such so can't compare that.
      review and spoiler (of sorts) (glitch experienced)
      I am giving it a very open minded review. focus on playability and story etc. Not lore (I don't know that much about Star Wars during the time of this game)
      Feel free to chime in. Please, chime in serious reviews, Youtube video reviews etc. If there are spoilers please placed them in actual spoilers so as not to mess the game up for others. People that actually played the game are more than welcome to make negative comments based on actual situations, story or experiences. Please refrain from commenting unless referencing actual game play or linked video of actual game play. Thank you.
    • By Kendo 2
      After the SWBF 2015 community strife over paid DLC campaign maps and the 2017 kerfuffle of Mass Effect Andromeda, it seems EA still hasn't learned any lessons.  In a nutshell, EA is doing away with DLCs and implementing more 'pay to win' in-game microtransactions.  Gamespot has an article posted detailing what is going on.
      LINK to the article
    • By Kendo 2
      According to a report posted at Kotaku on 11 May 2017, the Mass Effect franchise has been placed in limbo by EA.  Read the full article HERE.
    • By Kendo 2
      In a bold move game publisher Electronic Arts has instated new rules for streamers, Youtubers and other "influencers" to use full disclosure about compensation paid by the company.
      The original article in German.
      Read an English translation of the full article at KeenGamer.com.
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