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enb 2018_12_12 13_11_54_12.jpg

A series I did last year out of boredom. Usually not my style of creating characters but I wanted to try something different. From my previous uploads, Cleopatra and Harely Quinn were also part of this series. I had plans to do more but ran out of ideas. Though, I have some sitting in my SKSE/Preset folder still.

enb 2018_11_29 23_59_33_32.jpg

enb 2018_11_29 20_07_10_53.jpg

enb 2018_11_18 00_07_21_45.jpg

enb 2018_11_17 23_33_01_51.jpg

enb 2018_11_19 22_03_08_92.jpg

enb 2018_11_17 12_38_11_60.jpg

enb 2018_11_17 12_32_46_92.jpg

enb 2018_11_17 11_54_16_33.jpg

enb 2018_11_10 21_12_14_47.jpg

enb 2018_12_09 11_24_55_58.jpg

enb 2018_12_09 11_26_38_44.jpg

enb 2018_12_12 11_50_52_00.jpg

enb 2018_12_12 11_56_11_86.jpg

enb 2018_12_18 04_54_57_09.jpg

enb 2018_12_19 07_54_55_87.jpg

enb 2018_12_19 08_14_07_88.jpg

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