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enb 2019_11_17 22_59_50_70.jpg

enb 2019_11_17 22_53_17_05.jpg

enb 2019_11_17 22_53_32_51.jpg

enb 2019_11_17 22_55_02_29.jpg

enb 2019_11_17 22_58_16_47.jpg

enb 2019_11_17 23_16_58_30.jpg

enb 2019_11_17 23_17_27_21.jpg

enb 2019_11_17 23_20_15_99.jpg

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The face is quite nice in my opinion as well. 

I see @Kendo 2 point but it is quite nice in my opinion. I wouldn't take points off for that chin.

The hands /fingernails also look quite good as well.

edit: update. I had a chance to really look over the face and .. cough,.. the rest.. lol and it is quite excellent. good work. I like how the entire package works well together. Well thought out.

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It's the nose bridge height. I wanted her to have a nose bridge lower than I normally do. I could either raise the nose a bit or move the mouth down a bit as well. If I move the mouth down, it may give her a longer face look sorta. I can tell you I'm not very fond of her chin from the side though. It's not terribly bad, but I kinda wanna sharpen it from the side.

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