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    The body is done but the hands and feet are still a work in progress. Outfits coming soon.
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    Found these 3 tutorials for adding objects to their game world from their YT Channel. Those were old tutorials. Since then it looks like they changed the name of this game and the dev tool has been improved.
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    If you didn't bother trying the demo, this guy did a video of the demo.
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    I updated MedBod 1.9 to remove some lines around the boobs, if you don’t go beyond the default size probably you haven’t noticed it yet, in that case you can skip this update. Before: After:
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    Version 1.0.0


    PREPARE TO BE TROLLED This is everything I've ever made for Sims 4. Some of it you may already have and a lot of it I know you don't because it was (at one time) my personal shit. So..just...WHY? Because of all the dirt that came out about how EA conducts themselves after ME:Andromeda was released. REALLY EA? Okay... AND because EA is a massive cluster fuck of diversity-hire-SJW-stupidity and I refuse to mod for or support a company like that. I don't care what you think about it or me, so FUCK YOU. NO, there will be not screenshots and NO I do not care what you do with these files. Again, FUCK YOU for playing an EA game and supporting their narrow-minded SJW Lib-tard corporate culture. You should be goddamned ashamed of yourselves. But what do I know? I'm just some faggot who knows how to mod.
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    +2 years in the making… yep, I’m that slow
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    Never had any interest in seeing them, so no.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This dress is based on the Irall Erotic Zara Dress. How to obtain: The clothing should be added to your inventory on load. This will only occur once. Requirements: BodySlide / Outfit Studio - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015 HDT HighHeels System - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/ SKSE - https://skse.silverlock.org/ Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file into the Skyrim data folder. The compressed BSA contains UNPB meshes so if you're a UNPB user you don't need to run BodySlide or have it installed for that matter. Credits: Halofarm - for Pinup Poser. (The poses I use in the images) Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit Caliente - The maker of BodySlide & Outfit Studio. Skyrim Script Extender Team - The makers of SKSE. Kendo 2 - Add an Item at Game Load script. Note: The heels worn in the preview images are not apart of this mod and can be downloaded here: Permissions: You're free to use this mod your own project. No need to ask me for permission.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Seems To Plan Microtransactions, CD Projekt Promises "Wise Monetization"
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    Blender 2.81 has arrived and introduces several improvements to sculpting, the modeling part got slightly updated with new options for snapping, a new file picker and some new icons. There’s better performance and new rendering options plus several bug fixes. The installer creates a new directory so it won’t upgrade 2.80 but you can import settings and addons and it seems remaking plugins from 2.80 to 2.81 won’t be necessary or at least the handful I use are compatible. A con is that this version drops support for 32bit systems across the board. After installing, Windows 10 got confused and didn’t know what version to use but you can fix it by opening a command prompt on Blender 2.81’s folder and write: blender -R After pressing the enter key it will make 2.81 the default program, enable thumbnails for blend files on explorer and other small stuff. I don’t know if this will be enough for all the people who are used to 2.79, what I can tell you from experience is that both 2.80 and 2.81 are accessible for absolute beginners and there’s plenty of tutorials on the web so give it a try. And here’s the customary teaser for future CC:
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    It's the nose bridge height. I wanted her to have a nose bridge lower than I normally do. I could either raise the nose a bit or move the mouth down a bit as well. If I move the mouth down, it may give her a longer face look sorta. I can tell you I'm not very fond of her chin from the side though. It's not terribly bad, but I kinda wanna sharpen it from the side.
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    The face is quite nice in my opinion as well. I see @Kendo 2 point but it is quite nice in my opinion. I wouldn't take points off for that chin. The hands /fingernails also look quite good as well. edit: update. I had a chance to really look over the face and .. cough,.. the rest.. lol and it is quite excellent. good work. I like how the entire package works well together. Well thought out.
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    Her mouth is too high for my tastes but her facial structure is top-notch.
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    There’s some hair that doesn’t like custom animations the result looks like a very bad case of deformed frizz, I always thought it was something related to my game but after further review it seems it’s the bone painting instead. I have zero experience making / editing hair but my theory was it might be fixed by extracting the LOD0 / LOD1 geoms using s3pe, then copying the bones from a mesh hair without the problem using Cmar’s Meshtoolkit (which also has a tool to rename the internal files from a .package, so you can identify the file/files to extract). It “works” depending on the mesh you choose as reference but even then any little mistake looks 100 times better than the untreated hair. Just in case make a backup of the original so far I “fixed” a couple of hairs without problems.
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    I agree with you @Kendo 2 I do want this to be good. Might be the next major mod-able game coming out. If I understand things correctly, it might even be better to work with (mod) create mods and generally use. If this is the case, I would even venture to state this is what should have been Skyrim. T heir changing some of the tools and such as @driftscape stated makes me more hesitant however, much more optimistic and hopeful that things will be better as it seems as if they are making major changes to better tools and such. I am still a bit on the fence on the Praise crowd as I have been disappointed by CD Project Reds current project, all be it slightly. On the hope meter.. I'd put this above that. On the Praise meter.. I would put it above CD Project Reds' projects considering how new they are (or as I understand it) and know how hard it is to create a game much less the tools to edit it. Any company that does that should be commended at least. (even if they fuck up the tools in the long run.. looking at Bethesda) and then wait until they show their evil side. (again looking at Bethesda) Not quite where the Meme of Fry saying "take my money" but, that is due to many, many recent disappointments from companies, not to mention their products. Had this been 2~3 years ago.. when I was much more naive then I would be so ecstatic.
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    I am hesitantly optimistic about this game. Please ye gods let it be good.
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    Forcing anisotropic using d9vk:
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    Version 1.0.0


    What is it? Miscellaneous outfits for Type3 Berry A Cup. Requirements Type3 compatible body textures, and K2 Resource Textures for the outfit textures. Installation Drop the download contents into your data folder and play. The game will do the rest. Game Play coc K2ACupCell to get the items. They are in the steamer trunk in front of you. The trunk respawns every three game days. FastTravel to a vanilla game location to exit the cell. Credits dimon99 for Type3, humannature66 for the manicured nails meshes, and Kendo 2 for everything else. Permissions The Type3 Berry body meshes and are resource materials. Humannature's manicured nails meshes are not resources. Terms
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    @ritualclarity Intel Core I5 750 GTX 970 (not overclocked) 8GB Ram Been running the same PC for over 10 years now. Only upgrade is GPU I've lost interest in testing the demo. I'll wait much later to see how it turns out. But so far I'm not impressed.
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    Sounds like something Marvin the Martian gets out of a gumball machine.
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    Version 2.1


    What is it? - A collection of some Daz3d outfits I converted. These outfits were originally made for V4 by a lot of talented Daz authors. This is a reupload because my files got deleted at Loverslab. I might add more outfits in the future if I have the chance. -List of outfits so far: Red Roses for UNPCM Fairylicious for UNPCM Clothing Assembly I for UNP Jiggle Pretty Witch for UNPCM Strapped Outfit for UNP Jiggle - Except Clothing Assembly I, everything supports weight slider. Updated 06/25/2016: Added Soft Dream outfit (Original daz3d work by B-Rock) Updated 06/26/2016: Added Naughty Nights outfit Updated 10/02/2016: Added Daz Swimsuit Pack Updated 10/05/2016: Added Honshu Outfit (by Richabri) Updated 10/12/2016: Added Richabri's V4 Lingerie Updated 10/15/2016: Added Aery Soul's Little Dyvil and Aermy outfits Updated 10/16/2016: Added esp fix for Aery Soul's Little Dyvil Updated 10/15/2016: Added Mini Apron Updated 11/05/2016: Added Demonatrix Updated 11/26/2016: Added Daz Fantasykini Collection Updated 11/27/2016: Added Daz Fantasykini Collection for Special Edition (Just download and overwrite the other file). The outfits are in a chest in Moorside Inn, Morthal. Updated 12/04/2016: Added Daz Bikini Collection 2 Updated 12/25/2016: Added Blood Mage and Sprites Updated 12/25/2016: Uploaded a fixed version of Sprites with working weight slider support. Updated 12/28/2016: Added Heroine Armor Updated 12/31/2016: Added Dangerous Jewelry Updated 01/01/2017: Added mesh fix for Dangerous Jewelry (Please download and overwrite the old files) Updated 01/15/2017: Added Maid Outfit How to install? - Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\ - Or use a mod manager, much easier. How to uninstall? - I'm not going to list all the paths, so just use mod manager How to get? - AddItemMenu mod. Requirements? - XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton. - NIOverride 3.4.4+ / HDT High Heels System for the boots. Credits: halofarm for the UNPCM body meshes. Kendo 2 for the UNP Jiggle body meshes. Nightasy for the awesome tutorials. And all the talented Daz3d authors who created these outfits ! Send me a message if anything is wrong. Enjoy! Disclaimer: No CBBE conversions please. UUNP is fine.
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