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    They're prepping up the bugs to go with the canvas bag. This kind of stuff takes time. You know, like FO76 and everything they made before it.
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    When setting yourself on fire doesn't doesn't work...Florida woman stabs self, tells police she was ‘tired of living in Trump’s country’.
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    Looks like this is gaining traction. Good. On a side note YongYea moved to Commiefornia to peruse a career in voice acting. I hope he doesn't end up homeless.
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    Too many false allegations made me numb to the point when one really happens, I'm skeptical about it. They ruin it for real rape victims. Good job feminists. And don't take any accountability for it, just blame men for not believing all your lies.
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    LL is offline again. That site goes down more than a Filipino tranny during Fleet Week.
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    CDPR has partnered with Nvidia to bring real time ray tracing to Cyberpunk 2077.
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    I thing the section where the dog asks to hump the girls leg and was told no but did it anyway and excused it as the fact that he identified as a shin guard summed up the situation quite well.
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    The way those kids are squirming and fighting back so hard against every human impulse to destroy? Comedy-fuckin'-Gold, right there!
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    AHAH! But Bethesda will lie by omission. During the pre-release hype they'll say the game can be modded, knowing that Bethesda fans are dumb and no one will think to ask 'Will free mods be available on fan sites like Nexus?' Hines/Howard will just say 'Yes, you can mod it.' and there won't be any qualifiers. People will preorder the game and buy a useless season pass just like they always do, and they'll attack anyone who dares to question precious Bethesda. The game will be released, there won't be a tool kit for 6 months or a year, and when the kit is available ONLY THEN will the truth about modding the game hit. But modding ES6 will never be what modding Skyrim is; the Unreal Engine 'fixed' the free mod problem.
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    Unfortunately, she has survived. At first I'd hoped this was a case of the garbage taking itself to the curb.
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    She's pretty in that white dress.
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    At one time I owned and operated my own gaming store. I had an irate (female) customer begin screaming at me that she immediately be put in touch with the manager. I calmly replied that that was me. She stalls and then gets even more irate. This time she demands that I give her the owner's contact information. Barely holding back a smirk I hand her a business card with my photo on it proclaiming me as owner/operator of the store. Honestly, If I had physically slapped her she would have been less stunned. Turned and stalked out of the store, never to be heard of again.
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    He responded exactly how he should respond. Respectful, repeated his statement over and over until his business was done with the driver. There is too much negative press on police officers and they have to be careful of how the interact with the public. I like when he stated that the driver is over 18 and he couldn't tell her anything to ask him. EXACTLY what he should do. It was between the driver and the police officer. Not the passengers or people called to pick them up. If he was underage and was called upon to assist the situation then the police officer might have given info.. Had he did give info he might have had a complaint logged against him the Bitch might have used that as leverage to get that driver off the hook of whatever he did wrong. I can tell you that officer acted far better than I likely would have in that situation. ^^^ Fuck this thread is acting strange. Edit.. Ah.. @vancleaf edited his post... The look of stun on her face .. is great. At that point she realizes that he doesn't give a fuck. he is actually punking her but in a professional manner. Lord knows I have done that on more than one occasion. Making sure they have my name correct. Spelling out the name S L O W L Y. Making sure they have the correct info of where they are to send the complaint.. also I make sure I have their info/name etc. After a second of that or so.. they really don't know what to do.. Many do like she did and just keeps on repeating herself. Also what the Fuck is going on now. When someone does something you don't want or like you state, I hope you have a horrible x, y, z. etc etc. WTF! I seen that on a few you-tube videos now. The voice and tone they state it in is in a concerned voice like they are worried about you and what will happen (in their fucking minds) due to you not doing exactly what they want you to do.
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    Trump Deranged Syndrome in full capacity.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This file is based on the T2 Art Girls - Rakuen no Otome Sugie Sun figure. How to obtain: The clothing should be added to your inventory on load. This will only occur once. Requirements: BodySlide / Outfit Studio - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015 HDT HighHeels System - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/ SKSE - https://skse.silverlock.org/ Credits: Halofarm - for Pinup Poser. (The poses I use in the images) Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit Caliente - The maker of BodySlide & Outfit Studio. Skyrim Script Extender Team - The makers of SKSE. Kendo 2 - Add an Item at Game Load script. Permissions: You're free to use this mod your own project. No need to ask me for permission. Have fun!
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    More like a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
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    We could just sit back and watch them destroy themselves, but it's always more fun to add more fuel to the fire.
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    I've always thought success isn't measured by how much money and material you have, but rather how much happiness you have. Even if that means being with or without a woman. As long as you are living your life and doing the things you love to do that makes you happy, then your living your life as a successful person. And the way I see it right now, MGTOW lifestyle has become one of many men's success. And they have no plans to share that success with a woman who they feel will take it away. I don't blame them. I'd hate to be in their shoes where a woman that I loved for many years decides that she wants out of the marriage relationship and claim alimony and child support leaving me nearly broke every paycheck. Social media brought out the worst in many women and one of the results of all that that is currently trending is Twitch thotts since they are the center of criticism right now. Unfortunately I don't see this type of behavior from women ever going away. I see marriage as a thing of the past and women (#notall) embracing more and more social media because it's part of their instinct to attract and seek attention. And the more this behavior continues along side with feminism, the more MGTOW will grow.
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    Yes, that is true from many reports, but, instead of working to improve the situation, they double down and give the school over to the kids. The MINORITY of the kids.. Of course this will solve the problem. Of course this will increase enrollment by many times.
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    What the school should have done is called those students into the office and have a good discussion on how their behavior wasn't called for and not acceptable. Having a cause, beliefs, right or wrong is one thing...what they did is quite another. Then the school catering to them... I know if I was a student I would have tried to transfer to another school. Beliefs is one thing... rioting is quite another.
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    Yea, Rape is a serious claim, something that should never be used for any other reason. (revenge, anger, vengeance whatever). Every-time someone does shit like that... they make it so much harder for people with a real need to claim rape to actually get the justice they deserve. Bull shit like that also means that the "cute guy" will be more reluctant to make a move (ask someone out) than before. They will have these events firmly in their mind and will hold back meeting and perhaps getting to know someone that isn't part of their life (co-worker, member of church or local group etc) It takes so much effort to try to research if someone is a bitch / asshole or not. On the counter side.. innocent women hear about all these "rapes" that are unfounded and what is going on and get fearful of meeting that potential great guy and opportunities are being missed.
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    More comic cringe. SJWs be like 'Squirrel GIrl was so good there shouldn't be a movie about her because she's that good'.
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    So was the media happy when the identitarian SJWs decided that Ruby Rose was too white and too thin and her casting wasn't inclusive enough? YEAH, that was a thing a few months back when this Batwoman train wreck was announced. They were calling her the lesbian version of a fuck-boy. It was so bad she quit Twitter for maybe a month.
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    Anna Casey again. She's sexy AF.
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    I still don't know who the fuck is James Charles...
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    Thanks. I always try to be willing and sound like someone who needs help. Most of the time it works and I get responses that's better than my self-tried fixes. BTW, it works. Thanks!
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    Try this one. Fallout - AI!.bsa
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    Version 1.1.0


    Naughty Red Riding Hood 2 is a Havok enhanced clothing mod based on (you guessed it) Red Riding Hood. Special note: The hood uses Havok physics and may clip through the body. This is a work in progress. If this becomes an issue for you let me know and I'll upload a version without Havok. How to obtain: After you activated the mod and loaded your save file, save and reload and it should automatically be added to your inventory. This will only happen once. The clothing should be added to your inventory on load. You can also obtain the clothing with the console command "help NRRH2 0". Requirements: BodySlide / Outfit Studio - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015 HDT HighHeels System - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/ SKSE - https://skse.silverlock.org/ Credits: Halofarm - for Pinup Poser. (The poses I use in the images) Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit Caliente - The maker of BodySlide & Outfit Studio. Skyrim Script Extender Team - The makers of SKSE. Kendo 2 - Add an Item at Game Load script. Permissions: You're free to use this mod your own project. No need to ask me for permission. Have fun!
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    On the last update I was talking about converting Makehuman’s feet to Sims 4 and use it for my shoes, I also pondered about using other creators meshes. The problem with that approach is that the resulting shape is different from the one I’ve been using almost since the beginning, that means making two version of the same heels: one for Sims 3 and the other for 4. Since I got confident using Blender 2.8 I decided to remake the original “impossible feet” that in its last version (1.8) consisted in a subdivided mesh from EA’s with 3D toes extracted from Bloom’s Sexy Feet attached, more or less. As I talked before, the impossible feet has dozens upon dozens of errors: double vertices, badly texture distortion, blockiness and more important: a big seam between feet and toes that makes open shoes design tricky. By using a dozen or so of vertices as base I duplicated the original mesh and fixed blockiness in arch and ankle while keeping everything as tidy as possible, this last step was important because from it the UV generated would be easier to manipulate and have less stretching. Then I reduced the polycount from makehuman’s toes and integrated it for real this time at the end of the modified mesh. Compared to version 1.8 this one is a little bit larger and wider on both toes and ankle area, something I’d experimented before but because the original lacks vertices where I needed I wasn’t able to apply the modifications. Why I didn’t re-used Bloom’s toes/feet? Because that mesh has a layout that works perfectly for normal feet, but gets harder to manipulate when modifying the shape, mine already has the shape it only needed (a lot of) refinement. *Wait a minute. That looks for the Sims 3, what happened to S4’s version?* Sims 4 version will be created from this one, which will keep the shape intact. Adding a second or third row of vertices without messing with the UV is doable on Blender, and the UV layout itself will be a lot easier to adapt. What I’m showing you represents a progress around 75%, I would be lying if I told you this has been a walk in the park, far from it..., but after several tests I’m very confident on the final result. So if you’ve already waited until this point I’ll ask you to wait a bit more. Starting to learn Blender 2.8 (even in its beta state) was a good decision, upcoming CC will show it. Thanks for reading!
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    Version 1.0.0


    First upload here - Hope you like it Base Game Everyday wear Teen to Elder Please don't reupload or claim as your own or another creator's work - No paysites/Patreon/Adfly
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod is pretty basic really; if your character is nude and a male NPC is aroused and comments on you being naked (‘You got no clothes, you should get some.’ etc.) they will rape you. The mod is manual install only. Details: The mod changes the vanilla quest WICommentsNaked. Unlike the old Sexlab Dangerously Nude mod that used random percents to control the comments this mod uses Sexlab Arousal factions. Also, this mod advances the WICommentsNaked quest so NPC will not continuosly repeat their lines. And the Sexlab scripting is current for version 1.62 and above. It otherwise performs like Dangerously Nude and IS NOT compatible with that mod. Requirements: Skyrim and the Update esm Sexlab v 1.62 or higher Sexlab Aroused Redux Credits: Ashal, fishburger67, Bromm83 and Kendo 2.
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