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    It's been a while since I uploaded an image. Gaming politics keeps you quite busy.
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    ...meets in Whiterun. Oh no, not the Succubus seduced the Angel, the Angel does the first step.
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    That swf file is proprietary to the game. The FO4 EULA Read the LICENSE CONDITIONS (g) Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise modify the Software, in whole or in part; (h) Remove or modify any proprietary notices or labels contained on or within the Software; and/or If you use a flash decomplier to access locked assets of the game (like proprietary notices) them you've just violated the limited software license. Not that I really care since ALL of this involves a website owned by a cunt, a greedy company that makes shit games, and a game I hate. They all need to keep churning and burning. *takes selfie with the carnage in the background*
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    Based on an outfit worn by Nishikino Maki in Love Live! School Idol Project. I had this in game last year but I wasn't impressed with it. I'll probably release this one.
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    Hi, I'm bjornk, the "Skeever Butt", from Loverslab, where some people also call me "hater", "toxic" etc. among other names... Some of my friends from Loverslab recommended this place, so here I am... Better late than never, I guess...
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    Wagakki Band from Japan. Disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of Japan (aside from their electronics and sushi). I just think it's interesting to see/hear traditional instruments used in pop/rock music.
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    This is the Movie Lovers Thread. It has been created by me since the Music Lovers thread is so popular. Now for the rules... keep it clean (no porno's) however it can be mature in nature. (X rated just not XXX rated etc) Keep the entries or links in a spoiler to help keep the thread easily navigated. It can be links, reviews, recommendations, thoughts, etc.
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    Plastic and garages in a scorching hot summer desert like where I live is bad as well. Apocalypto Love this film for the raw brutality.
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    ^ The great thing about this thread is you get to listen to some old favorites but best of all you get to listen to new content you might never have had the chance to listen to.
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    And out rolls another update. One person (so far) has claimed it broke F4SE again. At this rate as CC grows more and more over time, I'm certain updates will be much more frequent. That's not good for the script extender team. Especially when they'll have to work on constantly updating SSE as well when CC is implemented. And imagine the games to come? It's going to be a burden keeping up with all these games. Don't see a bright future for modding unless a mod is released to disable CC updating completely.
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    Being how I am (a dick) I decided to do some real time number crunching and analytics on Bethesda's performance. The litmus test I chose was STEAM since that's where the majority of people get Bethesda games and STEAM/Valves tracks users. Aaand here we go... Over the last 30 days: FO4 down -0.46% Skyrim down -7.57% New Vegas up +9.68% FO3 up +3.11% So, according to THE MARKET (not my spin on things, critical thinker 'hate', or any other excuse the fanboys at Nexus and LL want to pull out of their asses) FO4 is a SHIT GAME and has been tanking for over a year. And that was BEFORE the Creation Club, which was intended to give the game a longer life span...and make money with microtransactions in the process. The numbers for Skyrim aren't much better BUT that player base is holding somewhat steady at around 27,500 active players each month (over the last 6 months). What I find interesting is the renewed player base for New Vegas. Looking at the percentages, people have already turned their backs on FO4 and are returning to New Vegas (a game that's 7 yrs old and running on a dinosaur engine). That IS my spin on things since I'm not omniscient. My point is Bethesda is worrying about the wrong thing. The are trying to make money off of microtransactions for a game people aren't playing. And it won't be any different when they roll out the Creation Club for Skyrim64bit. No one's fucking playing it and that means modders aren't making content for it like they are for the 32bit version. I guess I need to dust off my unreleased NV/FO3 stuff and submit it....NAH. Fuck Bethesda.
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    Love Emma,love Dustin,love Clint ,Das Boot kept me on the edge of my seat... I know i haven't mentioned LOTR yet but that's because i've been Gandalf on the web since 2007 and i tend to refrain from self promotion.I'm very shy...
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    so... let's see... - Star Wars - The Empire strikes back - Return of the Jedy - Tootsie - More or less the whole Harry Potter Saga - Colonia (The Colony) - Perk of being a wallflower - Lord of the Ring trilogy and many more at the moment i can't recall
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    Aerosmith with Slash, 2014,some band members do solos. Fucking amazing...
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    Today something different
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    In short, Bethesda is planning on fixing this problem on the PC, but the Creation Club can’t work on “certain platforms” without it. So what does this mean? Well, when you cut through all the PR-speak, Bethesda is admitting that they can’t fix the problem on consoles, at least not without major restructuring from both themselves and the console manufacturers. Sure, they’re promising to fix this on PC, but the Creation Club isn’t geared toward PC-users in the first place. The core of this issue is for those who play on console, where hard drive space is limited and precious as it is. Based on this statement, it feels like Bethesda is shrugging their shoulders and giving up. For now, if you own FALLOUT 4, your console will continue to download every single mod released on the Creation Club without your consent. In the words of one forum-goer, Bethesda can’t find a way “out of their self-made quagmire.” Now, to be fair, the vagueness of this statement leaves room for future changes. Bethesda never goes into specifics on which platforms they’ll be fixing. They also claim that the hard drive bloat was due to requirements on “certain platforms.” Are these requirements still in place? Is there no way to circumvent them? If so, what sort of time and resources are necessary to do so? We can only parse this statement so much, however. I’m trying my best to dissect the vague words of a company that isn’t known for its clarity or honesty. Until further notice, it seems Bethesda has no plans on fixing this problem where it matters most. The Point If this doesn’t get fixed, it will be the death knell of the Creation Club. As of now, the Creation Club consists of skins, gear, and various items that can easily be found for free online. But when Bethesda pitched this program, they promised story-driven questlines and significant changes to the game. If they can’t stop clogging our consoles with every mod, this will be impossible. Imagine your hard drive filled with several expansion-sized mods you can’t even access without paying. It’s completely untenable. For that matter, won’t that happen regardless? Every mod, no matter how small, will continue to fill up our hard drives. Through sheer attrition, the Creation Club will slowly consume our consoles. I don’t see how long that can last without Microsoft and Sony stepping in. In the midst of all this vitriol, there comes a point where we have to ask: what is Bethesda thinking? I don’t mean that simply as an insult, nor am I questioning their ethically shady but logically sound business practices. I’m very literally wondering what their thought process is. The Creation Club is a fully developed system that Bethesda must have been working on for quite some time. It was mired in controversy long before it even released, and Bethesda must have known they needed to bring their A-game to change people’s perception of it. At what point did they think forcing players to download their bloatware would be a good idea? How could they not know this would happen? We’ve reached out to Bethesda for a statement, but did not receive a response. https://comicsverse.com/bethesda-may-not-able-fix-creation-clubs-bloatware-problem/
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    Easy Rider. I saw this at an outdoor theater. The ending of this pissed me off so bad i put several dents in my buddies 55 Chevy dashboard,i paid to have it fixed so...Great movie but the ending sucks.
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    Little Big Man Dan George and Dustin Hoffman were amazing in this movie.
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    Hehe, you're an Alien, I am just a mild mannered Succubus. But sometimes it is crazy ,what a lot different Movie genres could be wake up the interest. A few weeks ago, i watched ST - Wrath of Khan, Die Hard 1-3 (4.0 and 5 I'm not talking about ) and T2. A Week later the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition in one row. So different is my interest. Here a Voice compare from Bruce Willis English OV Trailer And the same with german Voice Actors
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    Yay, a new topic. Hmm okay. Which Movies are my favorites. I'll make for this moment a Top 10 List. 10. Interstellar - C. Nolan 9. TLotR - The Return of the King - P. Jackson (german Title - Die Rückkehr des Königs) 8. The Dark Knight - C. Nolan 7. 2001 - A Space Odyssey - S. Kubrick (german Title - 2001 - Odyssee im Weltraum) 6. Once upon a Time in the West - S. Leone (german Title - Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod) 5. Clockwork Orange - S. Kubrick (german Title - Uhrwerk Orange) 4. Inception - C. Nolan 3. The Godfather II - F.F. Coppola (german Title - Der Pate 2) 2. The Godfather - F.F. Coppola (german Title - Der Pate) 1. The Shawshank Rendemption - F. Darabont (german Title - Die Verurteilten) These Movies i watched very often. But there are too many Movies, to put them all in a Top 10 List. Some of them i watched in the original Version, but it's hard to understand, i do this mostly after i 've seen them in my native Language, it's easier for me to follow it <.<'
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    Yeah, those are very old school bands. I love Blutengel. I wish I understood German. I really like this song. it just hits me in the right spot.
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    Trying out Gustlik ENB by rudy102 from his Szarik and Gustlik ENB And 3 doggystyle images using OSEX, Warning: Horse futa inside
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    Found the Armor on a Asian Page., named Vindictus Neamhain. Only the open crotch is badly reworked by myself.
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    Now that is old school. KMFDM did a nice version. @ritualclarity Chrom? They're awesome. A hidden gem if I must say.
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    And her True form - Only friends she trusts can see her origin. Today in a unusual Dresscode^^
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    EBM the early years - WARNING - provocate lyrics and a hard electronic Style. Liaisons dangereuses D.A.F. a small translate Beautiful and young and strong Beautiful and young and strong You are beautiful and young and strong Take what you want Take what you want As long as you can Waste your youth Waste your youth Beautiful and young and strong Beautiful and young and strong Take what you want Do what you want Do what you want ... Die KRUPPS S.P.O.C.K. Front 242 Nitzer Ebb Laibach
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    Anne Clark Wolfsheim Human League Depeche Mode
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    I don't think Bethesda would do that for any existing game and I don't think they're really taking the Creation Club seriously at this point. What I think will eventually happen; the NEXT Bethesda release will have 'closed' modding to where everything will be on BethNet and that will be it in totality. Both Skyrim and FO4 were already on the market and being modded before BethNet was fully functional. That won't be the case with Starfield or whatever cluster-fuck they come up with next. All of the infrastructure will be in place when the next game is released, so why would they allow sites like Steam or Nexus to host mods? That's just it...I think they won't. ALL mods would be filtered through BethNet so they could be adapted to the console market and turned into mini-dlc microtransactions. Look at it this way, Bethesda has already lost the battle of public opinion and the level of scorn has grown beyond what fanboys and sympathetic game forum staffs can counteract. Everyone knows Bethesda sucks and by the tone of Pete Hines' tweets about the Creation Club he's just smiling and dismissing people out of hand. He's towing the corporate line and they don't fucking care. One way to fix this condescending Bethesda bullshit is to rip the next game they release apart. Do a repeat of Mass Effect Andromeda on them. Don't give them a free pass on their broken, poorly written 'mods will fix it' game. And when people like Gopher, TotalBiscut and AngryJoe praise it (like we all know they will) you tear them apart on social media. It isn't a matter of if Bethesda releases a broken game, but when. And when that happens, decimate them. Bethesda is fresh out of goodwill at this point anyway.
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    Well, I've always interpreted it as a lament for the death of Fallout at the hands of Bethesda.
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    When they played this song in the intro to their teaser, I thought it was spot on because people finally got over the crying for any news on Fallout 4. But now when I see the nonstop bitching about how bad Fallout 4 was, and now with this Creation Club. I just listen to it and laugh because it's all over, but the crying.
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    Bethesda thinks so backwards. I would of thought someone like Gopher would of been in on CC. Anime follower mods would generate more revenue than retextures. Just look at Nexus and the top voted mod right now even though that'll change soon. And rumor has it Elianora is in CC. Well I'll be damn. Sure never would of expected that... And here's what's funny that I came to conclusions why there's no credit on CC mods by the authors. I figured modders like Elianora who have a patreon account would be in this CC bandwagon and, I thought for a moment that maybe they were given the option to not have credits displayed for their own safety. Considering if this were to be true, modders like Elianora would be getting paid by Beth and her snowflake fans who support her jobless lazy ass through patreon.
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    I was cautious at first since I have the tendency to be very up front. Or rather, very honest. I didn't want to cross the line so I didn't know (for sure) what was permitted. But I began to understand that NSFWmods is a place where the rules apply to everyone and everyone is on the same playing field. We won't always agree with every single thing, but for the most part (up till now) we've all pretty much been on the same level of thought. I certainly have nothing against anyone with a different opinion as long as they have valid points and not just "you're a troll" "you're a hater".
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    Had decided to stay clear of LL and to be honest, I wasn't really interested in joining this place until recently, but today I realized that I needed a place to continue bashing Bethesda... without getting annoyed by fanboys disguised as moderators.
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    They were so wrong.... Oh we are so terrible... horrible. The worst experiences you will ever have on a site in your life.... run, run fast as you can In any case, glad to see you here and hope you have a fun time here and enjoy yourself.
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    Huh...Bethesda bans a Creation Club proponent...huh...
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    Update... @endgameaddiction was correct. I thought it wasn't possible for them to be that stupid as to preload all the content into the computer but apparently their stupidity knows no bounds and I am giving them too much credit. AS you can see above after the most recent update... a ton of shit has been added to the game. All start with CC. (Creators Club) much like the rest of the games would show DLC(DLC name) what the item is format. The second capture is how much space you are using on your SSD for the crap that you don't want or need or will even use. It appears that they placed the assets (textures, meshes etc) into your game folder but not the esm/esp. Likely that is what you are "buying" So as mentioned above... you should be able to extract those fuckers and then just add it to your own game record... if you wanted it. WTF.... really? They (Bethesda) isn't even holding the files for those that purchase them... Hell just give the assets out to everybody so that it would be much easier to pirate the content. Wow... It is SoOOOOO very difficult to create a record for an armor / weapon ... Yea.... @Kendo 2 comment above applies pretty well here.
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    Well people are now complaining about an update to FO4 that just broke F4SE again. And seeing that F4SE hasn't gotten an update in a long long time, let alone SSE get one period, this is not looking good for the mod community. There was a thread about it on Nexus with 3+ pages, but it looks like the staff took it down as the page is no longer available. I only read first post and the OP had put up some mirror downloads to the previous official update patch, but turns out that it didn't work. Looks like Bethesda updated more than just the master files and BSA as they are talking about the .exe as well. I'm guessing it was taken down because of those mirror download links, or there was a huge bitch fest going on.
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    I for one have two reasons why I would never invest in another Bethesda game. It's Bethesda. They don't learn, listen or grow. They take the cheap route and expect the mod community to finish fixing the game. Thus it becomes excusable to continue to support their games because of the loyal modders wasting away their time on a game developer that has zero integrity and treats their fans like second class consumers. After experiencing the the toxic community for Skyrim which has shifted over to Fallout 4, with entitled modders bitching about not getting enough endorsements, pride themselves elitist unwilling to help others, and always seeking recognition to fill their ego, I don't expect to see things get better as more beth titles are released. One of the reasons why I kinda regret ever getting TES Anthology and getting into Skyrim. I should of just stayed back on Fallout 3 and New Vegas where the community is much more united and helpful. Despite the differences.
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