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    And another: Page 2.5
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    The title of this video interested me and while watching it I had an epiphany as to why NSFWMods is the way it is. Partly by design and partly by happy accident, the site isn't attractive to regressive Leftists and SJWS. And this is a good thing. Here's the video; and as a litmus test look at other game sites you're familiar with to see if anything talked about applies.
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    All it took was two SJW moderators (Mermaad and Linspuppy) to scuttle the community side of Nexus. Nothing was done to stop them and now Nexus is a Libtard social media site where you can download mods. Nexus' reputation is shit and it can't be repaired. LL is just a repeat of that. What's funny about GrimReaper is that he was instrumental in making LL into what it is today. He hate-posted in threads if there was a topic or post he didn't like, the staff deleted posts to protect him, and DocSux and GregTheTit encouraged him. Now GrimReaper is like that guy on Easter Island who cut down the last tree; too stupid to realize what he's done. DocSux and GregTheTit's mission was to drive away long-time members and modders. They succeeded and now they're crying about how overwhelmed they are by the safe-space they created. Hardy-har-har. EDIT: I went ahead and posted that video their little 'look how awesome we are' site feedback thread. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/105123-what-you-think-about-site-and-staff/?do=findComment&comment=2335873 Hardy-har-har-HAR. Aaand CPU deleted the post...OF COURSE he did. Here's the video he didn't like.
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    Careful, Trump might grab it.
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    LMFAO. That train wreck needs its own troll thread here. Too fucking funny. And I've broken my own self-imposed rule about not posting at LL...specifically to laugh at that thread.
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    Just reading some of that made me develop a Mangina. Seriously. I've only lurked there a few times and mostly joined just to steal all of Kendo's stuff. I feel like I am truly among my people here.
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    If this isn't enough evidence for video games becoming way too mainstream then I don't know what is... https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/fortnite-tutors-1202892064/
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    76 just seems like their plan to milk people's cash making Creation Club finally reach the level they want. And of course this is why I don't buy into the private servers that people seem to believe, which will let them upload free mods. The day of free mods is coming closer and closer in my opinion. Shareholders can care less about a mod community and free mods. There's a profit to be made and they want the big piece of the pie. And especially now that Valve is out of the picture this time. You know they aren't too happy with the way Creation Club is going right now. They want the money to flow in and 76 is their experiment to further the progress of Creation Club. And it gives them the chance to just cash in on the mmo like they did with ESO. People will want to mod it and there is no way Bethesda is going to let free mods reign in on 76 without it further impeding Creation Club as it is right now with free mods vs. paid mods on both FO4 and SSE. If they can successfully get people accustom to paying for mods, which without a doubt it is going to happen, TES6 and FO5 and beyond are going to have Creation Club in it's full force. And it's only a matter of time when they decided to cut the umbilical cord between the creation kit and modders and only allowing their selective modders grasp onto it to pump out mods, get their one time payment and the rest is for Bethesda. They got their foot already in when they launched Creation Club and shrugged their shoulders at all the internet tantrums going on. Who's complaining about CC now? Hardly (if any) anyone. They've already dominated the community. They aren't going to ever let paid mods go. Not this time. Not anymore. They already had time to come up with a strategy to implement it in a a better way that suits them. Now they have to come up with a plan to put it to good use. Creation Club is the new norm for BGS games. And they can have all the fun they want having to constantly wait for modders to update their mods and SKSE team update their script extender. Personally, If I was part of the SKSE team, I would of given them the middle finger and left the moment I realized that their .exe would be updated every time they include more CC mods. And this is now. Just wait till Creation Club gets really really popular. It's going to be a constant nightmare. I think it's going to burn the SKSE team and modders out eventually. And I don't blame them one bit. But hey, the fanboys agree with everything Bethesda does and Bethesda can never do wrong. mmmmhmmm sure... They'll change their minds one day.
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    Page 2.8 Page 2.9
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    One more page. Need sleep or there would be more! Page 2.4
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    I probably will but I can't say when. I have a huge backlog of mods I want to work on but very little free time right now.
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    Hey, that is like the movies where someone breaks their left arm and later shows their right arm in a cast... lol.
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    Makes sense to me. Follows what they started after the failure of monetizing mods with Steam.
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    CPU is the one that I really dislike and make fun of when I say 'muh feelings' because ever since he became a moderator, shortly after he started with his BS on deleting and editing comments that he found offensive. If it wasn't that it was locking a thread. I can't count how many times he did it to me and I was getting fed up with it. The FO4 fanboys would all run to superman CPU to hide behind because I made fun of Fallout 4 or Bethesda. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/105123-what-you-think-about-site-and-staff/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-2334583 ^ This proves my point. And it's funny he's trying to back pedal and call someone a troll because his bullshit was called out. And clearly when he types "keep the tone down" it's because words offend him. Even if they aren't even hurtful. I used to like him when he was a contributor. The moment he turned into a moderator authoritarian I lost respect for him. His true colors are showing in his own thread. And I'm having a great laugh about it.
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    But what if they're all ugly?
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    I'm not certain if this needs python and pyffi since it's not showing any prerequisites for this version.
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    To be honest I can't say I'm 100% sure. I found the link on LL in a Skyrim LE thread so I'm going to assume it works for Skyrim LE and not SSE. I can't back that up though.
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    Page 2.10 Page 2.11
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    You should go down to the clinic and get a shot for that. Just sayin'... *smirk*
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