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    At least we know where Bethesda stored the NPCs missing from FO76; they're on reddit.
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    SnapChat THOT. At first the shit storm was 'she's only 16'. Age of consent in Great Britain is 16. Then it comes out she's 19. Doesn't matter since legal is legal. Fanboys are pissed she's biting into another THOT's hustle who does basically the same thing, but is older, has about 30lbs on her, and is a solid 5 on a good day. Belle Delphine is hotter by a mile. Fat thot's fanboy cultists don't like facts so they bash the hot thot. Belle thot also does 'request' hentai ahegao faces so she makes facial expressions like her colon has just been pumped full of horse semen. And Millennials pay to see this shit. Guess paying off that student loan they cry about ain't as import as craft beer, Starbucks and throwing money at girls they'll never fuck. Then shit started about her pay tiers on Patreon. The more you pay, the more daddy issues you get to see. Dive deep enough and she'll put a ball gag in her mouth and spank herself with a paddle that has 'bitch' written on it. She'll also write your name on her body with black marker. I ain't gonna lie; the Belle thot is sexy as fuck and she's what I go for in RL, but I ain't about to white knight for her or give her fucking money. The drama is from Millennial-no-pussy-pulling-internet-dorks.
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