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    A series I did last year out of boredom. Usually not my style of creating characters but I wanted to try something different. From my previous uploads, Cleopatra and Harely Quinn were also part of this series. I had plans to do more but ran out of ideas. Though, I have some sitting in my SKSE/Preset folder still.
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    I was planning on having this one done last week but had to work on Maxwell AFB.
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    I made a badge for this but it didn't fit the Masamune Shiro vibe of the outfit. Gonna stencil on the word 'POLIZIA' in some futuristic text. Still need to add some do-dads and work on the belt (radio, handcuffs, etc).
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    (I will now spam emoticons)
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    Well, it's fat, it's curvy, it's purple. Don't know, but I guess it should be Fat something but "Fat Man/Boy" is already taken. Okay, how about Fat Zap?
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    Version 1.1.0


    This is a collection latex outfits that I found while browsing the web. All outfits are designed primarily for UNPB/UUNP. List of outfits: UUNP Marquis Mood (Image) UUNP Rubber Maids How to obtain: The clothing should be added to your inventory on load. This will only occur once. Requirements: BodySlide / Outfit Studio - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015 HDT HighHeels System - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/ SKSE - https://skse.silverlock.org/ Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file into the Skyrim data folder. The compressed BSA contains UNPB meshes so if you're a UNPB user you don't need to run BodySlide or have it installed for that matter. Credits: Halofarm - for Pinup Poser. (The poses I use in the images) Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit Caliente - The maker of BodySlide & Outfit Studio. Skyrim Script Extender Team - The makers of SKSE. Kendo 2 - Add an Item at Game Load script.
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    More Hammer Glamour. Ingrid Pitt:
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    Chappelle's comedy special has become a beacon of light. There may be some hope in bringing back political incorrectness. If more comedians start to push back that would be good. Maybe through comedy we can see a bright future ahead.
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    Too many false allegations made me numb to the point when one really happens, I'm skeptical about it. They ruin it for real rape victims. Good job feminists. And don't take any accountability for it, just blame men for not believing all your lies.
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    The adventures you can find in the Wasteland., Aradia Kato armor by zzjay
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    LOL I've just found some NSFW stuff on YT probably taken from Italian? erotic movies which I thought worthy of sharing, but it didn't seem appropriate to post them in the other threads so I've decided to create one to post random NSFW stuff. Anyways, I'll post them in spoilers...
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    There's a lezbo scene in that movie with Lori Wagner and Anika DeLorenzo. 10/10 because they're doing it for real and even with the film editing it's obvious. It's hotter than porn. Both actresses were nervous about the scene so they had a few cocktails and did some coke and SHOW TIME.
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    Even if they were... they wouldn't be able to achieve such success as you found and do it as easily as it was done in 50 and 60's. The system is stacked against them.
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    That guy driving through the mall was a rank amateur. THIS is how it's done...
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    A closer look to today’s release (compression artifacts aside).
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    On the Chimp! On the Chimp! On the Chimp!
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    Cheetara works, not what I intended but yeah I see it now.
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    What's that suppose to mean? You don't think she's hot? Cheetara was one of the hottest female cartoon characters ever.
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    Here's one of my old favorites, have seen it a few times before all on TV. Never watched it in this format before, didn't even know it was on YT. Very good film, highly recommended.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Tiny bikinis and matching accessories in 8 color variations. LOCATION: *coc K2SissyRoom01 to get the items. They are in the trunks in front of you. Fast Travel to exit the cell. You'll need Feminized Sissy Sluts for this to work. PERMISSIONS: The contents of this mod are NOT resource material. You may not redistribute my content without my expressed permission. If you want to use my content then ASK ME first.
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    Well, I certainly don't care. I lost interest in the game long ago. But it is pretty annoying how they are willing to pander to snowflakes and not gamers who wanted 3rd person perspective. I thought they were a company who stuck to their guns when choosing to ignore 3PP but this SJW pandering...
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    Well, need not to worry anymore because this mod: Disable Follower Collision allows you to do what I was specifically looking for. It works if you have a follower following or waiting. Doesn't work when they are dismissed. And the beauty is that it's an SKSE file that can be toggled on and off like a light bulb via console command.
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    Disney... Oh Disney... So WOKE...
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    The upside is you'll make your own when doing comics and can't find a proper pose for the scene you are trying to create.
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    Dis make mwe have a saad-saad...
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    And I can't, in all good conscience, not promote my Little Brother's band. He's the bass player for Order of Nine:
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    Do you remember? in July 17th 89 was released this Track, damn... where is all the Time gone... it peaked in the german Charts on 2
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    Trump Derangement Syndrome is for reals ya'll.
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    Now we need a white lando Calrissian from Star wars.. White or again Yes.. Asian Harlem hammer. Spawn needs to be white for the next film.. State that .. and watch them loose their shit. To be honest.. there isn't any real reason there can't be a black 007. It is a title given to an MI6 agent at least as far as I understand it. However, the entire premise is swagger and maleness that I doubt any female could pull off. They would be changing the formula. Wonder what the creator of 007 thinks of this. That would be interesting to know. They'd have a better chance of creating a new spy that is a female in a mix of Borne Supremacy, bond, Nikita etc etc. Blend them up and create a new super spy that happens to be a female. I believe they would be more successful (if written correctly) than they will be doing this. They failed with the reboot of Ghostbusters.. from doing shit that the consumer doesn't want.
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    Sounds like the textures in that mod use the modified Breeze UV (the one I got rid of in this mod). Try using the vanilla male textures of that mod with my meshes and see if they line up correctly.
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    Impossible Feet 2.0 updated with the original blender file.
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    CDPR has partnered with Nvidia to bring real time ray tracing to Cyberpunk 2077.
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    Trump Deranged Syndrome in full capacity.
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    He had to have been on some heavy drugs for him to be on fire like that and act calm.
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    Anna Casey again. She's sexy AF.
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    I still don't know who the fuck is James Charles...
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    You can get Full Throttle Remastered for free on GOG, there's also a Winter Sale going on which you might want to check out. https://www.gog.com/
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    Version 1.0.0


    A simple body harness for UNPB body types. How to obtain: The armor can be crafted at a blacksmith Forge or you can use the console command "help Body Harness 0" to locate the ids. Requirements: An UNPB Body re-placer and all of it's requirements. Credits: Ousnius and Caliente - For BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit
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