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    Weird, the heels’ mesh is what caused the feet to deform which is a first; also it didn’t happen on earlier versions so something occurred at the last step. That means the Impossible Feet 2.0 is safe for use. So I’m thinking on something easier to complete for my first CC of the year, should be ready this weekend:
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    Impossible Feet 2.0 updated with the original blender file.
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    Love when I find a bug at the very last minute: Hopefully it will be fixed for next week, wiil prepare a second option just in case.
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    When I decided to get into modding I chose one simply rule: make stuff you’re going to use. Last year I bought Sims 4 and a couple of expansions and I was committed to port my CC, there’s a couple of them already on the download section. But then I started to play the game less and less to the point it became a chore, I was hoping the latest expansion would allow me to regain some interest but it didn’t. I also tried several mods but the result was the same, so I’m abandoning TS4 for good, my apologies to the people who were left waiting. I’ll continue to make CC for Sims 3 under the same condition: anyone is free to modify it, no questions asked.
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