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    Where to learn how to use Blender? Well, everybody and their grandmas have already uploaded hundreds of videos on youtube, but I believe CG Boost have some good tutorials that teach the basics and then some. From there you can go to Grant Abbitt, Blender Guru and Jayanam and the rest is just practice.
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    After several experiments I think I’m getting close to almost eliminate clipping and all the little errors that plague my “revealing edits”, this one seems to work so far: The bad news is that before releasing it I need to re-make the infamous MedBod, is something I’ve been postponing but thanks to all the stuff learned I think at the very least I could fix the double vertices and UV problems on both top and bottom meshes.
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    So I was watching a video about ‘non-destructive modeling’ which is a technique that makes heavy use of Blender’s modifiers (for example ‘subdivision’), the advantage is you can make complex shapes from simple ones which saves times and makes editing very easy. I “learned” to model the old and hard way so I’m almost used to the pain but I gave it a try anyway: non_destructive.mp4 One downside is that the result is high-poly BUT because it consist of neat face loops reducing the polycount shouldn’t be a problem (‘decimate’ works pretty fine). And of course it still needs the insoles, feet, uv map, morphs, bones, textures, etc. so I think I will have to use “destructive modeling” to complete this one.
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    A closer look to today’s release (compression artifacts aside).
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