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    There are a couple more like Jurassica and Tractusopticus, you can find them and more here Thanks and yes I will, just need to organize my ideas.
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    The real hero is MarkJS he created what I believe were the first shoes capable of increasing height then if I'm not mistaken MJ95 (maker of the Madlen shoes) followed, in the middle you have people like CmarNYC, Blooms Base, MrAntonieddu and many more who contributed in several ways. After a lot of months I was able to finally understand how those shoes worked and how to make my own then it was a matter of learning how to mesh, generate textures, morphs, bones and of course battling with the game itself It sounds very difficult but the biggest hurdle is know how to mesh programs like Metasequoia, Blender or Wings 3D are a big help, the rest is just to get used to the game's specifics and limitations. One day I will write about the basics.
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    That's right, shortened legs (and lack of bunny suits) were some of the reasons I decided to learn how to mod this game, oh boy what a trip! Thanks for your support I really, really appreciate it
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    JoshQ has really taken his time to learn the trade. His skill is easily recognized by looking at the works he has done. The "Devil is in the details" is what you are pointing out. The little things that mean so much and make such a difference. These little touches really make this such a great mod and JoshQ such a great mod author. I don't have Sims 3 (however starting to consider the purchase due to excellent mods like this one) but if I did I truly believe this is one of the first mods I would install in my game.
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    i never liked high heals in TS3 because Sims' height didn't change, wearing high heals shoes actually shortened legs... with all the shoes you are posting it isn't so, they actually do what heals are supposed to do... so i really like them ! thanks.