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    WHAT IS IT? A hard reset for FO3 and NV male bodies. Mesh replacers as requirements and other silliness are now things of the past. WHAT’S THE POINT? I’m tired of dealing with mesh replacers that are poorly rigged, incompatibilities with DLCs and I felt like doing it. WHAT’S INCLUDED? K2 BREEZE REDUX Base Files: the base files for both FO3 and NV. This includes base textures for raiders, ghouls, and the playable race humans. There are a few armor replacers, but only to fix what is needed. FO3_DLC Pitt: mesh replacers where needed and male texures for the Pitt Mutated Humans. FO3_DLC PointLookout: Tribal race textures and outfit fixes. NV_BREEZE REDUX Sexout Body Suit: Amra72‘s Breeze body mesh remapped to work with Breeze Redux. NV_DLC OldWordlBlues: meshes fixes and an esp to revive the unused Lobomite body textures. NV_DLC LonesomeRoad: textures for the DLC’s Marked Men. K2 BREEZE REDUX Resource Body: a base body without the penis, rigged and ready for modding clothes and armor. NOTE The tribals for Honest Hearts are NOT addressed in this mod. For that you will need Kendo 2's Honest Hearts Tribals. REQUIREMENTS None, other than FO3 or New Vegas. COMPATIBILITY/INCOMPATIBILITY Incompatible with Breeze FO3 Males versions 1.6 or later, SickleYield’s Roberts Male Body for Fallout 3, Sesom’s Breeze New Vegas Males, Nivea’s Robert’s Male Body FNV and the version made by FavoredSoul. Otherwise, no issues. INSTALLATION Drop the download contents into your data folder. Go to the folder Data\meshes\characters\_male and look for the files upperbody_nude erect, upperbody_nude and upperbodymale_underwear shorts. Rename the mesh of your choice to upperbody. Activate the esp(s) if needed and play. The game will do the rest. CREDITS Breeze582000 for Breeze Males, Kendo 2 for everything else. PERMISSIONS Feel free to use the mod’s content in your own work. The contents of this mod are subject to the additional terms below. TERMS MISCELLANEOUS FIXES FOR MY EXISTING MODS Kendo 2's_Sexy Leather_BreezeMaleRedux_Fix.rar. Original mod LINK. Kendo 2's Less Lame Tops Pool_BreezeMaleRedux_Fix.rar. Original mod LINK. Kendo 2's_Pre-war Clothing_BreezeMaleRedux_Fix.rar. Original mod LINK.
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