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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a clothing mod based on the outfits worn by characters in the Love Live! animated series. The goal for me is to do them all so check back for updates. How to obtain: You can obtain the clothing via a console command (help "Love Live" 0) and the lantern (help "lantern" 0). How to install: Extract the contents of the zip file into the Skyrim data folder. Requirements: An UNPB Body re-placer and all of it's requirements. HDT HighHeels System http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/ Credits: GomaPero - for GomaPero Poses v8. Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit Ousnius and Caliente - For BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Permissions: You're free to use this mod your own project. No need to ask me for permission. Have fun!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Perverted futa fun from the twisted mind of Kendo 2. You can check out my other stuff by clicking on the tag 'adult comics'.
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    This CC is offered completely free You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary I don’t take requests nor commissions Details: Base game compatible Located on the Accessory section, legwear slot For teen, young adult and adult femsims Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims 2-4 color channels 2 variations Only available in .package format Defects: The more you zoom the worst the texture will look Dark colors will look “flat”, patterns can help to minimize it a bit About the crotch area… well, lets just say I hope you don’t zoom there while using animations, for everything else this CC works as intended Notes: The main texture came from afBodyEP9MocapSuit and the belt from afBodyHETechShirtSkirt, I just drew a hole and stitched some pixels here and there Suit looks better on “generous” femsims You can use this accessory on the default body, MedBod and any other custom mesh that follows the original UV coordinates Second variation use gradients and separate channels for arms and legs Friendly reminder: you can add or remove clothing categories using s3pe Credits: Electronic Arts for the textures
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    Version 1.0.2


    What is it? - A collection of some Daz3d outfits I converted. These outfits were originally made for V4 by a lot of talented Daz authors. This is a reupload because my files got deleted at Loverslab. I might add more outfits in the future if I have the chance. The old topic got too big to update, so I made a new one. Hopefully this will reduce server hiccups when I upload a new file. Updated 01/15/2017: Added Slave Outfit Updated 01/25/2017: Added V4 Pearls Updated 01/25/2017: Added an update for V4 Pearls to fix weight slider support for the belly chain. Updated 02/13/2017: Added Chain Metal Outfit Updated 03/20/2017: Added Crazy Belle III Outfit Updated 03/20/2017: Added OOH! Bikini Updated 04/30/2017: Added Beachwear Collection 2017 Updated 05/01/2017: Updated Beachwear Collection Updated 05/20/2017: Added Dragon Priestess Outfit Updated 05/30/2017: Added Hot Booty Outfit Updated 06/02/2017: Added Goddess Outfit Updated 06/21/2017: Added Lust Control Device Updated 09/08/2017: Added Kailani Bikini Updated 09/23/2017: Added Only Tribal Outfit How to install? - Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\ - Or use a mod manager, much easier. How to uninstall? - I'm not going to list all the paths, so just use mod manager How to get? - AddItemMenu mod. Requirements? - XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton. - NIOverride 3.4.4+ / HDT High Heels System for the boots. Credits: halofarm for the UNPCM body meshes. Kendo 2 for the UNP Jiggle body meshes. Nightasy for the awesome tutorials. And all the talented Daz3d authors who created these outfits ! Send me a message if anything is wrong. Enjoy! Disclaimer: No CBBE conversions please. UUNP is fine.
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    Version Latest & Final Version


    This upload consists of 3 mods. I suggest reading the readme provided for each archive to know more info. Anita Preset - Unique Race I've created Anita as a unique race/preset here. You can add what ever facebody/hand mesh and texture you wish and it won't effect the rest of the female characters in game. No worries, I've created a unique child race to bypass the tranquility glitch. Anita Preset - Vanilla Hispanic Race This preset is included with the vanilla Hispanic presets. Which means Anita shares the same meshes and textures as all 4 vanilla female races. I created it for those that do not want to use her as a save or unique race. Just a simple addition to the vanilla preset. Anita Preset - Savegame This is a save game of my Anita character for those that do not want to use the vanilla Hispanic race or the unique race. No worries, this save is set to only rely on Fallout3.esm so you don't have to be annoyed about any missing mods to run this savegame. One last thing.... There are two save games in this archive. 1. autosave.fos = Right before the G.O.A.T. exam. 2. Save 16 AnitaSaveGame, Vault 101 Entrance, 00.28.08.fos = Right after you've left the Vault 101 door, before actually exiting to the wateland. It's saved so you may run up to the door and change your name, appearance and stats. I didn't kill any of the guards or caused any rage with the residents. I provided the autosave.fos incase you would like go Hellraiser on everyone. Credits: xatmos throttlekitty sirtrippsalot Inside each archive contains detailed credits. Permission: This is exclusively for NSFWmods.com only. I ask that you respect my stance as I do not want these mod uploaded to any other site. This mod is not and never will be in any way allowed to be uploaded onto Nexus. Special Note: I no longer get on Fallout 3. I love the game but I burnt myself out with it years ago and have since been on Skyrim for over 3 years. Also, I used to have a Fallout New Vegas version of these mods, but I no longer have them. I deleted every single Fallout New Vegas mod I had because I never really liked the game and I had no plans to ever get on it ever again. I can provide support, but keep in mind that I don't have Fallout 3 installed so I'll have to go off my mind and try my best to help. And regarding her upper lip. I know there is a small problem. I intended to fix that but I didn't get around to it at the time when I still was active on Fallout 3. That's not going to happen now so You'll have to go in GECK and fix it, or deal with it the way it is. And last, I hope you enjoy the mod(s). -ega
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    Version 1.0.0


    WHAT IS IT? Type3 and Breeze Males Redux mesh and texture replacers for the Honest Hearts DCL Tribals. WHAT’S INCLUDED? The esp repaths the Honest Hearts Tribal meshes and textures and makes them work like standard races. They have their own texture folders and will use the default body mesh you have installed. The males use Breeze Males Redux and the females use Type3 Cali Boobs. There are mesh replacers for the default tribal outfits plus three new outfits; a base Dead Horses unarmored tribal set, a male version of Waking Cloud’s outfit and a new outfit for White Bird. A new leveled list has been added for Dead Horse non-combatants, Waking Cloud’s outfit is now playable, as is White Bird’s new outfit. REQUIREMENTS Type3 compatible body meshes, Breeze Males Redux, and the Honest Hearts DLC. COMPATIBILITY/INCOMPATIBILITY The male meshes and textures are compatible with vanilla Fallout New Vegas. They are not compatible with Sesom’s Breeze New Vegas Males, Nivea’s Robert’s Male Body FNV or the Robert’s Male version made by FavoredSoul. And obviously, anything that changes the Honest Hearts Tribal races. INSTALLATION Drop the download contents into your data folder, activate the esp and play. The game will do the rest. CREDITS dimon99 for Type3, Breeze582000 for Breeze Males, Kendo 2 for everything else. PERMISSIONS Feel free to use the mod’s content in your own work. The contents of this mod are subject to the additional terms below. TERMS