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    What's really funny are the black people in the audience busting out laughing and all the woke white people squirming.
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    Beating a dead horse here. But hey. Laughing at Bethesda is always fun.
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    You know how many people in this country alone are killed or crippled in traffic accidents? Gun deaths don't even come close. Sometimes I think we should ban vehicles! But seriously, at least make the licensing laws so strict that only competent drivers could operate them!
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    Either this girl is trolling, or she's really fucking crazy. Even AOC had a moment of WTF.
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    White woman? Could very well be a genetically engineered Chinese agent! Heard that they've been dabbling with CRISPR and stuff.
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    LOL I've just found some NSFW stuff on YT probably taken from Italian? erotic movies which I thought worthy of sharing, but it didn't seem appropriate to post them in the other threads so I've decided to create one to post random NSFW stuff. Anyways, I'll post them in spoilers...
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    I stopped being a fan of them long time ago. I only like their Kill 'Em All to ...And Justice For All albums. Used to be a mega hardcore Metallica fan in highscool. I prefer Megadeth.
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    There's a lezbo scene in that movie with Lori Wagner and Anika DeLorenzo. 10/10 because they're doing it for real and even with the film editing it's obvious. It's hotter than porn. Both actresses were nervous about the scene so they had a few cocktails and did some coke and SHOW TIME.
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    Oh, boy! Just come across a 1979 movie on YT called 'Caligula' (played by Malcolm McDowell) and the entire thing is there, but I'm not gonna post it. I guess it would be really inappropriate even on this forum. If you want to check it out you have to sign in on YT as it's age restricted.
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    Metallica at their peak.
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    "Trolling is fun." Damn right it is!
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    Also governments didn't 'invest" in private organizations either (for tax deductions or out right cash) If a business started to fail.. they had to follow the normal procedure and or bankruptcy. There wasn't thousands of dollars given to them only to have the bonus kick in for the very CEO's that ran the company into the ground. There were many public works being done from the 40's through the 70s which gave money to companies to do construction and other jobs. Infusing the cash into the economy. Back then, pensions were PENSIONS. that is, money was placed into an account and managed to pay out to the retiree when they reach a certain age or situation. Not... like they are now.. money going in (and or tax) paying the pensions when the employees are paying % into pensions. (which are being given to others etc) Messing with that shit would get you killed in the 60's. Back then a house , decent one, in a decent area would cost the average person between 10 and 15 years of payments. Mostly they used 30 year to make it easier and paid it off earlier. Many used it again and again to gain some quick cash without worries they would end up "upside down" in their mortgage where the values were so over fucking inflated that nobody could pay those amounts. (except the rich) There was a clean and pretty clear path to reach a comfortable retirement and life. Companies respected their employees (for the most part) and a person would work for them for 20~30 years or more. Companies didn't think of "laying off" employees due to some hard times in the company. Social security was ran properly. IN fact if I remember correctly it was on path to have a surplus after the baby boomers. Meaning less needed to go in or they would keep high or even raise the benefits. Then the wise guys decided to fleece the system of all the cash and start our current system where those work pay those on retirement.. how is that working? Constant cuts and shit. Due to the fact that that shit doesn't fucking work. As the baby boomers go to retirement.. there is less and less workers on the force. Lessz and less money for them. WTF stupid fucks in Washington. They don't give a fuck. as you are dam sure they have an excellent pension and medical plan for retirement.
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    Even if they were... they wouldn't be able to achieve such success as you found and do it as easily as it was done in 50 and 60's. The system is stacked against them.
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    I remember when I was a little kid and my mother would take me to K-Mart back in the days. She used to write checks a lot. I would ask her if I could have this toy I saw. She would reply "Sweety, I can't right now" referring to not having the money for it. I would reply to her "Just write on one of those pieces of paper like you always do" obviously thinking that would solve everything. lol The part where it's talked about how kids are not mature enough to understand what's really going on is what made me remember this.
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    That guy driving through the mall was a rank amateur. THIS is how it's done...
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    The laws regarding such accidents and such are so lax. People can get away with literal murder when they are obviously reckless. It is one thing for someone following the law and hitting someone by accident that walked right out on their car and quite another for someone to drive through a Mall or other such shit. The police in my area never give any traffic tickets. I can see them sitting somewhere doing their reports and shit and nothing. I am not talking about someone that forgot their left turn signal while they are in a clear left turn lane etc or the person going 4 miles over the speed limit in a dead low traffic part of town. I am talking about literally someone that turns left across all three lanes (well including the left turn lane) in heavy traffic causing cars to slam on their breaks. (including myself) possibly causing rear end collisions and such just because he decided he need to go left instead of right. People holding up people when they are trying to go across all the lanes of traffic from their parking place just because they want to go the other way from where their care was pointed in. I life in a city and fuck... just go around the block. It isn't hard. Takes about the same amount of time in heavy traffic. Again, not talking about someone doing a quick turn around in low traffic on a street where their car can easily do it. I've seen shit happen making the cops slam on their breaks and nothing. Cities talk about how they don't have funds.. while cops (at least where I am at) don't give any tickets or enforce laws and such. I am not talking about minor infractions but major ones. Safty issues that can give the city some money..
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    Time to ban high capacity automobiles.
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    HOORAY! I've finally found my place!
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    That would make you a misanthropist. Now if you include hate every skin color, ethnicity. Yep, your a GOD DAMN RASSSSSSSIST!!!
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    Sounds about right. Humanity is going to hell in a handbasket.
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    I'm definitely a Racist: I hate the entire Human Race.
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    Lefty entitlement as always. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtNoSKvunR0 Tried to find the original video, but the snowflake removed it. How do I know it's the same video? The moron spelled "rasist" which is seen in Zed's video and a google search.
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    Here's the script. As written, this script will add one Iron Cuirass as soon as the game loads. K2_Add an Item at Game Load Script.txt To use this: Create a new quest and in the Quest Data tab check the boxes for Start Game Enable and Run Once. Click OK and then open the quest again. Go to the Quest Aliases Tab and right click for 'New Reference Alias'. Name it Player and at 'Unique Actor' select Player. Check the box for 'Reserves Reference' and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. That will close the tab. Open the tab again. In the field for 'Papyrus Scripts' click the 'Add' button and wait for everything to load. This might take as long as a minute to finish. Ignore the errors that will pop up, because they will. Once everything loads you will see a dialogue window. The first one will be (New Script). Double click it. Give it a name you can easily recognize and leave 'ReferenceAlias' alone. You need that. Click OK. Now you should have the empty script listed. Right click it and 'Open in Exterior Editor'. Copy and paste the script I included into it and Save and Exit. Right click the script again but this time go to 'Edit Source'. Your script should be there. Click File and Save and let it compile. You should get no errors and see 'Compilation Completed'. Click on the script to high-light it and click the 'Properties' button. Both fields should be filled and the script should look like a blue cross with a yellow pencil next to it. Remove the check mark next to 'Reserves Reference' you added earlier. Hit Enter on your key board. Click OK on the quest to close it. Save the esp. IF everything went as planned the vanilla game iron armor should be added to character at game load. Best of luck to you, since this is modding Skyrim. * replace everything I have in yellow with your own stuff. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ;add/equip the player with the item when the mod is loaded. Armor Property ArmorIronCuirass Auto Quest Property GiveIronArmorQuest auto Function TraceMe(string msg) Debug.Trace("GiveIronArmorQuest"+ msg) EndFunction Function GiveIronArmor() TraceMe("GiveIronArmor") ObjectReference selfref = self.GetReference() if selfref != None selfref.AddItem(ArmorIronCuirass, 1, false) Game.GetPlayer().EquipItem(ArmorIronCuirass, abSilent = true) endIf EndFunction Event OnInit() RegisterForSingleUpdate(1) EndEvent Event OnUpdate() GotoState("Busy") GiveIronArmor() GotoState("") EndEvent State Busy Event OnInit() EndEvent Event OnReset() EndEvent Event OnPlayerLoadGame() EndEvent Event OnUpdate() EndEvent EndState ____________________________________________________________________________________
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    Moar from the depths of Youtube...
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    Food for thought. Some of the classics that people love wouldn't be if it was controlled by political Correctness. (only covers the first few minutes of the video) This was in 2015 and wasn't as bad as it is now. I hope this is just a trend and it gets over it self shortly.
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