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    Edited and Split/moved - The below (non-orange) is from the original poster. I have gathered up all the great intellectual videos and discussions and moved them here for people to enjoy and have great discussions on. This can cover documentaries, theories, concepts etc. Linked videos, podcast, web-sights etc. are acceptable. We can't play video games all day, can we? -Ritualclarity One of my favorite Documentaries about the Universe.
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    This is the Movie Lovers Thread. It has been created by me since the Music Lovers thread is so popular. Now for the rules... keep it clean (no porno's) however it can be mature in nature. (X rated just not XXX rated etc) Keep the entries or links in a spoiler to help keep the thread easily navigated. It can be links, reviews, recommendations, thoughts, etc.
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    Adrian von Ziegler Does a lot of instrumental, but me likes me this one of course.
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    Lovely Canvas. Working in the bush.
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    Depeche Mode - Tributes and Covers Rabbit in the Moon Marsheaux Deftones Terry Hoax Rammstein Marilyn Manson
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    I prefer Jack Daniels screw neurotransmitters..
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    Good Idea,Alien, thanks. Okay, let's talk about movies again Do you remeber to this Quote? "I'm chaos and he is mayhem." I Like the Movies. A lot of fun and cool action.
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    While I don't agree with everything he says in this video, he did point out many things that were true. The only reason Fallout New Vegas didn't have the success Fallout 3 did is because of the short window of development on Obsidian. And the games had over 200 bugs at launch because Bethesda and their obsession for Gamebryo. What else could Obsidian do about that? Not much. A short time of development and working with a heap of shit game engine. Yet, they did do a real good job. So for Bethesda to see this as a failure for not meeting their expectations, I fully disagree with that. For the amount of time they had and the resources they used on a horrible game engine, it did fine. Now what makes me cringe is that fact that so much content was stripped because (as always) they have to appeal to console systems. If they would have given Obsidian more time for development, which means New Vegas being more depth and the addition of the cut content never being cut to begin with, and more time to work out the bugs to top that off, it would of sold more than Fallout 3. And they could of just cut out that content for the console gamers due to restrictive hardware and memory for the console version. But companies don't like to spend more time and money doing that so they just go with the dumbing down PC version to meet the requirements for console systems. I never thought I'd defend New Vegas since it's not a game I much like, but back then when I was criticizing it, I was doing so off of my experience itself and not including the factors like the short time of development. Because I didn't really care to know more than what I knew about that game. And the reason why I'm even mentioning this is because I among many others would like to see Obsidian return to make another Fallout sequel. But given that it seems Bethesda wasn't too happy with the outcome of New Vegas, I feel like that is not going to happen.
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    OMG... a Carlton Banks in real. Sorry, but in the first moment i must think to him...
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    l>epeche ^^ode World in my Eyes - 1990 Walking in my Shoes - 1993 Condemnation - 1993 Blasphemous Rumours - 1984 Anton Corbijn - Strange 1987 Intro - Agent Orange A Question of Time Strangelove Never let me Down Again Behind The Wheel PIMPF Useless - 1997 John the Revelator - not offical video - 2005 Going Backwards - 2017
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    I met her at a party when she was 27 and couldn't stop admiring her,she said, what the hell you looking at old man?I said you,you're beautiful.I figured that was the end of that and i decided to leave,i was only there to supply some herb anyway,as i was leaving she approached me and asked,going home so soon?I had just started up my Harley and said don't have to go yet, want to go for a ride? And we fell in love,hehe... Her parents are 57 and 58 and she is 37 now but she tells everyone she's thirty,she lies,her parents totally hated me at first. Her brother hated me until i asked if he wanted to borrow my Harley,now he loves me.Hey,ya gotta play what ya got.Huh?Hehe...I love the guy he's like 26,ten years younger than his sis,but he has a good head on his shoulders for a young punk.I call him a punk all the time he doesn't care. They all love me now because i'm just a little bit crazy and she's a little bit rock and roll.:wink:
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    View File ImpHeels Rhiannon This CC is offered completely free You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary I don’t take requests nor commissions Details: Base game compatible For teen, young adult and adult femsims Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: 6666 4 color channels Will elevate young adults and adults 8 “units” above ground, 7 to teens Only available in .package format Defects: Shoes look “all-kinds-of-weird” on CAS, in-game looks fine Microscopic shading issues on toes and the straps might move “weird” on normal and custom animations Rough edges everywhere Potential clipping with floor, chairs, beds, etc. and animation misalignment under normal simming. This can also can happen on custom animations and poses and also might cause leg/feet extreme bending (I usually don’t have problems on my game while using Passion or OKW, but I cannot guarantee yours) 3D accessories that contain morphs, like necklaces and alike from the game and other creators, might interfere with the shoes and cause severe deformation, don’t use both at the same time Notes: I’m not 100% happy with the final design but at least had the chance to try new techniques for normals and uv map Used Paradisi as base This is an original mesh created with a combination of Metasequoia, Blender and Milkshape 3D Every single pair of “Impossible Heels” is compatible with the default body, MedBod and any other custom mesh that follows the default leg seam Next uploads: october 21(ish), november 25(ish), december 16(ish) Credits: Toes from Blooms Base’ Sexy Feet Submitter JoshQ Submitted 09/30/2017 Category Shoes  
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    I don't think it's the way you seem. I've had a feeling ever since realizing that Chesko hasn't updated Frostfall for about a year now, I bet he's part of Survival Mod. I'm not surprised if so. I mean he was in the bandwagon for paid mods. And so was Isoku who did INeeds. It's all coincidental to me. I think they are hiding behind the curtain and don't want to be acknowledged for their own safety from what happened in 2015's paid mods with all the threats.
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    Good Morning Vietnam!!!! Apocalypse Now
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    Time Travel to 1987 - No. 1 Hits 30 years ago. I will post on every Friday the No.1's of the past US-Billboard Whitney Housten - Didn't we almost have it all German MediaControl Desireless - Voyage Voyage UK-Single Charts Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up
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    Your Radio Sessions are fantastic, endgameaddiction. In the early 90s, we had a compareable Format, called 'Grenzwellen', presented by Eckie Stieg. Btw, your'e new profile avatar looks nice.
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    Last week and this week Communion After Dark
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    Nice Cover Gandalftw. Hmmm... a Patrick Cowley remix S.O.S. Band
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    Plastic and garages in a scorching hot summer desert like where I live is bad as well. Apocalypto Love this film for the raw brutality.
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    That Darn Cat I'm not much for movies anymore, but I still have my huge stash of DVDs. The internet has taken over most of my entertainment now.
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    ^ The great thing about this thread is you get to listen to some old favorites but best of all you get to listen to new content you might never have had the chance to listen to.
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    And out rolls another update. One person (so far) has claimed it broke F4SE again. At this rate as CC grows more and more over time, I'm certain updates will be much more frequent. That's not good for the script extender team. Especially when they'll have to work on constantly updating SSE as well when CC is implemented. And imagine the games to come? It's going to be a burden keeping up with all these games. Don't see a bright future for modding unless a mod is released to disable CC updating completely.
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    Being how I am (a dick) I decided to do some real time number crunching and analytics on Bethesda's performance. The litmus test I chose was STEAM since that's where the majority of people get Bethesda games and STEAM/Valves tracks users. Aaand here we go... Over the last 30 days: FO4 down -0.46% Skyrim down -7.57% New Vegas up +9.68% FO3 up +3.11% So, according to THE MARKET (not my spin on things, critical thinker 'hate', or any other excuse the fanboys at Nexus and LL want to pull out of their asses) FO4 is a SHIT GAME and has been tanking for over a year. And that was BEFORE the Creation Club, which was intended to give the game a longer life span...and make money with microtransactions in the process. The numbers for Skyrim aren't much better BUT that player base is holding somewhat steady at around 27,500 active players each month (over the last 6 months). What I find interesting is the renewed player base for New Vegas. Looking at the percentages, people have already turned their backs on FO4 and are returning to New Vegas (a game that's 7 yrs old and running on a dinosaur engine). That IS my spin on things since I'm not omniscient. My point is Bethesda is worrying about the wrong thing. The are trying to make money off of microtransactions for a game people aren't playing. And it won't be any different when they roll out the Creation Club for Skyrim64bit. No one's fucking playing it and that means modders aren't making content for it like they are for the 32bit version. I guess I need to dust off my unreleased NV/FO3 stuff and submit it....NAH. Fuck Bethesda.
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    Love Emma,love Dustin,love Clint ,Das Boot kept me on the edge of my seat... I know i haven't mentioned LOTR yet but that's because i've been Gandalf on the web since 2007 and i tend to refrain from self promotion.I'm very shy...
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    so... let's see... - Star Wars - The Empire strikes back - Return of the Jedy - Tootsie - More or less the whole Harry Potter Saga - Colonia (The Colony) - Perk of being a wallflower - Lord of the Ring trilogy and many more at the moment i can't recall
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    Aerosmith with Slash, 2014,some band members do solos. Fucking amazing...
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    They really blew an opportunity for some positive press if they had allowed season pass users to download mods for free. Instead they showed everyone how greedy they are. Good going Bethesda.
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    Today something different
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    This statement is bizarre, as it completely side-steps the issue. It doesn’t matter whether or not the Creation Club is free. What matters is the “mini-dlc” within it. In a slew of emails from various representatives, Bethesda’s argument continued to devolve. They went on to claim that the Season Pass was only meant to cover six pieces of dlc. In other words, everything that isn’t the Creation Club. According to Bethesda, they chose not to disclose this information to avoid “spoilers.” The statement goes on to say that they informed everyone of the limits of the Season Pass once these content packs were released. So in short, they intentionally lied to consumers, only to reveal the truth long after they bought the product. How Should We Respond? When a group screws up like this, it’s only a matter of time before threats of legal action develop. We’ve talked about this before, but consumer protection laws get pretty complicated in the digital age. Things like video games, online contracts, and the internet, in general, are still relatively new. As a result, there’s a lot of a legal grey area and not a lot of legal precedent. It’s also worth noting that consumer protection laws are pretty weak in the US. Because of this, it’s doubtful Americans could take up legal action against Bethesda. The EU is a different story, however. In Europe, courts often side with consumers on these issues, especially when it comes to unclear or unfair contract terms. Still, are the time, effort, and resources necessary to form a lawsuit worth the cost of a season pass? That’s not for me to decide. The Point Look, I’m of two minds here. Morality aside, I think it’s a bit naive to think season pass holders will ever receive this content for free. It’s clear Bethesda never intended for the season pass to include everything, despite their own words. Regardless of what’s right, American players don’t have much of a case against Bethesda, and it’s more trouble than it’s worth to organize a lawsuit in the EU over a season pass. Still, this doesn’t excuse Bethesda’s shady, craven behavior, which is yet another blow to their floundering reputation. It’s further evidence of how blatantly sloppy and short-sighted this company seems to be. Their repeated, desperate attempts to introduce paid mods to the industry are eroding whatever goodwill they had left. What was once a spunky, passionate, if overly-ambitious company, has quickly become another example of the avarice and bumbling incompetence that is all too common in this industry. At the end of the day, this episode gave us a glimpse into Bethesda’s internal workings, and I don’t like what I’m seeing. https://comicsverse.com/fallout-4s-season-pass-include-creation-club-content/
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    In short, Bethesda is planning on fixing this problem on the PC, but the Creation Club can’t work on “certain platforms” without it. So what does this mean? Well, when you cut through all the PR-speak, Bethesda is admitting that they can’t fix the problem on consoles, at least not without major restructuring from both themselves and the console manufacturers. Sure, they’re promising to fix this on PC, but the Creation Club isn’t geared toward PC-users in the first place. The core of this issue is for those who play on console, where hard drive space is limited and precious as it is. Based on this statement, it feels like Bethesda is shrugging their shoulders and giving up. For now, if you own FALLOUT 4, your console will continue to download every single mod released on the Creation Club without your consent. In the words of one forum-goer, Bethesda can’t find a way “out of their self-made quagmire.” Now, to be fair, the vagueness of this statement leaves room for future changes. Bethesda never goes into specifics on which platforms they’ll be fixing. They also claim that the hard drive bloat was due to requirements on “certain platforms.” Are these requirements still in place? Is there no way to circumvent them? If so, what sort of time and resources are necessary to do so? We can only parse this statement so much, however. I’m trying my best to dissect the vague words of a company that isn’t known for its clarity or honesty. Until further notice, it seems Bethesda has no plans on fixing this problem where it matters most. The Point If this doesn’t get fixed, it will be the death knell of the Creation Club. As of now, the Creation Club consists of skins, gear, and various items that can easily be found for free online. But when Bethesda pitched this program, they promised story-driven questlines and significant changes to the game. If they can’t stop clogging our consoles with every mod, this will be impossible. Imagine your hard drive filled with several expansion-sized mods you can’t even access without paying. It’s completely untenable. For that matter, won’t that happen regardless? Every mod, no matter how small, will continue to fill up our hard drives. Through sheer attrition, the Creation Club will slowly consume our consoles. I don’t see how long that can last without Microsoft and Sony stepping in. In the midst of all this vitriol, there comes a point where we have to ask: what is Bethesda thinking? I don’t mean that simply as an insult, nor am I questioning their ethically shady but logically sound business practices. I’m very literally wondering what their thought process is. The Creation Club is a fully developed system that Bethesda must have been working on for quite some time. It was mired in controversy long before it even released, and Bethesda must have known they needed to bring their A-game to change people’s perception of it. At what point did they think forcing players to download their bloatware would be a good idea? How could they not know this would happen? We’ve reached out to Bethesda for a statement, but did not receive a response. https://comicsverse.com/bethesda-may-not-able-fix-creation-clubs-bloatware-problem/
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    Easy Rider. I saw this at an outdoor theater. The ending of this pissed me off so bad i put several dents in my buddies 55 Chevy dashboard,i paid to have it fixed so...Great movie but the ending sucks.
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    Jannet Vinogradova. She's a cosplayer and a phenomenal one. She's also gorgeous.
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    Sade Viktor Lazlo Al Jarreau Swing Out Sister Massive Attack
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    Cristobal Tapia de Veer When i heard from him the first time, i hoped he will be a part of Blade Runner 2049. Futuristic sounds and a bit distopia. I Like it. BTW, I like both Series.
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    Charles Manson - Dianne Sawyer Documentary
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    @zilvradrow Love Shannon,i have a thing for black girls.:wink:
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    PG NSFW music. (some of it in the spoiler... you have been warned) Weird stuff... Rare stuff.
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    For the most part the ranking means nothing. I click on things that are good for the site, interesting or something I personally enjoyed. As a result I post a few more than most do. As for others if that floats their boat, we really don't care. AS I stated there is no "reward" for someone that has the post likes or such. If there were.. then Doublezero, Kendo, and myself would be winning anyway In fact out of the "all time" members top 5... 4 are moderators and/or admin and only one is a member. Which by the way has been here since the beginning. (well close to it anyway.) So don't feel bad or even allow yourself to be distracted by this. It is part of the sight and if done correctly, allows a quick "thank you" or sign of appreciation for something someone has done which can encourage others to do the same post wise. If done wrong... well those that frequent this will soon figure out anyway. and for you ... "crazy old man" feel free to post to your hearts content. There isn't a restriction on the number of post you make. In fact, I have added some topics to help encourage some extra posting outside of just gaming interest. (Music, Movies etc) Without going and creating some silly games...
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    A wizard forgets never, nor he is with the thought of being elsewhere, he remeber precisely whe he means to. I love the Trilogy. One of the reasons, why i play Role Play Games,
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    ^ are you trying to be NSFWmods's music jukebox... lol