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    Kendo, if you don't mind me asking, are you secretly working on a Starfield mod for FNV?
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    Well, it's fat, it's curvy, it's purple. Don't know, but I guess it should be Fat something but "Fat Man/Boy" is already taken. Okay, how about Fat Zap?
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    Your girls always have the best faces.
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    B-But, that's Ant-man, not an alien!
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    Critique time. I would ditch the hood. It doesn't fit the geometry of the silhouette.
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    I have no idea what I'm doing. This whole 'space thing' started out as stuff for a Captain Cosmos comic. No idea where it will go now. @ritualclarity Really? ANYWAY I'm calling this thing done. Finished the belt, fixed the the hat textures and added 'polizia' to the outfit.
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    That would violate his NDA! @Kendo 2 this new offering looks great. Love the shoes stockings and bottom part of the outfit. ;D
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    That baton that's definitely not a dildo is an animated object and a working weapon...and a dildo.
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    Fuck man, I'm proud. To paint something for a Bethesda game and intentionally make it look like plastic is not easy. The 'white' texture for the belt and ray gun alone took a day to get right.
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    Did some more work on the modeling made a template texture. I think it looks better already.
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    @endgameaddiction Thanks, but the girl wearing it makes it look better.
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    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. A gif has to be worth more. Now just waiting for her to do this... And they say cartoons are wholesome...
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    That idea already occurred to me. The skin texture got reused on something else and I already had the notion to make clothes out of leaves and flowers.
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    Giant walking humanoid Ant men.. they are alien enough for me. Who is to say they didn't come along from another planet where insects ruled in a captured cell on the alien ship? I can see it as possible following the Fallout (old pre 76 lore) universe. Also fits with the general 40~50's Sci Fi alien concepts (as well as science gone wrong). I personally really like it and can't wait to see what Kendo does with it/them in his comics I am sure it will be really interesting. I like this alien second only to the alien hybrid woman.. lol.
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    I'm sure she's really good at photosynthesis!
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    Don't tell some of the people on the "other site" they will find a way to use this in one of their mods People familiar with what I am talking about will know the reference.
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    Wow! Best alien yet!
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    Gross.. However, you are correct. It works well with your space suit.
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    And it works with my crappy version of the dlc Delta alien space suit.
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    It'gonna have to do because I'm not spending any more time on it. I'm just making Shatner's Star Trek style aliens so they don't need to be 'great', just passable enough so there's not weird artifacts or tiling when I put them in cell lighting.
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    Works for me. I like it. If you don't like her perhaps play with the textures and make her one of those ... Creature from the black lagoon. I forget that monster in Fallout (A female version)
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    NOT what I was going for. I was thinking more Flash Gordon from the 70s cartoon. Not that it matters since I can't get the green to look right. Pretty sure the game is doing it since I'm using the same color formula I used for the other aliens. 'The game' doesn't like green or yellow, but purple and blue work fine. I did another set of textures and a male version; same shit results.
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    I think she looks cool. Very fishy and H. P. Lovecraft-ish.
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    If you're gonna make that outfit, be careful, it's multipurpose!
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