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    I made a badge for this but it didn't fit the Masamune Shiro vibe of the outfit. Gonna stencil on the word 'POLIZIA' in some futuristic text. Still need to add some do-dads and work on the belt (radio, handcuffs, etc).
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    I had to change the shape to make it function like a game pistol, and I added some extra modeling. Originally I shaped it like the reference, but it was so fat it blocked the camera when aiming, and it clipped through the hip when holstered. All that's left is painting a real texture for it.
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    Finally figured out how to get DAZ-quality emittance maps to work with a Bethesda game.
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    DZ, I just want to say I appreciate the work you do. I'm certain a lot of people do. This outfit is really top notch. I made a new character based off of another character and I decided to give her some expression. Hope it didn't come out too bad. Her wicked smile.
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    This outfit is based on a latex catsuit from dutchdame.com. I have no idea who the model is.
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    This is a mod that is based on a mod from another game. I don't have a name for this one so I would greatly appreciate it if someone would leave an idea in the comments.
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    No way in Hell I can do her outfit justice, but I sure as fuck did try.
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    Just Google 'Duck Dodgers space angle' for an explanation on what this is supposed to be.
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    My Chimer, Nylaathria. Long story short. She's a priestess of the tribunal temple in Raven Rock. She has a stronger connection with Azura out of the three Daedric Princes. Azura see's her pure heart and strong loyalty that she uplifts her curse returning her to her original Chimer appearance. "Goddess of Dusk and Dawn, though I may not serve you as a temple priestess of the tribunals anymore, my loyalty and gratitude will always remain. My duties as a worshiper always carries on even though you do not provide me with anymore visions. I'm still a humble servant among you, my goddess."
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    Basic costuming for background NPCs. I had to hold back on working these over like I usually do (no hipoly meshes/2048x2048 textures). But I did make mask textures to make some areas pearly and metallic and some not.
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    Before now I had no idea that I could mask part of an object and scale the unmasked part in Outfit Studio. This is very helpful when dealing with objects between the breasts because Outfit Studio tends to stretch and compress the object depending on the slider. Still, this is not better than modeling the low and high weight meshes with 3d modeling software but is something that can be worked with for those who can't live without bodyslide.
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    This is the pink version. There's also powder blue and a white one. This went from something to throw on NPCs to a full blown mod with weapons and accessories.
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    Changed the green aquatic-looking aliens in for some reptilian-looking ones. That green skin texture (that still looks like shit) has been recycled for bug people. YEAH, they look dumb. They'll be okay for background dressing though. Or maybe I'll scale them down to half size so they're tiny.
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    Vanilla giant ant head as masks with different antenna and mandible positions. Nothing great but they will be good for background aliens in a crowd or something.
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