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    A series I did last year out of boredom. Usually not my style of creating characters but I wanted to try something different. From my previous uploads, Cleopatra and Harely Quinn were also part of this series. I had plans to do more but ran out of ideas. Though, I have some sitting in my SKSE/Preset folder still.
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    Alright, so aghjax from LL told me to replace both Sexout bodysuit meshes with the mesh from the bodysuits of this mod to fix my problem. So I copied " meshes\armor\sexoutbodysuits\outfitmerect.nif " and made " meshes\armor\sexoutbodysuits\outfitmerectamra.nif " (a second file within the sexoutbodysuits path from the Sexout Bodies mod) and now the textures are fixed. Figured it was worth mentioning here.
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    (I will now spam emoticons)
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    Antifa is right. Nazis are everywhere.
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    June 2019: Bethesda adds Battle Royale mode to Fallout 76...
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    Reading my Liberal friend's comments on the debate on Facebook and laughing my ass off. That party and its followers are eating each other alive. If there isn't four more years of Trump, then The Fix is definitely in. He may as well be running unopposed.
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    The excuse was at one time the cost of physical copies of the game (the plastic box, the disk, the art work, etc.) and having shelf space in brick-n-mortar stores. Digital distribution negated all of that but the games stayed at $60. Somehow dirt-cheap server space is less expensive than corporate marketing and actual manufacturing; game = $60. Funny Coincidence: Remove the taxes and other artificial market manipulations and...the real cash value of a barrel of low-sulfur sweet crude oil is $60. The real cash value of a gallon of gasoline is $0.60. A hundredweight of corn? $60. I'm an old school Texan so yeah I know this shit.
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    Season one only. My parents would complain that I was sitting too close to TV when it aired. Can't remember why I would do that, either had an issue with my eyes or wanted to watch Julie as close as possible. Jack Jones sang the theme song, had no idea who he was at the time, but for the last couple of years he's been one of my favorite singers of all time. I used to pretend that I was good at breakdancing, which obviously wasn't true, and I still feel the embarrassment of the unfortunate fact that I had actually danced in front of a crowd once. Back in '83, almost everyday after school, with one of my friends I would go to a video game arcade to play Wizard of Wor. I would move the guy and he would press the fire button and then we'd switch places. At the end of that year, my parents bought me a C64 as a reward for my success in school, believing that it might help me study. They were wrong of course, between the summer '84 and the summer of '86, I believe there were no C64 games left that I hadn't played.
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    @endgameaddiction You were right, the bags Bethesda sent are junk. "Barely a step up over nylon."
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    What amuses me is they already tried this with Halle Berry. Anyone remember the Jinx spinoff? Anyone? That's right. They knew it was going to be a turd and they aborted it. Suddenly, the fucking idiots think it will work a second time around. What I want to do is wait until this flops, research some of the producers and find out what charities and/or movements they support and ask how they feel now about flushing money down the shitter instead of donating it, ritualclarity wrote: I'm a huge James Bond fan and have read all of the original Ian Fleming novels and even some of the inferior ones published by other authors after his death. Fleming would probably have a stroke. He was a man of his times. There are some cringe-worthy Racist moments in Live and Let Die where he writes some "Black" dialogue in some scenes and if not exactly misogynist likely of the opinion that males are superior. But I don't think he would have been upset because the, ahem, "New Bond" is Black and female. I think he'd hate it because it's just a stupid over-reaction to the current political climate. I mean, when are filmmakers going to realize that a significant portion of their audience is White males? Are they going to keep alienating them? Can they afford to lose money in an age where movies are becoming more expensive to produce but easier for people to access for free? Can they really be that retarded?
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    Spawn is my first and favorite comic into the image comics series. Funny I liked him not because of his skin color but because of who he was and his backstory. The film is underrated but I'm glad it never went full mainstream like Marvel and DC superheroes did. The film was really good imo.
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    Now we need a white lando Calrissian from Star wars.. White or again Yes.. Asian Harlem hammer. Spawn needs to be white for the next film.. State that .. and watch them loose their shit. To be honest.. there isn't any real reason there can't be a black 007. It is a title given to an MI6 agent at least as far as I understand it. However, the entire premise is swagger and maleness that I doubt any female could pull off. They would be changing the formula. Wonder what the creator of 007 thinks of this. That would be interesting to know. They'd have a better chance of creating a new spy that is a female in a mix of Borne Supremacy, bond, Nikita etc etc. Blend them up and create a new super spy that happens to be a female. I believe they would be more successful (if written correctly) than they will be doing this. They failed with the reboot of Ghostbusters.. from doing shit that the consumer doesn't want.
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    There was one for SOS on Nexus but it's so poorly done I wouldn't recommend it. I think it's called 'Revealing Armors for SOS'. It might be gone now.
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    Which are likely use taxes to help cover operational expenses, as otherwise it wouldn't make sense to have services there.
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    The animals in our town ruined the 4th of July celebration too. Bunch of idiot kids started a brawl and two of them got shot. This is at a downtown subway/bus station I've renamed Fort Apache since there's a fight or shooting there every week now. Wonder of wonders: it's the transit lines that serve the "disadvantaged" neighborhoods...
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    The advised "safe place" is in a basement preferably away from large windows. If you care for a librial that is in need of a safe place on a regular occurrence... it is advised to heavily insulate a room in the basement and if not some place away from stimulus. If you don't own your property and can't remodel said location, then packing foam sheets can be attached to the wall by tape or some other material. Keep in mind.. you might be responsible to repaint that room and do some light patching but that is the responsible thing to do when caring for a librial. lol
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    If You Own Any Libs, Remember To Bring Them Inside And Calm Them Down During July 4 Celebrations
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    Her name is Daria Zaritskaya and she' smoke'n hot too.
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    I can't figure out what's going on with Sexout either. I think it has something to do with how mod swaps out meshes. I've tried manually fixing the meshes Sexout uses and pathing textures to to them, but they still fuck up during some animations. I don't know enough about Sexout to help you; might try asking the mod author.
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    So the mod only comes with the files in the spoiler. No meshes folder... I'm not exactly familiar with what UV is. is it one of those files? Edit: Sorry! I didn't read your comment properly. I'm using the vanilla textures now, and it works perfectly. Thank you!
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    Sounds like the textures in that mod use the modified Breeze UV (the one I got rid of in this mod). Try using the vanilla male textures of that mod with my meshes and see if they line up correctly.
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    Impossible Feet 2.0 updated with the original blender file.
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    Love when I find a bug at the very last minute: Hopefully it will be fixed for next week, wiil prepare a second option just in case.
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    Much like having many different distributions and that's most likely why a lot of people prefer IOS to Android. It's the same deal with Linux vs. Windows as a desktop OS.
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    Very sad and disgusting. Glad I made the choice of not wanting kids. I seem to dodge a bullet with a lot of bat shit craziness that is going on with these generations only to look back and have a sigh of relief.
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    When I decided to get into modding I chose one simply rule: make stuff you’re going to use. Last year I bought Sims 4 and a couple of expansions and I was committed to port my CC, there’s a couple of them already on the download section. But then I started to play the game less and less to the point it became a chore, I was hoping the latest expansion would allow me to regain some interest but it didn’t. I also tried several mods but the result was the same, so I’m abandoning TS4 for good, my apologies to the people who were left waiting. I’ll continue to make CC for Sims 3 under the same condition: anyone is free to modify it, no questions asked.
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    A few hypothetical questions bugging my mind: 1. Can matter continue its existence if time stops, or if you just suck out all the energy in the universe? Or would it dissolve into nothingness? (possibly) 2. Related to #1, is matter in fact a form of energy? (possibly) 3. Does "going back in time" mean that you'd have to undo the entire universe, including yourself? (definitely) 4. If moving at a faster speed slows down the time and stops it completely at the speed of light, does that mean the universe works (i.e. changes its states) at the speed of light? Which kind of suggests that it cannot affect us if we move at the speed of light? (no idea) If anyone has better answers I'd love to read them.
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    Naturally, there will be people who are more than happy to pay M$ for their "service" and will tell us about how others do the same thing, how it all makes sense etc. Fuck, I hope I won't be around to deal with yet another wave of bullshit from these complacent idiots...
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    Lovin' this. The Executive of Google is just floppin' around straight forward questions. Typical sjw.
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    Yes, that is the stable market price for those items as well as there are stable market prices for other items. It is the companies (and gov) that try to artificially inflate the cost to ring up more profits. When those cost start getting out of wack.. (when investors and companies start getting bent out of shape due to the cost of oil going up above that price) It is because there is a carefully watched and understood maximum prices (yes prices for the same product) that people will pay for. There is a maximum price before people will put off travel with the cost of gas (the finished product from crude oil) A maximum price a person will pay or consider paying when purchasing a future car (taking gas into consideration, keep in mind that historically people didn't buy trucks and large suvs it is a marke thing. Other countries don't do this like US) Each time that price starts to go above a set level... people stop buying and the market shrinks and cost them all that profit as they either have to lower the price.. or loose the money. Same goes for corn.. to high a price, people will eat something else Price for everything like corn goes up.. people will hold off as much as possible.. forcing companies to sell at lower prices (sweet spot) again loosing their profits. In the 70s and before, companies took a reasonable profit, took care of their employees (most) with good pay understanding that employees needed money (reasonable amount) to be able to fuel the economy. Now, it is winner take all shit. Cheapest labor, cheapest materials, cheapest cost to get the maximum profits.
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    So many things wrong with today's world in this video.
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    What were the first ever TV shows, movies or music that you used to watch or listen to on your own, when you were a kid? These were some of mine back in the early 70s... TV shows... It was all B&W... It's funny how I can still remember their music... My first ever cassette was given to me by my father were a compilation of sorts. It was an orange BASF which looked like this... One side was ABBA the other was Neil Diamond... Movies are hard to remember as you'd only watch them once, as there were no DVDs not even VHS back then.
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    Well, for me my nostalgia in music was growing up to 80s hip hop/break/electric funk. It will always be my fond memory growing up to those jams as a kid in the roller skating rink with my Riedells. I'd love to relive those days again. No cell/smart phones or social media. Just 4 hours (7-11p.m.) every weekend (Friday and Saturday) skating, playing some games on the arcade talking and socializing with one another. And it was there where I had my first french kiss. :L I'm not good with movies so I'll leave that one out.
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    For me it was Happy Days, Love Boat, Fantasy Island and my all-time favorite childhood TV memory: Daisy Duke in that skimpy red bikini in the pilot episode of Dukes of Hazzard! My absolute FAVORITE show, however, was Kolchak: the Night Stalker. Still love it to this day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfmK8YUdSpY
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    Check this out. 13 yr old little fuckers... They're great.
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    Man that store owner called it, didn't he? You can see and hear the fear as soon as he realizes what the backlash is going to be.
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    In the interview the dev talks about character paths, how street cred works and some other stuff not covered so far.
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    Police body cam footage of po' ol' didndu nuffin getting arrest after stealing from Gibson's Bakery and assaulting the clerk. This is what started the Oberlin lawsuit. At 1:54 the robber starts crying like a little bitch and then he asks for his mommy.
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    "non-linear, open world, branching game play"
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    Document dump from the Oberlin court case. Come to find out college kids really are toddlers...
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    vancleef might like this one, has some jazz flute in it...
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    Spiderman, good choice! When I was about five or six, I used to tell our neighbor's kid that Spiderman was my friend and he always believed me and never wanted me to prove it. I don't think I've ever watched Gunsmoke, but it reminded me that I used to watch Bonanza when I was a kid! And thanks YT, yes, I also watched Kung Fu...:D
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    1969. It was first Halloween where I got to wear a costume I picked out; Spiderman!
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