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  1. The Presidential 'State of the Union' address should be coming up soon. I wonder who'll be doing it...or will they do it at all? I really hope bumbling Biden does it so we can hear him say 'nigger' again. I know it's bad but I can't stop laughing.
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  2. Before people stated mods made Bethesda games more entertaining and enjoyable. this is true. Oblivion, Fallout 3 etc. All became much more entertaining when mods were added. Starting with Skyrim (graphics etc.. remember SkyUI? being a dam near requirement to play the game) and beyond Bethesda has continuously tried to fuck their games over and make them more and more stupid up to the most recent Fallout 76 where they got so lazy as to remove all NPCs from the game (release) just made a environment. Each and every new release requires more and more mods to make the game even bearable. More an
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  3. Millennials: We eat Tide Pods. Gen Z: We use Gorilla Glue for gel.
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