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    This issue isn't about gambling... it is about the game companies hiding eh fact. Getting rating so they can sell the games. Lying about what they are selling. They lied.. then they got fucked over and mad that they were held accountable. Fuck them. They deserve what they got.
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    This is a pretty effective NPC troll. Begin OnGameLoad If(GetIs Offended < 0) Set Offended to 1 EndIf END
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    Working on a new comic based in the DC Wasteland...sorta.
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    Youtube is down everywhere in the world, must be the first time it's ever happened. Not sure if it's related to ICANN's DNS maintenance. I'm using Youtube Classic addon on FF which disables the new UI and makes YT really fast, for that reason all I get is "An error occurred. Please try again." message, but if I switch to Opera, I get the 500 Internal Server Error with purple monkey.
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    Perhaps, this guy would be a better choice, he's a pretty talented actor...
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    Marvel Comics; devoted fan base that would buy comics every month. Let's take a giant SJW feminist shit on them so they won't buy our products. ME: Andromeda; let's take a beloved franchise and knowingly make a game so terrible the fans will turn on us. Star Wars; Wreck the biggest IP on the planet and FUCK the fans, the Force is female and no one cares about toys. Honestly I think it's the 30 something Millennials and their total disdain for established norms. They want to tear it down and rebuild it into their own vision. The problem is they have no vision other than social or political agendas and their creativity is just shit. Also, entertainment is no longer about being entertained, it's about how much money can be squeezed out of consumers before they wise up and stop buying. People with no talent and focus groups, that's why we can't have nice things. And now comes FO76, the game no one asked for.
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    Nice Beats and Tracks I think, that developed from breakdance sound, freestyle and later 2 step (UK Garage - Garage House.) Freestyle 2 Step (UK and House Garage) apropos breakbeat ... Big Beat