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    I personally take issue with developers who offer their games on platforms that aim to kill off game ownership. Especially when they are known to have been advocating against DRM...
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is a collection latex outfits that I found while browsing the web. All outfits are designed primarily for UNPB/UUNP. List of outfits: UUNP Marquis Mood (Image) How to obtain: The clothing should be added to your inventory on load. This will only occur once. Requirements: BodySlide / Outfit Studio - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015 HDT HighHeels System - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/ SKSE - https://skse.silverlock.org/ Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file into the Skyrim data folder. The compressed BSA contains UNPB meshes so if you're a UNPB user you don't need to run BodySlide or have it installed for that matter. Credits: Halofarm - for Pinup Poser. (The poses I use in the images) Besthesda - The maker of Skyrim and the Creation Kit Caliente - The maker of BodySlide & Outfit Studio. Skyrim Script Extender Team - The makers of SKSE. Kendo 2 - Add an Item at Game Load script.
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    DA:O... An Exhibitionist's Playthrough...
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    Thanks. A small percentage of the screenshots I take are in the game world. Most are done in custom cells I made. The ones with the blank background are DAZ style sound stages; seamless with lighting only that I can make any color.
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    Yeah, but he doesn't seem interested in making games. What I meant was basically "a capable guy with a dream".
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    Settling for less is the outcome of bad products. Well, one of them. Gaming is like a drug addiction. I even mean that for me. I don't neglect that there are times I want to give in and do the same as these dumb consumers. It's very easy to say screw it and put your own interest over everyone else's. These stupid consumers eventually give in, even if the product is mediocre at best. And maybe even if a game is mediocre at best, if their intentions were true but came up short, maybe you can give them a pass. So long as they learn from their mistakes. I Tried for too long to show the signs what Bethesda was becoming. It's clear as the sky. Once you give them an inch they'll take it and push for another inch. And another. And I noticed that Bethesda was testing their consumers with the paid mod shennanigans in 2015. They made the mistake the first time, but they sure learned from it since. And all these talented modders on FO4 and Skyrim SE can rub their behinds with Bethesda to get some of that Creation Club crash, but in reality they are part of the problem and the Nexus shills are giving all their love and support not knowing/caring that they are setting themselves up to get a really long one from behind. Since then just don't care. Hater or not, my motives and passion were to wake people up because we are all in this together. What they do and what happens affects all of us. It's much easier for them to just give in and buy the bad quality game just to get their next fix than fight that fix. Companies feet should always be held over the fire when their motives are deliberately to give us the short end of the stick. And we should praise them when they put us first and treat us the way we should because at the end of the day, fans are what makes them money and you don't want to mistreat loyal fans. All these woke companies are a testament to losing millions for shitting on their consumers. But since they want to maintain loyalty and call anyone who disagrees or trashes the company for their real intent. Meh.... they deserve every bit of being screwed over.
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    They will, it's inevitable. Whatever happened in movie and music industries, will happen in games industry as well. If people keep buying inferior products and don't ask for or expect quality, the industry will offer them the cheapest, lowest quality products possible, with the highest possible profit margin for themselves. In other words, the poor quality music, movies and games of today are a direct result of the stupidity of consumers. For the same reason, we won't see any significant innovation in video games in the near future, unless a guy like Elon Musk comes along and starts making video games.
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    CP2077...my 'high hopes' went to just 'hopes' to Bethesda-level 'fuck you, prove it'. If the gaming industry continues down the path it is I'll be finding another hobby.
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    I cringe hard when people from so-called tech channels on YT try to insert RAM sticks into the motherboard on top of a motherboard's cardboard box, while severely bending the motherboard. Idiots. Which kinda proves that they are people who don't really think for themselves but rather do what they were told to do...
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    This is an archetypal early 80's song for me... I would turn off the lights and listen to this and many other similar songs on the radio until I fall asleep... Good times... aaand this is the regurgitated version for the Millennials who have no clue or whatsoever...
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    OMFG This is so bad I had to share it. WARNING: It's gawd-awful.
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    Version 1.0.0


    LOCATION: Look for a suitcase inside Easy Pete's house in Good Springs. It's next to the table in the room with the queen-sized bed. The suitcase is set to respawn. If you want to use one of these suits a replacer for the body that came with the K2SissySlutRaces mod; Go to Data\meshes\characters\K2Sissy and make a backup copy of the femaleupperbody nif. Rename the mesh of your choice to femaleupperbody and copy/paste it into the Data\meshes\characters\K2Sissy folder. PERMISSIONS: The contents of this mod are NOT resource material. You may not redistribute my content without my expressed permission. If you want to use my content then ASK ME first.
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    Well, need not to worry anymore because this mod: Disable Follower Collision allows you to do what I was specifically looking for. It works if you have a follower following or waiting. Doesn't work when they are dismissed. And the beauty is that it's an SKSE file that can be toggled on and off like a light bulb via console command.
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    Absolutely. I may release this one along side the one I'm working on now.
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    Version 1.0.0


    What is it? Four races for traps, sissies and fembois; and 15 character presets. The mod is all-inclusive, with body, head and hand meshes, and its own textures. Requirements None. Installation Drop the download contents into your data folder and play. The game will do the rest. Disclaimer Some of the custom hair models I used do not fit the head mesh well. I am well fucking aware of how bad some of them are. I’m not happy about it but conformulating them did not work for me. Just deal with it. I also know few of the face presets are hideous, particularly the Asian ones. That’s not my fault; blame Bethesda for the crap race facial morphs that are next to impossible to work with. Credits dimon99 for hand meshes meshes, kiwi82mx for the mipmap layers I used to bake the body, head and hand normal textures, Breeze582000 for the penis model, and Kendo 2 for everything else. Permissions The body mesh and body textures are resource materials. Feel free to make all of the sissy slut outfits you want. I encourage you to do so. The remainder of the upload contents are not resource material. Terms
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    They'll still be outclassed in the brains department. If being stupid was a crime Liberals would get lethal injection.
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    Everything was so difficult, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make sense of even the most basic of concepts. That frustration was the fuel to keep trying, the process was painfully slow but the learning experience made it worthful. And after all the problems -past, present and future-, I don’t feel like stopping. Thanks to Loverslab / NSFWmods’ admins and the people who shared their insights, created the tools and paved the road for the rest of us. And finally to EA, your heroics shall never ever be forgotten…
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    WTF... are they stupid? Milking cows is necessary if there are no calves.. I don't work on a farm and know this. It is extremely uncomfortable for the cow. Painful is what some have said when they aren't milked. It is cruel not to milk her to relieve the pressure. There is no way she can do it herself. So the following is cow sex equiptment ?
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    Version 1.0.0


    PREPARE TO BE TROLLED This is everything I've ever made for Sims 4. Some of it you may already have and a lot of it I know you don't because it was (at one time) my personal shit. So..just...WHY? Because of all the dirt that came out about how EA conducts themselves after ME:Andromeda was released. REALLY EA? Okay... AND because EA is a massive cluster fuck of diversity-hire-SJW-stupidity and I refuse to mod for or support a company like that. I don't care what you think about it or me, so FUCK YOU. NO, there will be not screenshots and NO I do not care what you do with these files. Again, FUCK YOU for playing an EA game and supporting their narrow-minded SJW Lib-tard corporate culture. You should be goddamned ashamed of yourselves. But what do I know? I'm just some faggot who knows how to mod.
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