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    Same face as the previous (Draenei like character), but a nose lift and pushed her mouth down a little.
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    Some simple and not-so-simple accessories to close 2019 (yes, I’m aware that’s not how laces work ).
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    I updated MedBod 1.9 to remove some lines around the boobs, if you don’t go beyond the default size probably you haven’t noticed it yet, in that case you can skip this update. Before: After:
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    The body is done but the hands and feet are still a work in progress. Outfits coming soon.
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    One giant setscale 20 Provoke giant. Welcome to Starfield.
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    If only Elon Musk had enough Skyrim giants with clubs.
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    Damn, I missed this comment. I'll work on this first thing tomorrow. I've been meaning to do this but it always get put on the back burner for some reason. I have a bad habit of not using the activity stream, if it takes me ages to respond to a comment in the downloads area send me a PM.
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