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  1. Damn, I missed this comment. I'll work on this first thing tomorrow. I've been meaning to do this but it always get put on the back burner for some reason. I have a bad habit of not using the activity stream, if it takes me ages to respond to a comment in the downloads area send me a PM.
  2. Doublezero


    The body is done but the hands and feet are still a work in progress. Outfits coming soon.
  3. Almost there. Front texture looks good, too bad I can't say that for the back.
  4. LOL, I don't even feel bad for Fallout 76 players.
  5. Almost time for the fun part; the low weight mesh.
  6. So Fallout 76 players are paying a monthly fee just to beta test Bethesda's private worlds. You think they would have learned by now.
  7. LOL. Four videos in a row and I could have posted more. Bethesda really fanned the flames with that last announcement. I keep pondering how little they're making on this game because they went from cosmetic only DLCs to pay to win DLCs all the way to a subscription model within a year. This whole debacle just reeks of desperation.
  8. I actually toned that area down before I took the screenshots. Definitely need to work on that.
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