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  1. hi JoshQ welcome to the site and thanks for that "poorly made content" i also asked a question about it but now i see the answer was already here i'm downloading all of it for my Sims
  2. Karma199696

    ImpHeels Cattleya

    since you talk about OKW and Bloom's sexy feet, i suppose it's for TS3, right ? looked for that information but couldn't find it...
  3. and if you need to reinstall everything or not depends on what mod manager are you using for you mods... with Mod Organizer you don't need to reinstall anything, just deselect the mods you don't want to use any more, install and select the new ones... you might even have 2 different profiles, one with UNP and one with CBBE or other body types... with Nexus Mod Manager... might be a lot more difficult and you might have several issue...
  4. Karma199696


    actually the Preset i used as a base was a Nord... but i wanted a Breton for her racial powers, so i darkened her skin tone and changed her face to make her look like an ancient egyptian
  5. i would say that i'm quite good at writing/reading english, not so much to speak and understand it... i would need more practice... but when i went to USA (for holidays a few years ago) after a couple of weeks there i had no problems in understanding and making myself understood about german... well... i know just a little that i learned during my journeys in Germany, mainly related to eating/drinking/sleeping and... well, socializing with people (aber nur ein bisschen)... and i don't have the right keyboard to write it
  6. i like downloading mods too (i found this site following Kendo2 and his stuff) but i like talking too since i'm too lazy to learn modding and i don't have much free time, the little i have is for playing, not for studying tutorials and guides so i try contributing at least to threads and discussions
  7. Willkommen Zilvra Glad you found out the thread don't worry about being late... we have more then 20.000 members but i think that less the 100 found this thread and dropped a line or two... so you already are among the best performers here actually at the moment there isn't a request thread (or i never found it)... but i think you could go to the Feedback & Suggestion Forum, in the Site addition suggestion thread and propose that one be created... again wellcome
  8. nice place, i've been there actually i passed through it... i was going to Nederlands with some german friends and we visited Braunschweig, Hannover and Oldenburg
  9. Karma199696


    glad you like her... i claim no merit for the outfit, just downloaded it from Nexus... but i spent almost an hour to create her the way i wanted her to be... lore friendly for Skyrim (she's actually a Breton) and for the ancient Egypt where she is supposed to come from
  10. 25 cm vor der Tastatur solte ich sein... richtig ?? who whonst du in Deutscheland (wenn ich kann fragen) ?? anyway, i hope it isn't a problem with my hard drive... it's a quite new SSD
  11. Karma199696


    My latest character, that i finally created after fighting for 10 days against Skyrim and Steam She's Bent-Anat aka Bintanath... Princess of Egypt, daughter of the great Pharaoh Ramses II, that somehow (it's a long story) found herself in Skyrim... What will it happen to her now ?? My guess is... Nothing good ! Credits : Meister for the Horus clothing and someone that made the Preset i used as a base to create her... i don't remember who (s)he is, too many presets in my game to remember all of their creators, but (s)he has anyway my gratitude
  12. she's very cute now all she needs is one of these http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66222/? so she will know what that axe is attached to
  13. yes, i already did it... both a copy of the "original" fresh installed one and another of the now working one i may be not the smartest girl in the world but this doesn't mean i'm the most stupid one LOL ! i've wasted 2 week-ends and suffered enough for 10 days... don't want it to happen again !!
  14. i don't know what the problem was, but now it's gone (for ever i hope !!) added back my mods little by little (not 1 at a time or it would take months !) and i could even add a couple new ones... there were 2 more i wanted but i didn't dare adding them too ! LOL ! maybe in my next game thanks everybody for helping (especially RC ) now it's 11.15 PM here (we say 23.15), so i will wait tomorrow to finish creating my PC and actually playing, but already configured all the MCM menus (took almost 3 hours !) so tomorrow will be a fast start
  15. OK, I THINK I'LL SURRENDER finally downloaded Skyrim, was working added back my folders, etc... created a profile with just USLEP and LAL worked run the game from the profile i was using (with no problem) before all this happened... and the problem was back !! removed several mods (Maria Eden, Deviously Helpless, Scent of Sex, and others)... and the problem is still there !! at this point i really don't understand why a profile that was working perfectly now doesn't work not even if i remove some quite heavy mods ! if i have to play a vanilla Skyrim, well... i'll rather stop playing Skyrim ! but what really drives me crazy is that i don't understand what kind of problem is !! The game slows down, the light comes and goes, it even stop recognizing what i type ! when i choose the name for my PC it writes it all in capital letters even if i type in lower case ! it's crazy !!
  16. anyway yes, i had tried rebooting the router, i had even reinstalled Steam (following a guide i had found in their support topics) and that had worked fast and smooth... that's why i couldn't understand why i couldn't install Skyrim.
  17. my internet connection isn't fantastic... depending on the moments it ranges between 2 and 7 Mbps. at the moment i'm going at 6.7 Mbps, so one of the best speeds ever... when i first installed Skyrim (3 years ago) i had a line going between 1 and 2 Mbps... it took ages, but it got installed... these days it didn't even try ! after selecting where to install it, as soon as i clicked the button "next" i got that message. that was so friday, saturday, and this morning... now i tried again and, suddenly, it started downloading... but up to now downloaded 90 Mb out of 11 Gb (in 3 minutes)... so i won't say it finally worked until it's finished ! (it says i'll take 10 hours)
  18. LOL ! anyway i had done that, but since in my steam it didn't mention any cache i wasn't sure it was the same thing you were suggesting... found 11 files that need to be reacquired, but it seems to have problem downloading them... i get queued for less then a second, then the process gets scheduled for 5 minutes later, when it tries to get queued again but in less of a second it disconnects and reschedule the download for 5 minutes later... it has been doing so for the last 6 hours and it hasn't downloaded a single byte till now i'll leave the PC switched on for the night, hoping i'll find it done tomorrow morning thanks everybody for helping and for your patience... i'll let you know how it ends ------------------------------ update -------------------------- after 15 hours still haven't downloaded a single bit and it's always scheduled to start in 5 min. if it keeps doing so, it seems i'll never be able to play Skyrim again... ------------------------------ update 2 -------------------------- changed download region from Italy to Washington (DC) and now it's downloading seem that as usual, nothing works in Italy ------------------------------ update 3 -------------------------- it seems i've been too optimistic downloaded the first 72.6 Mb (out of 4.4 Gb) then started to do the same as the italian one ------------------------------ update 4 -------------------------- i thought thing couldn't get worse... i was wrong !! after waiting almost 24 hours and not being able of downloading the needed files, i decided that reinstalling everything would be faster (or at least more active) so i uninstalled Skyrim (that was fast and easy) and then tried to reinstall it... but simply i couldn't !! any time i tried i got the same message : "No Steam content servers are currently configured to deliver content for this game" changing download area didn't help... so now i couldn't even play vanilla Skyrim (not that i would)... Skyrim's completely gone from my PC and i can't have it back, not even installing it from the original Disk
  19. thanks for trying to help RC, but as i told many times i'm not that smart in this kind of things... i have no idea of what you mean when you talk about verifying cache and i don't understand how SKSE might work if i delete it from the Skyrim folder... do you mean i need to reinstall it ? at the moment i admit i feel a bit demotivated... the idea of spending my week-end trying to fix Skyrim doesn't make me particularly happy... if i can't find i relatively quick solution i might even stop trying...
  20. thanks, i'll need it i'll start working on it tomorrow evening. and don't worry, my game copy is original and valid
  21. sorry Kendo2 but i don't understand how this tool could help me. i might have missed something because i'm not good at understanding spoken english... yet, i'm starting a new game, i have no saved game to clean... when i start a new game i delete all previous saves, so... nothing left to clean... i just need to have Skyrim start working again...
  22. when i used NMM, every time i started a new game i backed up everything, because using NMM was a real pain (guess where?!)... since i use MO, i only create a new profile and if something goes wrong i revert to the previous profile and everything works again... not this time... now the problem remains even if i remove all the mods
  23. if i start the game from the launcher it works... if i start it from MO with only LAL (to avoid the starting sequence) it doesn't... tonight when i get back home i'll try starting it from MO without LAL, in case it works i'll try reinstalling LAL, maybe it got corrupted, but now i can't not enough time, have to go to work now if i have to reinstall everything from scratch it'll take a lot of time so, if i can't find a different solution, i'll do it in next week-end.
  24. i thought something similar too... but why if i remove all the mods the problem remains ?? at the moment i have only LAL installed and still have that problem
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