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  1. Huge problem !

    when i used NMM, every time i started a new game i backed up everything, because using NMM was a real pain (guess where?!)... since i use MO, i only create a new profile and if something goes wrong i revert to the previous profile and everything works again... not this time... now the problem remains even if i remove all the mods
  2. Huge problem !

    if i start the game from the launcher it works... if i start it from MO with only LAL (to avoid the starting sequence) it doesn't... tonight when i get back home i'll try starting it from MO without LAL, in case it works i'll try reinstalling LAL, maybe it got corrupted, but now i can't not enough time, have to go to work now if i have to reinstall everything from scratch it'll take a lot of time so, if i can't find a different solution, i'll do it in next week-end.
  3. Huge problem !

    i thought something similar too... but why if i remove all the mods the problem remains ?? at the moment i have only LAL installed and still have that problem
  4. Arsenic's Bandit Den of Daz3d Outfits Version 2

    that's not the nicest way for asking things... may i suggest changing that "want" with something such as... "i'd like to have" or "would be possible having" ? maybe adding a "please" somewhere in the sentence ?
  5. Huge problem !

    ok... now it's official... Skyrim is trying to drive me crazy !! and it's succeeding !!! so... after the problem was mysteriously disappeared, i started adding the mods back little by little... i arrived to the situation where i had all the mods i had before trying to start the new game, and everything was fine... so i tried adding half of the new mods i wanted to try... again, everything was fine... then i tried adding the few last new mods... and the problem was back !! so i thought "haha ! gotcha ! one of these mods is the guilty one !!" i removed them... but the problem was still there !! that was crazy, a nonsense !! again tried to play with just SKSE and LAL and again the problem persisted !! again tried playing launching the game from the launcher and again it worked !! so i'm again in the situation i was sunday... Skyrim works only with no mods at all and i don't understand why... all i can do is to hope that the problem will again disappear by itself and that i can add the mods back (not those few that i added last of course) in the next days... unless of course someone of you can think of a possible cause of the problem and relative solution
  6. Huge problem !

    hi Kendo2 thanks for answering i already thought about trying from the launcher, but needed some time because of the never-ending starting sequence tonight i tried and it worked... the problem was gone... so, i closed the game and tried again with just SKSE and LAL (to avoid the starting sequence) and, surprise, this time worked... those strange effect were gone... so, when i have time i'll try adding the mods little by little and see what happens... i hope not to bother you guys any more, but anyway i'll keep you posted (in case you're interested)
  7. The 20000 member celebration thread

    don't mention it no problem at all i like the site and the people here, and since i can't help much in other ways, i do what i can (also at the moment i can't even play skyrim because i messed it up somehow and can't understand how and why so i have more free time to follow the site while i try to fix it )
  8. The Video Game Music Appreciation Thread

    that's how i knew those videos
  9. New members introduction thread

    welcome junkacc may i suggest you guys create a dictionary somewhere in the site with the meaning of all those slang worlds for those (like me) that not being american can't understand them ?? such as : wanking (this i think i can guess), fags, fudgepack...
  10. The Video Game Music Appreciation Thread

    i wonder which percentage of that standing ovation-public knew what was she singing about... i had seen most of these on youtube, i especially when Malukah makes the chorus for herself this is been my favorite for a lot of time... really fun ! yet... even if probably most of you guys might consider it a kind of blasphemy, i don't like music in my games... every time i install a game, the very first ting i do is going to the options and disabling the music completely so i have no idea at all of what music there's in Skyrim and if the songs above are in the game or not
  11. New members introduction thread

    very well, thank you... as always when a new member stops to say "hi" what about you ??
  12. The 10000 member celebration thread

    he might use the...well, i think is called slave outfit or something like that (see the attached pic) changing it a little... for example joining the 2 upper parts in a larger one and write NSFW on it... then, instead of that kind of g-string, the bottom part would be something just hanging from the chain, like the upper part, with MODS written on it maybe you might want to change the colors for something more suitable to the site (black, dark grey, blue)
  13. The official NSFW Babe Thread

    eheheh ! You know why ! i like the pics and kind of envy those girls... but i like warm and sunny weather, not winter and cold
  14. The official NSFW Babe Thread

    months ago posted some summer babes... so why not some winter ones ?
  15. The 10000 member celebration thread

    Not really we still need 1.170 members... that's a bit more then 200... maybe you forgot a 0 at the end or a 1 at the beginning ?
  16. Kendo2's Alice in Wunderland Outfits

    yes, i know he has his reasons for that... and since i like Kendo2 and his work, as soon as i knew that i converted my Skyrim from CBBE to UNP (and it was quite a work )
  17. Kendo2's Alice in Wunderland Outfits

    ehm... i think he stated quite clearly in the OP that he won't...
  18. Dev - A Naughty and Immersive Skyrim

    that will be you i didn't follow the tutorial... too much to read (in english) and i have too many scripted mods so i can't add all those graphic ones... anyway, i managed to have a modded game that runs nice and smooth, so why changing it ?? i like good looking characters and landscapes, but i don't need astounding ones... especially if to have them i need to play without my favorite naughty and kinky mods
  19. Dev - A Naughty and Immersive Skyrim

    seems great mine is this one : https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-PB287Q-3840x2160-DisplayPort-Monitor/dp/B00KJGY3TO and is actually working quite well
  20. Dev - A Naughty and Immersive Skyrim

    that's sad i hope at least it was big enough to burn it in a stove and worm you up
  21. The Pack

    I always liked your characters
  22. Dev - A Naughty and Immersive Skyrim

    well... it's almost the only present i got for Xmas and i bought it myself... so maybe you shouldn't be that jealous
  23. Dev - A Naughty and Immersive Skyrim

    right ! i use 3840x2160 and when i had a 980 it kept overheating, freezing my game (i know it sounds weird but that's what happened ) and i'm not even using all the graphic mods you use... since when i bought a 1080 (my own present for Xmas) the game runs well and smooth and no more temperature problems
  24. Who's going to play Conan Exiles?

    yeah... it seems like the game is already been modded !
  25. Who's going to play Conan Exiles?

    yes, probably they're envious because they don't have one for themselves to make their pee-wee at least as big as a pencil !! LOL