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  1. Fusion Heels n09

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    i know Cmar and Bloom, didn't know the others. now that i do, i'll look for their creations too :) an other reason to thank you for ! ;)

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  2. Fusion Heels n09

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    1 hour ago, JoshQ said:

    That's right, shortened legs (and lack of bunny suits) were some of the reasons I decided to learn how to mod this game, oh boy what a trip! Thanks for your support I really, really appreciate it :D

    Thanks the Divines you did ! (Skyrim quotation LOL). RC is right, you really did a great job !

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  3. Fusion Heels n09

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    i never liked high heals in TS3 because Sims' height didn't change, wearing high heals shoes actually shortened legs...

    with all the shoes you are posting it isn't so, they actually do what heals are supposed to do... so i really like them !

    thanks. :D

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  4. ImpHeels Cattleya

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    since you talk about OKW and Bloom's sexy feet, i suppose it's for TS3, right ?  looked for that information but couldn't find it...

  5. 21 hours ago, ritualclarity said:

    You are correct Karma, Kendo will not allow any of his works to be converted over to CBBE. It is his preference and lets respect that.

    yes, i know he has his reasons for that...  and since i like Kendo2 and his work, as soon as i knew that i converted my Skyrim from CBBE to UNP ;) (and it was quite a work :P )

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  6. 2 hours ago, Dustine said:

    Can i ask you about what body texture does your model use looks great 

    actually it is said above ;)

    • Red Roses for UNPCM
    • Fairylicious for UNPCM
    • Clothing Assembly I for UNP Jiggle
    • Pretty Witch for UNPCM
    • Strapped Outfit for UNP Jiggle


    anyway i'm going to try them with UNP... They are so awesome that i can't just ignore thm :D