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  1. Movie Lovers Thread

    Okay, this makes sense. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_(brand) Maybe they were under National before slapping it with Panasonic logo instead. On topic: I laughed hysterically as a kid to this movie and been wanting to see it as it's been a long long time. Weekend at Bernies
  2. Movie Lovers Thread

    It's exactly this one right here, except it's not in mint condition as this one in the image. And for some reason instead of saying Panasonic at the bottom left corner, it says National.
  3. Movie Lovers Thread

    I grew up to cassettes and VHS. Not sure if the early 80s 8track was still being used. I would assume yes, but for me I used cassette tapes and VHSs in the mid 80s through the 90s until CD became the next device. I happen to have a very very old karaoki machine that has two 8track and 2 cassette inputs with the very old and large input for microphones. I bet the thing still runs. Funny because a friend of mine used to practice with his band in my garage and used it as a substitute for a PA system. He left it and I later used it as a substitute for a guitar amp until I had a real amp. Sounded horrible for an electric guitar since it didn't have a mid, gain (distortion), or bass knob to it.
  4. Movie Lovers Thread

    Never seen that movie.
  5. Movie Lovers Thread

    Plastic and garages in a scorching hot summer desert like where I live is bad as well. Apocalypto Love this film for the raw brutality.
  6. Movie Lovers Thread

    That Darn Cat I'm not much for movies anymore, but I still have my huge stash of DVDs. The internet has taken over most of my entertainment now.
  7. Music Lovers Thread

    Speaking of Adagio. One of my favorite metal bands from France. Their older stuff is very dark. I find them to be very underrated. But this album is more mainstream than their previous sound which was neo progressive metal. Sadly neo progressive metal has been dying out.
  8. History of Fallout Franchise

    Is it me, or is the ending with the pipboy on his arm a direct punt at Bethesda?
  9. Music Lovers Thread

  10. Site addition suggestion

    I think what he would like is member be able to disable it from viewing it. Kinda like you can hide sections of the forum you have no desire to view. But yeah, none of us here actually take that serious. I'm not the social media attention type. I had the first My Space but rarely ever gave it attention. That ended when they shut down and remade it. Then I had Facebook for a very short time. Had it until I seen the massive ego stroking of people and their 5k+ friends thinking they were better than you. That and I hated that Facebook would constantly pop up a list of people I could befriend. I remember rejecting an aunt who tried to befriend me. Never spoke to me ever since. haha
  11. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    And out rolls another update. One person (so far) has claimed it broke F4SE again. At this rate as CC grows more and more over time, I'm certain updates will be much more frequent. That's not good for the script extender team. Especially when they'll have to work on constantly updating SSE as well when CC is implemented. And imagine the games to come? It's going to be a burden keeping up with all these games. Don't see a bright future for modding unless a mod is released to disable CC updating completely.
  12. nsfwmods.com Web Support Thread

    It was more of a concern because don't like bumping newer screenshots back. It's a pretty dick move I think. But I had no idea that would happen.
  13. nsfwmods.com Web Support Thread

    I see your New Vegas image on the front page.
  14. nsfwmods.com Web Support Thread

    Okay, so I noticed one of my old images I posted a while back got bumped up. I had edited the description earlier today, so I'm assuming that's why. Is that a bug?
  15. Character collision off without using tcl is it possible?

    If you mean this mod, I'll check it out, Thanks :)