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  1. Marceloria

    My retired Imperial Legionnaire.
  2. Starting out

    That's suicide. I could never go without DarNUI. That's just madness!
  3. Witcher Fun


    https://bullyhunters.org/ Update: Looks like this was all just a bunch of BS. Seems obvious since the site is down and they removed their video. Even that snowflake Zombi Unicorn removed a video I watched yesterday about Bully Hunters. All this back pedaling. Too much cringe. -.-

    Call me an asshole but I'm one who unsubbed to noclip and why I just don't donate to anyone on the net or in real life. I've seen too many times people support someone and they invert the next and they regret it. I did put myself through the pain to watch the video to see what she had to say. Nothing relevant then again she isn't relevant either. But the comments are great.

    @ritualclarity Makes me want to move to Georga.
  7. Music Lovers Thread


  9. Music Lovers Thread

    @Kendo 2 I've been following them for a long time. They have made so many great covers.
  10. History of Fallout Franchise

  11. Lizzy in Latex

    That's a nice looking leather corset. Black and Red have always been two colors that go well together.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    The sad thing is many consumers tend to sell their souls to the devil when the hype weighs in more than self control and dignity itself. CDPR as of right now gives me no reason to distrust them. So far they are doing great by over delivering. Even if the game doesn't meet expectations at least they tried. But even then they always try to set higher ambitions to grow as a company. Now to be realistic about this, will it last forever? No. Eventually people quit for various reaons, people change and the companies image changes. Once greed steps in, it's more than likely not going to leave. Only reason why Bethesda is getting away with Creation Club is because I feel they have plotted this from the start, or through the years that idea sparked to make profit off of modding. As modding became more and more a trend, and the outcome of Skyrim that rocketed the modding scene, they saw potential profit. One of their biggest mistakes was taking an old game like Skyrim and trying to use it to make money off of mods. If they had done this with a brand new fresh game, odds are people would have adapted to it easier. I said this back in 2015. But either way Creation Club exists and it may not being doing all that well for SSE and FO4, but as new games are released, I can only see Bethesda forcing Creation Club over their fans even more to the point where if you want mods, you'll have to pay for them. And it will be treated no different than cosmetics from loot boxes. But I think CDPR as of now has no ill intentions with their current CP2077. If they want to avoid shooting themselves in the foot, they're better off trying to do these predatory practices once they have more franchises under their belt. Because at least then if some time in the future they decide to put MTX into their third iteration of Cyberpunk and that fails, they'll have two or three other franchises by then they have done well and can keep them sustained financially.
  13. Music Lovers Thread

  14. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    When I first watched it, I didn't pick it up. I did notice the terrible automated female translater. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean non binary word paraphrase renderer. Got get with these times. *smacks forehead* On a serious note: The glitch screen was a genius masterpiece. I mean think about it. These guys are great at teasers and we haven't even seen gameplay footage of this game yet. But as I speculated, it looks like it will be showcased at E3 this year. I figured it would because the timing felt right. And also with Gwent is out of the picture, it would just end up being a silent year. As far as microtransactions go, I really don't see the point. In fact, Witcher 3 is technically their first triple A title. CP2077 will be their second upcoming triple A. If they made the stupid move to put in microtransactions now, it wouldn't just hurt their reputation, it would hurt them bad financially. EA can get away with it because these guys have a butt load of money to the point they can kill franchises like ME and Star Wars Battlefront and still manage to maintain all their studios (if they wanted to). I feel Bethesda in the near future will eventually take another step further into their anti consumer practices. It was an obvious hint back in 2015 with their attempt at paid mods and the way they managed to split the profit. And I still laugh how somehow there were modders out there who thought this was an awesome idea. Not necessarily paid mods per se, but the percentage they were going to get after meeting that quota first. IF CDPR is ever going to introduce anti consumer practices to the table, they have to build up a strong and very trustworthy company first. And right now the only successfully franchise they have under their belt is Witcher. For all we know CP2077 could be a massive fail. I doubt it, but we don't know until we know.