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  1. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    If they want long term success, they should really think about expanding the mod ability. This guy describes exactly how I feel about it. We really don't have any reason to doubt them.
  2. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    I have no reason to doubt CDPR thus far. I just hope they stay true to their words in the long run. Great news nonetheless.
  3. The Electronic Arts thread

    No there isn't, but it's obvious that CP2077 will be talked about in 2018. Gwent is out of the way now. And remember that CDPR said in 2017 that this year goes to Gwent. I presume that it's either 2018 or 2019 the relase of CP2077. It could be a few more years given that they were granted an extention of the government grant if they needed it. I've been intrigued in Vampyr myself but have not kept up with it. Not interested in Reddead Redemption 2. As much as CDPR has a following, they also have a lot of haters. Mainly Beth fanboys. Regardless of how CDPR is far better than Bethesda. They are the equivalence of angry SJWs who hate a Polish rally because they refuse to share that "diversity" the rest of Europe does. Despite that it is a peaceful rally. Beth Fanboys hate CDPR because their games are too RPG for them.

    I like James Allup. He's a bright young man full of intellect. What's cringy is the fact that SJWs calling Polish people neo-nazis. And this article is just another demonstration of the cancerous left. http://www.newsweek.com/poland-nationalist-rally-neo-nazi-slogans-calls-islamic-holocaust-draws-708984
  5. The Electronic Arts thread

    That's definitely a bait and switch. This is EA just pretending to be the good guys to get gamers to think they are listening so they can get them early sales and then once they hit their marks in sales, it's back to microtransaction. They said it was temporary anyways.
  6. SAE: Male and female armor variants

    I personally prefer skimpy armor over clothing. You ever thought about doing it how nise does with his bikini armor? i mean in the sense of more equippable pieces for that set. I like the chainmail on the female and loving that helm. Those horns would look fabulous as demon horns.
  7. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    It's still available, but it's hard to find. It's been like that for a long time now. They deliberately did that when SSE launched so people would buy SSE instead of classic Skyrim.
  8. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

  9. Interesting backstories. Curious as to what kind of things Lance and his team don't report. I can only guess, but I'll have to wait and see later on.
  10. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. The only thing Bethesda is good at, is creating huge open worlds. They sucks at AI, animations, role-playing, story telling, combat, physics etc. Nothing they do will change that. The only way I'd ever buy another TES or Fallout game is if they sold the rights to another company and they actually brought back the RPG in those games and the things that mattered most apart from the RPG aspect. Skyrim is overrated. I don't believe it deserved game of the year.

    Love when the libtards love to dodge debates.
  12. Music Lovers Thread

  13. Music Lovers Thread

    CAD - HallweeN

    Congrats on your first upload.
  15. Happy Halloween (2017)