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  1. Thanks. Both of you. I also have to agree that the female forsworn are not bad looking. Forsworn have always been my favorite faction. I prefer females in tribe attire and that fearless and savage personality.
  2. This is my erm...Forsworn MILFy.
  3. I mean BGS. Bethesda Game Studio and Bioware.
  4. Not surprised EA points the finger and hides behind a curtain. EA, grow some juevos and own up to your mistake. I'm trying to decide who makes the ugliest characters at this point. BSG or BW?
  5. If they want their sales figure to drastically change for the better, they better have a reality check. Since that's all corporations care about, yeah I'm pretty sure that they'll have a reality check. And very quick.
  6. And buy TES and FO franchise. At least CDProjekt Red have the skills to actually do voice protagonists the proper way. I still don't play W3, but right now, CDProjekt Red is the only company I'm looking at for RPGs. I hope Cyberpunk 2077 lives up to everyone's expectations.
  7. The good new is not very many people ever used the chat room, so you won't get too many sad faces. The bad news is that it's gone. I liked that the site had its own chat room thanks to IPS, and not an outside service. Hopefully they'll implement it again in the future. If it's possible.
  8. Thanks. When your in game it doesn't bother you until you get to menu screen and try to hoover over the menu options. I did it the moment I went to the vendor after shooting those wing sticks. It was just stressful trying to sell and buy items. I read the comments on the video I saw and there is another method as well. You can use a program to change your mouse speed as well as from windows, but I find my way more efficient because it's much easier. Well, for those with a gaming mouse with DPI control. All you have to do is just set your speed back to normal, or what ever setting you had before changing it in game. And it is a temp fix because you have to do it every time you launch RAGE.
  9. I just got back into RAGE and before I had stopped playing it a few years ago, I ran into a bug where my mouse cursor was struggling to hoover over menu options. Never had this happen to be when I first started playing this game but started to later on. After reinstalling it and still going through this problem I researched and found one video of someone with the same problem. However, I was not able to find a fix for this. Anyone who has played RAGE will know how frustrating it is trying to navigate through the menu. Especially in game when you try to buy or sell to a vendor. Good news is I found a workaround for gamers who use a gaming mouse with DPI control. Solution: Max your mouse sensitivity in RAGE main menu and drop your DPI to the lowest speed available and this will fix and balance your speed. If you need to increase your mouse speed, you do so with your mouse. Con: You can't reduce the mouse speed lower than how it is. Doing so with the mouse sensitivity will cause the bug to kick in again. Here's a video I uploaded with the same problem as the first video and changing my settings in game and my mouse. Impossible to see me change the DPI on my mouse, but you can see the difference in game. For those who don't have a gaming mouse with DPI control, you could always use a program like Mouse Speed Switcher, or anything out there that's easier or better. MSS from what I read is only for Win7. I don't know of any better program since I don't use it, but This would be the way to go for those without a don't have a gaming mouse with DPI control. The difference is you'll have to alt+tab to change your mouse speed after you max out the mouse sensitivity in game. Just thought I'd share this with anyone who has this issue with RAGE.
  10. Seems like a nice feature for sure, but think that's necessary for the amount of active and engaged people right now? Are you paying for these features? If not, then seems cool, but if so, seems like something you could add later when more people are engaged in the community to form or join clubs. Either way, take what I said with a grain of salt, I'm just concerned these features won't be abused any time soon. Just my thoughts. Oh, I find the club feature pretty fascinating as well.
  11. @ritualclarity I'm not sure if they went through either. Karma said she PM'd Doublezero about it. @Doublezero Thanks! Great work as always.
  12. Saving a preset is pretty much backing it up. Well, I have a folder where I dump my presets and exported headmesh and tints with the skse/plugins/chargen/preset file path that I then compress to an archive and install it with MO. You can do that or just save your exports and presets and then dump them in the skse path through the MO overwrite. Either way works. But I don't like doing it through the overwrite because I like to keep the ones I like saved in a archive and not mix them with presets I'm working on.