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  1. Scum - A new open-world survival game for PC

    It's cool the amount of detail they put into each feature. Not my style of game but I like how wetness and dryness work with each cloth layer and accessories in the second video.
  2. Lady Death 2

    ugh... Nexus. I just saw a moderator removed this image over there. There's nothing in that image that's inappropriate. I've seem far more revealing over on Skyrim Nexus. I can almost bet it has to do with the fact that it's K2's armor.
  3. Music Lovers Thread

    XMH - System Collapse
  4. [Vault 21, Entry #05] Exposition and World Building

    It certainly isn't any of the admins, that's for sure. I think I would of said Molina myself.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    And another video with a bit more to add.

  7. Raider Slave

    It was because of k2 armors how I learned about the coc console in Fallout 3. It was definitely better than just another box dumped in front of Megaton. lol

    I saw andy comment yesterday on one of Stix's vids about him. I used to follow some of them including Sargon but I limited it down to just Stix for a long while now. After a while Andy just got annoying. He spews crap to sound cool targeting the left. No real arguments. I regrettably used to follow IW from November last year to early 2017. AJ is annoying as fuck. Always interrupting guests. The only journalist that I really like from IW is David Knight. Forgot to mention that I also still follow James Allsup.
  9. Beary Sexy

    She uses Seraphim Female Body Replacer. And I'm using Regenbot's Demoniac Textures. To be specific, I picked the SG +RG (real girl) option. Thanks, K2.
  10. Beary Sexy

  11. Camelworks - Elders Scroll Detective & Lore Series

    Okay I lied.... I forgot about the one on Sybille Stentor.
  12. Music Lovers Thread

  13. Cameworks does some really great Lore and Detective series on TES. Even speculations on the next TES6 for that matter. I decided to open this thread to post some of his work. Feel free to do the same. I think this is one of his best videos on his detective series as of yet. You'll never see Rorikstead the same again, ever. I know I don't. @.@
  14. Movie Lovers Thread

    Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo
  15. Music Lovers Thread

    Used to own all 4 Street Jam collections back when I had CDs. That was until my CD book case fell out of my car one night when I went to a strip club. Lost hundreds of dollars of worth of CDs. -.- Bet others can relate to that. Always was particulary a fan of Twilight 22.