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  1. Well, lets just say that if Poland was like the rest of Europe, none of that would exist. If you catch my drift
  2. Their class/role system is pretty much like the old SPECIAL system for Fallout where you have advantages and disadvantages like a real RPG should be. It's not about being incredibly good at everything. That's my problem with Skyrim. There's no real disadvantages other than disease. Your race sure, but being an Orc mage doesn't really have all that much of a disadvantage over a High Elf mage. Those disadvantages are very miniscule.
  3. bethesda

    To me, that would be a waste of effort on Bethesda. People have been talking about DLC like content. And I thought Bruma was made around 6 months? If it's one small payment, yes, large content would just be a complete waste of time and effort. And eventually it's going to be tedious if weapons and armors are the only thing people will be putting behind a paywall. Because everyone will want in on doing that and eventually there will just be hundreds of weapons and armors on Creation Club. It would make more sense to have content that is more rare and really worthwhile. But if this is the case, Bethesda is being very cheap on paying these modders. it's a joke. One time payment and then Bethesda makes the rest of the profit. Yeah, this is no different than the profit split in 2015. But they want to sell their souls to the devil, I don't care. Either way this is going to backfire on them. Their assets will belong to Beth and if they decide in the future to use those meshes without crediting, they can rightfully do so because they signed a contract stating the revoke of their work over to Bethesda. because of the EULA. Either way this is a win win for Bethesda while modders are still getting the short end of the stick.
  4. bethesda

    I'm going to throw this out there even though it's obvious to us here. There are over 100 reports of bug issues with Bruma. I'm baffled that they didn't really test this all that well on older machines even though they claimed to. This reminds me a lot like Bethesda. Everything works fine and dandy on their end, but the moment it out there for people to buy and play it, there's all these complaints about bugs. The people defending Creation Club are also defending the fact that after the content is created by the mod author or project team, it has to go through Bethesda. One of that is if the mod is in -playable condition. Just look at Bethesda's history and you'll see how well they've managed to stay true to that. So once these "DLCs" his the paywall, and people begin to buy these created content, they're going to be facing many issues like you see with Bruma. Bruma is a perfect example of how this whole thing is going to flop and people are going to flip because they paid money for this content and it's full of bugs. Who's going to proceed to patch these created content once all these bug reports start to pile up? Bethesda, or the project team? If it's the project team, are they going to be compensated for their efforts to fixing the issues? Or is Bethesda going to take over the project and "fix" it while breaking it more like they do so well with their own games? Either way, Bruma sets the perfect example of how this is badly going to go down. They better prepare for the backlash.
  5. "Play Him" and her. That's very important. Very.
  6. Would be neat if braindance experiences are like when you jump in the simulator in Vault 112 and warp to Tranquility Lane, or Operation Anchorage where you are set in Alaska and physically experience it as the player and not your character and not like you just there watching what happens like you do in Skyrim when you read the Elders Scroll: Dragon in the moth cave.
  7. I'm very curious how the negative impact is going to work on the player if they go overboard with implants. It's clear their intention is not allowing the player to play godly. It's not going to be run around and killing everything like in Beth games. And that's another reason why I like CDPR. Witcher 3 was definitely an adult game and Cyberpunk 2077 is right up that same alley. I bet sex will be a thing in this game. And if they allow us to fully mod this game, I can already see the sex mods for it. There's just so many ways to implement it.
  8. Rant in spoiler The reason why I like Cyberpunk 2077 is that I like what it's about. But I also like that they are taking this game very serious and trying to replicate the original pen and paper RPG as much as possible. In the first video above in the spoiler Mike Ponse talks about how they wanted a game developer to create their game but waited for that opportunity for a company to really know what the Cyberpunk world was really about and not just sell them the idea and then the developing company create something different. Both Mike Ponse and CDPR get it. They know what people will be interested in. And their willing ti invest the time needed to make sure those expectations are met. And I respect CDPR for that. Maybe I'm a fanboy. I dunno, but I certainly am a fan of CDPR despite that I never played any of their games. Just watching Witcher gameplay footage really astonishes me how well the game is developed. The voice acting, animations, graphics, cinematic scenes, physics etc. it all just surprises me. And knowing that they are going to implement that same quality (if not better) in CP2077, I can only become more hyped of that game. It's clear that Mike Ponse isn't after the money but seeing his work taken very serious. And with that in mind, I have a strong feeling CP2077 is going to be another big hit for CDPR like with Witcher 3. But yeah, I agree. It's better to be safe than sorry. Wait for game footage and reviews and judge it before you buy it. I did that with Fallout 4.
  9. If Cyberpunk 2077 is how I think it's going to be, it's going to be a world that doesn't give a crap about your heroism because it's a dark world. No one is going to praise you or give you special treatment on the streets because they don't give a flying turd. Because people are either trying to kill one another for their shit, talking about their fix (brain dance), or they are after their fix. And I'm all for that. It was stated that it's about you saving yourself and not everyone else. So I do get the impression that's how it's going to go. And that's why I do like Fallout 3 more than New Vegas even though people did praise you. But it was just a messed up world. I just don't like the one man to save the world thing. And that's the same direction Bethesda always goes with TES and Fallout. So I hope CP2077 is the complete opposite and all about you and others in the same class that you may join later on in that faction and even perhaps factions that align.
  10. Okay, I'll start off. It's confirmed by Mike Pondsmith himself that all classes will be implemented in CP2077. Really liking these classes. I'm particularly interested in Net Runners and Rockerboy classes.
  11. Okay, I figured I would open a thread on Cyberpunk 2077 so that we all could have a discussion about. Feel free to speculate, criticize, hate it, love it and so on. For those who haven't kept up much on Cyperpunk 2077, or never heard of the game, Cyperpunk 2077 is an RPG based off the original Cyberpunk 2020 which is a table top/pen and paper RPG created by Mike Pondsmith, which sets the Cyberpunk world exactly 57 years later. From what we do know, classes haven't changed, but we will see weapons from CP2020 and how they have advanced in CP2077. I will be updating this thread with new information and related videos with CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077. But if you want to really know more on what Cyberpunk (the game) is about, I suggest researching on Cyberpunk 2020 as it will help give an idea and understanding of Cyberpunk 2077. Some of the things in the trailer from back in 2013 are references from the table top RPG that presumably might be in CP2077 from what we see. Also, feel free to post any new information you find. Here's a brief history of this game's development throughout the years and relevant imformation that YongYea kindly put together in regards to CD PROJEK5 RED and Cyberpunk 2077. What we can expect so far is... CP2077 will be on the lastest Red Engine 4. Play as male or female. Allow you to customize you character's appearance and choose the class/role you want. Multi-player will be a feature in the game. Driveable vehicles on ground and in air. Motorcycles seems to be on that list. It is confirmed that CP2077 wil be FPS and TPS (first person and third person shooter and view). CP2077 will be about you saving yourself and not about saving the world. Drugs and more than likely sex as well since this is a very mature based game. That, and Witcher 3 had sex scenes in that game, so it's no surprise if we see this level of mature content in CP2077. Braindance which is basically a brain implant that lets you experiences someone else's life experience first hand. If you're a rockstar and someone buys an implant of your on stage perfomance, they will live that experience themselves through braindance. implants/augmentations that will significantly boost your character depending the role/class you are as each role/class will have advantages of certain implants over others. Attire and implants will have an impact on NPCs. How much in CP2077 is uncertain at this point. The way it will have an impact is by certain implants and NPCs reactions towards you and those modifications. Each role/class will have their advantages over others and more than likely their weaknesses. It's like the SPECIAL used in Fallout 1 and 2 where you have slight advantages but also disadvantages as well. It's not a system meant to create the perfect and godly characters. CP2077 will have multi-launguage implemented in it. What this does is the world will have NPCs of different ethnicity that will talk in their native language. And in order for you the player to be able to understand what they're saying, you'll have to buy a translating implant. CP2077 will be a not so distance from the future rather than a futuristic sci-fi game. CP2077 takes place a little over 50 years after CP2020 so you will see weapons (and perhaps gear as well) from the 2020 era more modified in 2077. Related Videos
  12. I would highly recommend ENB. For FNV, I don't know. I haven't been on either FNV or FO3 in a very very long time. But my favorite for both were The ENB of the Apocalypse by Shrutesh. But it all depends on your taste. For Fallout 3 Midhrastic ENB was a really good one too. Really made Fallout 3 shine with the atmosphere it has in that game. I haven't kept up with either games so there are probably other really good one's out there. I know people tend to take one and tweak it around to their liking. I would also go on the enbdev threads for FNV and FO3. Some people in that community do some really insanely good presets. I'm not sure about reshade. Never used it. Didn't even know it was a thing for anything older than SSE and FO4, to be honest. I have heard it's not as good as ENB, though.
  13. I use Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture .
  14. That would be a sight to see. Though, I don't watch Kraut's vids, but I have watched many of Warski's non live videos. And he has no way to challenge youtubers like Stefan Molyeux and Styxhexenhammer666. He's way out of their league.
  15. Wait what? I haven't seen it. The last thing I seen in regards to vidcon was Rags criticizing Boogie2988 for being way too nice and trying not to upset Anita and all that jazz jibberish.