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  1. Seems kinda cool, but not really my cup of tea. The hair physics kills it for me apart from that bad stream video. Especially when there is more talk than footage going on. >.>
  2. I just realized this was one of the NPC overhauls I wanted a long time ago. I already downloaded it a while ago from naver, but never used it. Thanks patksunho for upload.
  3. DZ is rollin in cash. He's rockin' a big gold chain with DZ on it.
  4. My thoughts are like this. Skyrim has been a trial an error since the get go. One moment I'm beginning to like the game, but then I'm constantly reminded why I despise it because how unstable it is. I cannot enjoy the mods I want to because I end up having to disable half my load order and I cannot ever experience the game how I want. Modding on Skyrim is just not fun for me. It's because of Bethesda and Skyrim why I opted out of ever buying their products again. I just won't anymore. I personally feel like they have very very little passion, integrity and commitment to their products and fans. They seem deeply/heavily focused on what matters most to them, which is money. I wager that SSE will become unstable once SKSE is out and those heavily scripted mods start to pour in. I'm too skeptical and cynical just to believe that Bethesda will ever get it right. And it leaves me with mixed feelings about SSE. A part of me wants to jump on it and see if all the things people are bragging about it are true, and the other part of me reminds me of what I already went through and investing in a new GPU just to run it, only to end up having the very same experience I already do with Skyrim is not worth it. There's no doubt at some point I will play it because eventually I will invest in building a new PC. All I want, is for a new developing company to thrive and expand on modding who knows how to get it right and really is committed to delivering their fans the best experience and really caring about their product. I think many people are waiting for that. It really sucks that Bethesda is the only company right now that offers the most mod support.
  5. Titan looks dope. I like purple, though. I think Chameleon wouldn't be bad, but the problem with brighter backgrounds is that it tends to hurt on the eyes. I personally prefer dark themes for that specific reason, but if you can choose both, pretty sure some people would like that one. I think Titan theme blends is really well with the dark theme/layout you have now.
  6. I don't have anything against console gamers per se, just the ones who have no idea what they are talking about and claim console system is superior over pc for the most part. What cringes me the most about console systems, is console ports and sharing servers with console gamers on a MMO. Back on FFXI Online, I was hooked on that for 8 years and it bothered me back in 2010-2012 that we still had to deal with outdated graphics, meshes and textures. I was hoping they would revamp the game but in 2012 (and more than likely still today) they probably still have PS2 gamers sharing servers. It's not console gamers themselves, it's these companies that hold us back that bother me. I had heard that they were cutting PS2 from that MMORPG, but I haven't followed up on it. I just want the damn game to be F2P now. It's like 14 years old now and it's still P2P. Actually, looks like they did. Skyrim's UI is such a mess and I don't think I would of lasted long if it wasn't for SkyUI. Just navigating through it is awful. Then you have the 4 button dispay dialogue for Fallout 4. I'm a keyboard enthusiast and can't stand the controller at all.
  7. That's pretty much the position I'm in myself. I don't see the point of upgrading hardware just for a Bethesda game. Now it would be worthwhile if it wasn't for their half broken games. I could of easily skipped the main story of Fallout 4 and just focus on the rest if it wasn't for them stripping away the good things that made Fallout 3 and New Vegas good, and in turn giving us a voiced character with a shitty dialogue system and choices. I wasn't all that interesting in the war between NCR and Legion in New Vegas and happily ignored it and mostly did my own thing. I don't remember if Mr House quests were part of the NCR and Legion story, but I got to about the 3rd Mr. House quest before I lost interest. What makes Fallout 4 so bad to me is that it's just a wannabe Mass Effect/Farcry game. I appreciated Fallout for it being its own thing, and Fallout 4 just doesn't seem like a Fallout game to me. I feel like in their minds they think that ME, Farcry and all these other AAA games with a voiced protagonist are the only way to go. If they give the protagonist a voice in TES6, that's going to suck. Think the outcry on Fallout 4 was bad? If they streamline TES6 as bad as Fallout 4, it's going to be far worse of a shit fest. Also, what is sad is that Bethesda divided the mod community more than it could have ever been. Paid mods, console mod thievery, Fallout 4 and SSE, they all have created more of a separation. I doubt Bethesda can do anything to mend the wounds. Simply because they don't know anything about the mod community as much as they don't know anything about Fallout's lore, or even RPG at this point. They are a broken company and has dragged the mod community down with it.
  8. Rags is awesome. Always putting fanboys and console peasants in their place.
  9. @Papajack55 I would assume if it's not available on STEAM, it would have be on Bethesda.net. Those would be the only two places it would be hosted on.
  10. I don't know if you guys have seen YongYea's videos, I thought I'd post it here in a spoiler instead of opening a new topic about it, but if you haven't seen both his Skyrim Act I and Act II videos, I suggest grab some snacks and a soda and kick back and watch both of them. They are really well done.
  11. Speaking for myself here. When modders start to take interest in modding it and uploading SSE mods here. Same goes for Fallout 4. I'm pretty much done with modding and Beth games, I just mod up old Skyrim, and I will do the same with SSE if ever I have the PC that can run it. But I'm not going to upgrade hardware just for SSE. I'm more of a Fallout person, but wasn't the very least happy about Fallout 4. For me Bethesda has ruined my interest with Fallout and I lost immense amount of enthusiasm in both their games and modding. Wish that weren't the case but meh... Hopefully people will upload mods for both SSE and FO4 for others, there's no reason why that shouldn't happen. Some of us may not like those games, but we're not excluding them nor the mods to be uploaded here. Modders are more than welcomed to do so.
  12. Being misinformed by companies is not what the consumer wants. It's not good for the gaming industry just as much as the gaming community. If Bethesda and these other companies had any brains, they would buy reviewers instead and give them a copy of a version that is simple and very stable in order to convince the audience to buy their product. But in the end, people catch on to what is going on because at the end of the day, Bethesda will always release a faulty product. Not some minor faulty product, a bug infesting product which "mods will fix it". It's been a running joke for a long time, but it's so true and at the same time has become joke that holds no more humor to me. It's like the infesting bugs in their games, it's funny for a short while, but eventually it starts to become annoying over time. Especially when it's repetitive from game to game.
  13. The first thing that popped in my mind when seeing the video you posted was Anita Sarkeesian making a feminazi video about this. It's totally going to happen, if it hasn't already. Don't keep dibz on her to care, but I'm sure one of the YTer's I follow will shit on her for it like they always do. About this game. This game looks badass. Very grotesque. Really like what I see. We seriously need more mature games like this. Though, it's a shame it's just first person. Would love to make a sexy female character half naked all grotesque'd out in a world like that. Just imagining all the dirty mods that can be done with a game like this. Though, I hope nothing does get cut like Alien face over there says.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the big feast.
  15. I have to say that was remarkably beautiful. No doubt that Skyrim's anthem is a very fine tune. I'll give Bethesda credit that they know how to pick the right theme for both TES and Fallout. Fallout 4's Inon Zur's main theme song on the piano was very heart warming as well.