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  1. Yeah, when I saw that they lived in TX all I could think was "Gotta be Austin." I live in the south end of the Hill Country and that shit they're doing in public wouldn't fly here.
  2. Normally I'm not into Asian women but this girl is hot. And she can legit play drums.
  3. Full movie, free for now. The best Star Trek movie ever made.
  4. The mere mention of his name makes my normally reserved 70 yr old sister cuss him like a Boston can driver.
  5. Where I live people won't tolerate bullshit. This is s run-down of the last 10 or so years.
  6. Turbo fag James Charles gets caught being a predator for the THIRD TIME. At this point it's not a misunderstanding/accident/ignorance; it's a patholgical behavior.
  7. I had animation issues with the Extender FAFF so I stopped using it....so no idea about that.
  8. If it's happening with multiple outfits across multiple bodies then it has to be the skeleton OR the default female idle. Whatever the case the Translation and/or Rotation on the Bip01 L Forearm and Bip01 L ForeTwist are in the wrong positions. That the only explanation for why the Bip01 L Hand on the body mesh and the hand mesh remain aligned. Otherwise you'd have a gap/seam. Edit: If you're using a pipboy replacer that might be the culprit.
  9. Yeeeah...think I'm gonna hold off on buying this game...like indefinitely.
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