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  1. Started my kitchen garden today. All the seeds are heirloom; Cherokee Purple and Siberian tomatoes, Ozark Beauty strawberries, Amish cucumbers, hyssop. and peppermint. No squash or melons because everybody grows those and I can trade for them. Tomorrow I'll be doing ginger, garlic and spring onions. On the hunt for some lemon grass next. Also baked a loaf of rustic wholewheat bread. I only do that like once a month.
  2. President Trump has invoked the Korean War era Defense Production Act to battle COVID-19.
  3. Updated CDC link for COVID-19 syptoms.
  4. No jokes/memes/trolling. That goes for everyone.
  5. Italian PM instructs entire country to remain home; other than work or emergencies.
  6. Fun Fact: China makes most of the conex boxes. They're also the ones who do all the cleaning and repairs on them.
  7. I haven't posted anything about COVID-19 because for the most part it's nothing but body counts and hysteria. That said, this is pretty interesting.
  8. Whenever he uses stairs the Slinky Song plays.
  9. FOX points out the obvious. They get things right once in a while. Politico now claiming that Pres. Trump said COVID-19 is a 'hoax'. I watched the NC rally, he never said that; the article is outrage-inducing click-bait. Little wonder clueless people are buying hepa filter masks and medication they'll never use.
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