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  1. Basic costuming for background NPCs. I had to hold back on working these over like I usually do (no hipoly meshes/2048x2048 textures). But I did make mask textures to make some areas pearly and metallic and some not.
  2. Kendo 2

    UUNP Vampire Latex

    An Oblivion style mage hood would work. Just remove the outfit's high collar and have a shoulder wide open hood attached to the cape. Or do what I would do and ditch the hood idea.
  3. Kendo 2

    UUNP Vampire Latex

    Critique time. I would ditch the hood. It doesn't fit the geometry of the silhouette.
  4. Probably already posted this, but I'm listening to it again so HERE IT IS,
  5. Kendo 2

    Testing both SMP and Havok

    That's all kinds of awesome.
  6. Kendo 2

    Space Cop

    I have no idea what I'm doing. This whole 'space thing' started out as stuff for a Captain Cosmos comic. No idea where it will go now. @ritualclarity Really? ANYWAY I'm calling this thing done. Finished the belt, fixed the the hat textures and added 'polizia' to the outfit.
  7. Kendo 2

    Space Cop

    That baton that's definitely not a dildo is an animated object and a working weapon...and a dildo.
  8. Kendo 2

    Space Cop

    I made a badge for this but it didn't fit the Masamune Shiro vibe of the outfit. Gonna stencil on the word 'POLIZIA' in some futuristic text. Still need to add some do-dads and work on the belt (radio, handcuffs, etc).
  9. Love this song.
  10. How about 'Hell Yeah'? That's what I said when I saw it.
  11. Fuck man, I'm proud. To paint something for a Bethesda game and intentionally make it look like plastic is not easy. The 'white' texture for the belt and ray gun alone took a day to get right.
  12. Matching ray gun. Reflective shades and glowy bits.
  13. This is the pink version. There's also powder blue and a white one. This went from something to throw on NPCs to a full blown mod with weapons and accessories.
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