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  1. Kendo 2


    This girl OD'd on red pills. She's fucking hilarious.
  2. Kendo 2

    Looking to hire 3D character designers

    The only 3d artists here are me and DoubleZero. Neither one of us have the skill level or software required. Try Blender.org or maybe SmithMicro.
  3. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

  4. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    OF COURSE fucking Bethesda left the testing hall in the game. It's perfectly fine to leave it in a single player game so people can glitch or cheat their way into it. Good as gold leaving it so players can exploit it in a multiplayer survival game. I don't see the issue. XD
  5. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    I knew people would starting grinding exploits and selling them online. WOW tightened up a lot in the late 2000's but FO76 is fresh meat hung out by an incompetent company.
  6. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

  7. Kendo 2

    enb 2019_01_04 19_46_28_95.jpg

    You take the best Skyrim screenshots.
  8. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

  9. Kendo 2

    The Electronic Arts thread

    Covers both Bethesda and EA so I stuck this here.
  10. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    I provided that goofy cunt psalm and verse from the FO76 EULA and the Bethesda,net TOS about not being able to mod the game without running the risk of being banned from the servers. 'Nope, we can mod it so you're wrong.' Someone over at LL even PMed with the same video and mentioned patches13 by name about being wrong. BUT the staff over at LL loves catering to dumb-fucks so someone like patches13 being there in all her single mom Libtard glory is systemic. LL is moron-friendly. Makes me smile knowing how low their membership has sank.
  11. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    It only took about 15 posts for the thread to devolve into name calling, 'shut up' and 'go away'. DocSax deleted the thread as soon as he read it. I kinda wish some FO76 fans would show up here with their bullshit so they can see how things go when they can't troll their way to victory by silencing people. I say that but then I'm thankful the ree-ree-retards who like FO76 is staying the fuck away.