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  1. Soooooooo, first of all : SHE IS NOT STANDALONE (well, the custom outfit version needs HDThidhheel.esm. For the Naked
    version, you shouldn't need anything else) !

    This follower has been remade because of last time's fail ^^'. I give all my thanks to all the users who gave their feedback and apologize for their trouble.

    Wings :
    In this remade version, she has wings ! She won't be able to fly with it, but at least it is still animated and makes her a true archangel follower. For now, I gave her the white soul hound wings from the animated featherd Wings mod by milisot1325. If I have several people requesting, I may upload a version without wings so that you can add the wings you like.

    Outfit :
    There are 2 versions for now : Naked (but still with wings) and Custom outfit.
    If you want to give her any outfit of your taste, just use the Naked version : simple, straightforward, no painintheass commands and stuff to
    If you like her custom outfit, then use this one, but I warn you : USE HER CUSTOM OUTFIT FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Also, if you try to make fer unequip her outfit, the wings will disappear. The outfit is a mashup I made from TERA armors, so I'm not sure that I can share this (see credits below to know the origin).
    I think about adding more custom outfit variations if you like those you can see in my screenshots.

    Sword :
    I armed her Crainte Vomir by Hentai (imported to skyrim thanks to zotman12) with Dawnbreaker enchantment.
    In this remade version, it is now animated normally (transformed it into a one-handed sword). If you want to give other sword, feel free to do so. I'm sure you have plenty to spare.

    Spells :
    In this remade version, she can now heal you, thanks to Vanilla Follower AI by UNI00SL. You may have some strange AI behavior though, like seeing her engaging and disengaging combat several times in a row. But as UNI00SL said : "All custom AI may get stuck sometimes. This is always fixed by itself soon or later. Particularly, the healer AI frequently get stuck. Don't wait until the healer AI gets to work again. Heal yourself or flee to somewhere safe."
    She should be able to cast turn undead, banish deadra and other spells that hurts this kind of evil beings. 

    You can use this follower just as a cute/sexy companion. But if you like
    background stories (Beware : not lore friendly ! ), then here it is :
    You can find her in front of Meridia's statue.

    Permissions :
    You are free to do whatever you want with her. If you make any other mod with her or inspired by her, it's ok. Only three things :
    - GIVE ME THE CREDITS (and of course, it is always a pleasure if you ask for my permission first ^^).
    - If you use parts of this mod, I would appreciate if you could send to me a link of your mod so that I can see it.
    - Custom outfits are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY !

    Credits :
    First, a huge thanks for Endgameaddiction and Crysumpom who got the patience to test my follower again, and again, and again, and again ("with spoon !") !
    A big high five to Mookeylama who taught me a way to add the wings and also tested several times my follower ! 
    Special nsfwmod thanks : Kendo 2 who took the time to answer and help me about AI issues.

    Thanks to all these modders :
    Caliente for her Bodyslide and outfit studio mod.
    Expired6978 for his Racemenu mod.
    Kalilies, Stealthic, Khaos and Shocky for their KS Hairdos mod.
    Diethardt for Battle Hardened Warpaint mod.
    Dumle35 for Golwing eyes v4 mod.
    Enmasse Entertainment for TERA armor's awesome design, and asianboy345 and LadyHorus for bringing them to Skyrim.
    zotman12 for importing the Crainte Vomir by Hentai mod.
    UNI00SL for Vanilla Follower AI mod.
    Anton0028 for the Animated Dragon Wings mod, and milisot1325 for the Animated Featherd wings mod.
    Everybody who contributed for the creation of UUNP body. 

    PS : If I forgot anybody, please tell me, and I'll add you ASAP in the credits. Your feedback and screenshots are welcome !
    Enjoy ! 
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