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  • NSFW Mods Community Rules 

    • No religious or political discussions or debates.  (Nothing good ever comes from them.)
    • No social agendas or ideological activism.  (Harassment, politically correct shaming, social bigotry, etc.)
    • No copyright materials, no matter the format.  (Games that have a license that does not provide for modding, protected electronic media, music, etc.)
    • No explicit or pornographic avatars (nudity is okay).
    • No marketing spam.
    • No piracy. (Promotion, linking, uploading, support requests, etc.)
    • No exploitation of children.  (Sexualized child race mods, image sharing, promotion, distribution, etc.)  Punishable by ban and report to authorities.
    • No external conflicts.  (Bringing internet drama from another forum to vent it here, social media wars, etc.)
    • No doxing.  (Using the forum to make another person’s personal information available to the public.)
    • No discrimination as defined by U.S. law. (race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.)
    • Do not upload mods that are not yours without the author's permission.
    • Do not upload mods that contains assets (mesh, textures, etc.) from another mod without the author's permission.
    • If you do have permission to include assets from another mod, give credit to the author by linking to his/her mod in the description your mod.
    • Do not troll or hate on modders in their upload threads or the comments section of the download page. (Mod support topics are for support or to praise the mod author.)
    • No malicious software. (Malware, trojans, ransomware, etc.) Punishable by ban and report to authorities.
    • Do not upload files that contain executable (.exe) files.
    • Each member is only allowed one login account.

    These rules will likely be updated and added to. Members will not be retroactively banned or suspended for breaking rules that are added afterwards, however members will be expected to address and correct any issues due to rule changes ASAP.

    Have questions or comments? Post in this thread: http://nsfwmods.com/forums/topic/17-nsfwmods-rules-discussion/

    Special thanks to Kendo 2 and ritualclarity for helping write the rules.

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