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A mod with a focus on enslaving Sims and selling them to other Sims (With more "stealing" focuses planned for the future). These Slaves can be trained and will do various chores around the house as well or sold to a Slave Broker and provided to the Sims community!

Game/Creator: The Sims 4 [EA]
Modder: ColonolNutty - Wiki - Discord
Language: English
Game Version: 1.105.332.1020 (Crystal) and above


  • Slavery
    • Enslave Sims (Teen through Elder for both Master and Slave only!), train them, order them around, and sell them to other Sims.
    • Slave Autonomy
      • Improved Needs Tending
        • Increased awareness of their own needs (Hunger, Energy, etc.) and will tend to them better than the vanilla game!
        • Slaves have increased autonomy to tend to the following needs.
          • Hunger
          • Energy
          • Bladder
          • Hygiene
      • Autonomous actions around the house.
        • Gardening
          • Water and tend to any garden plants.
        • Repair
          • Repair broken objects as well as fix broken Servo Sims
        • Clean
          • Clean messes, mop puddles, and clean dirty objects.
        • Nanny
          • Take care of infants, Toddlers, and Children.
    • Task Scheduling
      • Schedule a Slave to perform any type of task (excluding social interactions) on a daily basis at any time of the day.
        • Scheduled tasks may be updated and/or modified.
      • Obedience
        • Low obedience will lead to Slaves being Mischievous and Mean and they sell for less than normal.
        • Slaves with a high obedience may discipline, train, and mentor other Slaves autonomously, they also sell for loads more money.
        • Discipline and train Slaves to increase their Obedience.
    • Slave Auction/Slave Selling
      • Mark a Slave For Sale
      • Make an Offer to NPCs to buy your Slave
      • Buyer Profiles
        • NPCs are given a Buyer Profile that determines which types of Slaves they are looking for. This changes the price they will pay as well as their chance to buy.
        • Extensible! Custom Buyer Profiles may be added to Sim Snatcher via Tuning Snippets.
        • Sold Slaves appear at the household of the NPC that owns them and work there as though they were enslaved by your own household.
    • Community Slave Trading
      • A Slave Broker may be called that Slaves can be sold to or bought from. Sold Slaves will then be removed from your game and put into a json file, which can then be shared with the community. For further details about how to trade and best practices, take a look at the Wiki or visit the discord!
      • The Slave Broker can be called from your Sims phone.
    • Allowances
      • Slaves may be blocked entirely from performing specific types of interactions such as cooking, having fun, taking showers, etc.
    • Restraints
      • Various Restraints can be applied to Slaves that may prevent performing some tasks
        • Hand restraints prevent interactions involving the hands, such as cooking, reading, and pretty much most things.
        • Feet restraints prevent interactions involving the feet, such as dancing or running.
        • Gags prevent social interactions.
    • Misc
      • Slaves will be forced to stay at the lot of their Master. They will not be allowed to leave (Unless they are about to give birth)
      • Slaves that do happen to leave will be Summoned back to the lot
      • Assign Beds To Slaves
      • Slaves can be ordered/controlled by anyone in the Household of their Master
      • Open Slave Inventory, objects in their inventory become owned by the Household that owns them.
      • Lock/Unlock doors for Slaves
      • Set Spawn Locations for Slaves
      • Spend Satisfaction Reward Points for Slaves
      • Slaves that go into labor will give birth and have their offspring stay on the lot with them.


  • Sims 4 Community Library at least version 2.6 - NSFWMods
  • Deviant Core at least version 1.3 - NSFWMods
  • Mod Settings Menu is optionally required to modify SS Settings - The Sims 4 Nexus
  • Stuff Pack 09 (Vintage Glamour Stuff) to get Slaves to work in only some minor parts (Mainly the "Ring the bell for order" interactions)


  • Download and install all requirements
  • Download SS using the links at the bottom of this description
  • Unpack the archive using your favorite archiving tool.
  • Drag the files/folders to your Mods directory.
  • Keep in mind the ts4script file MUST be either top level (Directly in the Mods/folder) or one folder deep (Mods/Blah/). Any deeper and it will not work.

The final paths for the files should be the following:

The Sims 4/Mods/simsnatcher.package
The Sims 4/Mods/simsnatcher.ts4script



  • None that I am aware of.

Usage (For Mod Authors):

  • For those looking to extend from Sim Snatcher, take a look at Sim Snatcher Home on Its Wiki for tutorials and more information!

Edited by ColonolNutty
Updated for v3.8

What's New in Version v3.8   See changelog


- Updated all Group Tuning Ids for update of Sims 4

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

i realy like your mods, great job

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Great mod!

Wishlist for me is compatibility with the extreme violence mod, yelling at your slave when not acceptation a command is ok, but after three refusals they need a good slap (or harder)

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Love your mods! Was sad when you were pushed off WW... but glad to have found you again!

How can you limit certain fetishes but keep others? Hypocritical of them.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I like this mod, but I also have a little miss-feeling. (Sorry for my english!)

First: I unchecked the "Allowed To Socialize" box, but my slave remain able to talk strangers, or everybody, friendly (for example: introduction, ask about day, etc.), romantic (for example: flirt with others) etc. interactions. Only the woohoo not working. I think, this option must cause to freeze or empty the romantic or friendly bar.


And I missed the following function:
Allow or disallow romantic interactions:
Everybody, only the sim's household members, or only the owner's household members (with or without the slaves), or only the owner, or a "specific sim or sims"

And in the end, a new function is improve the slavery: Rent my slave to others for specific tasks: Gardening, Cleaning, Repair, Cooking, Woohoo. (And this final option must be in the toggle tasks menu too? In this case the slave offer sex to sims who met her/his allowed category.)

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I am not sure if it's possible but I would like to see to be enslaved by npc and he/she randomly gives orders and dominate.

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   42 of 43 members found this review helpful 42 / 43 members

I really love that you made this mod!

What I really miss and need my game is this kind of mod, but with sexslaves. Maybe with different skill levels in different sexual tasks, like sucking, pain tolerance and other things of this sort. You could even force them to become a slave by consistent rape, humiliation, degradation and so on.

I feel like BDSM and sex slavery are a big missing thing in this game, at least for me and probably lots of others.

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   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because nothing is perfect and 5 represents perfect. The mod works great, as advertized and is 1 of 3 must have mods for my Sims 4 game, @ColonolNutty being the mod author of 2 of those 3 mods (Simsnatcher and Devious Desires).

The enslaving part works well and the features have no issues, at least for me. For example, we all know how sims just love to cook even though the fridge is well stocked with food. you can select a slave and forbid them to cook. That sim slave will never cook.

At first, sims will refuse orders and you have to train them. As you train them, they do become more obedient, as it should be. You can order them to do just about anything. I recently had 2 slave sims and my 3 story home stayed very clean.

For whatever it's worth, I highly recommend this mod.

May I offer a few  suggestions? If this is the wrong place for this, I apologize.

01:I wish the resistance was a little different. I think they capitulate too easily. Example: Level 1 should be they say no to everything of course. Level 2 they occasionally say yes. Level 3 they say yes a little more and it doesn't get to the point they always say yes until level 10 (or the max level).

02: Can you bring back the praise option? When they do as they are told, they should be praised with a "good job."

03: What about having to fight them and win to enslave them instead of the current way?

04: When a sim is enslaved, the friendship and romance bars automatically go 100% red as in the enslaved sim hates the one who enslaved them?

05: The only household sim that can order them around is the one that enslaved them,?

Please don't think of the above as complaints or criticism, they are not. The above is merely suggestions on making it more realistic in my opinion.

Thank you for this awesome mod.


Response from the author:

I expect complaints and criticism. For a game that I don't play, it helps me shape the mods in a way those who use it want it to be shaped.

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   0 of 3 members found this review helpful 0 / 3 members

haven't got to try it but does wicked whims have to be completely tooken out for this mod to work? also what is CL 1.75

Response from the author:

Please seek help in the support thread, not in the reviews.

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Great mod! Just wondering if its going to keep updating features? i read what your plans are colonol and they seem pretty nice features. Again, great job.

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Nice mod, Nutty! Very well-documented as well. Wish we had more modders with your organization on this community, finding out what some mods do is such a mess.

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Can't praise this mod or creator enough.

I started playing Sims 4 specifically for the purpose of simulating modern, consensual slavocratic systems starting from experiments on plantations in intentional communities and sex cult compounds up to global laws.

For this, Sim Snatcher has been incredibly rewarding, especially being able to restrict slave usage of phone/computers, access to rooms the lot, etc.. Things get quite rich when used alongside brothels charging weekly slaves as roommate.

I hate that the community has denigrated the incredible work of this creator (I'm a black guy with a principal kink in raceplay or racial BDSM and findom but is staunchly against injustice—I get it).

Of all the exciting planned features on the wiki for SS mod alone, I especially hope to see slave auctions on retail lots and the additions to hierarchical depth with slave handlers. Perhaps there are mods that exist or that I could to do this, but I'd also love to see a shorter path for customizing trafficker and buyer preferences to generate/abduct new slaves and power dynamics based on specific traits (global attraction/market value, skin color/occult, etc.) for worlds that have legalized slavery.

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· Edited by loreli


v good mod! just one question - bindings arent working for me. the sim is 'bound' (doesn't move) but there is no visible binding (e.g. ropes or gags) and there is no choice for ankle or mouth bindings - just 'bind'. what could be wrong?

also i hope ur future work on the abduction module goes well, rlly looking forward to it. especially the carrying sims stuff, really cool modding - i havent seen anyone else do it, i dont think

EDIT: been trying to get into ur discord. i keep being told im unable to accept invite *sigh* any thoughts on what's wrong?

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Great job, this mod is awesome. Thanks for making it!

One thing that would be really cool is to be able to sell slaves at a market/store. I'm not even sure if it's possible but just thought I'd throw the idea out there :)

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