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    Here is my first cringeworthy video. AS required... the funny part... (lots of it but particularly 2:53) "mentally challenged awesomeness" lol. Love the "reptilian shapeshifters" creating trans that look like women like Venus or Rosiro Dawson lol
  2. The Electronic Arts thread

    EA will blame us (the customer/consumer) for all their issues, much like MEA. Just wait for it. It isn't a bad game. It works well and the story is decent (as far as I can tell I am not a fan of Star Wars games and dind't play the previous game) IMO it is the outrage and the media outrage is the case of the lower sales.
  3. The Electronic Arts thread

    ^ that really belonged on the Cringe worthy thread... 5000 dollars to day doing that very same thing! WTF... Must be nice being very well paid to be able to spend all that money on a game, most don't have that luxury. That intro really made me cringe...
  4. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    Expanding the mod ability is quite complex. It introduces issues with the game and support. They need to build up their multiplayer content and the continued revenue options that the CEO states first before I see the m adding Modding ability. According to the video above someone there admires Bethesda perhaps with this admiration they will add easier modding tools in the future. It is a long road. They are new and it will take time for them to develop and grow. Their commitment to quality games is on the forefront.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    I believe he is referencing the desire for many of his customers wanting some online option for game play. Something that would expand the game for many that buy it, extending the value of the game for his customers. There have been statements that it wont' come at the expense of quality of the main game. Finally, it is something that they haven't done and they can add to their set of skills as a company. Long term success means that they likely will in the future possibly create some online games for those that want them. They are expanding their employees and are working on two games at the same time now. I am not interested in online games but won't complain if they do created some so long as they do the same great job (and hopefully still have excellent campaign games as well which I suspect they will not give up ) Everything I have heard so far leads me to them being a very good company for gamer now and in the future so long as he is the CEO and they don't merge ( which I seriously doubt they will at least not for several years) I love how they are setting the standards and showing companies like EA and other newer start ups how to really make a game and be a success at it as well. Much like the Vampyr producers mentioned before by me. Companies being successful by making good solid games.
  6. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Some early game play. Can show that there is no Mass Effect Andromida actions going on
  7. Star Wars Battlefront II

    It might be that the campaign is really short which would really suck. I am not interested in PVP or the like. I have I believe 2 loot boxes or something like that already. Haven't opened them. Perhaps I will do a capture if I remember when I do so people can see what came out of those The game play is decent so far. They seem to have done a good job in the creation of the game. It appears to be solid and glitch free etc. Now the story, campaign being short and such.. well that is decisions that the company makes. So long as they are clear from the start (release) as what to expect.. I can't really blame them. However, that doesn't mean I will buy from them edit: Update FUUUUUCCCCKKKK MMMMEEEE Some other random captures. You can see the loot boxes you can buy still there. you get some for logging on daily etc. (which is cool) Some other screen captures as well
  8. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I downloaded the trial and am playing it. I have played it for a very short time but so far it isn't Mass Effect Andromeda ;). So far the graphics are fair to good. Better than MEA. The facial animations have some issues from time to time but way better than MEA was. The game play is responsive and easy enough to figure out for the most part. (playing on very easy) I have been playing less than an hour of my 10 hour trial so I havne't been able to do much but the first section and moving into the second one. I will give them points for their introduction. There is a fixed character you have during the campaign trial. Not sure if you bought the game if you would have a different one, however it is a female which is different than many games for hero. (if she is a hero considering you are playing as a solder from the Empire not a rebel) I will post some more of my thoughts on this game during my 10 hour trial period. So far I enjoyed it more than MEA... however, that was a very low bar to obtain All jokes aside it is so far a solid functional game without any serious glitches. Haven't played enough to see if the story is interesting enough to engage but the shooting is pretty solid. Reminds me of ME3 shooting a bit. I don't play very many first person shooters like Call of Duty and the such so can't compare that. review and spoiler (of sorts) (glitch experienced) I am giving it a very open minded review. focus on playability and story etc. Not lore (I don't know that much about Star Wars during the time of this game) Feel free to chime in. Please, chime in serious reviews, Youtube video reviews etc. If there are spoilers please placed them in actual spoilers so as not to mess the game up for others. People that actually played the game are more than welcome to make negative comments based on actual situations, story or experiences. Please refrain from commenting unless referencing actual game play or linked video of actual game play. Thank you.
  9. Music Lovers Thread

    ^ This is what makes this site so great. Different people from different places sharing their experiences. I would have likely never even known of this much less heard it otherwise.

    ninja'd by @Kendo 2 This is off topic. You were given the answer to your request of Atheism thread by @Kendo 2, which he stated to use this thread for that. He INVITED YOU TO USE THIS THREAD. There is no issues if you have differences of opinion, if there was, I doubt you would be invited to use this thread for your post. Lets use some common sense here, please. Stop acting as if you are being restricted in content posting, you are not. Don't get all pissed off that you can't have a special thread for atheism. Keep in mind, most gaming threads wouldn't even let you comment on anything related to this subject in the first place. There was a possibility, that in time, with enough thoughtful post on the subject I might have been able to move them over to a new thread. Much like I have done for other subjects in the past. Now that you had a hissyfit on the subject, there is a snowball's chance in a very hot hell that this will ever be able to happen now. If you have any issues with this or any other issues you are welcome to bring it up to the Admin/Moderators for further discussion through PM. Don't make it out to be more than it is. If you do, and continue, then I will consider you Trolling me, the staff, the thread, and site. You have been given the answer to your request, vindicated that you have done nothing wrong, explained why the comment was made, and given option to take it to PM with the Admin/Staff if you wish. Any further comments on the subject(s) on this site, will be deleted and actions taken. The thread has been derailed enough with these issues.
  11. Music Lovers Thread

    A lot of good positivity was going on during that time.
  12. Music Lovers Thread

    How many people remember this?

    @Gandalftw I cannot speak for @Kendo 2 however, I can speak for me and my post above. You haven't done anything wrong. It was just a friendly warning, a small time out, before things might (and might not) get heated. You are more than free to post more of those post and others like those so long as they remain relevant to the thread's purpose. Others might decide to chime in and be in opposition to your post. They are also free. As I stated I can't speak for @Kendo 2 however, I think I understood his meaning for moderator commenting as I believe it is in line with my comment.

    No, I agree with @Kendo 2. You are free to post those here as this thread is appropriate for such post. Currently, separate thread for that isn't necessary, if later we deem it so we will move it. @Kendo 2 is also accurate in his statement that we will not respond to personal battles on anyone's behalf, we will only respond to such events if we see a need to, for the Site's behalf, and at our discretion. Note: when you see Orange text from admin/moderator... it is us acting in our capacity as admin/moderator.
  15. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    The interview with the CEO above... shows that they will create an awesome game and the better the game, the better the profits. Quality will lead them to the profits and awards they desire. Simple, direct, and accurate.