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  1. Now that is something we should have gotten as a default Nord face...
  2. We know you LOVE to do these.... Also you do them so very well However, if you want to not do one... that is OK.
  3. Is it working for you now?
  4. We'll soon be at 25000 members
  5. WTF !!!!!
  6. Apparently there is an actual Witcher school that you could attend for a Weekend http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-04-08-my-gruelling-weekend-at-witcher-school Larp anyone?
  7. This is depressing Chances are Bethesda will be releasing 3~4 crapy games by that time..
  8. bethesda

    I agree. Without a nice selection of mods, some small armors and such but also large DLC type/Quality mods, it is a waste of time. Even more a waste of time if the quality is even below that of Bethesda's releases. If the payment is a one time and not much (no reason to suspect it to be different) then it will be difficult I suppose to get people to continue once the have put a mod or two there. Not sure, since the author might be just making a mod and decides ... What the fuck, I might as well get a few dollars from this anyway... thoughts goes through their head.
  9. bethesda

    I agree. For years, nobody got a penny or even thought of getting money for the mods they made. During Oblivion, most mods were free to use how someone wanted to. As I remember you could take parts of other mods add them to yours and release a new mod. Just give the credit where credit is due. Now we have swung all the over to "entitlements" where people expect to be paid. Truth however, I am not a person to really talk about this as I am not a modder so I am not one of them and it is easy to say .. I don't know what I am talking about. however, I do give extensive support for some pretty problematic/complex mods for many which has made a very big difference in their use. I know how complex that shit can become and I have helped... for free, no expectation of anything not even a Thank You or a like. I would do very much the same with mods if the work I was creating lent itself to doing so. Just go back to what makes sense. Make mods because you want t. Make what you want and drop all pretense of entitlements. I suspect the crap that will be coming out will be like that crab armor or some silly companion or NPC or such. I don't expect much from the program. However, I would pay for a high quality mod. I know it sounds bad but I don't have a problem with people getting some change here and there. I have a problem with the expectation and quite frankly I don't expect quality of even Bethesda level much less better coming out of this. It would take a great deal before I would trust that something created through this would be of the expected quality that I expect. Double Zero states it correctly. If you put a price on something you expect a certain level of quality and quite frankly few could deliver on that.
  10. bethesda

    I see somewhat where you are but have some issues with the path your trying to use to get there. Allow me to explain. First, Burma is free, will be free from now on. They state that they will not place it behind a pay wall. As a result, they can create a crappy mod or an excellent experience and for different people it will be likely different. They also do what they can do to update/repair/fix the issues and if they can't figure it out... oh well. You didn't pay something for it. Not a red cent so it is what it is regardless of the quality. I don't see this as a good example of what you are tying to get at other than there is a large team working on mods and there are serious issues which, I counter with they aren't Bethesda's team with access to their tools, They aren't being paid for the mod and they have no "usability" guarantee of use for the mod. If it doesn't work, report it and give the info requested. If they can't fix it .. delete it and move on. Nothing lost except for your time and effort. Just like all other mods here and elsewhere. This isn't the case with the Creation Club. They are implying (or out right stating it ) that it will be a better experience as they will have their "experts" work with the mod author through a process that will make it a solid capable and reliable mod. I have serious doubts that they can do that for the very reasons that you state in the above post endgameaddiction. Bethesda has a difficult time keeping their products functional and with acceptable quality when they sell them, how will they be able to do better for these proctored submitted mods? I agree with you on this, they can't. I will be surprised if they can do so unless the bar for acceptable submissions are so far below their normal work that a 90 year old bind modder could do it in their sleep. (simple asset additions like a gun or armor etc. In any case as with other 'products" that they sell, I will be waiting a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time before I pay for anything else from them. I will have to be thoroughly convinced that they are giving an acceptable level of product before I get anything else which especially goes for these Creation Club products.
  11. Not that important... what is more important is you don't have to search for your kidnapped child...or missing father
  12. Actually they were quite clever with what they did. That paper wall for the Hispanic teacher.. That was pretty original. If I was a teacher at that school, and was tolled... I'd complement their originality and creativity and afterwards tell them that they will be staying to clean up their mess. Oh, and if the person(s) that did this didn't come forward.... all of them would stay and clean up the mess. Yep, I roll ol' school
  13. I can't find it now but I believe the implants will be available to you to use however, depending on your choices they will be more effective or less effective depending on your class. This fits with the way CD Project Red makes games... if Witcher III is any indication. You could choose all sorts of pathways to develop your character however, you have to be really careful or you will waste some upgrades. it takes careful consideration to develop the character to how you are going to play him. If you don't you will get to higher levels with a crap spec and the game will suck. If you do, you will get to higher levels and have an awesome time. Don't get me wrong, you can easily get your ass handed to you either way however, having a nicely configured spec makes for a more engaging and rewarding game play. I suspect this will be what they will do for Cyber Punk 2077 as well. Perhaps that is the reason it is taking so long to develop. with Witcher they had one character and a few roles. Now they will have many possible roles and they will be very different from each other. For those that played Witcher, it would be like if you had a chance to play different Witcher Schools where they actually had unique options that will make serious changes in the game. That was my 2 and 1/2 cents... It will be interesting to see how close we are with our speculations about the game
  14. I think the braindances will be like what was given in Witcher III when you are re-living Ceri's experiences while you try to find her. There are times you interact in the game as her. Braindances are likely going to be something similar. You will need to experience some character's experiences to learn what you need to know to continue the game. It is a great way to experience some of the other classes and perhaps even different mods as well.
  15. I told yal, I told yal... I'm gonna be back... That is a teacher... no wonder x generation cannot speak properly.