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  1. I read somewhere where UPS and FedEx is staggering shipments due to demand... Like they do in Holidays. I agree on not ordering internationally but... am afraid that some places don't mention they are supplied by international shipments and expect the item to be available (just in time shipping) and I would be the one hurt if I was expecting something critical even if I ordered locally. I can only trust companies I have a trust with AND that can assure me that something IS IN CURRENT INVENTORY and would be reserved for me once I purchase it. Now, sometimes there are great deals from trustworthy companies that I just can't pass up.. lol However, they usually are things I don't actually really need though.
  2. Yea, I wouldn't be concerned with the exhaust unless it was so bad you had to address it. It would be rightfully addressed once you get around to changing them out for a better set. Once you get your new jack.. you will be so busy In a good sense.. it is so sad that it is taking so much time to get shipments but it is understandable. Companies had to close down (even if they didn't really have to at least not completely) Massive increase in shipping for most things have bombed the UPS, FedEX and such so badly they are moving to the holiday metering shipping process to make sure things move in a timely manner but this slows things down. Then... you have international supplies which are almost non exsistant. I know of some people that ordered supplies from Europe and 3 months later.. nothing. People are protesting having their Salons open.. they need to protest getting the shipping up and running.. On that note.. some complained to me... wrong thing.. I offered to help them... I'd shave them very good... lol. They can choose one of 3 levels (lowest levels of course! ) I'd be done before Covid can catch me! lol... Good job as well. If I can shave myself 100% to the point where nobody can notice.. I can do others. I have been doing this for more than 15 years. (constantly) A friend I know at work can do the shaving and is skilled at those designs that was all popular years ago. Of course, nobody took me up on the offer... lol Well I have posted here enough. I need to give a hobby as well. Most here know I have written guides for modding! That is one that I do off and on. I also do some light constructions. Finish work in general. Am doing that now at the place where I am at. Some sanding staining, plaster work, light finish wood work. (not as good as I'd like to be .. Crown molding is difficult requires lots of practice .. but other general work is OK... Even some non 90 degree woodwork. did some heavy construction work in my 20's.. Build out some large bay windows. Built them so fucking strong they never had an leak and on one apartment a 100 + pound "puppy" had his bed in the window for close to 5 years. People have used it to sit in as well. (or is it sit on?) More than 20 years and no problems. In fact I will be likely doing some finish wood work after I post this and have something to eat! Gotta do that and patch some paint and completely paint the kitchen. I guess hobbies don't have to be things you like? If so then all I got is some guides, support for mods on various sites, and chatting on Discord and sites about games. haven't even played much games recently... too busy.
  3. I'd give a good check on the back as well to be sure all is good along with the brake (lines specifically) due to the age and apparent lack of normal maintenance of the suv. That is before you decide to register it and start to use on any major roads, streets and such to be safe.
  4. So this is or intended to be your primary mode of transportation for now?
  5. They have done crops in areas that are very hot and dry.. just need lots more water.. provided the soil is good. AS far as I know. However ,lots more work and effort from what I understand. Where I am the weather is good enough or should be. about 50~100 miles around there are some form of farm and crops. I believe mostly what I have seen was wheat and corn .. and cows.. from time to time if I travel out of the city. However, the space is so limited any real productive grown is impossible. The closest thing I know of people doing is growing their seasons. that alone is pretty cool and nice IMO Your not increasing the clearance or doing other suspension work?
  6. In the end.. that is all that really matters
  7. You can always learn... There are many tutorials on the web and places to get the info. Lots of work, however, lots of reward for that work as well
  8. It has been a bit since it has been updated as far as I know.. so there might be some tweaks and twist that you might need to do to get things just right but it is a excellent framework
  9. At least it seems as if you will be doing good on some of the items... Glass half full shit and such. Sorry for the troubles. It sucks. The weather seems to be off everywhere and not doing what it really should. At least where I am living. One day .. nice 50s, the next day 20's... WTF... My mom has these giant tree planters she keeps inside in the winter... (she has like 13~14 ft ceilings for christ sake.. lol) I went there to help her get them out to the porch only for us to find out it will be freezing again this weekend... This is the latest I can remember pulling those out of the house. The weather is fucked!
  10. Your choice. I personally know of many people ... eventually, come out with mentioning some of the mods found on both sites. In RL... There might be many more people you don't realize that are interested or even use these mods. Next to Nexus.. . I believe Loverslab is the next largest ... most active mod community .. at least as far as I know. you can ask all the silly and stupid questions you want on this site. However, you might not get answers to them lol. I however wouldn't publicly and aggressively advertise use of Lovers Lab mods to everybody you meet... Reserve that (and adult materials in general be it modding, videos, or even lifestyle choices) to those that have hinted at or shown a tendency towards such things.
  11. FFS... If someone works on a project.. (like loosing weight) and they succeed... it is perfectly fine to complement their work. She decided to work on her body and she worked on getting to a point where she wanted to be...
  12. as for the back of the truck.. I've seen where people used that spray on bed-liner to help protect it. Stronger than plastic and from what i know, not quite as expensive as custom fab plastic pieces. Some ideas There is an example https://linex.com/specialty-automotive Interior spray. Lots of work but .. it would be TOUGH and UNIQUE!
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