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    I have it as well. It catches things Ad Block doesn't (i am just using default things) Adblock plus Ublock origin Ghostery Privacy Badger Each thing usually catches some stuff. Not sure of the order it is catching them though... lol. Simple pages catch between 10 and 12 for Ad block and Ublock and 2~5 from Ghostery and Privacy Badger (each) so a lot of blocking going on. My issue was the shear amount of blocks... Porn sites don't get that many AND THE PAGE STILL LOADS!!!! you can see the main page! Well once I realized they took several gigs of my space without any email or comment after I spent time bringing people to their service to get small increases... I deleted the account, and not going to use it for my non RC account (which I am looking for some distribution method for a few gigs here and there. ) Oh, and a side bar that is cringworthy (to keep on track with the thread !!!! :P) I played with the password to make it easier to do my shit then delete. I was able to make a password that no company would ever accept. So on top of them taking space, trackers well above even some of the most questionable porn sites (disclaimer: that I have seen. not gone deep there. I am sure there are some seriously bad sites. I am talking about the most public ones and perhaps one or two links in from there) They are as unsecure as all fuck with their requirements for accessing the accounts on that system. I am not a hacker but I of the belief that that is very bad news over all. Also I will try my best to not use any dropbox downloads links if given to me if at all possible.
  2. ritualclarity


    Update... They removed some of the mods that were there from LL.. They removed about 10gb of space.. (wasn't currently being used) that was obtained by jumping through their bullshit process and getting others to sign on and use their service.. guess if you aren't active or not bring more victims ur um... customers they don't give a shit about you and will reduce your space. The first part I can understand (removal of content) The second part... is them being a piece of shit. I don't even use their bandwidth and share using that service. Time to delete that shitty service. And to think... I was seriously thinking on using their service... (for my non RC accounts! well fuck that. Downloading what small shit I have there doing some maintenance shit then delete! (get copies of some shit still linked to the account but not on that account etc etc make sure I have a copy of everything to be sure)
  3. ritualclarity


    Here is something to try... (perhaps my security settings are too high or something) Open Dropbox's page (now fresh not cached) with Ad block Plus (with perhaps some other web protections... See the results... I get a blank page. Not even a header. NO other page I go to gets this. NONE... The entire page is blocked... I checked what the security tools are blocking and a total of 38 items... Deep dark porn sites don't have that many on their main page that I have experienced. WTF! (that and their recent scummy act from what I have read restricting number of devices of free users being connected to an account) Update.. 14 advertisement blockers (total 30 item blocked with ghostery... and 14 blocked by badger once the ad block was unblocked. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They seriously expect me to BUY a service from someone that has that many things snooping into my business just popping on their page... WTF is happening with the data that they get if you were a customer?
  4. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    That makes two of us...
  5. ritualclarity


    LL is useless currently. Can't log on can barely open a page to read new post and heaven forbid you want to reply... crash city. After about 20 minutes I was able to post 2 replies...
  6. ritualclarity

    Finally learned how to add physics to clothing

  7. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    The problem is Bethesda was beating something when they were making Fallout 76 and it wasn't a dead horse.
  8. ritualclarity


  9. ritualclarity


    A female Mckaley Kaulkin (from home alone monologue) does anyone else see this? The sound, pacing and such sounds like... lol.
  10. I believe they are just moving some assets around and renaming parts of their company to better reflect their current jobs(task etc) for that branch of the company. Changing the name to Xbox Game Studios is more in line with what they will be doing and such. Many companies do that. 1 of 2 things can happen as I see it. They can be absorbed into the parent company or they can be allowed to continue. I suspect so long as they are productive and are doing great they will continue with little interference. MS will own whatever they create and can use the end product as they see fit (in advertisements etc) Second thing... they get absorbed with all the assets and such into the main body and future products will be watered down as the main talent will be missing from the production. (or watered down) Still better than what Bethesda and EA is currently doing to their game assets. I believe at least for the beginning they will keep with the first choice. There are projects in the oven and major changes on that level will be really damaging. Once those are done they will possibly restructure and move to the second possibility My biggest fear however, is that they (MS) will require the games to be prepared for Xbox even if they were originally PC oriented and did their best $$$ from PC. Possibly even restricting release to other platforms including Sony and such.
  11. ritualclarity


    Sure... found nothing interesting.... finding out that you have some white ancestry... that isn't interesting at all. Sure... Finding out that one of your great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother was white. Also, the black man that married the white woman isn't African at all... of course he doesn't matter one bit. What the hell. Does she know how stupid she sounds?
  12. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    and .... you don't have to pay for tickets to the show!
  13. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    On my end, I have seen some things that lend credibility to that story as well.
  14. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Likely until they release their next related game. Kind of like they did in the past for Oblivion, Fallout 3, NV, Skyrim 1 and Skyrim 2 and skyrim 3 (VR) etc. they don't care.
  15. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    I don't either... It is a Bethesda Game, with a ported engine. What do you expect? At first I was upset with what they released, what they have been doing with the various issues and such but now I am not. In reality, it is to be expected from their current direction and management. It is what Bethesda is today and we should just stop trying to re-live the Bethesda of old when they released great games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, NV and others. I spend my time now looking toward Obsidian, CD Project Red and other new and upcoming devs.