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  1. I believe you'd have to rework the textures and change those to a color that you'd want. It is a bit of work to do this. Personally, I don't see them as super dark. They might be, but they aren't distracting from the captures that are available. They look fine as far as I can see.
  2. I like her height. Being a grey alien... I am not that tall. I could look up to her eyes easier than the others... lol Is it my imagination or is she more curvy than the others. Or is it just the height that is making it look that way.
  3. Witcher III is on sale as of this post on GOG for half price https://www.gog.com/game/the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_game_of_the_year_edition If you haven't had a chance to pick this gem up I suggest you do if you like challenging well written, deep and interesting game. Check out some of the many YouTube videos and the reviews. This game won many, many awards. Check it out and pick it up if you agree.
  4. Ah, I see, thanks. The answer as I see it is they keep trying to one up each other on which can make the ugliest character.
  5. This is the first time they had a very major reaction to the fans reactions to their game. They almost came short of shutting down Montreal location. That is a major change. They currently see it as the location causing the issue and not themselves though. Not their policies just poor quality control at that location and leadership sucked. Not because of the SJW etc. However, many articles and such are coming out and many references to how catering to SJW is causing the bottom line to drop are getting more and more common. These are things that they being business people will see and review, seriously. Hopefully, they will consider them very seriously and make some serious changes on their formula with regards to this. However, how much of a change likely will be very little. MEA was one game. They are still patting themselves on the back for other games that they released so even though this is a slap in the face, they'd likely just take it as the fans didn't want a new Mass Effect game and shut that IP down. Too costly to continue. So we are very likely to never get another ME game again. What will likely have to happen is another major upset like what happened to the ME game on another game (next release) and perhaps 2 or 3 more times before they get their act straight. I believe they would survive this at that point. They will be really hurt but they have butloads of cash etc. so they will likely be able to fair that happening. As I understand it, MEA did make them a profit or at least they came close to breaking even. It didn't however make the$$$$ that they expected (and really should have made so they weren't far from that. Had they not fucked up everything they would be rolling in the $$$ with people yelling "Take my Money". )
  6. "EA and Bioware need a reality check"... Yep. "you reap what you sow"
  7. I hope not... I would loose my job if it did happen They do everything much more "proper way" than the current games that are being released. I hope this continues. I hope they continue to remember the fans and deliver quality packed, well written games well into the future. Doubt other game companies will do this. I also hope the Cyberpunk 2077 is able to live up to everyone's expectation. I say that because CD Red does have some serious competiti0on... themselves. Which might be the hardest to beat. I hope it meets at least the same quality as WIII and I will be happy. Also there are some hints in WIII that someone from that game might be present in Cyberpunk 2077 or at least referenced. That is just so cool in itself. Same EA/MEA doesn't have the basic storytelling skills and tech ability to give just the basic solid well built game. Nobody is asking for a classic just solid, reliable game with some decent story. Nothing that hasn't been done before. just the basic shit. So sad that they can't even do that.
  8. Yes, your skill just keeps on getting better and better. Keep this up and us naughty users could have a closet fully of sexy clothes...
  9. Humble as well... Don't sell yourself short in any fashion. They were the trailblazers and proved that it could be done however, it is no easy feat even with guidance and proof of concepts to get this level of work done. You were learning from scratch. New or at least pretty new to the idea of modding and content creation. You went from that to the level you are. This is what I find amazing. Proof concept that if someone is willing to work at it they can do and create great things. Most newer mod users have the concept that people doing this are experienced in texture creation, meshes, animations and such already and just using their skills to make some mods for the community when in fact, many modders first experiences are doing those mods they are working on. Which is so AWESOME when you think of it. I really hope you do write about the basics sometime. Retextures for example, slight mesh alteration or even how to change where the shoes are shown in the sims game would be great. Really anything that could get some more people creating content that they want and don't have.
  10. You deserve the support. There are authors that do recolor and retexture etc. I understand the process somewhat however I understand that even the shear amount of effort it would take to do what you did (even more when you didn't know how to do it) pales by comparison to the actual work needed. This is because even though I understand the gist and some of the procedures that are done. I have no clue or ability to understand the actual complexity of the actual task. For those newer members, If I am correct, JoshQ actually redid the meshes in such a way that you could have proper high heels (where as Karma appreciates the character gets taller) This is far different than creating a set of shoes to cover the feet alone. Trust me. Then to make it compatible with the rest of the game and any mods that follow the same expected structure of EA... Can't even fathom how that was done.
  11. JoshQ has really taken his time to learn the trade. His skill is easily recognized by looking at the works he has done. The "Devil is in the details" is what you are pointing out. The little things that mean so much and make such a difference. These little touches really make this such a great mod and JoshQ such a great mod author. I don't have Sims 3 (however starting to consider the purchase due to excellent mods like this one) but if I did I truly believe this is one of the first mods I would install in my game.
  12. It is great that you are right on top of things with the site
  13. It has been slowing down. I thought it was due to my massive amount of downloads... (games from Steam and Orgin etc) However not quite that long for me at least.