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  1. It is already obsolete. If I am not mistaken, (update, yes. January 2020) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/windows/end-of-windows-7-support Microsoft has stopped all support for it. Meaning no more security updates. Lord knows MS programs have enough exploits in them already not to have them be fixed However, I understand. I also hope you don't have any critical sensitive info on that computer. Use Linux for the serious stuff and leave the games and other bs to the Windows (operating system of choice) Now with pass through (provided your hardware supports it.. good news more
  2. Wrong Thread.... What's wrong about this thread.
  3. ah i see you are back to work again..
  4. Nice... If I had that... I'd be less inclined to let her die... lol
  5. I wish they had those advertisements (first part) when I was young and able to join the military! I'd likely would have... lol Very motivational... the second one would push me away in a heartbeat. Sorry, alternate lifestyles have a right to exist but... I don't believe that is the best approach to attract the very best for your military. Military is tough, shitty job with shitty locations (on deployment) don't take my word.. ask ANY ONE THAT HAS BEEN DEPLOYED at how shitty their living conditions were. FROM ANY GENERATION! Seriously, I honestly expect the second group troops having saf
  6. It might not have worked out how you wanted but it did end up being quite good in the end in any case. One can tell the amount of work you put into this and it shows.
  7. The screenshot was worth it in my opinion
  8. That isn't the worse of it... once their area becomes a pile of steaming shit... they will move someplace nice and then cause it to turn to shit as well. Of course they won't stay there as it is shit. Companies will move out, crime will move in. Police isn't the problem. Sure some are dicks and some are dangerous and will have to be dealt with, but to blame all the force for some pricks is just plain stupid. Sad thing is there will be a money grab (theft) of the funds removed from the Policing and once the area turns to total shit... property values are shit.. those with the money will
  9. hEY, he just Ozzy Osborne that bat!
  10. To everyone, please follow the mod authors request stated above. Lets not be *that* site that can't follow simple request. Besides, it will give you much quicker responses from those in the know. Who would of thunk it... doing the right thing actually would actually benefit you! @ColonolNuttyThank you for posting your alternate choice for WW here. Having choices are always a good thing. I have been looking into going back to Sims 4 and might check this out! I have had WW the last time I was playing the game. Now I can explore something NEW! Always awesome.
  11. ritualclarity

    Space Cop

    Works for me!
  12. IMO either is fine. The problem is when you become a child predator. His own admissions is he could have easily found out with a simple check, that they were under aged before he engaged in adult conversations with them.
  13. You sure it isn't a skeleton issue? That is the only thing I can think of that would do that. At least as far as I have every known..... Perhaps trade out that skeleton for another compatible one Even the old default one used years ago. Should work still. (Yes, I realize likely you already did that to resolve the skeleton issue but ... still gotta put that out there. lol)
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