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  1. It might be me.. but she reminds me of She might be able to totally nail it if she tried to cosplay her...
  2. I enjoyed some of your post on Lovers lab and happy you decided to "jump the fence" and check out NSFWmods. I think you will enjoy it.
  3. I wouldn't have preordered the game had I known it required Bethesda.net account I hated DRMs a long time ago.. that was before I experienced that which is Bethesda and their tomfoolery. Now I welcome DRM (properly implemented as the video stated) over anything that requires a Bethesda account. Fuck Bethesda Accounts. I haven't joined and can't see I ever will.
  4. I couldn't find where we were discussing this however, there wasn't a dedicated thread for this train wreck so I thought I'd make one This thread is dedicated to the train wreck that is Fallout 76. If I remember correctly the other post were about Bethesda in general being a train wreck... I wanted to have a special section for Fallout 76 and its being a train wreck..
  5. I like the video, it gives a nice timeline of events with some tongue and cheek humor... for something that is entirely sad. Let me know your thoughts or any other sources of Fallout 76's failure... I know, you know, where there is a mountain of materials. I created this as I didn't see another thread dedicated to the epic failure that is 76
  6. I watched a bit of the video above without sound.. (I was somewhere I needed quite .. etc) Likely it would be worse with it... It is horrible at least from some of the clips that are being presented... It is definitely cringe-worthy .. This after they having a success with some of their franchise. Can someone color a scene where she is in costume with the red hair and change it to blue... It would be more accurate to what they are trying to portray At least from what I can gather from the video... I hope I am wrong.
  7. I still don't know who the fuck is James Charles...
  8. Exactly. The very attitude that will get you far on this site.
  9. Nice, feedback and willingness to work on the problem. Interesting, wondering if it has to do with Vortex as the problem. I know I didn't have any problems previously when using this (when I had the game installed and modded.)
  10. And right she should. Neither side is perfect. There are crazies on both sides.
  11. There is nothing wrong with having a side and sticking to it if... if you are willing to think through the reasons and know why you are on that side. Nothing is perfect and no side is 1000 % correct all the time. At least is seems with her you can ask for the info and even resources! lol.
  12. So an A for effort on her part We all can't be Kendo bringing those sexy Eastern European chicks. LOL
  13. https://www.deviantart.com/aprilgloriacosplay/gallery/ Hey.. don't hate.. I like nerd girls.. lol
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