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  1. Starting Zeta!

    Yep.. They seen an old May West movie and decided that they would also say "come up and see me sometime" lol.
  2. Starting out

    That doesn't seem like a lot of mods... Are you merging some / many of them?
  3. Ah, I see you are back! :) How ya doing?

  4. Witcher Fun

  5. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    I expect him to do kung fu however, I was stating that as they could have used almost anyone to fill that position for a force sensitive. That wasn't a Jedi It might have been kind of cool to have a Chinese person for the storm trooper... lol I half expected him to break out in some Drunken style Kung Fu... lol yes, now we are getting stupid silly...
  6. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    I took some time (I.E. wasted some time) looking at what reviewers stated of the show... If there were any doubts ... (Kendo) look at any one of them (from your favorite reviewer whatever) and see what they state.. Needless to say, I couldn't find one good one that didn't bitch about what they were doing and the way they went about it. Shame of it (got to complement Netflix though on this matter) it will have a second season. Netflix don't just kill shows in the middle of a story line like most companies today. Shame they didn't get someone that could do this reboot justice.
  7. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    Ah missed that.. That is so very true. And not even as good as Terra Nova.. At least that show took some time to develop character and situation before the main events occurred. What derailment? This isn't the Nexus or Lovers lab or something. I get your point about the "must check" aspect of Hollywood. At least with the Star Wars recent movie, it wasn't putting some race or other into a role that belonged to another.. (not to get into the fact about the clones and the soldiers should be clones some might say..) His role is pretty open and I still don't see a reason for him to be elevated as high as he is in the movie. (Haven't fully seen the second edtion of this) AS for LOST IN SPACE... (so we don't derail the thread as Kendo was worried about ) I have seen 3 episodes so far and there is nothing pulling me back to watch it again. Even shows I don't really like managed to get me interested enough that I have some pull to watching some more when I have plenty of time (board) but for three hours since I woke... able to do any damn thing I wanted to and it was more interesting to read some boring web pages and a bit of cleaning. Oh, the mention of Star WArs (new one being crap) and nsfwmodszzz comment about Asian actors reminded me of the character that was blind and force sensitive... fought like a ... wait for it... he was in a KUNG FU movie... so very sad. They could have done anything used anybody... it would be more interesting if they used an older woman, white person, black person, Arab person almost anyone to play that part than going for the ol' safe zone.
  8. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    Watched two episodes of the show and it is a shame the writing could have been so much better. Not good, but not horrible either.
  9. Anyone disappointed by SJW in the new Lost in Space?

    I beg to differ. there are some actors that could take on that role... Of course it depends on the type of stud you are trying to portray. There are some pretty bad assed Asian actors that would / could be good. (I haven't seen the show yet.) Having a black Judy could have worked out well if the writing was done well. Like you stated. Sad that it wasn't. If that is what happened in the show... that is just plain wrong on so many levels. Both the lead Male and Female scientist should have been very intelligent and authoritative.. at least with the rest of the staff/group. Maybe have issues among themselves for plot purposes. Sad, I liked the original and even the reboot movie later. Not as much of course. I am willing to give alot of freedom for the script and changes provided they are done well. you should see it, once you have shit all else to do and perhaps between a Netflix binge watch... Then see it for yourself and make a judgment. Of course. It would be like a Black person playing JFK or a White person playing Malkum X. I hate it when a good actor or actress is purposefully placed into an impossible position by the director/studio where they aren't going to be successful. Just because they can or think they should or it might be interesting. Place them in proper roles, or if you have to change things up... give really good reason and write the shit out of that role so thay can be successful and not out of place as Kendo pointed out. I don't see any problem with a black storm trooper. They pull from where ever they can to fill the ranks. They are just cannon fodder for the most part. (lore wise) I don't know (understand) what is being referenced by "Mary Sue"... sorry. I don't get the slang often... I miss out. I really enjoyed it. (First season) I liked the writing and premise and such. I enjoyed it much more than the original which is a rare occurrence! I am looking forward to being able to see the second season. Haven't see those movies. Might want to check those out at least one episode. Yes, so am I... However, I have found many good videos and some that are OK by givng them a chance and watching an episode or two to give it go. Oh for example Better Call Saul.. I really enjoyed that. as well as Dexter... (really liked that move alot.) Despite it being so full of shit ... There are some that many love. (Walking Dead) and I just don't get into it. I watched one whole season to see if it would pick up for me and it didn't. I know I will get some hate for that.
  10. The Electronic Arts thread

    The thing is they have a service where you can play many of their games without buying it just pay a monthly service fee. However, they don't have Sims 4 in that list. It might even be cool (what they are doing ) if they added it to their service. Then someone can play it what they want and then stop.
  11. PC Bulding Simulator

    I find it a bit interesting for it can show what your final results might be. For those visual people. If they take into account and update regularly so that clearances for part to part combos are pretty dam accurate that might be useful to explore to be sure that your parts won't bump into another. Even the best person that builds (as far as I know in RL) occasionally can run into a memory clearance issue with heat sink and such i they try to make the smallest and tightest build they can. For most here, (regulars that post that is) I believe it isn't that useful as most likely know about building PC and their way around a screwdriver.
  12. PC Bulding Simulator

    Fine, fine, sue me... you always have to be correct lol.
  13. PC Bulding Simulator

    There is a PC Building Simulator which you can buy from Steam... http://store.steampowered.com/app/621060/PC_Building_Simulator/ What will they think of next? How good is it? Supposed to have tutorials and other support. Working with vendors. Interested? Comments?
  14. Vanessa and Lizzy play a game...

    What's the name of this *game*
  15. ImpHeels Empress ā€œEā€

    :D... Keep working on it. Also, you have a lot of accessories that goes with your shoes.. Gotta have the entire set/look lol.