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  1. ritualclarity


    Is that from Megaton Saloon where Mr. Burke would sit?
  2. ritualclarity

    Midnights in Megaton

    Hope she is following CDC guidelines for Social Distancing...
  3. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/488919-fbi-white-supremacists-encouraging-members-to-spread
  4. What the hell? I had more posted there. Serious comments... Well.. it went like this... I(Ill post the general of what i tried previously here so not to confuse the thread. )How bad will this cause the economy to crash.. ( using the starter comment as an example) money won't be made. How long before serious financial issues occur for those that aren't sick. Go to work and school is fine but... What if like the above example.. your work is bar keeping, clubs, etc. Work is restaurants and food establishments. We are getting toward spring.. Tourism (Florida for example) what about the revenue lost there. Restaurants are starting to open their outdoor parts for patrons... Where will they be if this continues. Most of the above make their money just to survive and continue for next season. I can see lots of establishments filing bankruptcy if there isn't some protections for them during this time. For something they can't in any way control... World wide.. seasonal tourism for example. Helps many poor er countries get much needed cash.. Italy for example they will be seriously harmed by this (and shutting down as mentioned above.) When you take into consideration what is happening... Wow.. its going to be a world of hurt for all people.. not just those that get sick. Everybody will feel the pain. What if this continues on (which it appears only to be starting.. ) and you loose your job due to being sick and having time off.. or taking care of someone else that is seriously sick (like a parent or something) and you get sick after you loose your insurance.. ? Serious pain is coming. Government revenuer from events like parades, sporting events and such. Already they are shutting down many events and it is just starting. What about the tax impact of that ? Combined with all those people needing assistance (medical) that might not have medical.. Wow.
  5. So that means a stripper goes to the club but has no customers... ?
  6. "Take it with more than a gram or two of salt" I am only suppose to have 1.5 to 2.5 grams of salt daily.. this put me over my daily allowance
  7. I remember people using them for wine cellars and even guard houses and other things.
  8. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019
  9. This might have been placed here before. I have seen it around... This is my current state of mind.. Sometimes you can't win for loosing.. If you have a problem with it being placed here previously... listen to the song and know... I don't give a fuck.. as .. I have no more fucks to give
  10. Yea, a few years ago I remember there was a cut content mod released from the Nexus. I tried it but there was too many bugs to enjoy it for serious play. Hopefully they updated it properly
  11. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092746/
  12. did he say "three hundred sexy five days" Oh fuck. a chipmunk model.. .lol As for not knowing who she is.. she has to register with Chaterbate.. they have to have records on hand. Those records can be checked. Eventually her info can be found out. Dam, his point that she can be changed on a dime. I can see them asking for money for increase in tit size or but size etc. shit... it wasn't until the end that I realized that he was wearing a corporate logo from Predator.. lol
  13. If it was a long time ago.. perhaps it was a start. If I recall it wasn't completed when people started talking about it.. So maybe some of the issues were resolved. I can understand the non-nude only option for the demo. but the rest... if not updated or corrected sounds like it would be shit. IMO. Never played the demo. To busy to go through all that downloading and such to have a crappy experience. You know wasting all my possible gaming time to find I don't have any and the game isn't even worth keeping. Perhaps in the future I will. Or someone will post some new updates on this (and it is awesome, I really do wish him the best of luck and that it becomes awesome.. but... who knows)
  14. http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php?title=BSA_Files FOMM has a BSA extractor Might be others and might be some that are advised for use.. I just used FOMM t o do it. The video above SHOULD give you info on th is...
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