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  1. Movie Lovers Thread

    @Gandalftw 8 track was the worst medium ever for music or any sound delivery. Someone had to think the swamping "track" was something great, however, it isn't like changing a tune on your CD. It would jump in the middle of another song. Phonograph, Tape was the best for that time. Phonographs are still better. "pure" sound if you have a good record. That is compared to most songs you get today. (not lossless) Phonograph or record players are "lossless" by default. You can hear greater highs and lows than you can on your typical song you download these days from Apple, Google or Amazon. The sad thing is old Beta max had better video quality but lose to the VHS. Those that really wanted quality would get those record sized Lazer disks. Personally I do like the direction (to a point) where the movies are going. (all digital easily transferable) just wish it was more DRM less than it is these days.
  2. Movie Lovers Thread

    Here is another that most likely haven't seen either. It is a comedy. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102164/ https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/johnny_stecchino/ another movie from Roberto Benigni Night on Earth (Rome) If you like old time comedy then you might like those. Also more than likely you haven't see these.
  3. Movie Lovers Thread

    I remember this movie... That was a very weird movie.. I haven't seen it for years but I can still remember parts. Scene like this one... lol
  4. Movie Lovers Thread

    ^ I haven't see that in a very long time... My dam sister wore out that dam VHS lol DVD stashes are excellent. Many times, they have movies that are no longer available through streaming or have horrible You-Tube uploads... So sad that many excellent movies have gotten lost due to advancements in technology. Really bad coming from VHS to DVD. Tons of movies were lost during that time. I spent over a year searching for a DVD version of some movie (I forget the name but think it was Unico or something like that) for my sister. She loved that during her chiildhood and couldn't find a copy when an old broken VHS tape was found in the attic. (VHS and Attics don't go well together... the heat is very bad for them) IN any case I ended up finding a copy but it was in a totally different region. We bought it used (yea Amazon you can find all sorts of shit on that site lol) I had to rip it just to be able to give her a copy of that rip that she could use in her DVD player. Any movie buff should keep their DVD collections safe. The same rule apply to music lovers and records Except usually most music is transferred over to new mediums pretty well unless you have special versions (Concert, or specialty music ) Those specialty versions, rarely ever get re-stamped (new records) much less transferred to a new medium (8 tracks, CDs, or digital downloads)
  5. That's more like it.

  6. Music Lovers Thread

    ^ The great thing about this thread is you get to listen to some old favorites but best of all you get to listen to new content you might never have had the chance to listen to.
  7. Site addition suggestion

    You are providing excellent dialogue and response to those threads you are interested in as well as likes and other feedback. Others are doing the same. It is perfectly normal for your name to show up where it is currently due to your activity on the site. As Kendo states below, nobody is abusing it. We are watching for it for any abuses so you can rest on that fact. That is my thought / vote as well. There are people here that like the feature and nobody is abusing it so far so there is no real reason to disable it. That might be worse than having it enabled. I personally use it to give a nice feedback to the poster instead of adding yet another post commenting on their post. Lord knows I have enough post here on this site.
  8. Movie Lovers Thread

    ^ It has been so long since I have seen that movie. I don't even remember if I liked it or not... lol
  9. Site addition suggestion

    If it is hiding the function for members that don't want to see it, then I am for that. I see no reason that configuration of the site should be hindered if it is possible provided it doesn't make for a harder to manage forum. However, Like Kendo stated, DZ is the only one that has access to that and even then I doubt that can be removed due to many sites that use this software have members that like stroking their ego with reps etc.
  10. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    That is in line with my interest. I am more interested in Fallout NV and Fallout 3 over Fallout 4 even with the "dinosaur engine." One of of the issues might be that the new Creation Club has screwed over the script extender and apparently yet again. Might happen each update. They are stepping on the mod content creators and that will not do well for the game when it was already negatively received and has already difficulty in getting the necessary tools to bring the game to the next level. To provide the needed tools to create the more advanced mods that made Skyrim 32bit and FNV so popular. I am not omniscient either but I suspect the difference between FNV and F03 is related to the maturity of the scripting engine. It is much more developed than that in the FO3 and thus more development for it. I agree with the assessment r/t Skyrim 64bit. It just isn't there and with the CC coming to that as well (assume that it will screw up the script extender as well) won't do it any favors either. However, I would like to see some of your unreleased NV/FO3 stuff (well I have seen it and have some but... I digress) and submit it here. While at it I believe you have some nice content for Skyrim 32bit as well. you know what I am talking about. If you have it and it is fully functional why not release it? Don't think so much of it as fucking Bethesda.. but more helping the site (need an angel emoticon :P) However, I can't really blame you.
  11. Site addition suggestion

    For the most part the ranking means nothing. I click on things that are good for the site, interesting or something I personally enjoyed. As a result I post a few more than most do. As for others if that floats their boat, we really don't care. AS I stated there is no "reward" for someone that has the post likes or such. If there were.. then Doublezero, Kendo, and myself would be winning anyway In fact out of the "all time" members top 5... 4 are moderators and/or admin and only one is a member. Which by the way has been here since the beginning. (well close to it anyway.) So don't feel bad or even allow yourself to be distracted by this. It is part of the sight and if done correctly, allows a quick "thank you" or sign of appreciation for something someone has done which can encourage others to do the same post wise. If done wrong... well those that frequent this will soon figure out anyway. and for you ... "crazy old man" feel free to post to your hearts content. There isn't a restriction on the number of post you make. In fact, I have added some topics to help encourage some extra posting outside of just gaming interest. (Music, Movies etc) Without going and creating some silly games...
  12. nsfwmods.com Web Support Thread

    Don't worry about that. Just process your post and comments like you would normally would and let the chips (or post :P) lay where they land. The moderators and admin can feature a particular photo (and I do from time to time in the past) Also you's only be moving them down one when you do which isn't that much of an issue. People can still see all the new photos easily enough.
  13. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    Hell they could offer quite a bit more CC credits for those that did buy the Season Pass as a "thank you" for their purchase. 1000 credits as opposed to the 100 that they are giving to non season pass customers. That would also be a good thing to add to the next game which would have CC capabilities... 1000 or so credits added right off the top. That combined with more reasonable pricing (which they are getting closer to) and some real content like was promised (DLC sized content) and they would have a much better presence in the gaming community. There are fans of the old way and old games that just won't like the future games since they are changing the formula for their creation and I doubt that will ever change since they are trying to become more attractive to the more casual gamer. One of the main detractors of Witcher is the fact is it is "hard" for the main stream gamer. Many that bought Witcher III soon realized their disappointment at the complexity and difficulty of the game and the very large learning curve required. I wish that Bethesda would go back to the original or at least near the original forumla and only fixed the issue (like the shooting mechanics which is stated as much improved in the recent Fallout 4) and kept it at that. They are a large gaming company and can create new IP which they can develop for their new customer base that they are trying to attract (more casual gamers/console gamers etc) and create a story that they like and love. Deviating from the formula of a very successful gaming IP is not a good idea. Just ask the Developer of MEA That was a shit storm of issues and problems but.. had it only been technical they would have had themselves bitch slapped by the customers and reviewers and after they fixed it... people would have still stated that they would recommend the game (because it had the same depth of story and character development which was what made the franchise so successful. Take a look at the ending of Mass Effect III and the shit storm that happened... the game still sold a metric shit ton of games even with that farce... There was most of the formula just bad choices in the ending and not too many or major tech issues that were part of MEA upon release.
  14. nsfwmods.com Web Support Thread

    It was on the front page right be hind the first one you see. It didn't change.
  15. ScreenCapture 1

    Sorry, missed the last statement... Nope... No handheld pipboy. Never really gotten interested. I tried it a Lonnggggg time ago but had some issues where some of my armors was missing the sleeve part where the pipboy should have been. Never went back. Likely the issue was the author not doing something as he/she would expect there to be a pipboy (It was custom armor if I remember correctly)