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  1. ritualclarity

    How to Disable Packs in The Sims 4

    Curious question, why would someone want to disable packs in Sims 4? You bought them, why would you now want them disabled?
  2. Yes, that would be one step toward their restricting the modding community freedom. Something. Just get it over Bethesda. You are loosing ground regardless of what you do right now, might as well cut the act out and start moving forward with your plan.
  3. Wishful thinking, yearning for days past, and blind servitude and sub mentaility. That is what is left (what is wrong with a person. ) I wonder if they will do that with this game. Or just restrict it, perhaps with official use of Creation Club Kits, or something. If they want to get this train moving they need to step it up a notch. Just do it already. Thief, thief, somebody call the authorities... wait... I a an authority ... (hiding in a corner.) LOL. I missed the short bus... yet again. They can't handle the truth.... They need the wall...
  4. The problem is too many will buy them on pre-order AND trust them... even now, still people are.
  5. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Above is one of those that love Fallout, Loved the idea of an online component, even likes some aspects of the game when it works properly but dosn't like it as it is. Even fans of the entire idea aren't liking the game. ...
  6. ritualclarity


    Wish we had the actual banned page capture of you ... well the not you
  7. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Already, people are cheating "In fact, it is actually kind of hysterical that this is even possible in a multiplayer video game, but here is is"
  8. ritualclarity

    skyrim japanese (日本) girls sex 4 voice

    the author hasn't been very active, not sure what the current status is. As of now I'd consider it incomplete and not being updated unless the author states otherwise later.
  9. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    It is better than what some of the fan boys were coming up with... Color changing super mutants from DC... for example I wish they'd get their act together and create a proper canon story-line for their universe... they are starting to do Star Trek and Star Wars shit now.
  10. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    didn't say it was correct (or at least correct previously) Just tossing it in for what they are using to "explain" why there are super-mutants in 76
  11. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Huntersville_super_mutant the answer to supermutants there.
  12. ritualclarity


    @endgameaddiction Not sure how it is in Nevada... hopefully still sane unlike California or other locations (major cities etc) and if so, hope it continues. If so count yourself very lucky... @Kendo 2 thanks for the update. lol. It is the only way to teach these types of people a lesson without being on the jail side of the equation. She is also in more trouble as she was a part of the alternate party trying to get elected... This shit reflects bad on them and at a minimum she is kicked out if she wasn't chewed out by the leaders of that group before hand. I thought she was some stupid college student spouting some crap, this is worse. Even more reason to press charges when shit like that happens to help teach these people this shit isn't acceptable. She isn't in the dog house... she is several feet below the dog house
  13. ritualclarity


    Even if I agree with your idea of what should be done. It isn't the case, and they are protected. Unfortunate fact of current laws we have today. That is the reason I mentioned that man needed to press charges on her for assault, which she did and was videoed doing so. Gotta fight with what you got. If she was arrested for assault and charges pressed, she'd end up with a record. I believe she was a college student... then a student with a record.. good luck getting a great job afterwards. Of course, she wouldn't spend more than 5 minutes in jail and instead given probation (shame really, Jail would really work wonders on such a person ) the experience would be a learning one for her. Police and Judges don't give a fuck about her SJW agenda.
  14. ritualclarity


    Any physical response from that male she assaulted would end up with him in jail and her laughing and spreading the story about how she exacted justice. You have to play "their" game or loose. You decide to give someone a bloody mouth for talking shit... welcome to jail. I've seen it happen more than once. There is a difference in defending oneself from attack and serious physical harm. On that note, If my family or such is in risk of being seriously harmed, I'd take care of business as I needed to then worry about the consequences later. She wasn't physically attacked or in any way at risk of physical harm from anyone there. She committed a crime, and she is talking about justice and "right". She needs a lesson on Justice IMO...
  15. ritualclarity


    She should have gotten arrested for assault. (pretty sure that is the case everywhere in the US)