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  1. ritualclarity

    Creating a new Fallout comic

    Sounds good to me!
  2. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    well, guess we will "eventually" buy the game. (when we accidentally get it in one of those purchases which contain double digit game titles that Steam sometimes sells. You know, those games that nobody really likes but you can't pass up such a collection because it is less than 5 dollars for like 10 games. )
  3. At first I play blind to enjoy the game. Then after I get through the game once or twice I might do as you mention, start playing the game to get different results. I however, have no problem playing a game (usually) where I don't get the happiest endings ... I say usually because Fallout 4 has elements that are pretty hard to ignore and really play the game. This is a poor RPG. A good RPG is when those elements can be used and explored witout taking away from the general game play or making no sense. CD Project Red did this in Witcher III which I played quite a bit more than I expected. Changing a play though to a different path or with different attatudes changes the story line and endings but all makes sense. I believe this is what their new game will do but likely more so. Believe Witcher III does that as well but not sure. In any case they introduced the concept like ME as well where you can fill in the background and it was done quite well I tried TW1 and couldn't get far into the game. It was difficult and complex and I didn't get into the game. Same for TW3. It took time for me to really get into the game. Once I did I was able to enjoy it. I know if I go back it will take me a bit to get into the game again. Unlke most other games it isn't a button smasher. YOu have to time things and use some strategy to get where you want to go. Someone not liking some or even all of their games is perfectly fine. Awards aren't important when such a emotional connection is created between the player and the game. There are many that don't like the games at all. That is perfectly fine. (see my post on this above lol) It might take a lot for them to win you over for their new game, and they might not ever win you over on this game or perhaps any other game they ever create in the future. This too is fine.
  4. You also know what I meant as well Personally I liked that part. I was role playing and did what would have been done at those times. I would have done the same even if I knew what the outcome would be. After this ending (my first play thorough) I investigated the endings among other things and learned what did what (for witcher III of course) It inspired me to do a different play through the next play through as a result... in fact, I haven't even completed the ending that I wanted yet... lol CD Project Red isn't Bethesda and their Mass Effect. They really make changes. When starting the game after a bit you are able to answer some questions about your past and you can make really big changes. Some of which will remove NPCs from the game. Others will make it harder for you to do some quest or get some of the potential allies. If they just bring that quality and care to Cyberpunk 2077 they will create a game far better than most if not all the recent releases. Keep in mind the company has massive amount of awards for their Witcher series.. don't believe me look it up. They won or came pretty dam close to winning almost all of the qualifying awards they could when the game was released. Like I said above. The game hasn't been released or available for review yet so who knows. I am only basing my opinions on their solid and consistent results they produced in the past. The game, could be a major flop and be horrible. It is only their forth(major ) game after all. Also, a different type of game. Up till now they only worked on Witcher nothing else. There skills might very well not translate well into the latest game release.
  5. Actually yes in a way. You can develop a relationship with Triss or Jennifer and slut it around with almost every sorceress, prostitute, mage and even several monsters or creatures.. and still have your love interest in the end (if you make the correct choices through the game) You can fuck and fuck away at almost anything that moves. Many opportunities. Only events pertaining to Triss and Jennifer and your conversations seem to make a difference in their relationship tree. http://www.ign.com/wikis/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt/Sex_and_Romance Witcher's choices do make a difference and can open up different opportunities. It takes a bit but you can slowly develop a different environment. The quest can be done differently in many case and for a few you can't do it because of who you have become. All of these make sense. If you choose someones side... you can't later (usually) change or work two sides like you can in Skyrim. The differences in game choices are massive. Skyrim is like something someone from 5th grad would play and Witcher is something someone from college would play. Deep, complex and ruthless, if you fuck up choices you can end up really fucking up the ending. I know, I did I fucked it up and didn't get what I wanted for an ending and didn't know why until much later a small choice that I didn't think of early on lead to the ending. If, and only IF they (CD Project Red) does create some forum of classes and choices like that, then the choices can possibly be much more deeper and complex than a Mass Effect or similar game. Major changes can occur as you play depending on the classes you choose from Cyberpunk. Of course it is speculation now until we get a good demo or proper review out. Even if it isn't any more complex than Witcher III I would be happy with the dialogue and such provided the rest of the game is on par with their previous game. Which if history proves correctly, they usually have massive improvements and growth in features and quality game after game so if that holds true, then Cyberpunk 2077 should be more complex, detailed, rich and rewarding than Witcher III was. I will hold my opinion until much more concrete info is available.
  6. I believe that is correct. the character will have a personality (to a point) that is similar to Witcher 3 except you can play a male or female and have some body alteration options... More so that Geralt beard and hair trim... lol. (not that that wasn't cool ;)) Very likely this will be more evident in Cyberpunk than Witcher ever dreamed of. There are more classes (development) paths and male/female interactions to deal with. If they flesh it out like I believe they will.. the game play will be much more in the dialogue department than Witcher (perhaps any other game) CD Project red really loves breaking records and taking their games to new heights beyond what any other dev does.
  7. Sometimes a great game, isn't great for someone. That is fine. I believe they are continuing their quality in development of the game. As much as I would love a great game to add to my collection, I will possibly wait to see what comes about since the game is so different from what they developed before. (No pre-paid likely) however, if they are open and have demos for reviewers and such to help me make an informed decision I might jump back on the pre-paid. So far as I can see, CD Project Red is the only company that I would consider doing so with due to their attention to detail and not pulling all the shit other dev companies try doing. The established personality, I believed would be present. They haven't developed any game that is totally open yet. Perhaps new additions would allow different path (more open) or perhaps an DLC would do that later once they have released it and see that they can change it without harming the game. Or, perhaps they have some tools that some modder does this to the game. I do see a desire for people to have first person and third person options (and pretty much believe most games like this should have the option) I for one, might like the FPV over TPV as I had some hard times with Witcher due to it being third person. It took longer to get used to the third person but I can see why they choose third person as they invested a shit ton of work in the fight mechanics and such.
  8. ritualclarity

    Mount&Blade II Bannerlord

    Sounds good to me...
  9. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Your opinion on a game is still valid even if you will never buy it. In fact, it might even be more so. Also, I agree there is something stinky going up at Bethesda Headquaters I believe they don't even know what the fuck is in the game yet either. They WILL MONETIZE SOMETHING however, they will call it something different or use some loophole or something. Perhaps the Creation Crap ...ur Club will be what they use to make the money. I have no doubt they will. They (Bethesda) is far from what Fallout is for a long time... slowly tearing away what the original creators designed to make it something else. This is just one more step. I think Fallout NV was the starting point after the realized that there is some cash to be gotten from seeing what Fallout 3 pulled in. Likely before that, they didn't consider that franchise they gotten from the acquisition of Black Isle Studios (I believe it was that company) was worth much. Wasn't until some other company fleshed it out and made it a 3d game added a new features (VAts) and other things that they realized this could be a good cash cow. All game companies are wanting to turn their franchise into a service. Sad thing is they all suck at doing so. They go against their fans wishes, develop shit that many don't like and go in directions that aren't making much sense. Instead, they should be bring their core fans into the process, develop things that are desired, features that are wanted, and then move into more service options. Game "services" aren't bad, it is the companies greed /money grab and cheap tricks that make it bad. I disagree, I believe they need to have their asses bought out by a company that will respect their IP's and create future games that cater to their core fan base and respect their customers. Either that or get so fucked over they have to sell some of their IPs (Fallout / Skyrim ) to another company to develop the next games. (like Fallout 3 ) ... baring that, anything that gets Fallout and TES from them before they totally FUCKUP THOSE IP'S LIKE THEY DID WITH MASS EFFECT! Fallout 76 might just be Fallout's equivalent to MEA.
  10. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    That sums it up pretty well
  11. ritualclarity


    What! You can get two women at the same time and not get in trouble!
  12. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    The fuck if I care if they make a MMO out of a Fallout game. Zero care. I do care that they are fucking round and not coming out and saying it. If they want a MMO, Pug whatever shit, go for it... stop trying to fucking say it is something it isn't and don't be stupid and try to be "everything" to everybody because you will fuck up... not might, you will fuck up Bethesda. As Kendo stated, the main fans of the Fallout franchise aren't MMO players. Same for the TES franchise. (as proven by the ESO game) Trying to bring them into the MMO game by lying and trickery and double speak and / or adding MMO elements and shit to a classic fallout game will only fuck up things even worse. The more talk and the closer the game gets to release the more of a turd it looks like. This is a serious issue. Before at least Fallout 4 looked good, hooked a few fans on it and got some interest because it looked great (at first glance etc) If it looks this much like a turd now... how big of one is it actually? Following the previous hype machine and info and then seeing reality... (being much worse than advertised and each release worse and worse) Now that Fallout 75 looks like complete shit and info shows it is likely complete shit... how much worse can it be? I smell something along the lines of being more epic shit tastic then Mass Effect Andromeda! If that is the case... they had to really work at fucking the game up to make it that bad.
  13. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    WHAT!!!! Impossible. Bethesda doesn't make train wrecks... they make Masterpieces. Edit... WTF... is that a gargoyle from Skyrim @0.56?
  14. ritualclarity

    Creating a new Fallout comic

    Reminder...I am not an APE I am an ALIEN!....
  15. ritualclarity

    Creating a new Fallout comic

    LOL couldn't resist....