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  1. He is awesome, highly underrated. The entire premise was nice, new ( to me at least ) and interesting. There was stuff that could be done with that. too bad it was just a quickie (movie wise) and didn't go anywhere. I also don't think it fits anywhere in teh current comic world of movies. Shame such a waste.
  2. Now we need a white lando Calrissian from Star wars.. White or again Yes.. Asian Harlem hammer. Spawn needs to be white for the next film.. State that .. and watch them loose their shit. To be honest.. there isn't any real reason there can't be a black 007. It is a title given to an MI6 agent at least as far as I understand it. However, the entire premise is swagger and maleness that I doubt any female could pull off. They would be changing the formula. Wonder what the creator of 007 thinks of this. That would be interesting to know. They'd have a better chance of creating a new spy that is a female in a mix of Borne Supremacy, bond, Nikita etc etc. Blend them up and create a new super spy that happens to be a female. I believe they would be more successful (if written correctly) than they will be doing this. They failed with the reboot of Ghostbusters.. from doing shit that the consumer doesn't want.
  3. Review the original versions of Nursery rhymes... That shit is terrifying! They told children that when they were young many decades ago.
  4. Mortal Combat caused serious issues when it was first released. Just to be clear I agree with game companies trying to be too PC. Also thanks for the point out for the different methods for quest being given out. HOwever, I think it would be pretty boring if there wasn't any NPCs giving out quest also might not be as engaging. Some however would be a nice change. cut scenes can be changed I believe after the fact but means more work for the game creators. Also much of what you stated would be more work for them. This cost and takes more time to release. Not stating they shouldn't do it but that likely they wouldn't or don't do it for that reason as well. A mature game shouldn't have any of those restrictions being placed on the game that has been on recent games. It doesn't make sense unless they are trying to keep those that are to young from accessing such content.. being their parent for some reason. some of those over on Nexus seem to be below 18 and I KNOW some are underage at other sites I am apart of. Trying to be a parent.. or good company and not pervert the young? Yes, flimsy excuse. Reaching for straws here. lol. (no real excuse.. actually agreeing with you on that subject :P)
  5. Probably because many of the gamers will click on shit they know nothing about and then later ask for tech support to fix the shit they broke. Selecting the option to kill important NPCs... and break many if not all the important quest which could lead the game to be stagnant or unable to continue anywhere will likely be a head ache for those companies. Just hang around some tech support threads and FAQ and such threads for a day and you will soon see that the people playing games these days (on the majority) are quite stupid, don't read instructions, and cry and bitch and take it to social networks when something doesn't go their way regardless of it it is in reality their fault. They also cant' take blame for their stupidity. It is everybody else's problem, they are the cause. Safety zones and shit. Too much of a fucking headache. Same reason for the dumb down game quest and giant arrows pointing you to where you need to go etc. etc.
  6. Some of the NPCs need to be protected .. even if it is for a limited time otherwise they could be killed by accident before they can complete the needed events for the player. How else can this be done unless there are dozens of NPCs in line to take over the torch? In some cases that might even look or be weird? Some of the quest can just fail, but some are key story arch that are needed for many other quest. Note. I am not arguing with you on this fact. However, I can't see any other solution. Game companies take it too far IMO and protect them (NPCs) well after the need and many just "because" they can or want to, but there are some and in some situations where they need to be functional and not dead.
  7. Well start reading some of this http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:TS4_CC_Basics Of course keep in mind all the work you are doing is for your own personal use. Cant be distributed Unless permitted by Kendo
  8. Quite difficult if you don't know what you are doing. I know someone that used sims shoes and nearly lost their mind.. learned alot but still didn't want to go back to convert the rest of them he wanted.
  9. Which are likely use taxes to help cover operational expenses, as otherwise it wouldn't make sense to have services there.
  10. The advised "safe place" is in a basement preferably away from large windows. If you care for a librial that is in need of a safe place on a regular occurrence... it is advised to heavily insulate a room in the basement and if not some place away from stimulus. If you don't own your property and can't remodel said location, then packing foam sheets can be attached to the wall by tape or some other material. Keep in mind.. you might be responsible to repaint that room and do some light patching but that is the responsible thing to do when caring for a librial. lol
  11. Not if it is working for you now. The sexout bodies add that second body. You needed to have the sex body / nude body installed properly of your choice to have things work properly as a result you had issues. If you installed the ones provided for you, the body would have likely changed when having sex or depending on when you installed (your chosen mod vs SExout bodies .. which overwritten the other) I believe the female body is singular. so if you have a chosen nude body chances are you are good to go.
  12. isn't it strange that really hot girls often have great voices... even if they aren't .. "singing"
  13. Strange there wasn't already a second body when you installed Sexout? There should have been. One (the first one) is for walking around. You can have a nude flaccid, erect, or even underwear version. The second one is the body that animations use for sex. There has always been a second body for Sexout. (one body for females if you are curious.. If I am correct. .. they use armors to change to pregnant versions... Off topic.. yes.. sorry will get back to topic ) I ask because I haven't seen any situation where there was only one body (path) .. I thought it was something along the lines as one body was this mod and the other (sex one) was the original Breezes which has that UV issue as the cause. Not having the second body should have caused floating head hands and feet issue. Not graphical issues. I must be getting really out of touch with Fallout NV mods. In any case, excellent of you to come back with your solution. top notch, keep it up. ( ... pun intended.. lol)
  14. and likely not a direct take on the actual books as well. SJW all the way!... If that is the case, it will be so sad. however, I guess it is what needs to happen before a decent movie / series can be created. happened with many super hero movies. remember the 90's ? Talk about crap. Then the movie studios decided to get their acts together (for a brief time before SJW entered there) and created some pretty good ones. Fortunately, it seems as if the whole SJW movement is starting to die. I really hope it isn't just sleeping for a bit before coming back with a vengeance.
  15. Yes, I was talking about time as a construct of humanity. Not referencing actual time as a scientific principle. as for the dilation.. I believe (forget his name sorry) one of the scientist stating if you had t wins and one was going faster than light on a space ship, time would slow for him. His twin would live out his life back on earth. When the twin on the ship returned after only a very short time, his earth bound twin would have gotten much older. Some good scifi movies cover this when talking about space travel. Long haulers leaving and coming back with their earth bound (or planet of choice) much older or even dead. Sometimes these movies even mention for deep haulers seeing their grandchildren or the grandchildren of their family members when they return. (traveling at near light speed) yea... my Googlefu didn't fail https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin_paradox
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