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  1. It is a solid 1080p GPU. A very solid GPU for that.
  2. I really like what you have done with these @Kendo 2 I can see my character rocking some of those if I ever reinstall the game lol.
  3. get FNVedit.. open it and look at this mods list there.. You should see this under armors or something like this to get the code. It is likely you typed something wrong or did something wrong. Also keep in mind once you get there you will need to return to the game world again and use a coc location command (inserting your favorite location command ) to return. Keep practicing and learning. This site sort of requires you to be a bit more advanced to use some of the mods. Kendo's especially so.
  4. Thanks for the info ... That isn't to low end. I still have a 970 in storage and might pull it out for a secondary computer! I am still working on a i7 4790 so not to far off of your processor either. It's amazing how much people were able to get out of their older Intel processors and the 900 series of graphics cards. For that matter I still know some that rock some old GTX 580's (yes, SLI) and doing fine for most of their games. (not the newest and greatest of course) It is very good that someone could play that game with such computers. To many times the gaming companies develop games for super computers forcing people to settle for crappy experience if they can even play the game or not play it at all. This isn't due to some development or better textures and graphics (some are) but because they are un-optimized pieces of chit.
  5. The worst thing about this is they are taking some play and curiosity of a child and thinking that child wants to be the opposite sex. Then without thinking guiding the child into thinking they want to be something. That is so very wrong. The same goes for parents and teachers trying to state that 90% of their children have ADHD.. no, schools took away recess and other after school activities that they grew up having. The children have to go to home in apartment complexes and with parents that don't take them to the part or after school activities so they can burn off there dam energies and then wonder why they are acting up and cant sit still for 5 fucking minutes. Give them active shit to do, wear the out and then check again. Chances are.. they will be much more attentive.
  6. If they have solid mod support and aren't doing shit like Bethesda is doing with their games. I can deal with a potato face and some lack luster voice acting. If combat is better than Bethesda then that is a plus. Brainless combat is ok for a casual play or just fooling around but for serious play, I need more realistic combat. Spamming spells as @Kendo 2 stated above just get boring after a bit. With good solid mod support the community can upgrade the potato faces and some of the other aspects of the game where needed. Oh provided they don't create plots that are stupid like needing to find your infant.. then be told to help out the entire wasteland before you do. @driftscape would you mind giving some specs of your low end computer. I know some that state their computer is "low end" but they are pretty good computers. (not the best and not great for gaming) It would help understand how the game might play on someone else computer based on this.
  7. They will never give up on Kendo. This is a fact. It is in their bi-laws.
  8. Wow... that might make me want to get the game. lol. Let the HUNT BEGIN! lol
  9. Brainless following and thought is one sure fire way to loose respect from most if not all intelligent and reasonable people. Now, having a well thought out reason for your beliefs, understanding the counter arguments etc. and being able to have a civil discussion is one way to gain respect.. at least in my book. Also a very good way to get your beliefs across and win some possible converts. This brainless banter and yelling and shit only turn people off. Fortunately most on the left, that is all they do! lol
  10. Now there is 917 dollars donated to him for such a great job. 15:00, What do you think. Think they are doing the paid server as a guise for forcing their Store/Mods system from Bethesda? Perhaps, to do this with the other games which surprisingly have been postponed recently?
  11. Wow.. WTF https://www.dailywire.com/news/video-james-younger-at-age-3-to-dad-mommy-tells-me-im-a-girl A mother forcing her young son to be a girl. 3 years old. https://www.dailywire.com/news/jury-rules-against-texas-dad-trying-to-save-7-year-old-son-from-gender-transition-potential-castration
  12. I lost it at how real the hands and feet are over Bethesda Fallout NV bodies are... lol
  13. Our world has officially gone to SHIT
  14. Yes, you can... Yes! you can! Indeed!
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