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  1. ¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale! LOL That above post was inspired by Kendo's post earlier.. Youtube selected some others This time their selection was actually meaningful lol
  2. One thing I can say.. is they aren't afraid of having fun... lol.
  3. that is a cringe of itself. I have met several people from such a situation. They aren't willing to do the work to be the "success" that they want to be. Think they should be. They have little in the ways of the tools that many others have to achieve their desires and with the background of living off the govt and being taught hatred, they just blame everyone else.
  4. All this crap.. will cause those good cops to leave. They will start to get fed up and in some cases fearful of doing their jobs. This will leave the bad ones and if so, likely cause more issues in the future.
  5. The above was a compelling argument against Bethesda being the sole cause of the engine's issues. They couldn't implement it properly. Obsidian likely will be able to. At least they won't likely have the same continual glitches. As for being popular. That type of game is quite popular and has very few options of quality that has high mod-ability. That I am aware of at least. Create something with a good base to begin with. The stories that they can create and make it highly modable. Hopefully in a better form than Bethesda can and they should be quite popular. If it is a high quality game I will buy it out of principle. To support a company doing something right. You are possibly correct on the engine. Not sure how easy it would be to add a modding framework to it. (not sure if there are modded games using that game engine publicly sold) Everything will be Windows 10 going forward. It is just what is going to h appen. My suggestion is to try to move or upgrade to Windows 10 using a different dedicated machine or a VM with Graphics pass through. The tech is getting much more mature ... Linus and the 2 gamer 1 pc video will help explain that. you'd be able fire up a Windows 10 system just to do what you have to do minimum. If you don't mind or don't use it much (say a month or so for a game then stop) you can download and run it for several months without even purchasing it. Just have to reload. Might be a way to extend the original install for a longer time. I was like you and didn't move to Windows 10 for a long time. Now my graphics card is fully recognized and other issues fixed. can postpone updates as I wish for months. Which is long enough to have them fix the crap they fucked up originally. Learning more you can turn off services at the registry level (like hibernation which I have done) and a few other settings. You can do stuff to get your windows 10 more tame and work better for you... for the example I have given above. Of coures, it won't be Windows 7 or XP and there will be likely some issues you just don't want to deal with except perhaps for those limited sessions. I am working on this post right now with a VM Linux. Hypervisors like Unraid can set you up with different systems to get what you need for those few things you need. That or you have limited to no options going forward. That is the nature of gaming (Windows that is)
  6. I'll believe it when I see it as well. However, there is also something to consider.. the level of modding support that is available. Might not be as heavy as Bethesda's. What engine are they using? Wonder if they use Gamebro lol. It would be hillarious if they did and they did a better job.. using THEIR base engine. lol
  7. Preferences, I think we all can understand that. I prefer FPS myself for RPGs but...Witcher was excellent and third person was really fleshed out in that game IMO. Different people, different opinions I am sure. As for Outer world I have heard nothing but good things about it. At least it isn't Bethesda lol. (yes, Bethesda does have some well rated games like DOOM but they are far in between those that fall flat.. looking at Vault 76.)
  8. FPS has been growing in popularity in the recent years. (for RPGs that is) At lest from what I can see.
  9. Holly Shit.. I thought that was just some rework of Skyrim not something that Obsidian is creating! Now they are just punking Bethesda! lol. that touch of casting a spell .... excellent. All they really need is some voice acting by Patric Steward... lol. I didn't want to have another game manager but if they start putting out stuff like this... I will have to get their manager as well.
  10. People will use what they want. I have used consoles in the past and they have a purpose. I use a PC currently to game. It is up to you if you want to use your time to try to convert the masses, however, I doubt much will change. for one thing... they might not be able to get the PC... All anyone can do is educate people on the realities of PC gaming and allow for their minds to be made up.
  11. I wish I could like it more than once @Kendo 2 you were referring to version 2.9 not 4.9 correct?
  12. If you are using windows 10 and want to put in the effort perhaps use Kendo's offer of all the needed tools together. Once set up properly you'd at least know your setup was correct. I'd do it myself as well but I have shit time to do this now. Hopefully once I get a new computer (dedicated gaming) then I can set it up once and forget about it.
  13. Well I'd check on line and watch some tutorials on such things... gather up some info and learnmore. It sucks that it seems as if this is the only thing you want to do, but... once you learn, you will be golden if you find something else. or .. hell, do them all.. You are likely right, the model change might have messed something up. You have the original right? just try again and tweak your steps .. Hopefully someone here would be willing to chime in with some direction evne if it is something you could google on blender and look up in a video. If I was you however, I'd check the entire weight process in Blender.
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