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  1. ritualclarity


    yea, Caitlyn Jenner begged to be touched by Bruce... Often ...:P
  2. ritualclarity

    Tenpenny Slave Auction

    Now. I LIKE THAT IDEA... I can now roll play a SJW and sick the ghouls on the residents and have my conscience clean... lol.
  3. ritualclarity


    what, you a lost cat...? by the say, my dog ate your cat that ate the rat that ate the granola that the SJW is on a random rant today about.
  4. ritualclarity


    that or some SJW will try to get the boy arrested for sexual assault. hey, wouldn't surprise me none now. Not when schools expel a 6 year old boy for kissing a fellow student or some other nonsense. https://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/27/education/boy-6-suspended-in-sexual-assault-case-at-elementary-school.html
  5. ritualclarity


    You know you just called yourselves out... lol
  6. ritualclarity


    The funny thing about this entire prospect is that the SJW's called out two guys as a "couple" a gay couple. You don't call out someone for being gay, trans or even pregnant. You wait until they tell you they are before you assume something regardless of how much "evidence" someone might have. There are real live people that have made the choice to not designate their relationship status for whatever reason from family issue to hostility in the community. That info is something that they should have had the right to disclose when they choose to do so not be called out. The SJW "Social Justice Warriors" want to act like they are doing the world a favor but they just end up fucking it... Showing example where puppets are called out which can give many the thought that is is perfectly OK to call out anyone that they suspect is gay, any couple that they suspect is different. In then end harming those that they are claiming to protect. This time it is puppets, in time it wil be real people... people that might be in danger if called out... idiots.
  7. ritualclarity


    WTF? No wonder everything is going to shit in the world. It appears as if many people are spending a great deal of time trying to determine the sexuality of a child's show puppets... Seriously? Then the creators argue with ADULT fans about the sexuality of their characters... for a child's show. Sexuality in a child's show... unbelievable. That is important. Wow. Seriously if someone that is mature enough to understand sexuality and is watching the show (could be a young teen) and see them(puppets) and want to think they are gay, who the fuck cares? Fuck.... now I have wasted time I shouldn't have on the subject...
  8. ritualclarity


    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/17/inside-edition-crew-gets-robbed-while-reporting-on-san-francisco-bay-area-crime.html Lol.. you can almost say they deserve that....
  9. ritualclarity


  10. ritualclarity


    I remember some other situations We did edit or delete the post ( I don't remember) of the questionable materials that we considered could cause us legal troubles. We removed some post from a member that left upon his request. Look through the site, you will be able to see some pretty "out there" post and such from people that aren't members here anymore. They are still there as they didn't constitute a need to edit or delete based on our site rules, even if it might not be the best post That should show that we take any editing or alteration seriously and try not to do it where ever possible. The moderation team came from sites that did crap like that (not directing it at any site... lets be clear there are many) and too a vow not to allow that to happen here while we are in charge. (Perhaps DZ also had experiences like this but I don't remember discussing this with him but I do remember stories from the other moderators on this subject Many I have actually seen ) Now lets get back to some Cringworthy Internet sites. https://matadornetwork.com/life/25-cringeworthy-websites-we-love-to-hate/ I am sure something there is worthy... lol.
  11. ritualclarity


    I wouldn't really know what happened on the other pages as I didn't waste my time screwing around with him or his post. I'll have to take your word on the censoring of the thread. Truth be told I haven't been doing much there to even notice when something like that happens. so I don't know how often or what is being censored. At least most of the time. That is our Golden Rule.. (NSFWmods.com) that just can't be the case. It isn't even the case here. We try to be as open and public as possible but there are times when someone post something that can't be on the site and has to be removed (legal reasons) And we have given sanctions (once severe ones) to one person without making that public or the reasons for doing so. (Maintaining respect for the member) We however, do follow the "Golden Rule" that Kendo mentioned above . In fact it is a requirement to be a moderator at NSFWmods. Start breaking that rule and the moderator will be removed. All three of us made that vow.
  12. ritualclarity

    Music Lovers Thread

    The international Teen Male Anthem.
  13. ritualclarity


    The OP was acting like an ass. He was causing all sorts of troubles through the sight. Just posting crap to piss people off. He is on my block list there. (I only have 6 people that are blocked t here in all the time I have been there and all the crap I was given by some there. So that should give some indication of how much of an ass he is. At least from my experience and some others I know there. Say what you might... but the op of that thread gotten what he deserved. I am not speaking about the other actions of the moderation team there on LL only about RussianPrince and only about my experience with him and what I have seen him do to other members there. This sums him up welll Fuck you, I will go and find "useful information" elsewhere.
  14. ritualclarity

    Fallout 4: NEW VEGAS?

    Looks pretty good. Which is what I expect since it is fan made lol