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  1. Wow... this guy really drank a lot of the SJW KoolAid
  2. Thanks, haven't really evenplayed Skyrim for years much less much of those mods. So not aware of howgood they are. I agree, there needs to be a total rework for the game. It would be great if there was a total rework for all factions and or races... But the chances of that happening is slim, even more now that nexus has lost their fucking mind.
  3. The National Guard shouldn't be involved with the border security directly. However, they can monitor the traffic coming and going from the country. Monitor the checkpoint. There should be a couple of actual Border Patrol officers to handle any details regarding immigration or other such matters. The National Guard could also help secure the area where a very large group of people are at. Security, not enforcement or detainment. Sure some might try to point out this and that but the gov and press needs to make it clear their orders are for safety not immigration enforcement. Lets be honest, 10,000 people and more coming is a dangerous situation. They are getting desperate. People can get hurt and even killed among that group. The National Guard IMO is properly suited in this situation. Provided they are given correct and proper instructions. We had some here where I live because of danger posed to the civilian pop. They stood there, directed the large groups of people out of the zones and secured the zones where they were. Police were being abused but not the National Guard. I seen some videos of the actions and they did a very good job. the mayor came on the news and stated they were there for public protection. Some people were pissed because their stores were being looted. Complained but that wasn't their orders to protect property, only people. they are trained for that very purpose. I do understand your point of view and perhaps some SJW will try to make it something else. They can go fuck themselves. People can't let them control their actions and prevent common sense steps to make sure everything is safe for them. you know the very second someone dies they will be all over the news about how nothing was done to make them safe. You can't fight with stupid. They will beat you with their experience.
  4. There was a mod that started you off as a Forsworn native ... not all forsworn were friendly but your local area where you started was. You could be other things as well. Forget the mod. Not quite what I'd suspect you'd want but it is better than nothing. ... I guess.
  5. Why don't the US government put an add in the local Mexican and South American newspapers stating free trade port through there. ? They basically did with this becoming publicly announced. What are the National Guard for? I am sure they can be used to monitor the boarder along with a border patrol agent. (Give support) like they do for the police during BLM actions when they were getting out of control. Why leave something completely open? Whatever drugs they are on... I definitely don't want any. It makes them stupid.
  6. Lucifer season 6 has just dropped in the US...
  7. Sorry, momentary SJW insanity... .It has passed.
  8. and from my understanding Windows 11 will only run on an eight generation Intel (or the like) or greater. If you have older computers they won't. Which brings me to a funny feeling considering how much of the chip design and coding is being hidden, how much of these changes are due to them doing this and trying to force people to get newer computers? So that more computers have these newer chips? I mean the computer processing power on the older gen chips are good enough to run Windows and most programs well enough. I am typing this on a 3rd gen intel computer. No problems there. (by the way also running windows 10 ...
  9. Sometimes I feel as if I am old enough to have been alive when that was produced... lol Also didn't realize it wasn't something special created for that show. The title of the music gives even more info into what Hitchcock was thinking... He was really cleaver. Evident by his popularity and the continue referencing of his works years after his death.
  10. ritualclarity


    Maybe she does need something.. perhaps a garder belt on her leg Something to break up those nice long legs she has. Give some interesting visual lol
  11. ritualclarity


    That would be for a normal girl.. she is special. she isn't insane lol.... Now all is needed is her in poses cleaning all the house nude of course. Well maybe with some tasteful accents if you know what I mean.
  12. I would suggest that you ask the Patron that you are supporting when the bill will be up again. There might be different time frames for these things. Some ideas I have on the matter: (Not directed at @ayushiest I'd also suggest that you do a couple of months worth of Patron for anyone you are wanting to support unless it is a thank you $ contribution payment. Often there are tiers and sometimes people pay to get something out of the Patron and then cancel when they have gotten what they wanted. This is perfectly fine, but not nice. It could backfire in the future and people may start changing things and what they do and in the end make things more complex and troublesome. For Thank You contributions or giving a Patron some assistance for something they might need or have asked for I'd suggest that you post a message or something as well thanking them and letting them know what you have done. This would let them know it is a more short term support and such so that they can better manage their contributions and expectations.
  13. That alone is reason enough for people not to buy the game regardless of the final product. Devs should never ever attack fans. Inform fans, update fans, clarify what the product is and what direction the game is going in, etc. these are what Devs should do. I have no problem with Devs giving important info on what is going on with a game (actual accurate info not Todd Howard speak) I never will. I might be upset with a direction the dev went. LIke Fallout 76 barring the bugs and all their antics, I don't like that direction. I never complained about that, I complained about all the illegal acts, fraud and out right lies they committed. I might not like a game, the story or whatever, that is my opinon but I would be dam if I'd let some Dev attack me for my opinion or a civil discussion. Intentional? I don't know. It appears they are at least stupid. Early on all this SJW and other crap was in the main stream. It might make sense at that time to try to follow the next wave of popularity from a business sense after all they are in it to make money. In order to do so they have to give what the customer wants. In dev situation the vast majority of gamer want in general is what they seem to follow instead of taking care of their establish and rabidly loyal customer base for that IP. Which that alone is stupid... but .. fine. however, this SJW and other crap has been proven for the past couple of years as an avenue of utter failure on many entertainment fronts from movies, TV series etc. to games. The last part should be clear sign that they should stop that bullshit and go back to what was proven. Something that they know would give them the most secure $ for their investment. I mean they already have an IP that is heavy into the SJW culture (Sims) so they can continue to cater to those customers from a buisness sense and leave the other games with the orginal formula they had. TL;DR I agree with Kendo and they are fucked. they are fucking themselves and not in a good way. They deserved to be fucked for their actions every bit as much as Bethesda and possibly more as they have had time to see the results of this path. Fuck them and hopefully good riddance.
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