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  1. If they did.. ti would be very much like the release of Duke Nukem... meaningless. The gaming world would be so different. Much like it is from the original Duke Nukem (which at the time I loved) and when they released it again way past its expiration date. From other readings .. it might be due to them wanting to release it with the new consoles.
  2. People lose their shit when games are released not ready for sale. It is about time that companies start to realize that there is an issue with their product and decided to address it. So that it is proper for release.
  3. Others have done worse... far worse.. Creating a complex mod like you do from scratch, you are fully forgiven for these little mistakes Keep up the great work!
  4. I loove how he doesn't list Fallout 76... Also... this video is longer than the first game play I had with Fallout 4... FAct.
  5. No problems. Hope you have a "fucking" good time.. lol Google, NSA, CIA, MI6 etc already knows what is going on in THIS computer.. so I don't worry about using Google.
  6. https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/jedi-fallen-order - Thoughts? I was gifted a subscription so I have access to many of their games. It looked interesting so I downloaded it and tried it. So far not too terrible. I can tell you that the game can be hard considering the timing for your reactions are hard to get timed out. Kind of like Witcher in the blocking action you needed to do etc. Also, It fucking sucks using a Keyboard. The buttons needed to be used, when they need to be used is just way off. Sure you could remap things but that is a shit ton of work to play a fucking game. (when you have an old controller to use. :P) Also there is very few hints to solve some of the issues you come across. Oh, and it is third person .. I mention this as there are many here that desire their games to be third person.
  7. Sorry, the above hit next page... I saw a way to put lines but my dumb ass didn't realize it was actually a page icon... lol. There are three pages. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, that is soooooo fucking cool !
  8. I believe you are correct however, I can't remember the name either... I might be wrong. Also it might not be current or even available anymore. Anyway, Google is your friend Search "Sexlab Bounties" and the first record that comes up is https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1837-sexlab-sex-bounty/ https://www.loverslab.com/topic/45165-sex-bounty-a-better-way-to-pay-for-your-crimes/ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1837-sexlab-sex-bounty/ While at it .. .perhaps check the following that came up as well. Might fit in your play https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1816-sexlab-paysexcrime/
  9. Need to have proper schools first... where people are taught where sperm comes from and other shit like that.
  10. Willingness to buy the crap and even praise them. Willingness to pay more and more and more for extras and DLCs and lootboxes.. then wondering why the companies keep on dishing out more and more games with more and more of those features and creeping into the game more and more until you have to pay more than the cost of the game just to be able to reasonably play the game. People keeping on letting the bar be lowered and say.. x but not y.. then when y becomes common state y but not z. The publishers know the general consumer has shit for their brains and weak wills so they just have to pull back a slight bit on this edition but added to the next game.. just move the line ever so much each year and watch their profits soar I haven't bought a game (mainstream one) since Fallout 4's disappointment. I haven't played games much at all shortly afterwards. When I do i play either free Indy games that are good or games from my large library of previously purchased games. There hasn't been one "have to" game since that time. I am afraid.. there won't be one for quite a very long time from now.
  11. I don't think they (Bethesda) actually cares. Their various actions during this indicates they have little care for what they do or even how they are viewed currently so long as they can find ways to make money off this game. Having a glitch piece of shit game is one thing.. having exploits that rip people off of their hard work and shit is quite a different thing.
  12. I believe the video stated that they were told about those issues (checks on the server side, verification of Authenticity etc. ) and ignored the issue.
  13. There are stupid people born every minute.
  14. I can't find the discussion of the Witcher series from Netflix but.. I know it is around.. in any case. They released it. I was greeted with this "news" as soon as I decided to settle down and see some flicks. Not sure how good it is.. however, from some of the previews and such... doesn't look much like it. Also I personally can't get over the eyes.. They are all kinds of wrong. The character is wrong in my opinion but I might have been able to suspend that.. the eyes though.. It looks like he has a bad case of Jaundice or something. it reminds me of all the comic book characters being converted over to movies by people that have no clue about the comics or what makes them so go. Wasn't until they got their shit together and started making proper movies and linked worlds recently did the movies actually become worthy to watch (with exceptions for some of teh series etc)
  15. I can unfortunately only place one like on this ... or I would crit hit the like button as many times as I could.. Until something broke..
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