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  1. Apparently... he wasn't immune to censorship... I can't watch the video. Player issues. Tried different options as well Edit ; update.. apparently I am being censored and I can't see Youtube videos now. Edit2: It was a update thing for some reason... (only causing issues with Youtube... wonder what was that)
  2. I am glad I provided some entertainment ... lol
  3. I don't see any edit options for my post anymore.
  4. My grandfather used an hearing aid and he used his hand just like that to test the sound. However, it could have been a sound check from a ear piece I guess. I don't know how those work and don't remember ever seeing him do that in other speeches etc.
  5. Perhaps. If they can create an engaging story and quality work on the level of Witcher or other such games... I'd be content not to have modding option. I doubt this will happen but... one can dream.. (and dreaming is very likely all that will happen :P)
  6. Microsoft is about as bad as Zenimax.... However, they do seem to care for their assets a bit more than Zeni seemed to do the past few years. (Looking at you Fallout 76)
  7. What... !!!! Where is the social distancing....
  8. Also don't forget their trying to chase his Taxes... Even trying to go to court to get it. This is even without the requirement for Presidents to disclose their taxes before getting elected. NOT a Requirement! Multiple distractions and legal concerns that Trump had to address. How much time do you think it took to address these issues? Time that other Presidents didn't have to deal with Not to mention all the distraction from what was going on at the same time 9(from news agencies etc to the public)
  9. You've outdone yourself this time.
  10. ritualclarity


    There is a "spell" there that is for sure...
  11. From what I can see.. those Antifa "thugs" will have a hard time in prison..
  12. of course the Jews hate him as well. (as they all hate themselves... lol )
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