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  1. Lady Death 2

    Very much a possiblity... In any case... post away K2 mods and captures here. In fact WE WANT THESE CAPTURES AS WELL AS OTHERS NEXUS REMOVES. All the more reason to hang out here.
  2. [Vault 21, Entry #05] Exposition and World Building

    Well, once Kendo is done, we can find out!
  3. Wow, something actually good came out of that shit fest...
  4. Thanks very informative. Wish I could give you 2 likes and a thanks
  5. Falmer. Vampire. (FALLEN*) Arch-Angel

    she is a VAMPIRE ANGEL, she should be creepy to the MAX!
  6. I do like that armor. Is it released? Can it be downloaded?
  7. ? Heal turn? Monster Heel? I am sorry I don't understand it. Like your photo upload, interesting background and possible story Just don't understand Monster Heel. My Googlefu has failed me
  8. Fallout 4: NEW VEGAS?

    Yes, that... Also a larger memory system to work with so that you could create what you wanted texture,meshes wise much more easier than before. It could actually look much better! Last I checked they still have a very long way to make that viable for Morrowind, much less for the more newer games The key as I understand about OpenNW is it is Open!... that is people should be able to access those files and such and be able to make their needed changes. I believe the reason it isn't quite there as you stated, is due to it still being new and having work still left to do. I think once it starts really becoming complete there will be many coming into this making new content and porting the old content over. However, I haven't really checked heavily into this so they might be further along than I think In any case I applaud the teams work on this project even if I never use it.
  9. Fallout 4: NEW VEGAS?

    Yea, the engine seems pretty robust, I believe it is only a matter of time before someone does some work on porting or combining previous games to Fallout 4 like say, TTW or something.
  10. Music Lovers Thread

  11. Music Lovers Thread

    This alien is so very sad. I don't like that type of music (the original) most of the time but I like how the Evil Dead remixed it. It was nice, slow and purposeful. I could dig it. Hell I would be satisfied with the movie part but they go from mono (headphones) to stereo and then add other notices and crap. Here's to hoping that they release the score. Thanks.
  12. Music Lovers Thread

    Does anybody know the source of this music from Evil Dead Ash series Season 2 Morgue? On the page it states it is a remix of this However, it falls quite short IMO. I don't normally like this type of music but I really like the morgue version.
  13. Movie Lovers Thread

  14. Movie Lovers Thread

    You might like Chappie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1823672/ There are some times that reminds me at least of Johnny 5 Some parts that remind me of Robocop...
  15. Welcome 2018!

    years start to go by faster and faster as you get old.