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  1. Shush... quiet... Seriously I just had a typo and dropped the 1
  2. Less than 200 left till 20,000!
  3. Build it they will come
  4. You are correct Karma, Kendo will not allow any of his works to be converted over to CBBE. It is his preference and lets respect that.
  5. 18,609 Getting even closer to 20,000 every day!
  6. There are many tutorials on the web to get you up and running with the basics pretty quickly. I am told that the modding and changing things are also stupid easy as well. (change an article of clothing to be able to wear in a different slot (like sexy underwear as main clothing during the day etc)
  7. Once the new Tutorial is up and running one of us needs to take full screen capture of the beautiful results !!!
  8. Not to much. I was recently able to buy myself a new monitor. No longer having a triple monitor but having... https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/predator-xb1-series That will make the new Skyrim setup look all that much better. Dam it looks great. Also gives a new life for a GTX970. Playing Witcher 3 with all the settings max on 1080p and looks awesome. Most games full 2K and perfect. No more eye fatigue anymore for this alien. I'm going to need to start taking some screen captures of the new set up from the tutorial.. provided I can pull myself from the games lol.
  9. That is one way to keep warm if you have a chill.
  10. Hey post them away. Stuff that might be used to "tell a story" a very perverted adult story, but a story none the less.
  11. Well I got a lump of coal. Check LL out .. I posted it ! Yea a lump of coal...
  12. Pretty easy at least basics are. You drop the package or Script into your Sims4/Mods folder found in your documents (where you find the saves) It is basically that easy. However like other things if you have mods that conflict it becomes a bit harder to work on. If you want some eye candy like Kendo's outfits and such you will be very safe. If you start to be complex with Wicked Whims and Command Center and other scripted mods and such you will end up with some issues that will be able to be overcome but with some effort. I for one ended up just nuking and re-downloading my game many times to help resolve the issue. There is another folder in that documents that you need to pay attention besides the saves folder and Mods folder. It is called the Tray folder. I believe that is where your personal settings and Sims are stored. Not that hard. Check out some of the videos and such . I am confident you will find that it is easy to mod sims. In many cases easier than other games even Bethesda Games.
  13. I am one jealous alien.
  14. Are you still using the i7 and the GTX970 for this tutorial? Also what resolution are you running the tutorial at? If you don't mind.
  15. That is what happens when a game is being developed properly... at least so far.