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  1. Deadly Weapon Latex Armor #3 (WIP)

    Almost done. I probably won't be releasing a UUNP conversion anytime soon. I won't write it off entirely but making the harness look decent for the 50+ Bodyslide sliders is a little bit too time consuming and the results aren't always satisfactory.
  3. I was thinking about starting a server myself but right now I have my hands full with this site. I am considering making forums for those who are running a Conan Exiles server. If he's interested in it let me know.
  4. Deadly Weapon Latex Armor #2 (WIP)

    Coming soon.
  5. I'm all in on this game. With mod support out of the box I'll be making a forum and a download category for sometime today.
  6. Done.
  7. Right here.
  8. I'm leaning towards using the subscription option provided by IPS. It'll cost $100 but it'll be fully integrated and supported by the IPS developers as opposed to writing a plugin that would reward Patreon supporters but could break with each update. Also, after doing some thinking I decided to go with one of the cheaper dedicated servers and see how the website stability fares. I can afford it so I don't need to push for Patreon support or anything else.
  9. What do you have in mind?
  10. More boobs please.
  11. In case you haven't noticed yet, is now using a SSL certificate. Data sent between your browser and the server will now be encrypted.
  12. I actually wanted to move sooner, but what I'm really surprised by is the member growth.
  13. A new server. I plan to move us in March.
  14. After three days of severe weather and a weekend full of power outages I can finally get back to work on this.
  15. Deadly Weapon Latex Armor (WIP)

    Based on the outfit worn in the scene Deadly Weapon from A CBBE bodyslide version will be released with the Skyrim Latex & Rubber Collection.