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  1. Whoops! That was a screw up on my part. I'll upload a new version later.
  2. LOL, this game should have been delayed until 2023, but instead they rushed it out and now we have a game that in some aspects is worse than a Bethesda title and worse than Grand Theft Auto III. I hope they fix all of the issues and bring back the cut content but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. LOL, I don't know what's going on with this game outside what others are saying but there are a discussions about this on the Steam Community. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1091500/discussions/0/4477106086840698340/#c4477106086840726009
  4. Apparently CDPR is censoring nudity with the latest update. Wasn't that a selling point for this game?? Edit: It looks like they are deleting posts about it on the official forums. This has become the Hindenburg of video game releases. It's almost as if they want bad press.
  5. Hot fix 1.05 doesn't appear to fix much according to DreamcastGuy and a few people in the comment section. Adam Badowski, head of CD Projekt Red, was caught liking tweets critical of Sony removing CP2077 from the Playstation Store. That guy needs to stay out of the public eye. The only thing he's showing to the world is that he doesn't care if they're selling us a broken product. IMO, CD Projekt Red and their parent company, CD Projekt is no different than any other developer/publisher in the video game industry. If they really want to regain the trust of gamers and change the growin
  6. I completely agree with this guy on Youtubers, many of them are paid shills or tend to get too caught up in the hype to objectively review a game. As for the rest of the content in this video I generally agree with his assessment. The game isn't awful it's not a masterpiece either.
  7. I'm talking about the The Witcher 3. That game is CD Projekt's most successful release and over half the sales were from consoles. That's point I'm making. That may not happen with CP2077 thanks to the decision to launch the game on consoles in the horrible state it's currently in.
  8. Releasing this game on consoles is about profits. CD Projekt is publicly traded company and their shareholders want to see growth and what better way to grow profits than releasing a game on every platform under the sun. I'd argue this game should have been a PC exclusive but they're not going leave easy cash laying around. The Witcher 3 roughly sold 12 million on PC and a combined total of 16 million on all console platforms. The problems they are having with the console launch of CP2077 is going to hurt them in the long run if they don't fix it soon.
  9. The biggest takeaway from this video is that more PC players preordered CP2077 than console players which I find surprising. I think YongYea is being too optimistic with the idea that console sales are going to catch up with PC with all the problems they're having.
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