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  1. Nexus seem to be infested be SJW. 1 of the modder i know been reported because of his power girl butt avatar. What do you guys think?
  2. kboom

    UNPB TBBP Charlotte Dunois Bunny

    I succeed in making certain area transparent with your guide but i cant add any tattoo on her tattoo disappear when i equip the outfit
  3. kboom

    UNPB TBBP Charlotte Dunois Bunny

    I'm trying to add transparent at the crotch area but i dont understand how to put it in your outfit
  4. kboom

    Beary Sexy

    What body mod do you use to have that kind of vagina?
  5. kboom

    What skills do people have?

    I only have Outfit Studio skill, any CBBE body to any UUNP body but i cant convert CBBE heels to UUNP heels. I'm learning Blender i want to self learn it first then maybe i can take courses on modeling texture and animation on Coursera or Lynda.
  6. kboom

    Merry Christmas!

    i want to put autoplay on the video but i dont know how
  7. kboom

    SAE: Quick Update

    Lol every time i hear Dibella Blessing kinky thought pop in my mind
  8. kboom

    So shiny

    Widow butt
  9. kboom

    Testing Widowmaker Preset

    Testing Widowmaker preset, i dont know if i capture her characteristic
  10. kboom

    UNPB, UUNP Transparent Lingerie

    Does anyone have fail error unable to load input UUNP Transparent Lingerie Top - V2 test.nif ? while build in BodySlide?
  11. kboom


    Please let me know if you see clipping thank you!
  12. LIQUID_ONYX_COLLECTION_UUNP_HDT_BS.7z View File This is the UUNP HDT conversion of LIQUID ONYX COLLECTION BY DOUBLEZERO except the panties. If you see any clipping please let me know. Submitter kboom Submitted 11/01/2017 Category Clothing