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  1. How many Russians does it take for Hillary to lose an election? None.
  2. Thanks. I have a few artists for hire I work with on a regular basis but I'm always looking for new talent.
  3. Do you have a credit for the artist? I would love to get his/her permission to use the image.
  4. I may have to get this sculpted as a miniature for my Weird West line!
  5. Both your link and the Google links I tried for Olson Shaner are down. I know next to nothing about how servers, etc. work but even I know this is weird. Now who am I going to contact for advice regarding my "Too Hot McDonalds Coffee" lawsuit?
  6. A Vault Girl and her bomb.
  7. vancleef

    Vault Bimbos in Peril!

    3 girls in way over their heads!
  8. vancleef


    The adventures you can find in the Wasteland., Aradia Kato armor by zzjay
  9. I think what I find hilarious is that there is a White guy having the exact same reaction to having Black ancestry! We're all equal at the end of the day!
  10. vancleef

    Soda Pop

    Playing around with more of Kendo 2's armor and Halofarm's Pinup Poses
  11. vancleef

    Pain Mistress

    Playing around with Kendo 2's Pain Mistress armor and Halofarm's Pinup Poses.
  12. Oh, Great Odin's Beard! Admit it, Kendo: she's your ideal Fantasy Chick!
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