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  1. That's a pretty harsh statement because Depp's band is definitely the worst. I mean, how can your band still suck when Jeff Beck joins you onstage?
  2. Hahaha! Idiots on Facebook already trying to spin the aftermath! Posting shit like, "Biden calls family of man slain at rally while Trump plays golf!" What they're not revealing is that the wife refused the call! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  3. I would have liked to have seen them canceled years ago for their shitty music. But better late than never. Jack Black Was ‘Blindsided’ By Trump Assassination Joke in Australia: ‘I Would Never Condone Hate Speech’ (yahoo.com)
  4. The Dems are fucked now. If they run Biden, they lose. Half of them don't want him. If they run Harris, they lose. She's even more unpopular than Biden, since he can at least blame his lack of fitness on his rapidly declining mental state. If they pass over Harris and put someone else up, they'll look like they're snubbing a Black Woman. That will earn them a headstand in three feet of shit. In the meantime, their Bogeyman has survived EVERYTHING they've thrown at him. They can't outdistance him. I'm a music school dropout, not an expert of any sort when it comes to politics but even with the media on their side, skewing the tale, I don't see how they can win. Even if I was a Democrat (and I'm not, since they seem to have a problem with Straight, White Males) I would just throw my hands up and mutter something about '28. EDIT: I forgot. They can win if they stuff the ballot box again. But then we all lose because I think that actually would ignite a Civil War.
  5. Wow. Corll was a fucking monster. You definitely win this round! It astounds me that he doesn't make it onto most Ten Most Notorious Serial Killer lists. I'm something of a True Crime Nerd and most of the other Murder Porn enthusiasts barely have any idea who he is. I think he makes even the most cynical and hardened student of the genre want to take the bedsheet exit.
  6. So...more fun. My Mom lives one street over from the shooter's house.
  7. Trump Safe, Leaving Only One Dead Candidate | Babylon Bee
  8. A Farcebook friend posted "Too bad he survived" as his status. So as a test, I reported it as Hate speech. Within fucking seconds, Farcebook gets back to me with an AI generated corporate speak along the lines of "We checked your report and it's cool. We're not removing the post" If I ever needed proof that Tech is a Leftie Propaganda machine, I now have it I can absolutely guarantee if this was a Biden assassination attempt and someone posted that. it would be removed and the poster Snoozed for a month if not banned outright. For the first time, ever, in my life, I am scared. This country has become a Banana republic where the entrenched politicians will do anything to maintain power. While Trump isn't the outsider we necessarily need, the very fact our so-called "elected officials" are doing everything they can to deny something like 48-52% of the country's choice, there are idiots who still vociferously defend their Party. I just don't get it. This election might be as important to this country as Lincoln's was. And I think it's going to start another war. And I'll tell you what else: this City Boy is headed for the Country when it does because you guys are going to win. I give the Leftists 6 months before they realize that you can't Google "how do I clear a jam" in the middle of a firefight.
  9. FYI, this is the next county over from me. Shit be cray-cray right now. I have friends who attended the rally. If I get any juicy news I'll post it here.
  10. If this country doesn't become a full-blown Banana Republic in the next few years, I will consider believing in Divine Intervention.
  11. My Leftie friends are already spouting Conspiracy Theories so Batshit crazy that you could cut and paste them into Far Right group posts. Truly the inmates are running the asylum now.
  12. Everyone wants Free Speech until they realize it's a two-way street. Then, they act all butt-hurt and run crying back to Momma.
  13. The Aetherial Crown: You can choose this item to craft when you complete the Lost to the Ages quest. The crown allows you to possess two standing stone powers at the same time. The second power is stored in the crown. If you put a once-a-day power into the crown, you can activate the power, unequip the crown, re-equip the crown and can cast the power again, as many times a day as you like, For maximum game breaking fun, store the Ritual Stone power in the crown. This allows you to reanimate all corpses within a 75 foot radius for 200 seconds. When the power expires, the corpses DON'T turn to ash. This means you can animate all the corpses around you, over and over again, slowly building up an undead army. So, say, clear out the first room of a dungeon and animate the dead enemies. Turn them loose on the enemies in the next room, reanimate your original zombies and the new ones, go on to the next room, rinse and repeat. By the time you reach the boss chamber, you won't have to lift a finger to eliminate him. It will even animate giants and mammoths. Imagine leading that army across Skyrim! You can become the Necromancer King of Skyrim. Mannimarco himself will look like a little bitch in comparison. I discovered this by accident running a 40+ level Destruction Mage. I entered a Falmer cave and cast a Master level destruction spell that killed all the enemies in the first room. I used the ritual power and much to my surprise, other dead Falmer started coming up to me from other rooms and levels that were affected by the (unknown to me at the time) huge radius of the spell. By the time I reached the next cell, however, the Ritual effect had expired. I wondered if the Ritual Power could be recast by the equipping/unequipping trick. Much to my surprise, it did. So I repeated the Master Destruction spell trick, more or less reanimated my original "army" and added a whole batch of new critters to it from this cell. Cleaned the cave out in no time at all and collected my bullshit 100 gold piece reward. Go into any royal castle, make a save and have fun with this.
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