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  1. My band opened for these guys in 2000. I have always been a huge fan of them ever since I first heard them as a kid. Bucket List item checked off.
  2. That is, like, the most awesome thing I've heard this week!
  3. The bank was inspired by one in Tombstone that I took lots of photos of when I was there. This one is from a few years back that I constructed, inspired by Tombstone's famous Birdcage Theater: I have a large saloon interior that I built years back for replicating Barroom Brawls in miniature. But I want to do a new one now that my skills have improved.
  4. How are the cows doing? Have you had any problems with rustlers?
  5. Scratch built a bank for my miniature Western collection. Had the most fun with the safe. And here are the jerks that are going to try and rob it!
  6. Cowpoke Kendo. I like that image, you riding the range wearing an impossibly huge hat.
  7. That's what pisses me off. I have a cousin who had four boys. One day, his wife decides she likes cocaine and starts robbing the savings account. When she gets caught, she runs off with her sleazebag dealer/boyfriend. My cousin is left to raise four boys aged 5 to 12 on his own. And he does it. Not just the bare minimum either. He works hard but manages to sock away some money for their college. He encourages the boys to follow their hobbies and sports. He institutes two mandatory family dinner nights a week. All four boys grow up, get jobs in their teens, 3 go to college, 1 goes into the
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/news/blm-official-calls-investigation-founder-114017918.html EDIT: Goddamnit! How do you insert a link with the image?
  9. So...let me get this right: Submissive chicks have been doing this for years and it's degrading Pornography. A Woke couple does it and it's...empowering?
  10. Right? I don't care if you're Gay but don't be a Fag!
  11. Simply put, the everyday Joe has to start saying "no". I know these assholes will try and cancel you, call for your firing, etc. Just start saying no. Refuse to apologize. Stick to your guns. It worked for me the few times I was bullied as a kid and it'll work now, too.
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