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  1. vancleef

    Vault Bimbos in Peril!

    3 girls in way over their heads!
  2. vancleef


    The adventures you can find in the Wasteland., Aradia Kato armor by zzjay
  3. vancleef


    I think what I find hilarious is that there is a White guy having the exact same reaction to having Black ancestry! We're all equal at the end of the day!
  4. vancleef

    Soda Pop

    Playing around with more of Kendo 2's armor and Halofarm's Pinup Poses
  5. vancleef

    Pain Mistress

    Playing around with Kendo 2's Pain Mistress armor and Halofarm's Pinup Poses.
  6. vancleef

    The official NSFW Babe Thread

    Oh, Great Odin's Beard! Admit it, Kendo: she's your ideal Fantasy Chick!
  7. vancleef

    enb 2018_12_09 01_06_47_82.jpg

  8. vancleef

    'Raider Town' for new comics

    Let's all go to Smitty's! I'm buying the first round!
  9. vancleef

    Fallout 76

    Saw this the other night during the football game. Good looking teenagers shooting at stuff over a Beach Boys song. I threw up a little bit in my mouth. Good news is my team won, though.
  10. vancleef


    Agreed. While there is a Perv Factor that I personally enjoy I have received nothing but cooperation and goodwill in so many ways from the folks here. Modding advice especially. Despite some minor successes I'm still very much a novice at most techniques. And yet nobody here gets elitist or insulting. Try asking a basic question at the OTHER site...
  11. vancleef


    I know, riiiight? DEM BOOTZ!
  12. vancleef


    Kendo 2's Cali Boobs mesh for Venomous Armor.