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  1. I nicknamed him The Teflon Don when he got elected. I stand by that statement.
  2. vancleef


    Was going to post a link but can no longer find the mod. trynfkwtme (sp?) was the modder.
  3. vancleef


    It's a back room added by a mod that turns Moriarty's into a strip club. It's for the private dances.
  4. vancleef

    Midnights in Megaton

    Just another Vault Bimbo doing what she can to make the rent.
  5. vancleef

    Vault Bimbo

    "Like, which way now, Sparky?"
  6. vancleef

    Vault Bimbo

    The best distraction from Quarantine!
  7. While I do enjoy watching the Liberal Hollywood Elite squirm, this situation is crushing a lot of other folks in the industry, including my brother, a Union Stagehand: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/hollywood-bailout-coronavirus-recession-1203539559/
  8. I have collected and painted miniature soldiers and wargamed with them for over 40 years. As far as what got me into it, my Dad owned a small clothing store in downtown Pittsburgh (where I still live). There was a hobby shop at the other end of the block and I remember the first time I saw the window displays that that was what I wanted to do. My personal collection is in the thousands and I've painted well over 20,000 for my customers. Here's some of my latest work: WW2 German Afrika Korps in 25mm scale.
  9. Huh...she's a Vegan. Never saw that coming. You know what else I don't see coming? Me into her.
  10. Remind me I posted this when I accidentally infect my Septuagenarian Mom and kill her...
  11. And as usual, I have been saying this since the beginning...
  12. Back before I was a responsible adult and owned my own car, I was on a bus and two guys in saggy pants were trying to lift their legs high enough to step up and board the bus. An old Black lady three seats down from me started yelling, "Pull up yer damn pants, Niggas!" I still laugh out loud at that memory.
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