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  1. If sarcasm is banned then I'm unable to comment. Seriously. It's impossible for me to speak without using it.
  2. vancleef

    The road ahead

    Shot from the next issue of my comic. Just really liked the composition of this one. I might redo it with the subject dressed up in proper adventuring gear!
  3. This is where I come to talk about boobs and ray guns. Politics belong elsewhere. Keep up the good work guys
  4. vancleef

    Fall In- Vault Bimbos in Peril. Issue #1

    Gotta preserve my Slacker Cred.
  5. vancleef

    Issue #1 ready for download!

    Issue #1 of Fall In: Vault Bimbos in Peril is posted in the downloads section: Thanks to all the folks who have followed the work-in-progress and to potential new readers! Enjoy!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Wendy signs up to playtest a new adult sex game, a multi-player RPG set in the world of Fallout 3. Events quickly go awry and she discovers to her horror that it will be her and not her avatar that will have to complete the quests that allow her to escape the game! Issue #1 complete and with cover.
  7. vancleef

    Binary choices...

    Well that's what the gas tank is for...
  8. vancleef


    Knew somebody was going to get that! Closest ground object I could find. The mod for that set of eyeglasses doesn't come with any. Riiiight?
  9. vancleef


    Just reading some of that made me develop a Mangina. Seriously. I've only lurked there a few times and mostly joined just to steal all of Kendo's stuff. I feel like I am truly among my people here.
  10. vancleef


    Just think of all that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte vomit...
  11. vancleef


  12. vancleef

    Binary choices...

    You can't rescue every puppy from the pound. Better make it the cute one.
  13. vancleef

    Chapter 1 finished

    You have no idea. I tend to not finish projects once I start them. Only problem here is I won't be able to start work on another chapter until early September, most likely. That did come off a little whinier than I meant it to. I was mostly just poking people to see if there would be a response! Thank you. I'm still getting comfortable with GIMP and I don't think I've quite developed my "style" for lack of a better term. But I'm way farther ahead than I thought I'd get. The extra benefit is now that I'm able to create diagrams with things like shaded text and inserts is going to allow me to eliminate an expense for my Real Life projects. Win-win.
  14. vancleef

    Chapter 1 finished

    Finished the first chapter of the comic. I'll create a cover and post the entire comic for download. Anyone who wants to read it now, feel free to scroll back through blog where they've all been posted. Thanks for reading!
  15. vancleef


    Final pages...for the moment! Page 2.12 Page 2.13