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  1. Seriously. You need to stop being so awesome.
  2. Exactly. After World War 2, the US made up only 7% of the world population but produced more than 60% of manufactured goods. That's a lot of money being shared by a very small group. There was no competition at that time. That's why the government could tax Corporations 80% and get away with it. A'int gonna happen again, at least not in our lifetimes. A very unique coalescing of time and events.
  3. What the current generation wants is the 1950's-60s era of prosperity in this country. But without having to invest their own equity and sweat to achieve it.
  4. vancleef

    *yawn* more aliens

    I still like the green, too!
  5. You know how many people in this country alone are killed or crippled in traffic accidents? Gun deaths don't even come close. Sometimes I think we should ban vehicles! But seriously, at least make the licensing laws so strict that only competent drivers could operate them!
  6. The way movies are tanking, sooner or later the studios will realize that they'd better start dropping the PC shit. The average guy doesn't give a shit about any of their agenda, he just wants to be entertained. Right now, movies especially are so blatant about broadcasting their agenda that even the more dense audience members are recognizing it for what it is: at best, caving to the Liberals who the studios think make up their audience or a blatant attempt to outright cultural re-programming. My prediction is that the next "007" film will be delivered stillborn. You watch how fast Eon re-casts a White Male stud as James Bond. A few years from now the shareholders are going to step in and right the ship. Look at how many companies are already reeling from their misguided "Get Woke, Go Broke" schemes. You think those CEOs will be around in five years? I don't.
  7. vancleef

    Bug Alien

    Wow! Best alien yet!
  8. HOORAY! I've finally found my place!
  9. Seriously. It's like people are slitting their own throats just to prove a point. "I want a cleaner planet but I still expect to own a car, have air-conditioning and pay cheap food prices!"
  10. I'm definitely a Racist: I hate the entire Human Race.
  11. I think she looks cool. Very fishy and H. P. Lovecraft-ish.
  12. vancleef

    Captain Cosmos WIP

    May have already started...he's been sharing cocktail recipes...
  13. vancleef

    Captain Cosmos WIP

    On the Chimp! On the Chimp! On the Chimp!
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