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  1. This was the first time I ever questioned my Atheism...
  2. vancleef

    Pirate Queen

    As far as I know that's vanilla graphics and lighting. Just got lucky with the location and time of day.
  3. vancleef

    Pirate Queen

    Need to work on Combat Anger expression. She looks more confused than anything else!
  4. I have no shame. And my ego knows no boundaries!
  5. So I got dragged back into playing after a loooooooooong hiatus. No recordings yet (we're still building the band and already replaced the bass player!) but I'll put something up when I have it.
  6. What frustrates me is when Diversity is added only for the sake of Diversity and adds nothing to further the project or, in a few cases, wrecks it. There was a rumor that a studio was going to produce a Joan of Arc biopic with a Black actress in the title role. Just plain dumb. History is history. Joan of Arc was a White chick. End of story. It's like they're saying, "Well, you still need stories about White people if you wanna sell tickets!" Same thing annoys me now , for example. that Hollywood is rushing to re-launch successful franchises with Black actors just because those franchises have been profitable and Woke Culture is in even though there are still hundreds of untold historical and fictional stories featuring Black protagonists. Perfect example is the legendary US Marshal of the late 19th Century Indian Territory, Bass Reeves. Hollywood has yet to do a movie about him but they've already recast the Magnificent Seven with a diverse cast. If I was a Black man, I'd be offended that "my stories" still aren't good enough to be told, instead opting for just recasting the same old movies. But, of course, we'll get a Black James Bond or a Lesbian Sherlock Holmes instead... I'd be chomping at the bit to see a movie about Bass Reeves. Even allowing for some legend to have been added to his life, dude's career reads like an adventure novel! And the argument can't be "Black doesn't sell." Blade, Black Panther and Falcon, just three characters off the top of my head, were always Black and those movies are hugely successful. And while you can argue that maybe Marvel movies being hot right now contributed to the success of Falcon and Black Panther, Blade came out decades ago. Just my rantings. Feel free to destroy my argument.
  7. Trust me, when Woke Culture starts losing money, it's done. Hollywood is already quietly returning to churning out the same old shit. When even the Star Wars franchise starts losing money, you know they notice that.
  8. Now I'm totally confused...I thought this was the Movie Lover's thread!
  9. I just noticed it was the wrong thread! I'm an idiot today!
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