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  1. Right? There are skulls in his room at the inn! What the hell is going on with Nazeem?
  2. Ha! I always liked the guy that voiced the Jarl of Falkreath and Nazeem. Such slimy characters! The actor got them perfect!
  3. Wonder if this would happen if their citizens were allowed to own firearms...
  4. vancleef

    Nazeem's New Herd

    ^^ I like the way you think! And I may have to attempt a short comic featuring this!
  5. vancleef

    Nazeem's New Herd

    Yes! She's helping with carrying the burden.
  6. vancleef

    Nazeem's New Herd

    Nazeem inspects his newest pets:
  7. vancleef

    Nazeem's New Herd

    The secret to Chillfurrow Farm's success
  8. Business 101. It's something like 10 times more expensive to bring in new customers than it is to keep ahold of existing ones. The commentator in Kendo's video above used an interesting phrase that I always thought was the case. He said something, like, "10 percent don't care, 30 percent will immediately leave the minute you bring any politics into it, 30 percent will leave because they support the other side and 30 percent will agree with you." Which leaves you with, best case scenario, 40% of your previous customer base. And that is what's known as "fucking retarded".
  9. I know I've beat this drum before but my favorite example of this foolishness is Gillette. A company that sells shaving products. Yes. A common, everyday product, nothing to do with politics... Gillette ran their Toxic Masculinity ads on TV, during (get this!) NFL football broadcasts. In the following quarter they reported HALF A BILLION dollars in lost sales! Sales from competing companies , such as Harry's and Costco's Kirkland brand, suddenly went through the roof. AND consumers discovered their prices were better so most customers haven't gone back to Gillette! And the little, wormy Gillette CEO doubled down, later stating that he had zero regrets and still defended the commercials. Bet there were some pretty interesting shareholder meetings after that... $350 mln. in 6 Months — The Cost of the 2019 Gillette Advertising Fiasco? | by Georgi Georgiev | Medium
  10. Those Sexlab stats are impressive! When did you find time to kill enemies?
  11. vancleef


  12. My brother does some Uber work in between his paying gigs. He's only had one asshole so far but fortunately the guy reached his destination before the fists came out.
  13. All I want to know is why the fuck did we spend billions of taxpayer dollars on vaccines if all anyone needs is a 50 cent mask?
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