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  1. The way those kids are squirming and fighting back so hard against every human impulse to destroy? Comedy-fuckin'-Gold, right there!
  2. GET WOKE, GO BROKE! The fun part will be when Varner is fired and desperately trying to find new work since her career as a lawyer is most likely over.
  3. Unfortunately, she has survived. At first I'd hoped this was a case of the garbage taking itself to the curb.
  4. Also, I love when Turner ( the irate Mom/Commissioner in the video) takes the "Intellectual High Ground" and accuses the officer of not being able to construct a complete sentence and then later, after being continually outwitted by the "lesser being", she picks and throws the lowest of low hanging fruit, the "shut the fuck up!" response.
  5. At one time I owned and operated my own gaming store. I had an irate (female) customer begin screaming at me that she immediately be put in touch with the manager. I calmly replied that that was me. She stalls and then gets even more irate. This time she demands that I give her the owner's contact information. Barely holding back a smirk I hand her a business card with my photo on it proclaiming me as owner/operator of the store. Honestly, If I had physically slapped her she would have been less stunned. Turned and stalked out of the store, never to be heard of again.
  6. Wow. I hate to play the Sex Card but if that was a guy, he would have been in handcuffs at 8:31 when the cop was told to shut the fuck up! The way she falters when the cop gives her his name and badge number? Priceless!
  7. Typical Lamestream Media reporting: Man was "less than a mile" from the White House. So basically that places him "somewhere on the Mall near the Washington Monument." Fucking retards. To report "in front of White House" is a complete and utter lie. This is why I am skeptical of anything I read these days.
  8. Searched this out and watched it last night! The guy is so calm at first I figured it was some kind of stunt performed with a special suit. But apparently the guy is in the hospital and not likely to make it. That said, I can think of way less painful ways to kill yourself and/or make a statement. EDIT: I just checked the news and the guy did die. So much for ever discovering his motive. How much you want to bet that his hospital bill is dumped on taxpayers...
  9. I should also mention that I goofed with the above. I'm singling out women when I 'm actually commenting on SJWs and rabid Feminists. I know plenty of decent women. They work just as hard as the guys and are possibly even more disgusted by the antics of Feminists and SJWs. But in some ways they're being forced to choose sides even more so than men. I know plenty of women who have chosen to be Moms and dropped out of their careers and I see those same women being derided for it by the PC Hags. It's insane. The good news is I see these groups specifically and Liberals in general already eating their own. Most likely Nature will reassert itself and society will return to the traditional definition of "normal". There's a reason the majority of men and women act they way they do and have done so for generations. Not all of it is cultural programming. It's Fuckin' Natural!
  10. "If somethin' do come out, it need to be put down!" I feel that way about "normal" kids, let alone Fantasy Trans Babies!
  11. Wow. I 've never heard that much Double Speak come from a non-politician!
  12. Normal, stable, Straight White guys are going to check out of everything: dating, movies, TV and media, computer games, all of it. The SJW/ Feminist agenda is going to send them packing. A decade from now female CEOs, writers, filmmakers, etc will be fired en masse because their product isn't selling, thanks to the SJW bullshit that has completely alienated a significant portion of the revenue stream. And due to the MeToo, feminist and SJW propaganda blanket vilification of men, "Nice Guys" will stop dating, leaving only the Alpha-Male Monkey Motherfuckers still trolling the waters. Women will be bitching up and down about "how hard it is to find a decent man!" In the meantime, men will lose themselves in their work and ironically, they'll be back on top of the business world thanks to the increase of quality of product and work ethic they'll achieve, setting the clock right back to where it was. Women and SJWs will be losing their shit all over again when the so-called Patriarchy re-takes its position. I'm not saying I'm Psychic but I'm pretty damn close. Just remember I said this when a decade from now it has come to pass... EDIT: and after a quick re-read of the above, it sounds exactly like the Hurt White-Guy Man-Baby rant we're being told is the norm. Let me add this: It's not just straight white guys that are tuning out either. Plenty of women and men enjoy quality product and dislike having someone else's agenda being rammed down their throats. They'll be contributing to the demise of SJW-approved content as well. Pretty soon, SJW content will be relegated to the same niche arena as Survivalist Groups. The only difference is the SJWs will be living in a figurative wilderness because we know they couldn't survive a week in the wild.
  13. Rumor is attendance numbers are already plummeting.
  14. I say this fully knowing where it could lead but I still suggest that the police start cracking disruptive protestors' heads.
  15. Is that what he said? I have a Scottish customer and when we talk I'm lucky I can catch the verb and noun in each sentence. Can't believe we're speaking the same language!
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