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  1. There are a ton of youtubers who are totally invested in ES Lore. Bethesda needs to steal their ideas. Camel has a 30-minure video about the Winterhold Mage's Guild that leaves any scenario Bethesda ever created in the dust. Confession Time: I don't hate BS like a lot of other folks do and I think its great they allow modding because it results in a far better version of their game than what they could ever create realistically and financially. That said, the majority of Skyrim's quests are absolute crap.
  2. The Dawnguard quests are the ones that soured me. "Hey, you, go retrieve an Elder Scroll!" "Now go rescue the monk we need to read and translate it." "The monk needs an item to aid the translation." "While you were off getting that item, the monk decided to try his luck without it. Now he's blind." "Here. Read the scroll." Well, what the fuck? Why didn't I just read it in the first place?
  3. Considering how weak some of the quests are in Skyrim, my character has that "resigned" face too. So many times after completion I find myself yelling at the quest giver, "Why couldn't you do that, you dummy?"
  4. But you get to be God when you play with the console! Great face on your PC. And I like the pose. Very simple but dramatic, in a quiet way. Almost as if she's saying, "Off to save the world. Again!"
  5. Car Jacking who? Nobody's fucking commuting right now! Our city's traffic has been notorious in the past, what with all our bridges, tunnels and hills. Now, commuters are getting home in less than half-hour!
  6. That NPC is such a bitch! She probably would take a novice mage as her slave!
  7. "How dare you tattle on me to the Arch Mage?"
  8. vancleef

    Inar One-Eye

    Awesome as always. Glad to see other players that would rather play a free-booting sell sword over a legendary world saving Do-Gooder!
  9. Yep. I saw this article a day ago and was, like, "You've got to be fucking kidding!"
  10. vancleef

    Liberty Loft 1

    This one might be my favorite ever of yours. It's incredibly sexy without being vulgar. Very well done!
  11. vancleef


    It's very user friendly and includes a function that allows you to temporarily disable other mods that use the same keys! I wish every mod had that function!
  12. vancleef


    Messing around with Jaxonz Positioner. It has a scale item function that's easier to use than console commands.
  13. vancleef


    "When I asked Sanguine for a big cock, this is NOT what I meant!"
  14. I want to know how much the Dems attempts to oust him have cost taxpayers.
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