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  1. I made it almost 45 seconds. Even I hated it. And I'm a booty man...
  3. The SJWs are losing Human followers at an unprecedented rate. They're hoping to win over the animals to increase their numbers.
  4. Remember when Grandma taught you not to discuss politics at the dinner table? A bunch of corporations had better start listening to their Grandmas:
  5. Ha! I love Page and I respect Clapton. But Beck always appealed to my love of diversity of styles. Clapton is, for lack of a better description, a bit 2-Dimensional. He's a great blues player but not very interesting when he strays into other genres. Page is an incredibly gifted composer and he really knew how to layer sound. His technique is sloppy but it barely matters when you weigh it against his other strengths. Beck, on the other hand? That cat is on a whole 'nother plane of existence!
  6. No disrespect to the other two members of the Holy Guitar Trinity (Clapton and Page) but Beck leaves them both in the dust:
  7. This guy has the most unique and amazing style of any guitarist that I ever heard. Half-Slide/ Half-Fingers, All Phenomenal
  8. Confusing feelings? YOU? Also, you imply, "Jailbait" like it's something bad!
  9. Lovin' those fingerboard inlays!
  10. I own several. My workhorse is Ol' Betty, a Les Paul Studio I bought back in the 80s, Coop Devil Girl sticker was a gift from my wife: I also have an Aria Double Neck that I got for a steal when I worked in a Music Shop way back in the day! I can really go full-blown Jimmy Page with this one: I also own an Ibanez RG but that's used mostly as a backup. My brother has a classic Stratocaster that I borrow on occasion. Don't have photos of either of those readily available, though. Thanks! I'll pass that along to him. They're all but unknown here in the US but they're popular in Poland and Scandinavia. And Botswana, if you can believe that!
  11. Haha! This song has always held a special place in my heart! I remember when it had first been released. I was in the car with my Dad and asked him, "Hey! Will there comes time when this song is considered an Oldie?" He laughed and replied, "Maybe!"
  12. I HATED the theatrical cut! I remember leaving the theater in a "What the Fuck?" mood. A friend harangued me into watching the director's cut and suddenly the whole epic made sense. Now one of my favorite films. That said, I am biased: I have always harbored a Man-Crush for the Knights Templar!
  13. Not a fan of extensive tattoos but lately this Babe does it for me: Karma RX
  14. And I can't, in all good conscience, not promote my Little Brother's band. He's the bass player for Order of Nine:
  15. And now I'm removing my guitar from its case for the first time in 5 years...Damn you, Kendo! Like I don't have enough distractions?
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