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  2. Strike a Pose #2

    Apparently so!
  3. Strike a Pose #2

    How have I been a member here for over a month and I'm only just seeing these images? ;-) Your character and images are incredible!
  4. New Sheriff in town

    First Custom Race creation. Still needs some tweaking but I'm pretty satisfied with it. Outfit by NeoVinci. Textures for body and face by Kendo 2.
  5. Strangelove

    Thanks to Ritual Clarity for the suggestion that I re-do this one! Outfit by NeoVinci. Textures for body and face by Kendo 2.
  6. Bombshell

    We're on firm footing there. He sent them to me saying I could use them in my comics and screenshots. There are actually about a dozen poses in the "expansion" that I requested for use in my comics. I even created a private adult comic for him featuring his character in trade! The only restriction I'm self-imposing is that even though he is unlikely to care, I'm still not going to ever release these to anyone else.
  7. Bombshell

    This is from a pose pack from LostRider, the guy who created Slave in Pose and For A Few Poses More. He sent me a set of new poses he was going to use to expand FAFPM. However, a few weeks later he dropped off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again. I figured his work needs to see the light of day. However, since I can't get his permission to release them as a mod I'll have to settle for just posting them in images. Can you believe I didn't even think to give her one? I only have, like, 20 different ones available in my game!
  8. Bombshell

  9. slate.png

    Playing around with image filters. Really dug this black & white effect.
  10. timescale2.png

    It's a great function. When I first started shooting scenes for comics it would always frustrate me that just as I got all the models positioned, the light would change. Now I can take the time to set up a great shot, jump ahead to the hour I want and click away as much as I need to.
  11. Fun with Fallout

    Outfit from Kendo 2's excellent Chryslus Club mod. Bondage gear originally from Andysaurus's Tenpenny makeover mod.
  12. timescale2.png

    Experimenting with timescale console command
  13. timescale1.png

    Experimenting with timescale console command

    I know what you mean. Despite my enthusiasm for it, my old flip-flop is dying a slow and painful death. That said, I HATE having to upgrade! My car is 12 years old and other than tires and oil changes, I've never put a dime into it. Nevertheless, it's staring to make "expensive noises". I know a new car is in my near future as well. At my last "Real Job" they issued me with a work phone/walkie talkie that could not be destroyed under any conditions. It had even fallen from my pocket one day when I was going from one building to the next and spent several minutes in a deep puddle before I retrieved it. MF-er never stopped working.

    I love watching stupid criminals: