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  1. Check out the album American Highway Flower by Dada. Lots of good tracks on there.
  2. They are totally fans of 60s music. All their songs have that influence.
  3. Michael Gurley is, in my not-at-all-humble opinion one of the most underrated guitarists of the 90s.
  4. Pretty sure there is going to be a slew of new Trump Derangement Syndrome videos coming...
  5. vancleef

    White Hall Thrall

    Justine got captured...AGAIN!
  6. That should be the title of your autobiography.
  7. Little Dude is sooooooo lucky there was a thick steel plate between him and that blast! If that was an open manhole...he'd have (literally) lost his head.
  8. I love the advisor next to the podium with the "Rictus Smile" plastered on her face. You can totally read her mind. It's saying, "We have so lost the next election!"
  9. We can poop in the streets Judgement Free! Am becoming a fan of this guy. I like how he looks like a Liberal Douchebag but couldn't be further from their ethos!
  10. I live in Pittsburgh. Our city was, more or less, founded on steel production. Both of my grandfathers worked the mills. In the mid-70s the entire industry collapsed, more or less overnight. And it's never coming back. Nevertheless, every election the candidates campaign here and they promise to bring back Steel to the Mon Valley! The last election I laughed out loud when Trump, Clinton and Sanders trundled out that exact same line. And Obama and Romney said it. And Obama and McCain. And so on and so on. The irony is that, in some way I think Trump actually WOULD bring back American manuf
  11. Agreed. The thing that makes me furious is the Dems screaming about how Trump didn't act fast enough on the virus. Well, maybe if he wasn't being distracted by all the impeachment foolishness, he would have been able to concentrate on it in December, you know, when they learned about it? How many millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted trying to oust Trump? The impeachment, the Russian interference in the election and whatever other chicanery that the (ahem!) Dems practice as well? Election meddling? You mean like when the DNC sabotaged Sanders? You know, the meddling that ACTUALLY
  12. Just like here in Pennsylvania. The politicians locked up the retirement homes and wouldn't let residents out or visitors in. Almost all of our COVID fatalities were from retirement homes. Two state senators and a state rep secretly pulled loved ones out of their facilities. Other families that tried were threatened with arrest.
  13. vancleef


    That's awesome. Very creepy! ( I mean that in a good way!)
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