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  1. That's right, Bitches! Two Steelers on this list! Representin' Black & Gold 4 Life!
  2. Guilty Pleasure: I love late-70s Era Funk and Disco. And I don't fucking apologize for it!
  3. Got our wish. Funny how the Mayor was all for this until they showed up on her lawn. This whole circus is playing out just like I thought. When they're burning down their own neighborhoods, who gives a fuck. Step on a manicured politician's lawn and they start to take action. https://whtc.com/news/articles/2020/jul/01/seattle-police-to-clear-out-lawless-and-brutal-protest-zone/1035115/ I also love that the area of "trendy hipster bars and boutiques" who were all in support of this bullshit three weeks ago got a sharp reality check as well.
  4. I watch this and as the camera pans across the camp, all I can think is, "Gah! Can you imagine the smell?"
  5. vancleef

    Futa Fantom

    Can't wait to see what the chicks look like!
  6. Do you know how expensive it is for me to hire Hookers to kiss my feet? And this chick is giving it away for free?
  8. "You're not here for me! You're here because you're dumb as fuck!" That one line sums up this entire circus.
  9. It's astounding how my Black Liberal friends are acting perfectly sane at this time. They want an end to profiling and mistreatment but are discussing it in a rational manner. My White Liberal friends have become absolute loons, I think they think that in some way they're "Blacker than the Blacks." Kooky.
  10. I think I might be in love!
  11. More like a Tony Iommi solo album than a Black Sabbath. But still...this track makes me want to hop into a longship and go raiding:
  12. The Mystery of the Disappearing Black Dude:
  13. Martial Law cannot come soon enough. And these idiots thought Quarantine was rough?
  14. Hey, I say give 'em what they want. Deliver the paperwork so they can transfer the utilities into their names and fill out business licenses. Make sure they fill out their tax forms and they'll also need passports if they want to step beyond the barriers. Slap a tariff on anything they export and make sure it's inspected to meet all Health and Safety regulations. Maybe that way all these children will see what running a country is really like. After they max out Daddy's credit card, they'll disperse and go home. Just like the Occupy Movement. One week into a Pittsburgh Winter and those fools moved back indoors too.
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