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  1. The short brunette is my favorite. Love her looks.
  2. If you look in the CK some of those Forsworn girls are pretty decent looking. With the dirt, age modifiers and war paint removed a few of them look better than some of the vanilla Breton female presets.
  3. Evidently EA didn't get the reality check memo. They have no intention of stopping diversity hires for the sake of 'no white hetero males diversity' and the social justice pandering. They won't even admit their corporate culture is the problem, they're blaming Mass Effect fans...and anything else they can think of. I guess their reality doesn't match the reality at-large. People are fed up with rabid social justice and there's an on-going cultural backlash against the people and corporations who fomented it. Right or wrong, a lot of ME fans think everything wrong with Andromeda stems from the SJWs at EA, from the fugly female characters to the hiring of people who don't know what the fuck they're doing. Personally I'm GLAD Andromeda tanked and EA is losing money on the game. They should go ahead and make another DA: Inquisition or ME:Andromeda type game that alienates the fan bases and panders to a tiny cry-baby part of the gaming demographic. It's a winning formula. edited to and a smiley
  4. The Quarian DLC/expansion/whatever is officially dead in the water. It's really sad what happened to Mass Effect but the devs who made the games great no longer work for Bioware/EA so what was being put out really wasn't 'Mass Effect' anyway. That's my opinion anyway. I'm glad I didn't buy or play Andromeda. EA's version of Bioware destroyed the franchise, but I have fond memories of Shepard, Jack, Liara, Rhex, Edi and Joker...everyone really. Also glad those memories didn't get tainted. I wish CDProjektRed would buy the ME franchise.
  5. Goddamned Polygon SJWS say WW2 was 'too white'...or at least the upcoming Call Of Duty:WW2 is... . Here's the article, for what its worth.
  6. You really did the outfits justice. The screens look great.
  7. Sounds to me like EA hasn't learned its lesson. I can say one thing with certainty, there won't be any DLCs for Andromeda.
  8. According to a report posted at Kotaku on 11 May 2017, the Mass Effect franchise has been placed in limbo by EA. Read the full article HERE.
  9. Thank for posting these. I was curious about how the presets looked in other people's games.
  10. Finally figured out a way to 'cheat the system' to add schlongs. It was as simple as adding an empty set of armor and making the usable race 'Default'. I'm really glad it wasn't as involved as I was lead to believe; new addons, scripts, making SOS a requirement, etc. The way things work now both SOS and the game treat the new races just like the vanilla ones. If you want to check out the mod, click the link. Kendo 2's Custom Races for EEO
  11. I'm thinking about adding the human races to the Custom Race Elf mod. That or just presets that people can add to them game themselves.
  12. I am bored so I made a new character preset.
  13. I started with the original Call of Duty. Then in 2006 I was working a lot and living in hotels. I needed something to do so I bought Oblivion to play on my laptop. After that I played all of the Bethesda ElderScrolls plus FO3 and NewVegas. After that I got bored with Bethesda so I played the Witcher games, Assassin's Creed 1-3, a few Batman games and Shadow of Mordor. Played MassEffect 1-3 too. Out of all of the games I've played I like Witcher3 and Shadow of Mordor the most, then Skyrim and FO3.
  14. The lighting was good in Skyhaven Temple so I took a screenshot.