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  1. So was the media happy when the identitarian SJWs decided that Ruby Rose was too white and too thin and her casting wasn't inclusive enough? YEAH, that was a thing a few months back when this Batwoman train wreck was announced. They were calling her the lesbian version of a fuck-boy. It was so bad she quit Twitter for maybe a month.
  2. Anna Casey again. She's sexy AF.
  3. Bethesda just can't help themselves.
  4. I'd like to see the Bethesda lawyers stall and bully and litigate this shit. Good luck with that.
  5. Yeah, I half-ass expected one of the closet SJWs over there to start wailing about the poor wamenz.
  6. These days Eastern European girls have a market monopoly on traditional femininity, and Russian broads top that list.
  7. The African American Tribals were not used in the DLC. The races are there but no NPCs use them, so I didn't change them. It's been a while but I'm pretty sure the Tribals used the vanilla raider hand textures. As for making the DLC races use the same body mesh as the player; you'll need modded textures since the underwear is modeled on the DLC meshes and their associated textures have underwear as well. I have no idea why the devs set up the races the way they did other than when you strip them of their armor after a fight. The base game females of the playable races had a t-shirt; the tribals have that sports bra thing.
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