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  1. Music Lovers Thread

  2. Molina vs. The Overlord

    Been working on a few comic ideas and this Super Mutant Bone Crusher outfit is one of them. It's a full body suit rigged to work with the human skeleton so more poses and animations can be used. It still needs some work but it's functioning the way I wanted it to.
  3. That job posting is a nightmare and explains why Bethesda can't get their shit together. They want someone who will write narration, design quests, script, etc. It sounds like they want to fill the position of 'modder' and not hire someone to be part of a corporate team. The only things they didn't include in that job posting are 3d modelling and texture painting. And I can't imagine why since they want the position to do everything else.

    Should I laugh or cry about 'The Future is Female'? Because if it is we're all fucked.

  6. The official NSFW Babe Thread

    Niece Waidhofer. She's an Instagram girl but don't hold that against her. She's lovely.
  7. Witcher Coming to Netflix

    'Altered Carbon' was a pretty good Netflix series; but i didn't read the book it was based on. I don't think it has the bloat and concept creep some of their other series have. Maybe the Witcher series will be good..I HOPE it's good anyway. I also hope they don't knuckle under to SJW pressure and insert ehtic actors who have no place in the setting or lore. I'm going to go ahead and state this, the cast needs to be white. Just like if a story is set in Africa the cast needs to be black, or Asians when set in Asia. I don't care if saying that makes me a racist in today's jacked up retarded world.
  8. Witcher Coming to Netflix

    Andrzej Sapkowsk, author of the Witcher books and consultant on the series has 'left' the project. Not a good thing. http://technologynews.site/2018/01/16/sapkowski-says-he-is-not-involved-in-the-work-on-the-netflix-the-witcher/ And now the SJWs on IGN want Geralt to be played by a black actor...any black actor...as long as they're black. Let that sink in.
  9. Music Lovers Thread

    Scream-o and then..well..just watch and listen. I'm rarely shocked or impressed but this accomplished both.
  10. The official NSFW Babe Thread

    Irina Shayk; Russian beauty, actress, model.
  11. The Electronic Arts thread

    OH...MY...GOD... Anita-fucking-Sarkeesian goes to the Bioware studios and they let her in...and apparently they're listening to what she has to say. Here's the article I read. Whatever shred of credibility EA's Bioware had left, they just wiped their asses with it.
  12. I just remembered something; if you're on a horse you can push NPCs out of the way while riding...chickens too. MAY-BE there's a way to trick the game with a script to make it think you're on horseback? No idea though.
  13. UNPB Wicked Nuns

    That outfit is fucking AWESOME...and REALLY kinky. Love it. Good luck with the PC thing. Mine 'died the death' maybe two months ago. I still have shit on it that I can't get to. Hopefully you won't have to go through that.
  14. Ava

    Your girls (and your screenshots in general) are always so awesome.