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  1. Sen Cruz has internal documents from Google where they call themselves 'the good censors'.
  2. Antifa is right. Nazis are everywhere.
  3. Couldn't kill children and plot NPCs in Witcher3 either and the game didn't suffer. In fact there are ways to fuck up quests to the point where children and plot NPCs can die. The children die off screen but they do die...like being eaten by the crones at Crook Back Bog...and the player is responsible. That's the new normal. Wokeness infects everything, from TV shows to comics to movies. That's been my stance all along. Not buying it until I see someone else play it. If it's shit I'll keep my money and ream CDPR wherever I can.
  4. There was one for SOS on Nexus but it's so poorly done I wouldn't recommend it. I think it's called 'Revealing Armors for SOS'. It might be gone now.
  5. Just click the link. https://www.stasyq.com/
  6. If You Own Any Libs, Remember To Bring Them Inside And Calm Them Down During July 4 Celebrations
  7. According to a fuckhead at Vox, the American revolution was a mistake and we should have stayed a part of England. Link to Archived Article. Meanwhile in Chicago...3 stabbed, 14 trampled at Navy Pier after Fourth of July fireworks.
  8. Her name is Daria Zaritskaya and she' smoke'n hot too.
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