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  1. Kendo 2


    That's awesome.
  2. You left out the primary culprit of 'sexlab' crashes; DEVIOUS DEVICES. Unistalling that mod and it's trash code will cut your 'sexlab' crashes by 90%. I can run Sexlab and associated mods without issue (no more crashes than I already expect from Skyrim). Devious Devices causes cell crashes where there shouldn't be any. It's always been that way.
  3. The perfect NPC for this would be Erikur's sister Gisli. She's not tied to any game-changing quests, factions, etc. She already has a shit attitude and her voice type is used in follower dialogue.
  4. My messenger was full. Sorry 'bout that. Try now.
  5. My bad. Even with the wrong member count, only banning THREE and deleting five posts is a stellar ratio when compared to LL or Nexus. If we had 200 members and banned 3 and deleted 5 posts that'd be more in line with LL/Nexus numbers...and I'm being kind.
  6. Did the site get a huge bump in members recently?
  7. We're gonna find out because I quoted him in a PM to Ashal. It might not make a difference but they're not gonna publicly call me on rule they just pulled out of their authoritarian asses. If I was Ashal I would have fired DocSax and CPU a year ago. They don't have what it takes to be moderators.
  8. OH! Sign me the fuck up right now! https://www.nexusmods.com/news/14543
  9. REALLY? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/171653-what-is-this-new-rank-thing/?do=findComment&comment=3443150
  10. The government TELLING I must have an opinion THEY LIKE sounds a lot like Communism...or the moderators over at LL.
  11. I opened the esp in the CK just for kicks. YEAH, not updating it. It would be easier to just start over, and that's not happening either. Aside from using Skyrim as a porn simulator I'm done with it. No way I can take the game seriously.
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