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  1. Here's some boxes. Box01 doesn't have collision. You'll have to repath the beer bottles texture. K2BoxGourd.nif K2BoxCorn.nif K2Box01.nif K2BarBeerCaseDunwicks.nif
  2. Kendo 2

    Space Cop

    I think I have a way to use this without having to make a male version; all of the cops will be sexy fembots.
  3. Whitney has taken over the steers. They like her better than me anyway. She talks baby talk to them and they follower her around like dogs.
  4. The loading times over at LL are total shit.
  5. The garden is doing far better than last year.
  6. No. I use the ones for Luchaire's TypeV.
  7. More like me on a 4-wheeler wearing a baseball cap...with a beer in a koozie.
  8. I guess he deleted the old files? That is a shame.
  9. Because kids can see it and know it's A-OK...like assless chaps at a gay pride parade or drag queen story time at the public library.
  10. Yeah, when I saw that they lived in TX all I could think was "Gotta be Austin." I live in the south end of the Hill Country and that shit they're doing in public wouldn't fly here.
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