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  1. Kendo 2

    Bug Alien

    And it works with my crappy version of the dlc Delta alien space suit.
  2. Kendo 2

    Bug Alien

    Vanilla giant ant head as masks with different antenna and mandible positions. Nothing great but they will be good for background aliens in a crowd or something.
  3. It'gonna have to do because I'm not spending any more time on it. I'm just making Shatner's Star Trek style aliens so they don't need to be 'great', just passable enough so there's not weird artifacts or tiling when I put them in cell lighting.
  4. NOT what I was going for. I was thinking more Flash Gordon from the 70s cartoon. Not that it matters since I can't get the green to look right. Pretty sure the game is doing it since I'm using the same color formula I used for the other aliens. 'The game' doesn't like green or yellow, but purple and blue work fine. I did another set of textures and a male version; same shit results.
  5. Yeah, me too. Can't go any darker because it gets worse and too much lighter and she comes out looking yellow.
  6. Portuguese actress Catarina Furtado.
  7. Kendo 2

    Captain Cosmos WIP

    Well, like about 70% of the shit I make...I HATE THIS OUTFIT. No matter what NPC I put this on they look like a fucking fruit. I can use it as a background outfit for something else but my 'big plans' for a Captain Cosmos comic just shit the bed.
  8. Cheetara works, not what I intended but yeah I see it now.
  9. Kendo 2

    Captain Cosmos WIP

    Did a little more today.
  10. This still needs a lot of work but it's getting there.. Based on the posters from FO3 and NV, NOT the re-imagining from FO4. It SUPPOSED to look like a crappy 1950's TV costume or something from a Flash Gordon serial.
  11. 1990's Lauren Holly...holy fuck.
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