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  1. Things might have slipped through I didn't realize OR they were fucked up in the originals and when I copied the branches and pasted them over they carried the wrong values with them. I need to update the mod anyway.
  2. Dork0ne (who is a sorry cock-sucker) probably got his fiscals from last year in Sept. 2018 was a tank year for Bethesda and gaming in general. Lack of interest means less suckers trafficking on his shit stain site. The money for those up-the-butt Greek island vacations he takes every summer has to come from somewhere; so bilk it from the membership. Years ago he was running animated adds and adds with embedded flash video. Those are low-balled at net15 (even back then) and I think it was Omnimotus who called Dark0ne out about begging for money since with the add revenue AND the memberships he was pulling in $1million+. Omnimoutis was a webmaster and he knew what he was talking about. Of course Lil' Dork0ne denied it and and the resident pom-pom shakers came out in force to shill for him. Fast forward a few months and Dork0ne announces that $250k 'server upgrade' that never happened. He begged for money and fucking retards gave it to him. "The upgrade that no one noticed didn't work so I had to roll back the site to a previous version. It doesn't matter that you didn't see anything...because I really and truly did upgrade the servers. Too bad all that money you guys donated was wasted...Now who wants to see photos from my vacation?" YES, that really fucking happened and it pretty happened the way I described it. Dork0ne's recent stunts won't 'end Nexus' BUT the investment bankers who own 25%+ of Zenimax will not let some homo public school boy from Torquay OWN the modding scene. They've been shark bumping him since 2015 and they're preparing to take a huge fucking bite out of his faggot ass.
  3. It's gotta suck being a Leftist...more so than usual...
  4. So CDPR lied, like all these game corporations do. They're nailing their own coffin shut...from the inside.
  5. Her mouth is too high for my tastes but her facial structure is top-notch.
  6. I am hesitantly optimistic about this game. Please ye gods let it be good.
  7. Those vertext seams. One of the many things I hated about working on Skyrim body meshes. Maybe they won't display in-game.
  8. I won't be doing this any time soon since I just came off a long modding binge. I've put a note in my projects folder so when I pick things up again you're on the list.
  9. THE reason I stopped making shit for Skyrim. Get everything right for the _1 version...and do it again for the _0.
  10. I made these for personal use. I know they work with Oblivion, FO3/NV and Skyrim. No idea how the hues will display in other games. When I make more I’ll add them to this post. Cyan Blue Sea Blue Gunmetal Blue Brown Quartz Bud Green Persian Green Viridian Green Grey Russian Violet Dandelion Yellow
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