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  1. Kendo 2

    The official NSFW Babe Thread

    EDIT: Her name is Biah Rodrigues, just and fyi.
  2. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

  3. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    More inconsistencies coming out of Bethesda about what FO76 will be. For all of their talk about not allowing griefers and other typical PVP bullshit they have nothing in place to prevent it. The servers will be public; that means you have no control over who you share the map with. According the Todd The Liar Howard private servers will 'eventually come', but they won't be in place at launch. There is supposed to be a revenge system like in GTA. If there's not going to be PVP focus and there's the hollow promise of no griefers then why the fuck is there a revenge system? There's also supposed to be a challenge system. Again, that's a PVP thing and fucking pointless if there's a revenge system as well. Do the assholes at Bethesda even know what an MMO is? Also, Pete Hines and Todd Howard are spitting out word salad about 'solo' game play. They are hoping people mistake that as single player. Solo play is NOT single player, since the servers are public and again any douche bag can share the map with you. It's like WoW. I can do single raids, but other players are there. And typical of Bethesda fanbois they aren't looking at this critically. They're all praising FO76 and squealing like a bunch of faggots who've just found out Rupaul's Drag Race is getting another season.
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  5. I'm confused about what people are referring to as a 'set personality'. If they mean that V will be like Geralt then we can only be so lucky since he had more dialogue options than the Dragonborn. Yeah, you can play whatever race and gender you want in Skyrim but your personality remains the same; a female Imperial battlemage gets the same dialogue and results as a male Orc two-handed-heavy-armor warrior. There's not a way to build your character's personality like you can with Witcher2 and Witcher3 Geralt. I've done three full play-throughs of Witcher3; Geralt the Good Guy, Geralt the Asshole, and Just Geralt. At first the dialogue is pretty similar but after a while it changes. The NPCs treat you differently and the dialogue results are DRASTICALLY different. What you do and what you say matters, unlike any Bethesda game after FO3; and even FO3 is a sad pale comparison to what your reputation is in Witcher3. If CP2077 does that, then they did it right.
  6. Endgameaddiction is on self-imposed hiatus. He didn't give a reason. Anyway, my track record with CDPR is good so far. Never played Witcher1. Played Witcher2 about a month after it came out and I really liked it. I didn't play Witcher3 until after Blood&Wine was released and they did the final patch. I LOVE that fucking game and it's one of the best RPGs I've ever played. It puts Bethesda's bullshit to shame and that's for sure. I do have reservations about CP2077 and I'm not going to buy it until I see actual game play footage from someone like Yic17 Fantasy or xLetalis. BUT I have no reason to doubt CDPR since they aren't known for LYING (Todd Howard) or dicking around with social agendas (all of EA). I trust them but maybe my vision for what CP2077 should be doesn't jive with what they've done. Either way I'm not going to get bent out of shape about it; I just won't buy it.
  7. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    Said it before, the Bethesda fanbase is nothing but twinks, soyboys and SJW faggots now. Regular human beings are a thing of the past; just look at Nexus and LL for proof of life. There isn't any. Something else that's really OFF about FO76 is that if you die you get to keep your gear when you respawn. If FO76 is a survival shooter then why the fuck isn't there a penalty for dying? Players can just button mash and kamikaze charge every enemy since they won't suffer for it. Yeah, that's creepy as fuck.
  8. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    I'll never buy another Bethesda game so my opinion means squat. ANYWAY, there's some really fishy things going on with FO76. Todd Howard and Pete Hines are both saying there won't be PVP and lots of Youtube fanboys are parroting this. And according to Howard/Hines there won't be any human NPCs. So if there aren't human NPCs and there isn't any PVP then who the fuck are the humans getting shot in the demo videos? There won't be any microtransactions in FO76. So what they're saying is that a year from now there won't be loot boxes new players can buy to get them up to speed with other players. ESO has microtransactions, btw. One of the key features in the game will be getting nuclear launch codes so the layers can NUKE THE GAME WORLD to get better loot drops. That flies in the face of what Fallout is. Something else; Fallout has always been about the single player exploring the world. Courier/Lone Wanderer/Sole Survivor/etc. FO4 always seemed a little 'off' to me with the base building, shallow quests and so on. Now I'm beginning to believe FO4 was testing ground for what Bethesda really wanted to do with Fallout; turn it into an online shooter game-as-a-service. IMO, Bethesda needs a wake-up call like what happened to LucasFilms and StarWars, or EA and ME: Andromeda.
  9. Kendo 2

    Fallout 76

    The Bethesda fanbase is shit to begin with. Add to that griefers with their parents' credit card and NO. FUCKING. THANKS. And how does Bethesda think they can break into an already saturated MMO market? Do they think they can drag single player fans of their games into it? How do safe-space crybabies do in MMOs; and Bethesda fans are the biggest scrub-lord pussies in gaming. Plus MMO players are demanding, especially when it comes to servers; and Bethesda doesn't have servers since they proved that with ESO. Fallout 76 = zero fucks given.
  10. Online only, creation club only, no mods, no thanks.
  11. Fudgemuppet breaks the trailer down pretty well. Also, there are screenshots taken from the game that shows trash and junk on the street, moldy walls, etc. Scummy areas exist in the game, they just weren't the focus of the trailer. He also points out other things as well.
  12. The CP2077 trailer has over 2,000,000 views in 2 days. The majority of them (1.8mil) hit within 8 hrs of the video being posted. Top that Bethesda. Also, I think CDRED intentionally showed the day light cycle since there was some concerns that the game's lighting was going to be too dark.
  13. The upper city levels were always clean and safe (for the most part), the closer you got to the ground the dirtier (and worse) it got. That's how the game world in the pencil and paper RPG was anyway. There's nothing wrong with GTA5, but I want a fucking cyberpunk game. Regardless, that trailer looked like real time renders and not the polished shit Bethesda, RockStar, or EA shows when they're pushing a game. Look at the trailers for TW3, aside from the cinematic start scene all of their other trailers were done with the game engine. And CP2077 makes FO76 look like hammered dog shit.