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  1. Kryptonite retconned. Less stupid than a Superman who sucks cock...but still stupid.
  2. Yeah, and he's gonna save Louis Lane. The first movie will be 'Ass of Steel'. Anyway, they wanted to kill the franchise by making him black and that didn't work. Then they wanted to make him Chinese but that would still be white-adjacent and not good enough...so that didn't work either. Couldn't make him trans because there's no scalpel sharp enough to cut his dick off...so have him be gay.
  3. You're not allowed to have an opinion that differs from mine....oh wait...that's Lover's Lab.
  4. Texas residents can now sue social media corps for deplatforming.
  5. Word of the day; Vanker i.e. pro-COVID vaccine wanker.
  6. When I first played Skyrim I gave all the human and elf races a shot; for me Nords are the best. Nothing can beat that 50% frost resistance. Combine that with the Agent of Mara perk, the Lord Stone and one rank of Magic Resistance from the Alteration tree and you're immune to 90% of the enemies in the game.
  7. Back when ComedyCentral still had comedy on it.
  8. So they're pre-WW2 Fascists; driven by personal greed, oppressing their own population, expansionistic, camps and 'reeducation' for undesirables, religious persecution, political opposition not allowed, it's for your own good, etc.
  9. Because Communism is what the 'cool kids' today think is cool...
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