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  1. The Presidential 'State of the Union' address should be coming up soon. I wonder who'll be doing it...or will they do it at all? I really hope bumbling Biden does it so we can hear him say 'nigger' again. I know it's bad but I can stop laughing.
  2. I played the BOS side of the main quest. It got to the point where I was clicking the first dialogue options (since the choices don't matter) and RUNNING through dungeons and past combat just to finish the fucking game. FO4 is shit.
  3. It got 92 hrs of my life (that I can never get back).
  4. China is literally up the Biden admin's ass...
  5. I posted this over at LL so they can unironically delete it because it makes their authoritarian politics look as bad as they really.
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States....
  7. Kendo 2

    Inar One-Eye

    Every city had their own guild and you had to finish one city's quests (maybe 5) before you'd be sent to the next city to do their quests. Oblivion Fighter's Guild Quests And that was back when essential NPCS weren't a thing and you could actually fail a quest in Bethesda games. Todd 'everyone-is-a-winner' Howard killed that.
  8. Kendo 2

    Inar One-Eye

    We just need a real fighter's guild. The Companions and their 'do two quests and BAM you're a werewolf' doesn't cut it.
  9. Kendo 2

    Inar One-Eye

    Replaying my not-the-Dragonborn-sorry son-of-a-bitch male Nord 'Inar One-Eye'. The blonde floosy is my dual-wield combat ranger makeover of Annekke Crag-Jumper.
  10. Ratchet doesn't have sheen finisher so she puts goddamned GORILLA GLUE on her hair.
  11. Kendo 2

    Lola and her Mistress

    @vancleef If you decide to play the mod I suggest installing Radiant Prostitution for it.
  12. Kendo 2

    Lola and her Mistress

    From what the author says the mod is one-size-fits-all. Depending on how he built the mod (scripts, bsa, esp structure, etc.) it is 100% doable.
  13. Kendo 2

    Lola and her Mistress

    That's a Kimy dress from DD and I edited it into high-riding mini because the clipping was SO fucking bad on the lower legs.
  14. Been playing Hexbolt8's reworked version of 'Submissive Lola' and I have to say it's actually great. The brunette slave is a new Breton I made specifically for this and the blonde Dom is a retooled version of my 'Olfina Greymane to Olfina the Gold' follower. Here's a link to the mod if you guys want to check it out. Highly recommended.
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