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  1. Kendo 2

    Music Lovers Thread

    Try out some old school funk. Fun Fact; this was the first song to ever use a synthesizer for the base rifs.
  2. Kendo 2


    Where's the much-needed projectile vomiting emoji?
  3. Kinda off-topic but who cares.
  4. Kendo 2


    I'm the gift that keeps on giving, like a scorching case of herpes.
  5. Kendo 2

    How to Disable Packs in The Sims 4

    When I stopped playing Sims 4 there were already so many packs adding so much shit my game was getting to the point of ridiculousness. Disabling a few brought a little sanity back. Also, if Sims 4 pans out to be like Sims3 there will be so many packs the game will become unplayable if all of them are installed.
  6. Lover's Lab is a microcosm of why Bethesda doesn't need to change. The Creation Engine is a 'new engine'. I mean, before Skyrim the engine used C++ based code, NOW it uses Papyrus...that's NEW. Animations are handled outside of the game engine and the file format is different. That's new too! See?! New-new-new! People talk about how the enemy AI in FO4 is improved. NO, that's the devs making Combat Style packages that use cover, dodging, etc. more than they did in Skyrim. It's the same shit with different percentages. The same thing can be done in Skyrim with the Creation Kit and new Combat Styles.
  7. The Cult of Todd runs deep at LL. That thread was good for a few laughs though. Now then, back to the REAL conversation. EDIT: Yeah, the bell curve at LL is about 50 clicks below poor as far as critical thinking and dissemination of facts goes. Too much effort trying to get them to see past 'best game ehuv DERP'. Don't know why I bothered.
  8. "They aren't paid mods, they're downloadable content you have to pay for." One thing Bethesda IS good at is word salad.
  9. Kendo 2


    I guess Millennials were getting confused. OR eating Tide Pods like they were moon pies just wasn't doing it for them anymore.
  10. It is my sincere hope that people can see what an uncensored and unfiltered conservation looks like.
  11. Kendo 2

    nsfwmods.com Web Support Thread

    Maybe you should PM DoubleZero directly about this.
  12. Fanbois on the offence in under ten posts. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/111005-its-official-creation-engine-for-tes6-and-starfield/?do=findComment&comment=2427651
  13. James Turner has provided a handy web page to help disable Sims 4 packs. LINK: The Sims 4 Disable Packs The verdict; it does in fact work and I didn't have any ill effects using this method. The hair, makeup, clothes and build mode items were simply removed. I didn't try this with a Get to Work illness active so I don't know the game will behave if that is the case in your game. I did get a game launch notice that I had content being installed but it was a false flag; the content I had disabled was not being installed.
  14. I ripped off DZ and started a topic about this on LL. Let the fanboi meltdowns and thread locking begin.