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  1. Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship (official whitehouse.gov link)
  2. Me and my garden...yet again. That's it.
  3. New Twitch moderator identifies as a FUCKING DEER. Oh yeah...and tranny Bambi thinks all gamers are white supremacists....and is a moderator on a fucking gaming platform.
  4. Biden, the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. FIRED for creating a hostile work environment. If he works for a corporation he needs to file an incident report before she does. He also needs to call her in for 'counseling' with another female employee present. Make the transtrender trainwreck sign that she received the counseling session. If there's a dress code/grooming standard, write her ass up when she breaks it. If she uses any cleaning supplies (even something as basic as bleach or Windex) ask her if she's read the MSDS documentation and write her ass up again if she hasn't. If she's 5 minutes late...write up. At our shop we have a 90 day 'probation' period that employees sign for. ONE write up is enough to shitcan them. We had a problem with lazy Mexicans thinking the bare minimum was enough to keep their job. I instituted everything laid out above and the Mexicans solved the problem themselves.
  6. D.Trump Jr and Karen...
  7. Me and my garden.... After the big rain storms in this part of the world I have a 'bug' problem; the leaf miners are back, along with the added pleasure of cabbage loopers, onion flies, and fucking flee beetles. I really wanted to avoid pesticides but it's too late in the game for me to do fleece row covers, and the garden is too big now for that to be practical. $200+ worth of materials and MY TIME or I break out (my now outlawed stash) of commercial-grade diazinon. That shit is so potent birds won't land in a peach tree sprayed with it.
  8. Me and my garden....boring to everyone but me.
  9. The last 'fighting game' I played (where combat required skill and planning) was Witcher3. Some of the grunt fights were challenging and all of the boss fights were really frustrating. I wasn't getting anywhere until I started taking the game seriously; researching character builds, potions and signs, and watching some Youtube videos. Then I committed to learning all of the combat moves for dodges, timed attacks, etc. I stopped 'playing the game' to advance the quest lines and would just reload saves and redo fights until I got my timing down. Once I got guhd the game was a lot more enjoyable. So yeah...practice.
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