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  1. I never knew I needed a girl with robot cat ears in my game until just now.
  2. Most base modelling is done; not shown is her 'Meow-meow Kitty' necklace. Now to make her LED cat ear headphones.
  3. The outfit so far. For this outfit I wanted sneakers so I made this trash... I got mad at myself for no particular reason so I made these instead... Still needs laces, grommets, etc. but a much better model imo.
  4. Working on the next part of her costume.
  5. Huh..whoda thunk it. Not only was she flung off the cock carousel at light speed but she's also unemployable.
  6. Finished with the rough modelling on this kitty unistrap thing. Still needs some touching up.
  7. I'm gonna use that 'kiwi' bit. "Look! It's Kiwi Kitty!" The concept for the character is she's a weebo wannabe JPop idol and the only things she knows about Japan is what she's seen in anime...and hentai. She's also gonna be my version of Thor; with a color coordinated hammer as big as she is that matches whatever she's wearing. Oh, and LED cat-ear headphones.
  8. Lots of extruding, beveling and fitting left to do on this one part. Then I get to start on the next. This is way too involved for what I'm gonna use it for.
  9. Kendo 2

    Futa Fantom

    Futa Fantom is done.
  10. Kendo 2

    Bunny Boi

    Finished this one.
  11. My Rouge Vif D'Etampes pumpkins have set a few female flowers with fruit and they actually opened! The bees were doing their thing; buzzing from male flowers to females and back and forth. Hopefully I'll get pumpkins and they won't die back.
  12. Kendo 2

    Bunny Boi

    Gonna make this little cupcake a sidekick like Robin or Harley Quinn...but he's really bad at it.
  13. Kendo 2

    Futa Fantom

    Most likely never because it's shit mod work and has a lot of issues. PM me if you want a copy of the files.
  14. Kendo 2

    Futa Fantom

    I have an idea; a super hero comic with original (and purposefully ridiculous) characters. Futa Fantom, Bunny Boi, Kawaii Kitty, Professor Squidopus, Tesla Girl, Sister Sinful, etc. Make the 'city' in the future so I can use all that space stuff I made.
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