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  1. So six months later customers get what they paid for. Par for the course for Bethesda and FO76 these days.
  2. Back in the 1930's there was a whole series of movie shorts called 'Baby Burlesks'. They are disturbing; putting 5 yr old Shirley Temple in adult situations with other kids...dressing her in lingerie, etc. The shorts are nasty-gross. This 'Desmond is Amazing' drag bullshit is just as bad. Liberals want to shut down loli/shota 2d and 3d art but sexualizing REAL KIDS is okay...because they're 'trans' so that's empowering.
  3. YoungYea racks up some interviews with CDPR. ...and MIKE PONDSMITH!!!! (fanboy squee)
  4. Let the SJW game journo hate train begin... Pro Tip: If SJWs hate something it's most likely good and fun.
  5. LL is offline again. That site goes down more than a Filipino tranny during Fleet Week.
  6. Nope, I'm done buying expensive PC upgrades just for the sake of gaming. For what games are these days it's not worth the money.
  7. That's not a negative. When I played GTA5 I was totally invested in the story and I loved Trevor. Franklin and Michael were good too but nothing matched Trevor's storyline. Same thing with Witcher3; I was 100% immersed in the role of Geralt. I paid attention to the story and I projected a lot of myself into him. I actually cared about what happened; like reading a book you can't put down. That's when you know a game is good. I've already put aside the money for the next-gen XBox. April 2020 can't come soon enough.
  8. CDPR has partnered with Nvidia to bring real time ray tracing to Cyberpunk 2077.
  9. Sorry, but I had to post that video over at the LL salt mine.
  10. Oberlin College WOMP-WOMP Part 2
  11. The couple of twinkle-douches over at LL are already complaining about CP2077. I swear, that site has a serious case 'muhBethesda'. I can't wait for B(EA)thesda to take a giant shit on free modding.
  12. HOLY FUCK!!! According to Forbes, Keanu Reeves plays Johnny Silverhand! If that's true...fucking awesome. Bethesda: "Finally wake? You were caught trying to cross the border..." CDPR: "Wake the fuck up, Samurai. We have a city to burn."
  13. AHAH! But Bethesda will lie by omission. During the pre-release hype they'll say the game can be modded, knowing that Bethesda fans are dumb and no one will think to ask 'Will free mods be available on fan sites like Nexus?' Hines/Howard will just say 'Yes, you can mod it.' and there won't be any qualifiers. People will preorder the game and buy a useless season pass just like they always do, and they'll attack anyone who dares to question precious Bethesda. The game will be released, there won't be a tool kit for 6 months or a year, and when the kit is available ONLY THEN will the truth about modding the game hit. But modding ES6 will never be what modding Skyrim is; the Unreal Engine 'fixed' the free mod problem.
  14. Without the knowing the codes and/or not having access to executable files, even doing meshes and textures would be an issue. Everything that would be considered a Bethesda-style esp/esm would have to be distributed through the Unreal marketplace or through a fork of Epic's Unreal network. BUT, Bethesda can't distribute the proprietary and licensed C++ Unreal uses. That or the 'plugins' would have to fall under the Bethesda's licence and players/modders would be using them on Bethesda's behalf (i.e. Bethesda is making a profit). Unless there are some serious concessions on the part of Unreal/Epic Bethesda can't distribute jack-shit. Bye-bye Creation Club. And there aren't any universal mod tools for games made with Unreal4. Each game has its own quirks and requirements. And all modding would have to be above-board; anything that Bethesda doesn't want, they can prohibit (nude mods, sex mods, free mods, etc.). Bethesda is responsible for their license. There's also the Unreal community to deal with. They're a lot like SmithMicro in that they don't tolerate any foolishness. The usual Libtard Bethesda fanboi modder fuckery WILL NOT fly on unrealengine.com, and there's currently no other way to distribute mods made for Unreal Engine games that I'm aware of. That doesn't mean one doesn't exist though. All told, Bethesda will finally get what they think they want; no nude/sex mods in their games.
  15. ES6 is gonna be on the Unreal Engine so by default Bethesda will be forced control the distributed code unless they have a unique license agreement. There might not be a GECK/Creation Kit program they can release without it.
  16. WeTodd Howard already hyping ES6. https://screenrant.com/elder-scrolls-6-decade-play/
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