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  1. womp-womp-womp Leftist authoritarian psycho loses her job after calling old Jew in a MAGA hat a 'Nazi'.
  2. So we have round two of pay-to-win for FO76...yaknow dat game that would ever have to pay-to-win. And another one, so this is making the rounds on Youtube. So much for it flying under the radar.
  3. Hair models and textures need to look like they were made out of carved wood. And let's not forget that a face should have no more than 200 vertices. And paddles for feet; can't have a Bethesda game without that. Oh and a bare bones skeleton with animations done by hand. Fuck motion capture.
  4. ESO say "I don't see how anyone could have missed this". Well, I missed it because I don't give a fuck about Bethesda or whatever sub-par 10yrs behind the tech curve games they release. Bethesda,net launcher, Creation Club, micro-transactions, etc. Yeah, I'll pass.
  5. I was coming here to post the same video. It's awesome.
  6. EA is having a rough year, and we're only 4 months in. I think this is the second or third round of layoffs in 2019, not that I feel sorry for any of the slobs who work for them. Get wrecked bitches. I would say 'learn to code' but some of them probably already know how.
  7. Just WOW. Love the way she looks. And she's not Instagram thot retarded.
  8. The didn't lose the spotlight to Anthem.
  9. Yep, Bethesda is going be at E3 2019. No idea if Pete Hines or Todd Howard will be there; they've been silent on social media since the FO76 controversies. Bethesda’s show takes place on Sunday, June 9. Though the event’s venue has yet to be revealed, the show will be streamed live beginning 5:30pm PT, 8:30pm ET, 1:30am UK (June 10). SOURCE.
  10. Top Youtube search results for cunt-face Brie Larson and Captain Marvel show nothing but the fluff pieces from MSM and shill Youtubers. Videos talking about the bigot or her pandering SJW wamenz power movie are buried at the bottom of searches. Youtube is shit anyway.
  11. I don't know if this should go in the Cringe-worthy Internet thread or here. Either way it's pretty fucking cringe-worthy.
  12. There's no undoing the damage; Bethesda's reputation is shit. The handful of people who bought FO76 (maybe 1.5 million) might go back to the game so they can try to get their money's worth out of it, but it wont be drawing in new players. I'm confident that ship has sailed. And FO76 has sparked a mini-Mandela Effect ripple where people are questioning just how good Bethesda games really are. 'Was Skyrim really as awesome as I thought it was?' Spoiler Alert: NOPE. Other considerations; Bethesda is intentionally behind the technological curve. They release games in a buggy unfinished state and no one thinks it's cute anymore; and the Tod the Sweet Little Lies meme is no longer cute either. People are pissed; I'm still mad about the 60 bucks I wasted on FO4. And FO76 has split the fanbase into two camps; critical thinkers vs. the shill brigade. And the shill brigade lost the internet war; where all culture war battles are fought these days. All told, Bethesda will never recover from FO76. They've joined the ranks of EA and Blizzard; customers giving them a free pass is off the table. They did it to themselves.
  13. Still, never gonna play it. I don't care if they make it free-to-play, the Bethesda game formula is a joke.
  14. You're expecting people to read something longer than a Tweet. Contemporary mental faculties don't allow for that. 'Are the required mods really required?' Nah, I just had extra space in the ReadMe.
  15. Post Modern deconstructionism. Destroying things for the sake of destruction. Gender, beauty standards, tolerance, national pride, social roles, etc. Everything Liberal Millennial cocksuckers espouse is contrary to reality and normalcy. SJWs, socialism and rich white kid stupidity are byproducts of a larger movement.
  16. The fun bits at 3:48, 5:42, and 9:57.
  17. So the SKSE team thinks they own code derived from Bethesda code. That's rich. You'd think they'd have read the EULAs by this point.
  18. The law offices of Swindle, Gouge and Crouch.
  19. Well, this isn't suspicious AT ALL; CPU instructing me and everyone else not to mention the law firm or where they're from. Olson Shaner has an office in Denver; one of LL's main servers is in Denver. Hmmmm.
  20. Looks like the law firm of Olson Shaner owns the Lover's Lab domain now. https://www.loverslab.com/ https://www.olsonshaner.com/ According to Is It Down the site is indeed down for the count. EDIT: And now it's back up. Very weird.
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