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  1. Basic costuming for background NPCs. I had to hold back on working these over like I usually do (no hipoly meshes/2048x2048 textures). But I did make mask textures to make some areas pearly and metallic and some not.
  2. Kendo 2

    UUNP Vampire Latex

    An Oblivion style mage hood would work. Just remove the outfit's high collar and have a shoulder wide open hood attached to the cape. Or do what I would do and ditch the hood idea.
  3. Kendo 2

    UUNP Vampire Latex

    Critique time. I would ditch the hood. It doesn't fit the geometry of the silhouette.
  4. Probably already posted this, but I'm listening to it again so HERE IT IS,
  5. Kendo 2

    Testing both SMP and Havok

    That's all kinds of awesome.
  6. Kendo 2

    Space Cop

    I have no idea what I'm doing. This whole 'space thing' started out as stuff for a Captain Cosmos comic. No idea where it will go now. @ritualclarity Really? ANYWAY I'm calling this thing done. Finished the belt, fixed the the hat textures and added 'polizia' to the outfit.
  7. Kendo 2

    Space Cop

    That baton that's definitely not a dildo is an animated object and a working weapon...and a dildo.
  8. Kendo 2

    Space Cop

    I made a badge for this but it didn't fit the Masamune Shiro vibe of the outfit. Gonna stencil on the word 'POLIZIA' in some futuristic text. Still need to add some do-dads and work on the belt (radio, handcuffs, etc).
  9. Love this song.
  10. How about 'Hell Yeah'? That's what I said when I saw it.
  11. Fuck man, I'm proud. To paint something for a Bethesda game and intentionally make it look like plastic is not easy. The 'white' texture for the belt and ray gun alone took a day to get right.
  12. Matching ray gun. Reflective shades and glowy bits.
  13. This is the pink version. There's also powder blue and a white one. This went from something to throw on NPCs to a full blown mod with weapons and accessories.
  14. Kendo 2

    Goofy Ray Gun

    'Pew-pew-pew'? I have the files listed as RayGun01; that's how imaginative MY names are.
  15. Kendo 2

    Goofy Ray Gun

    Did some more work on the modeling made a template texture. I think it looks better already.
  16. Kendo 2

    Goofy Ray Gun

    I had to change the shape to make it function like a game pistol, and I added some extra modeling. Originally I shaped it like the reference, but it was so fat it blocked the camera when aiming, and it clipped through the hip when holstered. All that's left is painting a real texture for it.
  17. Your girls always have the best faces.
  18. Finally figured out how to get DAZ-quality emittance maps to work with a Bethesda game.
  19. No way in Hell I can do her outfit justice, but I sure as fuck did try.
  20. There's a lezbo scene in that movie with Lori Wagner and Anika DeLorenzo. 10/10 because they're doing it for real and even with the film editing it's obvious. It's hotter than porn. Both actresses were nervous about the scene so they had a few cocktails and did some coke and SHOW TIME.
  21. NO. That is a Sexout function for males. The sissy sluts are read by the game as being female.
  22. Metallica at their peak.
  23. What's really funny are the black people in the audience busting out laughing and all the woke white people squirming.
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