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  1. It's gotta suck being a Leftist...more so than usual...
  2. So CDPR lied, like all these game corporations do. They're nailing their own coffin shut...from the inside.
  3. Her mouth is too high for my tastes but her facial structure is top-notch.
  4. I am hesitantly optimistic about this game. Please ye gods let it be good.
  5. Those vertext seams. One of the many things I hated about working on Skyrim body meshes. Maybe they won't display in-game.
  6. I won't be doing this any time soon since I just came off a long modding binge. I've put a note in my projects folder so when I pick things up again you're on the list.
  7. THE reason I stopped making shit for Skyrim. Get everything right for the _1 version...and do it again for the _0.
  8. I made these for personal use. I know they work with Oblivion, FO3/NV and Skyrim. No idea how the hues will display in other games. When I make more I’ll add them to this post. Cyan Blue Sea Blue Gunmetal Blue Brown Quartz Bud Green Persian Green Viridian Green Grey Russian Violet Dandelion Yellow
  9. I quoted DocSax and included him and Ashal in a PM. People post worst shit than I can come up with on that site and DocSax gives them a free pass. Not that it will make any difference, but Ashal is gonna know when his staff is fucking up. 'The rules only apply to you' ain't gonna fucking fly.
  10. Pretty sure I'm gonna get banned at LL. I deserve it (I guess) for being right and shamelessly gloating about it. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/117614-what-really-makes-you-happy/?do=findComment&comment=2795446
  11. Evidently Fallout 1st members are on a 'shoot on sight' list.
  12. The combat is more involved than what Bugthesda puts out. Spamming spells and mindlessly flailing at enemies with weapons won't work. That means the typical Skyrim fan ain't gonna like this game. 'It's too hard.'
  13. I've been poking around and I can't find what engine they're using.
  14. Sounds like something Marvin the Martian gets out of a gumball machine.
  15. Wow. Her voice and her looks.
  16. Love the under curve of the breast you made, but this caught my eye. Look at the symmetry of the transition from the ass check to the thigh. The indention is too drastic (my opinion) and to me it looks like she has Instagram butt implants. But I'm not the one making this so take my input for what it is. I know from personal experience making a body for Skyrim is more work than people think.
  17. Kendo 2

    Male Space Suit

    I'm calling this done. I tried adding armor plates, more belts, zippers, plugs, seams, two-tone fabric, etc. and nothing looks 'right' to me. It goes from being a space suit to something else the more shit I bolt on to it.
  18. Kendo 2

    Male Space Suit

    Extended the sleeves and added gloves I made from hand meshes.
  19. Kendo 2

    Male Space Suit

    Check out these normals!
  20. Kendo 2

    Male Space Suit

    Working on a replacement for my Captain Cosmos outfit fiasco and I came up with this. This is just the undersuit/base; can add just about anything to it (glowy plugs, belts, armor plates, etc.) Still need to figure out what to do about the hands.
  21. Kendo 2

    Jungle Girls

    The normal maps on this turned out really well. I'm actually shocked. Also painted a few cat-like eye textures for the race. Made two weapons for them and animated object versions for poses.
  22. Kendo 2

    Jungle Girls

    Figured out a use for the spotted alien race.
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