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  1. History of Fallout Franchise

    Watched that video yesterday. It just made me sad.
  2. Site addition suggestion

    My vote is to leave it in place. It isn't hurting anything and it's not being abused. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  3. Site addition suggestion

    I don't know if that feature can be hidden or not. I'm on the Moderator control panel and I can't see anything about hiding it. DZ might be the only one who can enable/disable/install a widget like that.
  4. Site addition suggestion

    I don't think anyone really cares about the rankings one way or another. Like RC said, they are meaningless BUT I think they should stay in place provided they are not listed on the main forum page. And it's not like the site is ran like an extension of social media with the fanboy cool kids and SJWs stroking their egos. IF that ever becomes a problem I'm sure DoubleZero will address it IF it happens.
  5. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    Being how I am (a dick) I decided to do some real time number crunching and analytics on Bethesda's performance. The litmus test I chose was STEAM since that's where the majority of people get Bethesda games and STEAM/Valves tracks users. Aaand here we go... Over the last 30 days: FO4 down -0.46% Skyrim down -7.57% New Vegas up +9.68% FO3 up +3.11% So, according to THE MARKET (not my spin on things, critical thinker 'hate', or any other excuse the fanboys at Nexus and LL want to pull out of their asses) FO4 is a SHIT GAME and has been tanking for over a year. And that was BEFORE the Creation Club, which was intended to give the game a longer life span...and make money with microtransactions in the process. The numbers for Skyrim aren't much better BUT that player base is holding somewhat steady at around 27,500 active players each month (over the last 6 months). What I find interesting is the renewed player base for New Vegas. Looking at the percentages, people have already turned their backs on FO4 and are returning to New Vegas (a game that's 7 yrs old and running on a dinosaur engine). That IS my spin on things since I'm not omniscient. My point is Bethesda is worrying about the wrong thing. The are trying to make money off of microtransactions for a game people aren't playing. And it won't be any different when they roll out the Creation Club for Skyrim64bit. No one's fucking playing it and that means modders aren't making content for it like they are for the 32bit version. I guess I need to dust off my unreleased NV/FO3 stuff and submit it....NAH. Fuck Bethesda.

    The left eats its own. Straight black men are the new 'white people' in the Oppression Olympics. Seems they have more 'privilege' than other blacks.
  7. This thread is catch-all for the lulz. Post the shit that you find outrageously funny, cringe-worthy, WTF, etc. Specifically it needs to be funny. NSFWmods.com is NOT the place to bash religion or politics...unless it's in this thread and just too funny to pass up. The rules still apply so posts debating useless points (politics and religion) will be deleted without fanfare. Links to articles, images, memes and videos are all fair game. If you're linking an article be sure to point out where the cringe event occurs. If it's a video mention where the hilarity ensues. Just have fun with it and this thread is NOT to be taken seriously. The easily offended need not post unless you're ready to be OFFENDED.
  8. Mathematics problems in Download section

    It must be Common Core Math.
  9. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    Yeah, that would have been the kind of good PR you can't buy and it would have probably salvaged their reputation. I'm glad they didn't think of it. And it would have also been a great marketing ploy for their next game and season passes; people would have bought them assuming they would get free Creation Club content.
  10. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    This is GRAND!!! Whadda hoot! FINALLY someone is saying 'Hey, your license says this but you're saying something else. This shit is not what I agreed to.'
  11. Well that didn't go as expected...

    If you're talking about the weapon alignment you're going to have to use nifskope to adjust the XYZ axis and rotations. Skyrim is just like that.
  12. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    If you posted anything at LL about mod theft or them using assets without permission the staff there won't do anything about it; especially if it is a CBBE mod. They have entire threads devoted to 'look what I stole from this Asian website and converted with OutfitStudio'. The staff knows, Ashal knows...and they don't fucking care. And if CPU sees your post he'll delete it. He's cool like that.
  13. Movie Lovers Thread

    Tombstone Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Slap Shot (1977) Dr. Strangelove The Big Sleep (1946) Full Metal Jacket Zardoz Quintet Yojimbo The means highly suggested.
  14. The official NSFW Babe Thread

    Jannet Vinogradova. She's a cosplayer and a phenomenal one. She's also gorgeous.
  15. The recent scuttlebutt and rumors are that the retailer chain Target leaked some documentation regarding a 'Bethesda: Game of Thrones' release. I'm not posting any links since everything at this point is rumors and if nothing solid comes out soon I'll be moving this thread to an Off-Topic area. Feel free to discuss.
  16. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    That swf file is proprietary to the game. The FO4 EULA Read the LICENSE CONDITIONS (g) Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise modify the Software, in whole or in part; (h) Remove or modify any proprietary notices or labels contained on or within the Software; and/or If you use a flash decomplier to access locked assets of the game (like proprietary notices) them you've just violated the limited software license. Not that I really care since ALL of this involves a website owned by a cunt, a greedy company that makes shit games, and a game I hate. They all need to keep churning and burning. *takes selfie with the carnage in the background*
  17. The only instance I've ever seen of that in a Bethesda game is when using furniture. Characters will pass through one another while entering/exiting furniture classified as beds or chairs. Special furniture (forges, tanning racks, etc.) will leave the collision on. Sitting/sleeping also affects the hit boxes, but special furniture doesn't. Skyrim is fucked anyway since a chicken can push the player out of the way.

    Boston Antifa....XD
  19. Cyberpunk 2077 Discussion, News etc.

    With the current gaming climate being what it is I won't be buying anything until it's been out for a while. Fear of missing out longer affects me. Trust no one.
  20. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    Back in 2011 I bought Skyrim and did maybe two playthroughs without mods and focused on the main quest. Then I uninstalled it. About a year later (when Bethesda was done patching and fucking things up) I reinstalled the game and played with mods and all of the dlcs. That was when I started exploring the world with different character builds. That was also when I started modding it. The game was fun for a while. I had intended to do the same thing with FO4, that is until I played it. The same stale Bethesda formulas didn't impress me and the story was a joke. That along with all of the bugs was too much to overlook. I was going to switch over to Skyrim64bit eventually; the operative word being was, as in past tense, as in not gonna happen now. With the Creation Club being what it is and what Bethesda/Zenimax is doing to the games people already have installed, I won't be switching to the 64bit version. I have no faith and ZERO trust in Bethesda now. They did that themselves. But now I look at all games with caution, no matter who the creator and publishers are. If I can't see actual game play footage and get unbiased opinions then I'm not spending my money. And season passes and pre-order are out of the fucking question.
  21. Bethesda announces "Creation Club" (Paid Mods)

    Bethesda broke the needle on my bullshit meter with FO4. Nothing will surprise me now, aside from them making something with awesome game play and a good story.