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  1. The perfect NPC for this would be Erikur's sister Gisli. She's not tied to any game-changing quests, factions, etc. She already has a shit attitude and her voice type is used in follower dialogue.
  2. My messenger was full. Sorry 'bout that. Try now.
  3. My bad. Even with the wrong member count, only banning THREE and deleting five posts is a stellar ratio when compared to LL or Nexus. If we had 200 members and banned 3 and deleted 5 posts that'd be more in line with LL/Nexus numbers...and I'm being kind.
  4. Did the site get a huge bump in members recently?
  5. We're gonna find out because I quoted him in a PM to Ashal. It might not make a difference but they're not gonna publicly call me on rule they just pulled out of their authoritarian asses. If I was Ashal I would have fired DocSax and CPU a year ago. They don't have what it takes to be moderators.
  6. OH! Sign me the fuck up right now! https://www.nexusmods.com/news/14543
  7. REALLY? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/171653-what-is-this-new-rank-thing/?do=findComment&comment=3443150
  8. The government TELLING I must have an opinion THEY LIKE sounds a lot like Communism...or the moderators over at LL.
  9. I opened the esp in the CK just for kicks. YEAH, not updating it. It would be easier to just start over, and that's not happening either. Aside from using Skyrim as a porn simulator I'm done with it. No way I can take the game seriously.
  10. Ashal isn't in control of his own site. THE MISTAKE was allowing the Nexus members to bring their intolerant Leftist bullshit with them when they migrated in 2015. DorkSax and CPfuckingU have only made things worse since then.
  11. I got a response...not really.
  12. @ritualclarity In case they don't get it, I posted this in their 'What music do you listen to?' FIST FUUUUCK! Woohoo!
  13. It is my civic duty to address effete histrionic women.
  14. Dark0ne must be protected. This isn't the first, second or third time they've locked a thread where Nexus cunts were being exposed for what they are. I dumped a bucket of ice water on their moderator game of naked Twister in another thread. It was a waste of 20 seconds of typing but at least they know that I KNOW they're full of shit.
  15. This is why LL is a joke. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/171138-for-the-five-users-that-still-think-the-nexus-is-your-buddy/?do=findComment&comment=3439061 What difference does it make if a trash topic gets derailed? 'I am in control!' is all that says. If you have to prove you're running the show then you never were in the first place. EDIT: dropped a little truth on them
  16. All the framework mods I used have been updated. That means WORK for me. And I deleted the WIP thread this DD thing over at LL. Not wasting my time.
  17. Now if I were the typical LL modder I'd be soliciting donations and promising the moon...and delivering minimal effort. Hair meshes and textures I didn't make. Outfit meshes and textures I didn't make (only reworked). Faces I already had generated. Maybe two hours worth of work in the CK. The thing, is I make shit like this for my games all the time and my folders are full of them. By own standards this isn't worth uploading because it NOT a big deal. After reading your post and thinking about this, it's really not worth the effort or LL downloader bullshit I'll have to endure.
  18. I agree the implementation of a Dom follower is sorely lacking. It'd be nice to have a mod where a companion does their own thing and you're just along for the ride. They would choose dungeons, towns to visit and conduct their own business. Bethesda's engine would ne hard-pressed to handle it and it's WAY beyond the scope of modders and devs. An escort AI package and a virtual leash can only go so far.
  19. Ashal looked at my profile page last night. I haven't done anything...recently.
  20. I reluctantly started a discussion on LL about this
  21. Thinking back I had a similar issue with NiOverRide and high heels; equip/uneqip them in 3rd person and my toon would stop using face animations, even the vanilla combat ones. Staying in first person sorta 'fixed' it I guess but I play in 3rd person 99% of the time.
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