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  1. endgameaddiction

    Vault Bimbos in Peril!

    No harm, no foul in chasing the ladies. It's what men erm...Deathclaws do.
  2. endgameaddiction

    Music Lovers Thread

    Had to include this piano cover. I think she did an awesome job. Lyrics
  3. endgameaddiction


  4. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    Yet it's funny how civil dumbasses on LL want to be towards Bethesda. 'I don't understand why the hate towards the devs'. They are all trash from the pubs to devs. Anyone who hasn't up and left the company like writers who leave a trash company to find another studio. Anyone who develops Beth games is part of the problem. They don't care about the quality, they are there for the paycheck. They aren't there for the passion. You want to be passionate about game developing, you avoid Bethesda for sure.
  5. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    Fanboys, keep holding your breath thinking Bethesda is going to change.
  6. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    That jacket is effin' ugly.
  7. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    "Fallout 76 is a failure and everyone knows it, so what is there left to discuss?" What was that gragathit, I didn't quite hear you? Oh he must've meant another game, not FO76. You locked the wrong thread, dude.
  8. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    You'd think they would of been smart to just buy off Obsidian. Such a mist opportunity. They could of been the studio to focus on Fallout and leave Starfield and TES to BGS. I have a feeling they are beating themselves in the head about not buying that studio. Because now you have a rival to Fallout with Outer Worlds and you have a broken Fallout franchise. Oh well, serves them right for doing Obsidian dirty with FNV.
  9. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    They were never ready to make an online game. Their lack of competence to make single player games proves it. 76 is the result of their ineptitude, laziness and hungry for money from the suits. BSW should of just had Zenimax make 76. Now that I think about it, if BGS had the chance to make a TES online game, it would be a rehash of Skyrim assets with the exact same bugs + new bugs. It's best if BGS makes SPGs and leave the online games to either Zenimax, or temporarily hire some other studio (cough-Obsidian-cough oh, wait...) to do it.
  10. endgameaddiction


    I'm not surprised if he was the only one who even knew of that exploit.
  11. endgameaddiction


    They first happen on accident and become investigated and then become exploits. Though, I have to say the one from Oblivion, that's just a bit too much of digging.
  12. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

  13. endgameaddiction


  14. endgameaddiction

    enb 2019_01_04 19_46_28_95.jpg

    Thanks K2. I couldn't disagree more, but thanks.