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  1. @ritualclarity Yeah, they'll lose too many patrons they'll have to shut down. But it's not impossible to think it will happen. Just look at gaming and how SJWs have intervened into the culture. Same with the film industry. Sure, there will be plenty of clubs that will not pander to these snowflakes, but all it takes is hiring the wrong person and destroying it.
  2. I already see it coming. Trans are ruining women sports and soon enough they are going to ruin strip clubs trying to force heterosexual men to look at floppy disks dicks. All about that tolerance and acceptance. yay!!!
  3. That would totally go against the tree humpers and their love for the eco-system. I'd like to have NC-17 rated games. Meaning I want games specifically designed for adults only. Tired of these companies wanting to accommodate their games to the vast majority possible. Would of been interesting if Forsworn/Reachmen would have interbred with Daedra like in the lore. Nah, Bethesda can't have none of that. They gotta tiptoe over the franchise and make sure nothing hardcore is implemented because family friendly content is a priority if we want the largest audience possible.
  4. Todd's going to show him the ropes on how to make broken electric cars. Or Tesla is going to be implemented in Fallout lore somehow because 'that's just cool bruh'.
  5. A gay friend of mine wasn't wrong 10+ years back when he told me gay pride parades and protests do nothing but harm to people like him. Only in lala liberal land do people have to use their sexuality to represent who they are as a person. And force their sexuality down onto their kids. It's just disgusting.
  6. In a video game it's possible to add more genders. In a video game. But their video game is not the real world. And they wouldn't know how to construct it around the game to make sense let alone be entertaining to play.
  7. I hate mobile games and I'm currently playing one that is treated like a gambling machine. You can play for free, yes. But choosing that route doesn't make the game challenging, no. It's designed to get you frustrated and mad to give in to buy your way to victory instead. The only support they get from me is through ad revenue when I want to double the gold i earned at the end of a level by watching an ad. And even then, if I'm lucky the ad will work and not crash and I got nothing out of it. Because it technically F2P I'll support them here and there with ad revenue, but I'll never purchase any pay to win stuff. I'm afraid to say that I don't believe the industry is going to crash. PC gaming and console gaming are going to eventually fully adapt to the model of mobile gaming. And if those dumb fucks who are ignoring all the signs, or simply not caring, have never played a mobile game like I mentioned, they are going to one day regret when it's injected into PC and console games for good. I've reached a point where I don't even care anymore. As cruel as this may sound, I hope it happens because they deserve nothing more than to be treated like second class consumers. They've already screwed my hobby up and frankly I'm tired of voicing my concerns. It makes me mad that I cannot do anything about it and just watch my hobby plummet because the generation we live in, people have submitted to these companies, or they never had a backbone to begin with. They allowed these greedy corporations to win so I'm done. Bethesda fanboys/supporters are only a portion of that problem. Completely off topic to this thread, but meh... I've nothing to care about this game. If it's good, good for those who want to enjoy it.
  8. But but game suuuu guuud i bez like eatz is up mmmmmm guuud game.
  9. Nostalgia kicks in here for me since it was the mid 90s when I first had the internet. It was also the time when people had a backbone and didn't get butthurt over internet words so easily.
  10. That's interesting. If no creation kit for the public is available, then that means mod users have no choice but to rely on the Creation Club for the actual mods that are not cosmetic based like mesh and texture swapping. Would also mean bye-bye to sex mods.
  11. So he's admitting if it wasn't for mods, their games would have been in the trash bin long ago. So it sounds to me like TES6 will be another mediocre game and have lots of CC mods to keep people entertained for the next decade once it's released. Sounds like a Bethesda game. Shit development, longevity because of unofficial patches and content that should have been added from the start of the game but created by a modder instead. Well, lets not kid ourselves. Content that should have been in the base game will be created behind CC as a DLC. It wouldn't surprise me if TES6 didn't have any official DLCs like in the past and all of it was through Creation Club instead. Think about it, they won't have to bother hiring professional voice actors, your actual dev team won't have to be paid to work on an official DLC. Leave it up to the dummies we hired for CC. Boy, if this were the case, talk about taking it to the next level of low quality.
  12. Master Math Magicians at it.
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