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  1. endgameaddiction

    The Electronic Arts thread

    In a capitol market sure. But the issue is that EA's loot boxes was created in a form of gambling and underage had access to participate in that gambling. There have been far too many cases of adult's lives being ruined through the addiction of gambling. This will have a more impact on the underage. They aren't capable of making responsible decisions with money and they are much more vulnerable to becoming addicted. That's why we are very strict with gambling and where I live you are required to be the age of 21+ to gamble. I believe like with loot boxes the same with paid mods, eventually development will slow down a lot, allowing these companies to continue to milk and milk consumers and released half arsed DLCs or expansions to keep beating on the dead horse. And the next thing you know, a huge open world game developed in 7 years will now take 10+ because as long as people keep playing and buying they barely have to lift a finger only releasing even more mediocre content. If this was contained within a few developers and not cause other developers to want in on some of that action, I wouldn't care. I hated DRM. Still do. I had to narrow down games I liked because of it. I'll have to do the same with loot boxes and eventually paid mods as it will become a standard eventually.
  2. endgameaddiction

    The Electronic Arts thread

    EA doesn't deserve no sympathy. I hope that they continue to deteriorate into nothing and serves as a valuable lesson to greedy companies out there. Somehow fanboys will spin this and pin it on those who were against loot boxes.
  3. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    Bet he's trying to get in good with Bethesda for a job.
  4. endgameaddiction


    You know it's doomsday when you have to whip out those DVDs.
  5. endgameaddiction


    I guess the pouting cry baby removed his sticky once he got his way. I can just picture the patreon modders doing the same. 'Since, I haven't gotten more donations, I'm not going to release any future work. If you don't support me, then I'm done.' It's bound to happen when either their donations get cut off, or significantly drop. Their so used to depending on other people's approvals and finances they shudder at the thought of losing it.
  6. endgameaddiction


  7. endgameaddiction


    I just noticed this... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/94067?tab=posts Cry me a fucking river, dude. And the fact that he has a patreon account for support, he's not doing himself any good with that attitude if wants ongoing, or more support.
  8. endgameaddiction

    Intellectual Corner

    I like the guy's attitude in the second video. Very optimistic about life and has no proiblem cracking jokes about his disability. SJWs more than likely gave this a thumbs down.
  9. endgameaddiction

    Music Lovers Thread

  10. endgameaddiction


    People who fake their deaths, illnesses for attention...
  11. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    FFXI Online was the only MMO I got into. If these sissy "gamers" ever got into that game back in the days during it's prime time, they would of quit and started crying long ago. The MMO was not for everyone and progressing took days, weeks or months, depending how dedicated you were and the time you had. It was so satisfying once you've made it to the top among other players and started doing endgame events where only the top of the top skilled players were able to participate. I did that for many years and ran my own guild for a long time. I truly miss those days. Had so much fun and many friends on my server. I wanted to return but Square Enix destroyed that MMO when they catered to the low level cry babies who eventually cheated their way to max level and started to attend endgame events with zero skills in their class because they never put the effort to learn how to play it through progression and it became a slap in the face to many veterans like myself. It was stupid to cater to a minority and dick over your real loyal players who put the time and effort into the game.
  12. endgameaddiction

    Silas Caine- Justice is Coming

  13. endgameaddiction

    Fallout 76

    I can't help but think a bunch of hipster geeks developed Fallout 76. It's very corny.
  14. endgameaddiction

    Share a Character Build for Skyrim

    @ritualclarity I know they won't do it. That much is obvious. The possibilities are right there, but whether it's a risk they don't want to take. or because they just don't have the talent, their games have been spiraling downward for a long time because it's the same repetitive way of developing their games. Some formulas work and others don't. This isn't a case of "if it's not broken don't fix it". It's entirely the opposite for that matter. I doubt they are going to switch up their formula. As long as they can get away with it and their core fans will constantly eat it up like they always do, they'll continue to use that same formula that works for them. Even if it's outdated, broken and sloppy. For a long time the community has depend upon modders to polish Bethesda games and so long as the mod community of loyalties are there, it gives the community an excuse to buy these outdated development style games, and it gives Bethesda the excuse to slack off and continue to do what they do that lets them get away with it.
  15. endgameaddiction

    Share a Character Build for Skyrim

    The only good thing about Bethesda games is the fact that you can mod it. One of the greatest aspects of being able to mod their games is to be able to create scenes and define a story through screenshots and your own written stories, which allows you to roleplay by the characters you create. Which is something you, Vancleef and others do around other sites. But when it comes to the game itself, it's very difficult for me because no matter how much I try to use my imagination, my demon girls will always be the dragonborn and perhaps side with the stormcloaks or imperials if I give a damn. To me, the solution for this is to ditch the whole fixed protagonist and give us the option to start the game through various different factions or non faction choices such as a farmer who was harvesting his wheat and a dragon decided it would be funny to fire breathe it all to ashes and you decide to go on a vendetta because now you can't make bread. XD