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  1. Current leftist outrage over a year old meme. One more for the fun
  2. And more lefty dancing on the streets like the previous video. the message they are trying to convey, I have no fucking clue other than look how bad I dance... BTW, Magog is awesome.
  3. The left had no problem with this kind of talk back then, orange man runs and spews the same thing and all of a sudden it's the end of the world and this orange man has to be stopped. He's wacist! waaaaaaaaaaah! He's Hitler! waaaaaaaaaaah! He's...he's...you get the picture.
  4. LOL The Hypocrisy from these snowflakes are just too funny.
  5. Either this girl is trolling, or she's really fucking crazy. Even AOC had a moment of WTF.
  6. Here's the report on that. Can't wait for the day when ANTIFA start to get treated like they should be and get their ass beaten.
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