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  1. endgameaddiction


    Logged on Skyrim out of boredom. Still have FO3 installed but I gave up on the game. Too much instability to bother trying to work out the problems. One reason why I will never uninstall Skyrim.
  2. Been watching this man's videos for about a week now. Excellent craftsman. But this was too funny not to post.
  3. Dropped Pinterest after having an account with them for 4 years. They have always been a lefty site, but after logging in and telling me to go and select a pronoun, that was the final straw. Not going to support SJW bs.
  4. It does look like it. A lot of Sims players for sure.
  5. lol So using profanity is against LL rules. Yeah, I saw your comment over there. I swear LL is turning into twitter. Maybe his best buddies are Nexus moderators. Or maybe those rules only apply to the people they don't like.
  6. Nothing could ever go wrong with a scissor jack, let alone made of plastic...
  7. Bethesda delivers poorly in the introduction of the Companions when you get close to Whiterun. You get talked down to by Aela because you didn't help. They are the Companions, why would they need help from an outsider? All it does is make them look weak if I intervene.
  8. I love when the left keep eating themselves. Pissed off Hispanics to now pissing off their communism lovin' base. I love how Psucky also says how the journey is dangerous by boat. Cubans have come to the Southern border and have been extorted and kidnapped. Cuban women have been kidnapped and raped by cartels. I would rather take my chances on a boat than through Central America. It's also funny how they are not welcomed but those that come from the southern border are. Yeah, because Cubans will more likely vote red than blue given the Democrats are all for socialism/communism. They don't want them potential red votes. And they make communism look bad so we can't have that.
  9. The left will blame the Greeks and say it was Zeus. Or Trump. He always gets blamed for everything. lol
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