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  1. Need a little more convincing? No? How about now?
  2. Even Timmy the Teddy likes his vaccines. You will too! Don't be scared. it's for your own safety.
  3. AP is the dumbest fucking mod I've ever used. I never realized how stupid and bugged it was. My female character asks to be fucked a certain position and instead I'm fucking the male... It worked fine for a minute but now every time I'm screwing the guy. Some positions the guy will screw my character. I guess I'll have to rename the .kf files to get it to temporarly work properly
  4. Cool. Thanks. I'll check those out. Here's what I did for Timmy the bear for the infirmary. XD
  5. Some other clutter mashups....
  6. I'm combining clutters and going to add them as static objects in GECK for a player home I'm remodeling. This is just one out of who knows how many I'm doing. But I wanted to do it this way to clutter up my player home without things flying everywhere because of the physics. Sure, it's nothing sexy. Unless you can dig the curves of the Nuka Cola bottle. lol
  7. If you don't want to be spoiled by the Quo Vagis quest, might want to avoid this one. But there is a particular funny moment starting at 6:26.
  8. I've been using FF Portable for some time and it's giving me problems for days. Ever sine it needed to update. I just updated and the problems persist. It's acting the same way as regular FF. Adddons are no longer working. Features are missing... At this point, I'm completely just done with everything to do with FireFox. I don't like Brave either. Never was a fan of Chrome. I'm at a point I don't want to use any browsers, but can't get anywhere without using one. They all just seem useless.
  9. I have a fose only mod that refuses to work. The mod in question is Fallout 76 Encumberance. The last few installments it worked fine, but for some reason this new installment, this is the only FOSE mod that will not work. The ideal of this mod is that even if you are encumbered you can still run and jump, but it will drain your AP. Once your AP is zero, you are forced to walk until your AP is recovered around 25%. To fully recover AP, you have to press the CAPs key to put yourself in walk mode and walk or stand still. However, upon being encumbered, I'm stuck with the vanilla encumbered where
  10. Twisted fucking bitch Hilary is. She's brazen because she knows she's untouchable. I wish our founding fathers were here. She would've been incinerated long ago along with her corrupt colleagues.
  11. Did you ever do any female body textures for the infected slaves in The Pitt and the tribal females in Point Lookout in the past? Need to find myself some good textures for those that support Type 3.
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