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  1. I'll just throw this in here since it talks about the races.
  2. LOL And I thought Maduro said some of the most dumbest things ever.
  3. Except for @ritualclarity. But I think his exposure with humans for so long has made him one of us now.
  4. Or if they hadn't given up their firearms.
  5. He was wrong then as he is now. Go figure...
  6. Bet if the game was $5.99 it would be a different story.
  7. Jumped on Skyrim. Here I am on my necromancer Dunmer with my thrall collecting alchemy ingredients and I saw three Thalmor and a Nord prisoner walking towards Helgen. I remembered there is a Stormcloak camp right up ahead so I decided to park near some Stormcloaks that patrol near the road. I was looking forward to seeing the Thalmor and Stormcloaks clash. Bethesda: Why would we do that? That's boring. No. Let them be friendly to one another instead. Because that's more immersive. It completely makes sense. Me: SMFH
  8. And here is Valve ignoring fans once again. How long has it been they been wanting the next iteration of HalfLife? Nah, lets make a remaster of HL2 for a quick buck instead.
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