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  1. Wrong thread bud. But Ronnie everyday, Worry not, someone has the power to shift the Silver Moutain to the proper location.
  2. I'll continue to use Win7 until it is obsolete. Then Find some other OS.
  3. Not dissing on it, but this reminds me what a computer mouse wheel looks like when you take apart a mouse. lol Or one of those things you spin on a table with your fingers. Forget what they're called. XD
  4. This is why I strongly believe the industry will never have another crash. There's already too much money involved in it and we're facing with a different mindset of people now vs. back then. Boycotting like standing up for the truth when it comes to politics is so controversial. OMG *rolls eyes* Like stop being so bitter and just accept things the way they are. Times have changed. You're missing out on good games.
  5. @bjornk Yeah the "Xbox Exclusive" is what threw me off. I'm just going by what the presentation is showing. I took a screenshot of it from the video I posted earlier, but not going to waste my time. I posted a sarcastic reply instead.
  6. So you guys and gals remember that angry Karen video? I found the enhanced/director's cut edition.
  7. I didn't see the Xbox exclusive. Bet that wasn't their intentions until *ahem* someone bought them. I guess that sucks for all their PC fans who wanted to mod this. Maybe the next Fallout and TES will follow suit. I saw another video stating it was xbox exclusive. Is this for PC as well? 5:06;37 shows that this is an Xbox exclusive.
  8. Yeah! Yeah! Cool! I haven't seen this is so long.
  9. Speaking of TMNT. Splinter is very real.
  10. I swear I could upload 100 videos daily with the amount of content out there. lol
  11. lol Fuck I'm so stupid. I forgot to check up there. I was busy looking in the Object Window with no luck. I got so used to CK I thought it was in the Object Window....
  12. Basically I'm trying to give a follower mod by someone else a unique race so they have their own assets. For some apparent reason when I am in GECK I cannot find where the list of hairs are so that I can drag the hair I want to it so that I can assign it to the NPC. I was under the impression that it would be listed under Actor Data in GECK. And when I check my old custom race in FO3Edit it lists hairs in it's own branch like eyes. In GECK it also doesn't show hairs. This is driving me nuts because custom race tutorials don't show you exactly where it is. One tutorial just says go to character
  13. Really dig the warm lighting. And the models and model of course.
  14. @vancleef I saw this last night while looking for some extra vending machine models
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