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  1. There's a lot of mods for Skyrim. I can tell you that you won't be displeased with all the mods out there.
  2. Settling for less is the outcome of bad products. Well, one of them. Gaming is like a drug addiction. I even mean that for me. I don't neglect that there are times I want to give in and do the same as these dumb consumers. It's very easy to say screw it and put your own interest over everyone else's. These stupid consumers eventually give in, even if the product is mediocre at best. And maybe even if a game is mediocre at best, if their intentions were true but came up short, maybe you can give them a pass. So long as they learn from their mistakes. I Tried for too long to show the signs what Bethesda was becoming. It's clear as the sky. Once you give them an inch they'll take it and push for another inch. And another. And I noticed that Bethesda was testing their consumers with the paid mod shennanigans in 2015. They made the mistake the first time, but they sure learned from it since. And all these talented modders on FO4 and Skyrim SE can rub their behinds with Bethesda to get some of that Creation Club crash, but in reality they are part of the problem and the Nexus shills are giving all their love and support not knowing/caring that they are setting themselves up to get a really long one from behind. Since then just don't care. Hater or not, my motives and passion were to wake people up because we are all in this together. What they do and what happens affects all of us. It's much easier for them to just give in and buy the bad quality game just to get their next fix than fight that fix. Companies feet should always be held over the fire when their motives are deliberately to give us the short end of the stick. And we should praise them when they put us first and treat us the way we should because at the end of the day, fans are what makes them money and you don't want to mistreat loyal fans. All these woke companies are a testament to losing millions for shitting on their consumers. But since they want to maintain loyalty and call anyone who disagrees or trashes the company for their real intent. Meh.... they deserve every bit of being screwed over.
  3. Well, this was definitely before my time, but I totally agree with you. There are cover songs that you wish never existed. And even songs during it's time like the era of screamo in the early up to mid (or late) 2000s. To think I was in a screamo/post-hardcore band back in the mid 2000s. I admit that playing gigs locally and out of state like in Utah and California was pretty fun, but the music was not my taste. The things one will do when your best friend suddenly likes this crap and he needs a lead guitarist. That was the time when MySpace was booming. And when I stopped liking social media because I had all these people befriending me I didn't know and never talked to.
  4. I actually like disco. My roommate is in his early 60s but he was a disco nutcase in his early adulthood. He's also a hardcore Barry White fan. He likes to bump it every now and then in his room.
  5. Well, need not to worry anymore because this mod: Disable Follower Collision allows you to do what I was specifically looking for. It works if you have a follower following or waiting. Doesn't work when they are dismissed. And the beauty is that it's an SKSE file that can be toggled on and off like a light bulb via console command.
  6. Seeing that it's been well over a year seems not likely. I thought I already had an account there. But doesn't matter. I got the mod I wanted to try out.
  7. Easy Pete, you dirty 'ol dog you.
  8. When you try and register to a site because there's a mod you want to download and you get this instead... I was trying to download this: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1581-duke-patricks-follow-that-actor/ but nooooooooo...... Also, this site doesn't use https:// for the login. I tried putting the https:// for the login but no go. Left of the web address I noticed this site isn't secure so I thought perhaps it was that. So did a bit of research and found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/8e4q8o/having_problems_signing_up_for_tes_alliance/ These morons don't even have a Contact Us link on their site.
  9. Bernie, I'd like my wallet back, please.
  10. I don't particularly find this cringe-worthy, though some might. I think this build is pretty funny and even more funny how tall the driver is compared to this micro-machine.
  11. HAHA! Cuomo just set himself up to be trolled for life. I mean Fredo.
  12. endgameaddiction


    The upside is you'll make your own when doing comics and can't find a proper pose for the scene you are trying to create.
  13. From the tumbnail I thought you uploaded an image with inverted colors.
  14. People's fixation exceeds far greater than standing up for the right cause. That's why I walked away from this war that we'll never win. They can have their unfinished games. They can have their games filled with cosmetic and pay to win microtransactions. I don't care anymore. Because I don't believe the industry will ever crash again. Corporations have plagued the industry. There's too much power and money involved in it and too many weak minds who will forgive and forget.
  15. Nothing like having a couple of mules for hoarding junk. Rachel (redhead) did break her animations and started attacking an enemy I was fighting when they are specifically told not to do a damn thing but stand back. She's getting a spanking tonight for insubordination.
  16. Thanks. Schecter loves to put some pretty insane inlays on their guitar. Though the 7 string is a signature so that one had to have been been from Jeff Loomis's request. The one I have is the 1st gen. Later ones had a much lighter/less yellow bridge. Speaking of Jeff Loomis...
  17. Wouldn't be surprised. Last winter we has snow like never before.
  18. Bob: Not much, just taking my family on a Vegas vacation. Want to come? Bill: Busy. Reeeeally busy right now. Maybe some other time. In all seriousness...we are having a grasshopper plague. It's pretty hilarious.
  19. Here's my two I currently have. I'm strictly a Schecter guy. And for some reason I only like my guitars either in red or black.
  20. She sorta reminds me of the witch from OZ. She just needs the crooked nose
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