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  1. Jumped on Skyrim. Here I am on my necromancer Dunmer with my thrall collecting alchemy ingredients and I saw three Thalmor and a Nord prisoner walking towards Helgen. I remembered there is a Stormcloak camp right up ahead so I decided to park near some Stormcloaks that patrol near the road. I was looking forward to seeing the Thalmor and Stormcloaks clash. Bethesda: Why would we do that? That's boring. No. Let them be friendly to one another instead. Because that's more immersive. It completely makes sense. Me: SMFH
  2. And here is Valve ignoring fans once again. How long has it been they been wanting the next iteration of HalfLife? Nah, lets make a remaster of HL2 for a quick buck instead.
  3. After a long time playing Skyrim and being a lore freak of TES, I have chosen Dunmer because I really like their culture and how Morrowind looks. I think the Dunmer are profoundly skilled in magic just as much as combat. Especially, being assassins. I am heavily attracted to their culture being influenced to Hindu. And overall I genuinely like their choice of attire. I'm sure there are more reasons, but that is what I can currently think of. And I do like the fact that they choose to worship Daedric Princes over Aedra. I'm mostly a fan of Hermaeus Mora, But I also do like Azura and Mephala.
  4. A discussion about The Elder's Scroll Races and which is your favorite. I only added playable races and added Snow Elves because they would be a playable race if it wasn't for the only two known to exist from Dawnguard DLC. I didn't think it was necessary to include every single race like goblins, giants nymphs, etc. because the list would just be too long. However, with that said, if there is a race that isn't listed, it would be interesting to still know what draws you to that race. Which race is your favorite and what is it about that race that makes it your favorite?
  5. I'm still scratching my head at this. And someone else made a comment on YT about it. at 0;18 a semi truck impacts a red SUV that made an illegal right turn. Then all of a sudden a red pickup truck is impacted by the semi and starting rolling. But where the hell did it come from? Some claim it was on the left side of the semi, but that makes no sense because if that were the case, it would've impacted the red SUV that ends up to the left of the semi. Tell me I'm not going crazy here?
  6. Youtube is nearly as bad. I believe the only reason why they don't ban users for "wrong think" is because of the ad revenue it pulls in.
  7. G.I.HAD Joe or Talibiden (both sound right to me) couldn't be any less fake than a woman with botox injection, inflated boxer's lips and a bubble butt of silicone.
  8. But I thought Joe TaliBiden said that those that wanted to leave were flown out, no? Is Biden lying to me? Love how CNN and the rest of the shill media has no other choice but to cover this. They must be grinding their teeth behind the curtains.
  9. Sometimes I wonder how driving it still a right and not a privilege.
  10. Another franchise down the toilet. "Everything woke turns to shit" -DT
  11. It's been a long time since I seen TWD. Last I remember was Rick Grimes not dying and taken in a helocopter and Jesus dying from some new enemies at a graveyard. I personally don't have a problem if they shove some prograssive crap in there as long as it's not the main focus, or somehow this makes Rick Grimes a coward and bend to the woke left agenda in the show.
  12. But lamestream media says he's the most popular president and had 80 million votes. The most a president has ever had.
  13. But you know, mean tweets were too much. So it was better to put in another career politician who lies, hardly fulfills their promises and sinks our country to the ground. Because that is always better than a master troll and his mean tweets. The left who think they are a resistance against corruption remind me of the Karens and Kens who are all for liberation, going around with their tits out and acting scandalous all of a sudden are all about morale because Trump said "grab them by the pussy" because when you are rich and famous, there are literally women who will throw themselves at successful men like that and the bible thumpers were defending the locker room talk Trump had. These people are backwards. lol
  14. "I think the President of America is actually a retard" Yep. Most of us already knew this.
  15. Sometimes I feel like I was born on the wrong planet.
  16. Sadly, if this keeps up and most pc gamers are not willing to cough up the demanding inflated price, which isn't worth it, I can see game devs putting their entire focus on console systems and saying bye-bye to PC. The only alternative is buying a used older gen card. I hang on to my GPUs I no longer use. Hell, they might as well be a gold ingot a piece. Glad I'm not into gaming as I used to be. Are those NewEgg prices?
  17. The fact that they can't be bothered to even address the issues since the original Skyrim, purely laziness and incompetence. I'm glad they aren't trying to remake Oblivion and Morrowind. Even if they did, I wouldn't bother. The level of dedication of the Sky team far surpasses any competence in BGS. But hey, here's another gimmick version of Skyrim to keep you modding it for the next decade or so. because Skyrim. Skyrim Privilege Edition. Only for the most fanboys of fanboys.
  18. I saw it yesterday. This and SkyWind is the only thing that has my attention. And Isle of Adalar. But they haven't posted any dev logs in a while. They seem to be doing it more on discord, which I never use. I wonder if they're changing plans to upload it on Nexus after... their introduction to collections and no longer allowing people to remove their own assets.
  19. None other than Portland's finest... And... The crap police officers have to deal with...
  20. @vancleef I thought about doing it as a side gig, but here in Vegas, there are plenty of these entitled drunk chicks here. Well, not so many now with COVID, but before and perhaps after. If this plandemic ever gets over. I have the feeling democrats will be using epidemics/pandemics as a political stunt to get their way and try to hold power.
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