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    I'm also one who doesn't like Delphine like K2 and many others. After seeing his screenshot on LL I decided to go and punch her for fun and then run like hell!
  2. Millennials: We eat Tide Pods. Gen Z: We use Gorilla Glue for gel.
  3. Anyone know the name of the armor mod? I forgot. It's been so long. This SS was way back in 2012. Edit: Nvm found it. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44342
  4. Combat lingerie. Now I have to wear my mine again in FO3.
  5. You're probably right @ritualclarity The lack of armor that I can immerse myself with in a wasteland is really pushing me away. Don't get me wrong, I like skimpy non-lore friendly armor and outfits, but a lot of the stuff feels out of place for me. Edit: Going to be doing some mix matching while working on my own body.
  6. Well, there goes my plans to be a pirate.
  7. It's zzjay's mannequin race for FNV. Someone made a plugin (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/23284) for Fallout 3. All that is required is copying over the meshes and textures and also a hair mod's assets.
  8. Few dev logs I missed a few days ago. Their crime system is already much much better than Skyrim.
  9. They must be lovin' to be on the receiving end of lawsuits as they were once known to have their mob of lawyers to go after anyone. MS will save their asses if anything.
  10. Did she tell the Arch Mage about the late night BDSM or something? o.o
  11. Yep I'm using zzjay's mannequin race for the moment with those textures and K2 CALI body with smaller hands. I gotta just get back into the groove of things. I forgot that faces are through hex values in xEdit. lol Now I wish we had a RaceMenu with head exports. Damn you Skyrim spoiling me all these years.
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    I wrote a description before publishing the image.... Anyways, this will do until I get familiarized with the game again since it's been so long. At some point I'd like to recreate one of my old characters.
  13. Well, I haven't fully left, but I'm trying to hold my sanity with FO3. So far so good. Except for a crash here and there. But my issue has always been the bad combat mechanics. Especially for melee and the animations. Even the delay when trying to perform a power attack. It looks so wacky swinging a bat/sledgehammer or a knife/sword. I wish we could have dual wield. Okay, okay.... the fugly faces are not helping either. But I am having fun in the game. I also miss skyrim hairs . I have to deal with long hair clipping badly in Fallout 3. ; ; Also, I wish there was a mod that gave y
  14. So I am returning to FO3. I had no plans to, but I'm bored AF with Skyrim. Seven years of that was way more than enough. I don't even play the game, I just get on to take screenshots and that has become boring after so long. So here's vanilla FO3 with my save game available on here with DarnUI, Unofficial Patches and Updated Unofficial Patches, and Street Lights installed as of right now. Gotta love that ugly green tint... Anyways, I wanted to see if DarnUI and street lights are working fine, along with any bug or crashes before I continue to install mods. Yay for vanilla Fallout 3. *pukes*
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    lol I have yet to still use that mod. You might as well ride it like a chocobo.
  16. Just when you thought it was over.
  17. Looking back after all these years, whether they did include all classes or not, you only get to play as three classes. I guess they'll make more playable with expansions, if they can ever get themselves out of the hot mess they are in. But I wonder how much they tried to give off the illusion that all classes would be playable just like "there will be FPP and TPP" until they couldn't hold the secret anymore. A lot of let down from this game. And this game, to me, doesn't seem to reflect the art nor the actual pen and paper.
  18. She's always mad because he always kills her buzz. It's okay Nancy, you'll be back in your office soon enough reaching for the medicine cabinet.
  19. @Alkpaz Like your new avatar. Keep hearing Trump may open up his own social media. I'm definitely signing up if so. The left is going to go hysteria if it happens.
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