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  1. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45455 Glad I treat Nexus like a place to troll and leave.
  2. Finally got the son of a bitch off. All thanks to my roommate for helping. No way I could've done it alone.
  3. This is the problem that I'm having. I've tried this method and 4 others and none of them work. I've also tried two other methods from tips on guys who work on the same vehicle on another forum and nothing. The ball joint is just stuck to the knuckle and I can't even get it to slightly break free.
  4. Warning! Nudity inside.
  5. Don't mind me. I've just been having a few frustrating days with it. I just needed to vent.
  6. I made the mistake of buying this piece of crap. I've invested more money than I thought I would and day 2 working on suspension has been another waste of time. I'm not interested in investing in more tools for something that should've been easy to troubleshoot. I threw in a butt load of cash in parts and tools with little to no results.
  7. Or he's abusing his power. 666 posts. I hope the devil signs the exec. order as well. At least he'll always be ruler and the exec. order can never be revoked. Unless I take over. bwahahaha!
  8. It's been a very long time, I don't remember the name of the location. But if you go south of Megaton, There is a garage shop/dealership at Fairfax Ruins. There's a Enclave that likes to spawn right in front of it. When you go inside, you'll see a black Corvega in prestine condition. Target it and you will wind up there. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Car_dealership
  9. Dayum! That blonde is not havin' it. Apparently, the brunette asked if the store had any cans of “Whoop-Ass”. Blonde - “why yes, we do” - T Vo (Youtube commentor) Just had to post his comment. Priceless.
  10. SJWs took over and conquered Twitch. It's now a place full of cringe.
  11. He's a manager at KFC so he has incompetent workers because of the type of job it is - fast food crap. The lowest of trash work at those places and are too incompetent to do simple things. Or they complain about wanting hours, but don't want to stay extra hours because they want to go home asap or early. if it's not that, it's your typical welfare useless individual who works a few weeks to prove to the state he's been working to get government handouts and then quits the job until he has to do it again and it becomes a ongoing process. Sucks for him.
  12. My roommate hired a little 16yo girl. Told me she told him that she wants to be referred to as "him". He responded he would refer her as what she listed herself as on the app. She is threatening him about it now. He's not all that caught up with all this desperate to be social norms bullshit.
  13. Don't order anything internationally and it should arrive pretty quick. My parts took less than a week. They came from Arizona, so right next door. I guess if you were to order alien sex toys, yeah, probably take you a moon light and some stars to get here. I used to work for UPS. The driver seems to be doing fine that comes to my neighborhood. But I bet they have some extras hired for the heavy areas. They usually do extra hires right about Christmas time because it's the busiest time of the year. I helped one of my drivers once when I was a pre-loader and never did it again. Asshat made me do all the heavy work while he kicked back and grabbed the packages for me to drop off. I said no for the next 3 seasons after. We were out there till around 11 p.m. every day during Christmas season. And then I had to be in at work by 3 a.m.
  14. I have inspected under and the break lines all seem fine. But I haven't pulled off the rear wheels to get a better view of leaf springs or the shocks. Or the rear tie rods for that matter. The catalytic converters look like they can be replaced at some point. Not anytime soon because they look like they'll hold up a for more years, but when I change out the muffler and exhaust to something more ballsy, those will get replaced too. Remember at the time I had a crapped out floor jack. I've since bought a much better one a few weeks ago. But have been waiting for these parts to come in so I haven't moved the SUV.
  15. Correct. But right now it's not registered. I bought it and just brought it home. Not like I can register it anyways because the DMV is closed. But I drove it around the neighborhood to get a feel for it and that's when I noticed the front suspension doesn't seem so good and I inspected it trying to see if the CV axles were bad, but they were fine. Then noticed that the other parts (control arm bushings, tie rods ball joints, sway bar end links) were all in bad shape. Probably never been replaced since it left the dealership. I haven't checked the rear suspension, but I haven't noticed any problems back there. Once I get the front done, I'll go ahead and check the back. Then I will proceed to do a complete fluid change for the transmission, brakes, motor (oil), and the front and rear differential.
  16. I will raise it. But right now just replacing worn out parts to get it back on the road. This project will be slow right now. Once we get over this pandemic jibberish and I can bring in more money, I'll be able to pick up the pace.
  17. Agree. As long as you love doing it, all that matter. I'd have to have a green house to garden. Too dry and hot here to grow crops. I can almost get some suspension work done. I ordered sway bar end links, inner and outer tie rods, and upper and lower ball joints for the control arms. Last thing I need, for now, are the control arm bushings which I haven't ordered yet. Been searching around for a bargain because the ones I want from the online parts store I ordered the other stuff don't have enough in stock. I found some great deals on bushings, but it's off a 4x4 parts store online. I'll have to contact them and ask them if those will work on stock suspension. If so, they are the cheapest and good quality I found so far. If not, odds are I'll go on Ebay and pick up some OEM ones.
  18. Um... Just say no to drugs? Gotta learn to not care what other people think or else you are going to always get worked up for no reason. if you don't want to buy a PS5, don't buy it. If they ask, just tell them you're not interested. No need to make things complicated.
  19. And here's Danky's version of this nutcase.
  20. It all depends how you are about it. Some people don't care, while others do. I'm in the middle, but I don't go and flaunt my...abnormal tastes/fetishes. I'm not family orientated. I'm like the black sheep in the family, so that's a win for me. I can tell you right now, that I would prefer it if people I do know in real life to not know they share the same taste/fetishes, and they not know me. I like to keep my life pretty private IRL and don't like to butt in on others people's lives I know. So for me it's pretty easy. I don't mention to anyone IRL about mods and nude mods. I'll let them figure it out for themselves like I did. What I do with these types of interests is strictly my business. Now as far as mainstream figure heads, they don't know me and I really don't care if they wanted to use my username in their article and call me a bad person for the things I enjoy. The internet is the internet and not who I am in real life, sorta. That SJW cackling hag feminist is fully aware of LL and has made an article about it, I believe back in 2012. Most people over at LL has the same attitude we have here. The 'we can give two fucks what they think of the site and us' attitude. When you carry that mindset, nothing people say about you or the things you enjoy bothers you. So, if you are concerned of others seeing it, keep it on the low, low and don't let anyone have access to your things. Including your P.C.
  21. I agree with you. And guys like us just don't GAF about their opinion towards us. Not enough to make a scene about it like they do. Adele has a mind of her own like they do. She's a grown ass woman who can make her own decisions. Though, sometimes it's hard to actually believe that about them if they have a mind of their own. Social media has really brought out the immaturity of these people and they sit there every second of their lives waiting for the next tweet/post/comment to get them riled up so they have something "productive" to do with their lives.
  22. These are very old screenshots from back in 2014 or 2015. I wanted to do something different back then by combining two screenshots and making it seamless in the middle to blend both screenshots.
  23. I forgot to mention the first thing I did when I bought this Xterra. Day 1 after I brought it, I ripped out the fronts seats and hand washed them down and left them out in the sun to dry for a few days. Day 2 I started cleaning the interior with dish washer soap and water in a spray bottle and scrubbed down the carpet with the same with a brush to remove all the dirt and soda stains it had. Holy shit was it a filth. I managed to find just about 8 dollars worth of change mostly where the passenger seat is. The carpets took about 5 days to fully dry with all four windows down throughout the day and cracked a bit during at night. From the looks of it, it didn't look like the previous owners ever washed those carpets. They could very well be dirt and stains for about 19 years. Yeah, I'd say that's the first time she's probably had her interior washed. The dashboard and infotainment are in excellent condition. For some stupid reason which ever of the previous owners decided to put some red wrap around the infotainment bezel and it looks really shitty. Had to pop that out, remove the wrap and scrub the adhesive gunk that remained on it. Looks much better matching the rest of the interior now. Oh, I removed the carpet from the cabin and hand washed that sucker too. It's got some tough stains that may or may not come off. However, I want to gut that out and the rug material on the back sets and replace it with durable plastic like what the 2nd gen Xterras have so when I flip down those back sets I can side in things with ease. If I can't find any after market replacements, I'll have to make my own. Now, as far as my previous post, and the advice that was given to me, after some long thinking, it is probably best to do the exterior work first. I'll probably go with a body lift for starters and work my way from there. I'll in due time. Also, I would like to trim the front and rear quarter panel for more clearance and better fitment for bigger tires in the future. I know for sure that I do want some positive negative offset rims, which will be a benefit for tire rotation, or wider rims/tires.
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