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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/blm-official-calls-investigation-founder-114017918.html EDIT: Goddamnit! How do you insert a link with the image?
  2. So...let me get this right: Submissive chicks have been doing this for years and it's degrading Pornography. A Woke couple does it and it's...empowering?
  3. Right? I don't care if you're Gay but don't be a Fag!
  4. Simply put, the everyday Joe has to start saying "no". I know these assholes will try and cancel you, call for your firing, etc. Just start saying no. Refuse to apologize. Stick to your guns. It worked for me the few times I was bullied as a kid and it'll work now, too.
  5. The good news is sooner or later, the rational people who understand that Idealism and Cold Logic never lasts will eventually retake control. The question is how much damage will occur before then?
  6. Apologies to Kendo for a meme featuring a spider bite...
  7. But that Santorini suntan? Totally worth it!
  8. Eh, I'm in the Minority here. I like their games. But I don't make excuses for their flaws. I look at Bethesda games like I did when I owned my classic Camaro. They're pieces of shit that require constant work but every now and again it's fun to drive.
  9. One of my clients is a NYPD officer whose beat is East Harlem. He loves his body cam. In the past, when perps sued him for brutality, he used to waste about two weeks a year in court for these hearings. Now the case is dropped as soon as the defense lawyers see the footage. He says it's rare to even have to go to court at all now.
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    "That looks...uh...uncomfortable?
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    So many toys...
  12. What gets me about this douchebag is, in addition to his lack of access to hair conditioner, is how he waits UNTIL the police start wrestling him to the ground and THEN yells for his companion to start filming it. That way, you don't see the lead up and he looks the victim. Personally, I think police body cams are the greatest invention since the wheel and axle. How many Liberals thought that it would make police look like thugs and instead shows what assholes criminals are.
  13. Hey, hey. hey! Think of those dozen Trans-Gender Pakistanis we won to our side! That's something, ain't it?
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    Well, Endgame...thanks for sending me down THAT Rabbit Hole! I just spent an evening watching other videos from that guy. Never realized how bad the writing is in some of these quests.
  15. The real cringe is the misspelled word "idyllic" but otherwise it really puts all this bullshit in perspective.
  16. Mining is harmful to our mineral friends and should be banned!
  17. There are a ton of youtubers who are totally invested in ES Lore. Bethesda needs to steal their ideas. Camel has a 30-minure video about the Winterhold Mage's Guild that leaves any scenario Bethesda ever created in the dust. Confession Time: I don't hate BS like a lot of other folks do and I think its great they allow modding because it results in a far better version of their game than what they could ever create realistically and financially. That said, the majority of Skyrim's quests are absolute crap.
  18. The Dawnguard quests are the ones that soured me. "Hey, you, go retrieve an Elder Scroll!" "Now go rescue the monk we need to read and translate it." "The monk needs an item to aid the translation." "While you were off getting that item, the monk decided to try his luck without it. Now he's blind." "Here. Read the scroll." Well, what the fuck? Why didn't I just read it in the first place?
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