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  1. Hey, standards are good. Perhaps she can pay someone else to do all the breaking in so that she doesn't...
  2. Well there is good bodies... @Kendo 2 has some. Also he knows some tricks and such to get their faces to not be so but ugly. As for the hairs, perhaps port those. Not sure how difficult it is to do so but I'd imagine it can't be harder than outfits as there is less going on (like knee and elbow clipping.) Maybe someone here has some personal ports and or such that might do the trick.
  3. I give you no more than 6 months before you return to Skyrim... lol
  4. ritualclarity

    Inar One-Eye

    Lazy quest writing on Bethesda's part. Was the fighter guild this easy on Morrowind or even Oblivion?
  5. I agree she turned out well.
  6. It the problem is only with Drags mod then it is something that isn't compatible with this mod. Check and see if it works with regular bodies from non Drag NPCs or characters. If it works, then it is likely it is something that was done with that mod.
  7. When they created Lord of the Rings, it was great. They followed the book mostly and really made it epic. I have zero confidence they will follow the book or make it epic, or even do a fair job on this. It looks like they are trying to make a name for themselves and gather more into the cult of Steve Jobs.
  8. I am on MO2.. however, I haven't covered over to MO2 from a MO1... I used the manager that is appropriate for the game I was using. reason for the manual install or portable option. The three folders that are most needed don't contain anything I can think will cause a problem. Keep the original backup and if it doesn't work you can always retrieve what you need from that point. Those 3 folders are user folders and as far as I know don't contain any MO code so should be OK to do. It is also what I do when I backup and create a fresh mo install. I don't have any mods or games installed t
  9. You lost your shit with fallout 4 animation glitches.... yea... you would have killed someone with the glitches that are occurring for this game. Most of the problems are for Xbox and Playstation and the PC is good compared to those, however, not much better than alpha maybe bordering on Beta testing releases IMO. It seems that universally those that have tolerated the game and played it for 40~100 hours are getting off the ride due to ever increasing annoyance with the bugs and such. These are people that at first could overlook the issues. People that are "fan boys" of the game. Even they a
  10. Keep the old MO that you are using... Back that up. Then you should be ok if you take the mods, profile, and downloads folder and put it into a MO2 manager. However, you can also just use the portable or local MO instead of the program one (.exe) and just have MO1 for those that you currently have MO1 covering and just install the MO2 portable (local extracted into the game ) for those that you need it for the x64 bit games. I haven't converted over from one to the other myself. or seen any thing written about it but I have copied those said folders and created a new MO instance when
  11. Take care of yourself. Hope you start to feel much better soon.
  12. OK, can you give some proper examples of cyberpunk movies? I am following what many have said.. (like Blade Runner being a Cyberpunk type movie) but have an open mind to consider your statement and alternate examples. I am a casual follower of this type of science fiction.
  13. I haven't thought of it having or needing an 80's vibe... I don't understand why it should have it. I am not much of a consumer of Punk or cyber so that might be the reason
  14. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/isles-of-adalar-co-op-rpg#/
  15. Hey, nothing wrong with wishing a game would be great. Watching it and hoping... I hope it is good as well. Especiall yif it has a modding component on par with Skyrim
  16. Something like that or like Bladerunner... that would have been awesome. It would have also made it easier for NPC control (resources control) as there would be a smaller area to actually view but... the space could still be HUGE.. for you to travel. It would have been awesome. I get that.. but don't believe that is true. Also, CDPR isn't really an "Western" dev company. I mean only a short time ago they made very good models. Both males and females. (however, lets be honest, some of them were hidious.. but at least it was intentional as far as I can tell. lol)
  17. Yea,they did a horrible job. There were some that were ok (random NPCs ) but you couldn't even interact with them. There is a chick that is outside of a club (which is re-created differently each play though by the way) as well as one playing a video game. Each one is pretty decent. Better than a majority of the NPCs you can romance mentioned above. Judy is the only one that is still half way decent.. I contribute that to the voice actor more than the game model. She is much better in the game promo but to be honest.. I expected that. I haven't seen an honest game promo in a long time.
  18. It is the same type of romance options .. at least done the same way.. (video clip not active etc and about the same lengh of time) The issue is they don't have as many as Witcher or for the JoyToys (prostitutes) which they hinted around would be some thing in the game) is so few (one male and one female) that is it. There are many more options in Witcher. Just shows everyone that they just rushed this out the door.
  19. If they were smart.. they'd not make many comments about future updates and such. Leave it to what comes out then make press if felt necessary. they can't afford to fail more than they have already. Stating something even if it is positive is only good if they follow through. Something that they haven't been able to do so far. Debunking the leak etc is a good thing IMO. If they are able to do it and pull it off, then they can take credit .
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEl4tdDbdEs
  21. That was the point of my comment about the "New" No Man Sky Also both my RL friends and my internet friends are coming to the same conclusion you have with No man Sky. It is the bugs and such, even to those that are enjoying themselves.. getting too much. They are having a harder and harder time to come back and play. Many have just stopped. On the second comment. NMS? I don't know that. Are you meaning No Man Sky? Yea even with comments from some stating it was happening.. I won't believe it until it does. That is the problem about companies that lie. You can't believe anything t
  22. At least now he wont' be harassed by the police as much...
  23. In eight years Cyberpunk will be the new No Man Sky...
  24. Love Keanu Reeves. Nice person which so far as I am aware of nobody can deny.. however, for Silverhand.. I believe someone like Jared Leto would be more akin to that cooperate terrorist. He is so nice and well known when he was being a dick.. it didn't seem true.. Seemed forced.
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