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    Fallout 76

    Likely until they release their next related game. Kind of like they did in the past for Oblivion, Fallout 3, NV, Skyrim 1 and Skyrim 2 and skyrim 3 (VR) etc. they don't care.
  2. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    I don't either... It is a Bethesda Game, with a ported engine. What do you expect? At first I was upset with what they released, what they have been doing with the various issues and such but now I am not. In reality, it is to be expected from their current direction and management. It is what Bethesda is today and we should just stop trying to re-live the Bethesda of old when they released great games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, NV and others. I spend my time now looking toward Obsidian, CD Project Red and other new and upcoming devs.
  3. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Why didn't they just use a mature on line game engine and just port over some of the graphics? I am baffled by this. Surely that would have been easier in the long run. Doesn't their parent company have some on line games that are solid?
  4. ritualclarity

    The official NSFW Babe Thread

    Who'd blame him?
  5. ritualclarity


    Yes, exactly... I am not talking about the random exploit that people discover.. the video shows some serious exploits that are insane!
  6. ritualclarity


    WHO spends the time needed to find these exploits lol.
  7. ritualclarity

    Impossible Heels for Sims 4, WIP report #1

    Looks good to me! Better than some of the other available.
  8. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Don't know those answers as there wan't much details on that. Much like the rest of the game. I agree, I don't think the private servers will happen and if they do, there will likely be the restrictions on only using their services. (Creation club etc) As for actual cheating in game or doing other things against their wishes, they just need to do like other companies have done and get people to moderate the game. I don't have any problems with Destiny or Defiance or other games with "cheats" and mostly no problems with other players either. I believe a few high profile bans of individuals for cheating would curb much of the actual cheating. Also, surely they should be able to see the difference between a texture swap and a actual code change. Seriously?
  9. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Yes, there is a way to not use mods with their future games... DON'T BUY THEM!... The reason I used mods over recent years was to expand the game playablity of the game. .. and mostly to fix crap that was broken. I usually only have 25~50 total mods. that is WITH SEXOUT and SEXLAB (with their respectful games) Fallout 4... requires many mods to get their settlement crap to work properly. Then their aiming and some other features. If I can't have those mods to fix the game... I am not fucking interested in them. Not one bit. So I don't need mods if I don't have the game. Problem solved. I refuse to pay for mods FROM THE COMPANY THAT CREATED THE GAME to fix the game they released. The saving grace that kept me playing and buying Bethesda games titles like Fallout and TES is the fact I can change files and do shit with the game (mod it) to extend the value of the product. I ACCEPT their fuckups and shit and use the mods to fix those issues. They want to ban people for fixing graphics, modding their game (without any proof that they were cheating) then that game is DEFIANTLY NOT FOR ME. I fully understand if someone is caught cheating considering it is a public MMO. Also on the subject... where is the private servers? I assume that would solve their "issues" and allow people to play the game the way they wanted.
  10. ritualclarity

    Thigh High Boots, Impossible Boot EDIT

    Your on FIRE ! Many mods released.... Thanks.
  11. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    I see that and think that might be an option or something they do, however, there might be tools in their kit that they can't publicly release... however, if you are a "partner" they might be able to get around that bit of legal issue. However, If they move to that point... I don't see them allow ANY MODS to be free or outside of their Creation Club or whatever they decide to call it at that time. If there is a stink on this, they might allow authors to upload their stuff to THEIR servers and mark them as "Free" (until a new game is released and they (Bethesda) decide to release the exact same thing as a Creation Club mod) but, the author wouldn't get any money... with the thought of money and having to jump through their hoops, it won't last long before all of their authors upload for money in that case. (The free thinking and free giving authors moving on to other stuff to take up their time) Then a massive depreciation of skill and quality will occur, as those that don't know move in for a cash grab and those that have the skills move out and don't share their skills.
  12. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Todd never stated they would have "free" mods, only that there would be mods. That wasn't a lie... Fallout 76 has the Creation Club where you get mods from. I am surprised that there wasn't also a released statement for those that want to improve their graphics along the lines of requesting the author to go through the "rigorous vetting process" and have it added to the Creation Club for use. Because, we all know those are much better... If there is a way for Bethesda to screw something up, they will. I thought I wasn't going to be surprised anymore, I was wrong. It is like the gift from the very weird aunt or uncle that keeps on giving... in all the wrong ways
  13. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    It's ok if someone likes Fallout 76... Don't know why they would but it is ok... just don't try to lobotomize others to your way of thinking and I won't try to lobotomize you... lol The funny thing about that thread is neither of us started in on Fallout 76 (at first) we were there to watch the world burn.. well at least the thread. Then we were attacked (I assume) for not even making a comment about Fallout 76 being good or bad just that having a thread discussing it was bad. Soon, Id imagine a person would be attacked for starting any thread with "Fallout" in the name. For Christ Sakes!
  14. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Told to the reddits and other forums
  15. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Are we starting a POOL? If we are... I take this time tomorrow. With what some of the members over there on LL do, I can't think it would take very long. Not long at all. So sad. The members over there aren't as cool as our members here, just chilling away posting shit and having fun!
  16. ritualclarity

    Merry Christmass (2018)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from NSFWmods.com. Hope you have a great holidays
  17. This thread is for support related to issues or problems related to this web site. Including uploading, downloading, etc. If you are having problems with our website's functionality and can't accomplish something or have questions on how to do something here on the site, please post below.
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    nsfwmods.com Web Support Thread

    What is the title of this blog entry. Checking out the tools I could only see one file a hidden so I undid that one. Hope it helped.
  19. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    Not hard to understand ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fandom
  20. ritualclarity


    Hey, I can see that being used in Sexlab during sex... before, normal, afterwards... raised... To get to the goodies of course... the other "goodies" are pretty much easy access.
  21. ritualclarity

    Fallout 76

    I don't think they need to "rebuild" the game.. just fix all those nasty bugs that have been around since Oblivion...
  22. ritualclarity

    Blender Corner

    This thread is for all things related to Blender, discussions, questions, quick how to's etc. If you have questions related to a specific project you are working on please feel free to open up a new tread for your project to help keep the conversation focused on the project at hand.
  23. I think most people have forgotten about it Sad...