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  1. To everyone, please follow the mod authors request stated above. Lets not be *that* site that can't follow simple request. Besides, it will give you much quicker responses from those in the know. Who would of thunk it... doing the right thing actually would actually benefit you! @ColonolNuttyThank you for posting your alternate choice for WW here. Having choices are always a good thing. I have been looking into going back to Sims 4 and might check this out! I have had WW the last time I was playing the game. Now I can explore something NEW! Always awesome.
  2. ritualclarity

    Space Cop

    Works for me!
  3. IMO either is fine. The problem is when you become a child predator. His own admissions is he could have easily found out with a simple check, that they were under aged before he engaged in adult conversations with them.
  4. You sure it isn't a skeleton issue? That is the only thing I can think of that would do that. At least as far as I have every known..... Perhaps trade out that skeleton for another compatible one Even the old default one used years ago. Should work still. (Yes, I realize likely you already did that to resolve the skeleton issue but ... still gotta put that out there. lol)
  5. I agree. Nothing has shown me more than Meh... at first it was exciting but it quickly got boring. Also, I am lucky I am not on a metered internet connection as they constantly have updates of 20+ gigs what seems to be daily! I haven't went back to it after the first week or two where I put in 87 + hours. I tried to go back for a complete play through but soon just got distracted with other stuff and never went back.
  6. You gave me a chuckle with "Say one thing wrong and you set their hair on fire" LOL
  7. YES something along those lines was what I was looking for when seeing that previously. The one I seen before was a pig biting a hand and a picture of Miss Piggy being shown... but.. this will do as well.
  8. No real loss there... lol Hey, they locked your actual email forcing you to make adjustments .... Instead of working with you to correct whatever was the matter previously....
  9. Wait until it is in the 5~10 dollar bin... then you can get it and laugh lol That is about all it is worth.
  10. For the modern gamer. ... a way to not to actually play the game.
  11. Evil Spock has arrived for me! Mirror Universe here we come!
  12. I know some police officers and so far the only ones that have an issue with the camera are those that are trying to, or actually do wrong. The thing is if these asshole cops fucking up and doing wrong keep on doing it.. eventually all officers will be required to have their cameras on with sound even when they aren't on a call. While they are in the squad car and likely only be able to turn it off if they were taking a shit.
  13. You only think I lost my contributor title. I still have it.
  14. You gotta do what you gotta do. Shame that it comes down to that. I don't see any reason for some of the *stuff* they do there. Sometimes it seems, at least to me, that they are the instigators of some of the "drama". I think they are starting to like me again.. as much as I guess they can. I got some responses from one of the moderators there that I had serious knock down drag out fights with and at times Ashal had to intervene. He was very responsive when I was over on the Oblivion section. Come to think of it, I haven't had any serious issues in a long time form there. However
  15. Hey, you got the source on that (Biden not winning Arizona, not president) I'd like to keep that handy... I haven't seen anything solid from that front. You know, lies and cover ups everywhere. literally everywhere. You know anything honest hard hitting and open minded is being shushed like somebody is playing a game of wack a mole!
  16. SURREEE it was an accident... wink wink... Funny how they don't seem to loose the info that THEY THINK IS IMPORTANT
  17. Have a book? We will be happy to burn it for you. You don't want to be edumakated right? Don't want to be accidentally EXPOSED to concepts and or ideas that might offend! RIGHT... call us right away! We will remove all offending materials from your sight.
  18. There is room for all believes and thoughts. What there isn't room for is a unilateral movement to gag people by those in power. Seriously ... Potato head.... remove Dr. Suss? Remove or give serious warnings for children movies? How about let the parents decide what their children can and cant see. What they buy for their children. Let them teach and raise their children. Cancelling Pepe' La pue ? Talk about a lost opportunity for them. They could just make new Pepe cartoons with a slight change where he is told that isn't right... Perhaps Foghorn grabs him by the tail and gives a fo
  19. about 100 hours of my game was likely trying to re-build Sanctuary with massive walls and fortifications. Until I learned that the NPCs magically spawn in the area. Fuck. Another 100 likely for my guide and work on AAF (Sexy mods )
  20. To busy trying to get their NPCs to look sexy.. that is the guess I'd say.
  21. Before people stated mods made Bethesda games more entertaining and enjoyable. this is true. Oblivion, Fallout 3 etc. All became much more entertaining when mods were added. Starting with Skyrim (graphics etc.. remember SkyUI? being a dam near requirement to play the game) and beyond Bethesda has continuously tried to fuck their games over and make them more and more stupid up to the most recent Fallout 76 where they got so lazy as to remove all NPCs from the game (release) just made a environment. Each and every new release requires more and more mods to make the game even bearable. More an
  22. DAMM that much ? I got 373 and most of that beyond around the amount you had was testing and working with AAF
  23. Not really in error... after all politicians and diplomats have their heads up their asses. China was just following where their head was...
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