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  1. A little necro ... however, I seen it on EA and have a pass so I tried it. Not bad however not Witcher (haven't played the other games) There are some glitches that occur but not any beyond what I would expect a finished game (that has had time to be patched) would have. I haven't been able to replicate it. One thing that annoyed me (due to my being lazy and used to being spoon fed with today's modern games) is the game gets you near the location, but doens't tell you exactly where what you are looking for and in many case it was hard to find the quest item or NPC due to the game design. Made you really look. Also they actually have a "Story Mode' which is setup to play and explore and harder modes (which at least not will kill me very shortly) There is a slight learning curve to figure out how to do things (not sure if I like the keyboard mapping) but lord do they have conversations. It is interesting in that it doesn't require you to protect much, (you can kill anyone) but has some protections cleverly part of the game. You have to gain a skill level to be able to kill some of the people. once you reach that level.. you can "feed" Doen't matter how important that NPC might be. There are also serious changes when you kill someone depending on their importance in the game. (some .. most of which you might not even realize) as that status of the area drops... it starts to get bat shit crazy with attacks and other combats... (but when you "feed" .. they call it embrace, you gain XP which gives you more options for character upgrade.. ) So far I am playing a goodish person. Killed 2 for upgrades as carefully as possible. (needed the XP ) the game rewards you for good or bad acts. Not sure about the repeatability of the game. The Roll play is getting on my nerves.. searching out and having leghty conversations with everybody for the next quest.. Update.. Not sure if it has repeatability but it does have a very unusual and creative ending. Not quite a witcher but not half bad. (not worth full price though IMO)
  2. I wasn't sure. I thought you somehow got the models into Daz or something (with the background) instead you were more clever and made it look like it was in a Daz studio (lol.. and much easier I would imagine)
  3. True... I use a butcher's block that is quite large recovered from a counter or something. (I found it tossed out) (another one larger is used for my desk top.. lol) I prefer to use some thick cardboard cut from a box (not the motherboard) to place my motherboard and such on. Most of the time if I am not in a hurry. I am reluctant to advise people to use that solution as people aren't always good about understanding what is "non-conductive" . I have learned not to be surprised by the things that some people think and / or do. It is hard to go wrong advising someone new to use a proper mat. Of course if someone is showing some level of competence.. then you can forgo the mat advise. Just make sure they are aware to be following anti static precautions. (which especially include the person building the computer. )
  4. Stadia.. might not be what these companies really want. They think they do, but that shit might not be the thing they expect it to be. My thoughts... If someone releases a game like Fallout 76 again.. in order to attract the attention for their services (and possibly their rip off in game purchases) they need a really good game and lots of hype. Without a great game the hype won't sustain a model where the person can just change games like someone opens a new browser. Once the word gets out it is shit.. there isn't any reason to even stream it anymore. those lazy developers wanting mod authors to fix shit.. well that won't happen. So Bethesda.. is royally fucked... Games that have massive in purchase options.. will be less likely to gain anything.. The subscription fees won't cover their development cost (I can't see how unless it is "in house" and even then) Also.. people might just start moving away from those ingame purchase at least not investing as much as they don't "own" the game. That mental believe (yes belief as we haven't really own our games for a very long time) which helps them justify the expense as an investment. I can only see the 20's something and younger seeing any value in this. So these streaming services might be really fucking the Developers in the long run. No DLCs. etc. as it is streamed likely fully updated (knowing Google) I can however see the streaming services eventually trying to cash in with special groups, bandwidth tiers and such (for visual quality) and other options. Taking more of the "game money" that is or would be used to purchase other game bullshit. I hope Cyberpunk doesn't become a Stadia exclusive. If so I can't play it, regardless of if I want to or not. I don't have the band width to do so and no way to get better (and wouldn't just to play a fucking game) Eventually I might just get stuck playing my old games that I have and have to be content with that, or move on to something else.
  5. You did better than me.. I coudn't really understand what the fuck was going on or what the fuck that singer (use the term loosely) was trying to get across. hard to understand the words, context etc. Horrible for a singer. Shows they are idiots.. sad thing is ... there is no real way to call them out on it. If you mention how stupid they are doing something .. .they just delete it. If they are popular and you decide to create a video that is criticizing them... they get YouTube to delete your video. If you post outside in an article etc.. it is very likely unless you are a well known person.. nobody will ever really see it. So people keep on flexing the solder connections while they try to insert ram sticks onto the motherboard. Potentially (not always) causing issues with the solder points and thus parts of the motherboard. Where in any A+ manual does it show you testing a motherboard on a cardboard box? On any box for that matter. If anyone reads this post.. do yourselves a favor.. get an anti static mat.. they don't cost much, only need one big enough for your motherboard etc (processor and some ram) along with anti static device for your hands. (which often is part of the kit that comes with the mat. ) and don't follow those cringe-worthy videos that are showing people doing that on YouTube. Seriously you can accidentally flex the board which can cause issues with the solder points which might not show issues for an unknown amount of time. @bjornk your observation is truly cringe-worthy in my book!
  6. You do great screenshots of your work. Some of the locations are in game or at least look like it. Where do you go for the others (with blank background) ? is that a custom cell?
  7. I would tend to agree. If you want to listen to an abomination of Battle Star Galactica... check or search for the Disco version of it. Shudders. Also.. Berry White is a classic. I don't recall hearing any song he made that didn't sound good.
  8. Theme songs from the 70's and early 80's.. from Stu Phillips I don't know if it was the fond memories of my watching these shows or if the music intros and throughout the series being great is the reason I still enjoy these.
  9. I agree with what they are stating in the video. A dev that doesn't have the funds to create the game, hire talent and get a game out. Orcs must die 3 wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Google.. that is cool. However, also comment was true when there are companies with major funding and such isn't needed. Major titles must be released for different platforms. As much as I am not interested in consoles.. I understand the need for a release to be made available for them as well as a PC
  10. It is a wait and see... the brother sister that is writing it according to the article was one of the original writers.. (however it isn't stating her brother is part of the project, wonder how that will effect the end results) I will play the wait and see game for this one. Hopefully the rest of the crew that is hired isn't those individuals that have been tearing down Ghostbusters, and Star Wars franchises. If this is the case then it will very likely be s shit storm. If not, not sure.
  11. OH.. so that is the reason for the Baseball question on the GECK... They wanted to see if you were gender accurate. (40~50's social norms. ) Damn perverted Vault Tech... @Kendo 2 I see you trolling LL again..
  12. Hey, it take time to create a set of mods that complement each others. (Besides of course the shear amount of time it takes to make it in the first place. )
  13. I don't believe it needed one. I could be wrong though. Have you tried the instructions (naming the nif in the OP to get the desired body? Anyway, I believe this is a complete "Mesh" rework. meaning what comes with the game. When replacing or updating textures and meshes that are already present in the game, you don't need an esp. (or an esm) Follow the instructions and see if all is good. (or follow whatever instructions Kendo gives after this post of course :P)
  14. Good for you. Happy you got the mod you wanted / desired. I'd pick up as much from there I could if I was anyone here. Likely that site might just go away if they don't have a new license and don't even seem active. Only a mater of time before closed IMO Just be careful with the materials you get from there. ... Please.
  15. OK, someone got inspired to do some modding.. lol I leave for a bit then there are several mods available (new) from you.. lol
  16. You come up with some of the most interesting ideas for outfits in Skyrim!
  17. WTF... are they stupid? Milking cows is necessary if there are no calves.. I don't work on a farm and know this. It is extremely uncomfortable for the cow. Painful is what some have said when they aren't milked. It is cruel not to milk her to relieve the pressure. There is no way she can do it herself. So the following is cow sex equiptment ?
  18. "Its like a go cart".. so true
  19. Disney... Oh Disney... So WOKE...
  20. Them is fighting words.. So many talented artist, is it me or recently they are getting fewer and fewer new entries into this pool.
  21. However... Stevie would be excellent as well there. Not sure which would be better... He does have a mean.. really mean blue rip. His skills are pretty dam next to none.
  22. i'm imagining a bit of Santana in there as well.. That is about all that I can think of that would make this better. It is pretty dam perfect as it is. His Gutar work is excellent.. Imagine playing along with John and zz top. Wait.. a bit better example.
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